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The Season of Giving! (And Getting)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by ShinyZekrom009, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Yes, 'tis the season to be jolly...again!

    So, every year, those who celebrate Christmas give gifts to others, and receive presents in return. What are some of the most memorable gifts you've given or received on or around Christmas? It can be for any reason, taking into account variables such as oddness, price, or emotional impact.

    One of the most memorable gifts I've ever received is a bona fide concert snare drum from my parents. I can practice any piece of music, and play to my heart's content (at reasonable hours, of course- no one wants to hear that sort of thing at two in the morning). Plus, I just enjoyed the feeling of having my very own musical instrument, something I had wished for ever since I was four years old.

    As for giving gifts, my sister wanted a video game very badly, but my parents had already spent all the money reserved for Christmas gifts, and wouldn't get it on such short notice. So, I spend almost all of the money I had at the time to buy it, after searching for it in four different stores. The look on her face at Christmas is something I will never forget, and we've been considerably closer ever since!

    So, what are your most notable memories of gift exchanging?
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Good questions. While I'm not sure that I can answer the first one (every gift that I'm given is memorable in its own way :)), I have two memories of memorable gifts that I've given.

    One year when I was particularly broke and rather ill, I asked my mother to use two gift cards that I'd received for my birthday to buy Christmas presents for my older siblings. At the time neither my older brother or sister had much spare cash and thus hadn't been buying much for themselves. I can definitely say that they really enjoyed their presents that year. It was gift money well spent. ^^

    Then last year, I decided that I was sick of buying my mother Christmas presents that she never uses and schemed with my older siblings to buy her an iPad 4. In the end my brother didn't come through with the cash and my sister wasn't able to help as much as originally planned, but even though I paid the bulk of the cost it was completely worth it. Between her and my younger siblings the iPad never gets put down. :p
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  3. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
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    Hmmm the most memorable gift I've gotten for Christmas... Everything I'm given is meaningful and memorable to me in some way (unless it's something like socks :p), but I think overall there are two gifts I remember most.

    About three, maybe four years ago I got given a new watch. The watch in question is a limited edition made by Fossil for the 10th anniversary of Pokémon, it features a numberless face except for the number 10 and has a silver outline of Pikachu's head and arms. I first saw the watch when it was released and knew I wanted one right away, for a Pokémon watch it's pretty smart after all, but as the years went by my hope of getting one slowly faded. Well, I'm sure you can imagine how happy I was to open my presents and see the thing. I pretty much wear it every day and despite needing to have its strap changed earlier this month it's still going strong! I really do adore the thing. :3

    My second most memorable present was when I was a fair bit younger, maybe eight or nine? It was back when the Pokémon Centre in New York was still a thing and hadn't turned into the Nintendo World Store yet. Anyways, that year mum and dad were sneaky and ordered a huge box of Pokémon figures (and a fairly big Pikachu and Totodile plushie), from the Centre and had them sent to a friend of dads in the states who then sent them to us. I'm sure it was a lot of messing about for them, but when I saw them on Christmas day my face probably lit up. For someone like me that really was the best present I could have ever, ever been given. ♥

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