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The Scramble Challenge, to Mix Things up a Bit!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Spice, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Credit to Mattman324 of Smogon for coming up with this clever game.

    Before you ask, no, this is nothing like a Nuzlocke challenge, and probably isn't nearly as hard. But since this hasn't been posted yet...

    Welcome to the Scramble Challenge!

    What is a Scramble challenge? A scramble challenge is a game that you have no control of! That's right: You have to let others give you your Pokemon! Whether they want to be good and give you easy challenges (like just giving you a Pokemon), or giving you tasks that might even seem...unfair is entirely up to the posters.

    The unbreakable, must-be-followed rules:

    Rule 1: No duplicates
    Rule 2: No rules to prevent "worthless" Pokemon from evolving. Worthless Pokemon include:
    Magikarp, Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Unown, Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Feebas, Kricketot, Burmy, and Combee.
    Rule 3: No legendaries.
    Rule 4: When you post saying that you'd like a challenge, please specify what game you're playing on (FireRed, Pearl, SoulSilver, etc). Black and White are allowed too.
    Rule 5: The first six posters to reply to someone's wanting a challenge may only give one Pokemon.
    Rule 6: Please specify what are NOT allowed to be given in tasks (I.E. I always ask for no Hidden Power rules/no trading). If you complain about getting something you didn't want but you did not say so, you'll have to tough it out.
    Rule 7: Have fun! This may be a challenge, but it is not meant to be mind bogglingly hard, and it is not meant to be frustrating. This is not playing Kaiso Mario, or doing a Nuzlocke challenge. It may be hard, but perhaps, just MAYBE you will find something cool out. For example, FEAROW ended up being my MVP in a challenge I did of FireRed because of Toxic and it's speed!

    How to post here: If you want to start a challenge or give a Pokemon, post it like this:

    If you're requesting a challenge: I want a challenge for Diamond, no trading.

    If you'd like to post a Pokemon: Spice, take a Kricketune. Name it "Tutuw00t", and it must know Fury Cutter.

    People who are doing/have done the Scramble Challenge:

    Spice (FireRed/Platinum)


    Have fun and good luck!

    EDIT: Also, I encourage you to give challenging and creative tasks! Not too challenging of course, but don't make it too simple. The example I gave isn't that great, haha.
  2. Double-posting because I'd like to keep my current scrambles out of the rules post. Baratron said I'm allowed to.

    FireRed Scramble Rules:

    1.) Catch an Abra and name it Dunce, cannot use attacks with base power above its Special Attack stat, can evolve when Special Attack reaches 120. Rename Nitwit and evolve again after Special Attack reaches 180. Rename to Einstein as Alakazam.
    2.) Choose Squirtle for starter, name Zdrup14, must be used before Zdrup15 and Zdrup16 in that order unless one of the two have to solo a Gym Leader.
    3.) Catch a Paras, must have a moveset of Double Team/Toxic/Protect/Scratch before the Elite Four.
    4.) Catch a Rhyhorn named Zdrup15, only allowed to evolve if it solos Blaine and Giovanni, not allowed to learn Earthquake by level-up and can only learn EQ by TM if it also knows Surf.
    5.) Catch a Geodude and name it Zdrup16, cannot be used if at a higher level than Zdrup15, must Selfdestruct/Explode on the Pokemon that fainted Zdrup15. May evolve into Graveler at anytime, cannot evolve into Golem until Zdrup15 has also evolved.
    6.) Catch a Horsea, never allowed to evolve, must be highest-level Pokemon when going against the Elite Four.

    Trainer for FireRed is Chipper.

    Athens, Horsea (female), @nothing
    Lv25, Naughty, Swift Swim.
    -Water Gun

    This thing dies so much it's not even funny. Gonna take so long to train for the Elite Four ;;

    Lester, Paras (male), @nothing
    Lv19, Rash, Effect Spore.
    -Double Team

    I've only used this thing once. |D Will teach Protect when I can get it.

    Zdrup16, Geodude (male), @nothing
    Lv26, Hasty, Rock Head.
    -Rock Slide

    Only really use him for Selfdestructing really.. His Selfdestruct still kills everything though. :B Getting him to level 31 before evolving.

    Zdrup15, Rhyhorn (male), @nothing
    Lv28, Careful, Lightningrod.
    -Tail Whip
    -Scary Face

    No STAB fails. Don't really use 'em much, gonna have to train him a lot for Blaine/Giovanni.

    Dunce, Abra (male), @nothing
    Lv43, Bold, Inner Focus.
    -Shock Wave

    TOTALLY forgot I could teach him TMs. I've been using him to obliterate Bikers/Rockets. I like him. :> He'll be able to evolve soon thankfully.

    Zdrup14, Blastoise (Male), @Quick Claw
    Lv58, Adamant, Torrent.
    -Tail Whip
    -Skull Bash

    Had to get to level 40-something before beating Erika, dear lord. I love using him so much though, definitely the MVP. Eventually getting rid of Surf for Hydro Cannon.


    Platinum Scramble Rules:

    1.) Lickitung, no Power Whip, must keep Rollout and Me First. Levels by Gym must be:
    Pastoria - 33/Canalave - 37/Snowpoint - 40/Sunyshore - 46/Elite Four - 49. Solo at least one of the Gym Leaders.
    2.) Turtwig, "Twig", must know these moves before Giratina:
    -Leech Seed/Synthesis
    -Giga Drain/Leaf Storm
    Evolve into Grotle anytime, evolve again after soloing three Gym Leader's strongest Pokemon.
    3.) Gible, no physical STAB, no moves of same type.
    4.) Pachirisu, "MEP2", only Electric moves, can never be the lowest-leveled Pokemon in party, if it is nothing else can be trained until it is second-weakest.
    5.) Hippopotas, "123", moveset must be Water Pulse, Roar and Toxic in that order plus move with Base Power of something with any two numbers in the chain of 123 (120 is the only option if I'm right). Nature must start with A, B or C, evolve by soloing three Gym Leader's highest-leveled Pokemon consecutively.
    6.) Riolu, don't hatch or use until eighth Gym Leader beaten, add Attack and Special Attack of team, only allowed to use lower result. Must solo Lucian.

    Trainer for Platinum is Stamps.

    Twig, Grotle (male), @Quick Claw
    Lv25, Docile, Overgrow.
    -Rock Smash
    -Razor Leaf

    He's a tough one. The nature's a letdown, but oh well. Gardenia was a pain to beat.

    MEP2, Pachirisu (male), @Exp. Share
    Lv27, Relaxed, Pickup.
    -Sweet Kiss

    Breaking the rules until I can get more electric-type moves, haha. It's given me a Hyper Potion. C:

    Feel free to ask for challenges now. C:

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