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The Sacred Six (Name pending, any suggestions?)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by RustedScizors, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Six Pokemon, all completely opposite of each other, came together, they are now more than a team, more than allies, they are a family, they watch out for each other, and their trainer, they are the Sacred Six.

    Riltor(Scizor);The Leader, Once a small Scyther, he was cast from his tribe for being weak, figuring his life over, he scaled Mt.Coronet, only to step on a weak piece of ground and fall into a cave, when he awoke, he found his wings and body had become a red metalic like. With a tatse for revenge, he returned to his old tribe, but he did not harm them, instead, he defeated the head Scyther, and lead the tribe, until finally being captured by Jeremy (Me! ).

    Rallim(Dusknoir); Dusknoirs story is a sad one, back in the days of old Sinnoh, Duskull had been friends with a young boy in Solaceon Town (Old). They were such good friends, they played together, they learned together, everybody was happy, until one day, a horrible storm had come over Sinnoh, and Solaceon town had been flooded, many lives were lost that day, but Duskull and the boy had climbed to the top of Lost Tower and had survived, until, the town had been hit by water on the lower levels, and it shook violently, the boy had tripped and fell off the top, into the water below, Duskull had become so sad, he did not leave Lost Tower, and all the spirits of towns people had engulfed him, He did not awake for many years, only to be found as a Dusknoir by a boy named Jeremy, Jeremy looked just like Dusknoirs old friends, and to this day, they still battle together.

    Vylents(Aggron): She was the mother of over 6 Aron, she was proud, her life was perfect, until..A dominant male Aggron wanted to become her mate, she refused, only to have this Male completely destroy her children, she was devastated, without any remorse, she tore his heart out,before leaving her home, never to be seen again, until one fateful day, on her very last winch of life, she crawled out of a cave, only to be seen by a young man named Jeremy, he nursed her back to health, since then, they have been friends,and she has never been happier.(That was one of myless interesting ones >_
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    This isn't a fanfic. I'm not even sure what it is, but I know what it isn't. It isn't a thread that belongs here.

    Come back when you actually have a fanfic to post. Until then, Locked, Warned, Read the Rules.
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