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The Sacred Plates of Sinnoh

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Brendan Savem, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. OCC: I should probably go over the way I'm running the RP first. This RP will be containing a legendary in its plot, and approval from Linkachu and El means I should be able to do this without breaking the rules. I don't have a limit on people yet, and I might not put one up. If you want to join, you have to PM me your first post. And only post here when I give the OK. Is that all? Then let's get ready to rumble!

    'It's just another day of nothing…" a man sighed, while finishing another game of Pong at his office computer. He was probably in his early twenties, he had should have red hair, but a blue wig hid it from the unknowing eyes. He also wore a bizarre uniform with a yellow G on his chest. He, among many others were in a large room with blue across the floor and walls, each one of them were at his computer, either working on spreadsheets, examining files, or doing nothing. The man positioned himself in his chair, then pushed himself backwards so that he rolled over to his colleague at the next computer.

    "This bites, when are they going to be finished up there? We haven't done anything for days!" he complained, his colleague paused the video clip he was watching, then turned to him. The two men looked almost exactly alike, except the first was taller and the second had a faint, red stain on his uniform, possibly from tomato sauce or red wine.

    "Well, if you were one of the guys upstairs with the boss analyzing that artifact, you would be complaining of having too much work to do." The second man pointed out,

    "Maybe so, but what exactly are they doing up there anyway?" the first one asked,

    "Basically, what you know is the same things I should know, which is what we need to know. But Charlie upstairs has been able to give me a scoop on what's happening," the second one explained,

    "A gossip, eh?" the first one asked, "That must sound better than watching a ball fly around a screen."

    "What I heard, is that the artifact in question was stolen from an excavation in Kanto. Yet it is of Sinnoh origin. It turns out that the artifact was discovered in a lump of Mt. Coronet rock found under Mt. Moon. All experts in the know of it believe that a part of Mt. Coronet came loose from the inside and hitched a ride under the magma" The second man explained,

    "Well, that's just the life story of some old toy, what makes it so important, is what I'm trying to ask?" the first man said.

    "I don't know, but it has to be related to the Master Project, I hear the boss has barely ate or slept since we first got our hands on it nearly a month ago." The second one pointed out. Before any of them could continue, there was a bang that could only just be heard in the room, a group of people then began clapping quietly.

    "What's that about?" the first man asked, the second one didn't reply immediately, but first closed the video clip he was just watching.

    "We're about to get back into business…" he answered,

    Upstairs, 'the boss' was giving new orders to the people in the room,

    "Tell everyone to get on with their newly assigned tasks, this is the next step in the Master Project." He instructed to a man with a crescent-shaped hair, a young woman with red hair, and a more older one with purple hair. The three of them then left the room and shut the door behind them. The boss, all alone, picked up a stone tablet that was on the desk in front of them, it was filled with lettering of an ancient language. "The Sinnoh plates, eh?" he asked himself, he then put down the tablet and opened up a window on his computer next to him. "Now we just need to gather them," he pointed out as the screen loaded what was on the page, "Starting with the ones we already know about..." The screen then showed an article about a discovery from within the Oreburgh Mine, currently in display at its museum. "Perfect…" he whispered, just under his breath. It was time for the rise of Team Galactic.

    (whoa, large so far, and this is only the prologue, least the next part is much shorter)

    "Do… do you see it yet Machop?" Brendan whispered, the Machop shook his head, Brendan then turned to his ghost pokémon, "How about you Dusclops?" Brendan asked, the pokémon that looked like a mummified dwarf shook its body in an attempt to shake a head that had no neck. Brendan sighed, and continued looking out into the gloom which was only illuminated by the ship's fog lights. He then leaned on the rail of the ship, and dozed off.

    Brendan was on a ship to Canalave City of the Sinnoh region, a several month dream to him, and was now waiting for the moment Mt. Coronet to come into view of the ship. Unfortunately, he misjudged the timing, and has been waiting at the bow of the ship since two' o' clock in the morning for three hours straight. And tiredness has finally taken the toll. Brendan donned a black, red, and yellow theme in his clothing. His shoes were black and red with yellow lapel, his pants were mostly black, but were yellow at the ends. He had a white shirt underneath a thin red jacket with a black stripe that split down the middle and went through the arms in the shape of a Y, zipped up for warmth. He had yellow and black gloves on each hand. His hair was an odd color of white and was supported by a red and black headband. The hair itself was still long enough to float freely in the wind. Pale blue eyes, small nose and mouth completed the face.

    Brendan stayed asleep for about two hours when a light then shone on his face, causing him to wake up. He looked up, and saw the sight he was waiting for. The sun was halfway into the sky, yet only half of it could be seen. That was because the rest of it was blocked off by a huge mountain, the mountain's highest peaks curved and formed a U shape which the sun was sitting in. This was Mt. Coronet in all its glory, a mountain that watches the entire region as if it was guarding it. Brendan then remembered the Mt. Moon incident that happened a month ago. What happened to that group of thugs? Did they manage to get anything? Either way, it was behind him now. Or so he thought…
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  2. "We've been on this ship forever!" And thus began the daily ritual since she stepped foot on this ship. Becka flopped on the bed of the small cabin and sighed. Her head nearly inches from the wall, with her legs hanging over the side. She sat back up and stared at her Kadabra which sat in the corner watching her. "What are you looking at?"

    She stood up and fixed her light brown hair, first letting it fall straight to a tad past shoulders length, then pulled it up to a pony to the top of her head. She looked in the small mirror, sighed, then pulled out the hair band and let it fall to her shoulders once more. She slipped the purple hair band over her hand and looked over at the Kadabra again. "Stop looking at me like that Broken." She stuck her tongue out at it and smiled. Broken smiled a slight smile, that had a note of sarcasm some how mixed in. She straightened out the wrinkles in her black tee shirt, so that it hung slightly past her waist, over her black jeans. Grabbing the small mirror, she saw her bright blue eyes shine back at her. Her skin was a tad on the paler side, but what could she do. She looked at her black choker in the mirror and adjusted the eye dropped shaped amethyst to where it was in the center. Setting down the mirror she looked back over at the bored Kadabra.

    "Come on," As she took a step, she fell right on her face with a loud thud. A muffled curse about her shoe laces, led her to get up and stare at the Kadabra who quickly looked up at the ceiling as if nothing happened. "Ha ha, very funny." She tied the purple laces tight to the black shoes and stood up once more. "Now come on, you need some fresh air any way."

    She stepped out onto the deck and nearly started jumping in joy. "Finally!" She couldn't help but yell. She ran up to the edge of the ship and stared at the mountain range that finally came into view. "It's so beautiful.." She turned to Broken who was following slowly, and uninterestedly. She turned and looked to see another person with two of his Pokemon out looking at the same view. She had seen this guy around the ship before, but never made an effort to say hi or anything. So with that she turned and looked back at Mt. Coronet, praising the fact that land was so close.
  3. (4 days late, This is a bad start for me...)

    Brendan stayed lost in the scenery, his pokémon, who had been sleeping next to Brendan woke up as the sunlight reached them too. Groggy at first, they then became more alert and watched the sight with the same interest as him. Brendan could also see the first signs of the ship's destination, Canalave, appear into clear view on the water. These signs included the growing islands that eventually led to the island port city of the Sinnoh region. Brendan knew that there was a gym here, but it needed three pokémon minimum in order to challenge the Gym Leader. So that meant Brendan wasn't going to be able to get his first badge so soon.

    When he was satisfied with the sight, he looked over and noticed that he wasn't alone. A girl and her Kadabra was also watching the looming mountain.

    "Looks like I'm not the only one glad to be on this ship." Brendan told himself quietly, then felt the urge to socialize, especially with someone who seemed to share the same interest as him. "Looks to me like you're a trainer, right? Are you a resident in Sinnoh, or a traveler like me?" Brendan asked.
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  4. Becka paused for a moment when she heard some one talking. She turned and looked over to where the voice had been coming from and discovered that the source had been the young man that was standing near her.

    She smiled slightly and nodded. "You guessed right. Although Broken is the only Pokemon that I've caught so far." She looked over at the Kadabra and sighed. He was sitting next her, staring at the water. He looked as bored as he could get. She turned back to the trainer. "Yea I was born in Sinnoh, in Veilstone City to be exact. But For the past few years I've been traveling and just exploring the world."

    She looked back and smiled that Canalave was in view. She hadn't been on Sinnoh ground in what seamed like forever. She turned around and leaned against the bars and looked back over at the guy. "My name is Becka by the way. Whats yours?"
  5. Name's Brendan, I come from Pallet Town. And that looks like some Kadabra you've got there" Brendan answered. Veilstone City? If he wasn't mistaken, that was the city carved into the rock itself, on the other side of Mt. Coronet. If this girl was from Sinnoh, then, despite not being here for a few years, she must have known a thing or two about the gyms and other challenges a trainer would face before he could face the Sinnoh regional tournament.

    "If you've been here before, do you think you could tell me a thing or two about Sinnoh to give me a hand at the gyms?" Brendan asked.

    (I could stall with some sort of explaination of what Brendan was thinking exactly, but I just don't have the time, with camping coming up and all)
  6. She thought for a moment before responding. "That's in the Johto.. No wait. Is it the Kanto region? I can't seam to remember." She shrugged then continued.

    "Thanks," she said looking at Broken, "Your Machop and Dusclops aren't bad either."

    She stretched and took a moment to think about his question about Sinnoh. Turning back to him she finally answered. "Yeah I know a little bit. I'm actually half cousins with Candice. Shes the gym leader at Snowpoint City. I don't know exactly what Pokemon she has, but I know she uses a lot of Ice Pokemon." Shrugging she continued,"I've only met her a few times, at family reunions and stuff. But that's all she ever talks about is her gym and what not. Gets a tad annoying, not going to lie." Sighing she rolled her eyes.

    "I think there's a rock based leader as well, could be ground. But that's basically all I know about the trainers and Gym leaders. As for the Pokemon, I guess it varies just like any area. Around Veilstone City you'll find a lot of Geodudes." She said with a brief chuckle.

    "So you said you are a traveler. Where have you been?" Her eyes were sparked with curiosity. She hadn't been many places, but she loved looking at maps and globes. She dreamed of places to visit, things to see.
  7. Brendan smiled when she asked the question, he looked back at Mt. Coronet then gave his reply.

    "I have been to a lot of places, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and I have to admit, those places have some really stunning sights. I mean, not all trainers can endure the challenges needed to overcome to see the wall paintings in the depths of the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn. Or the harsh deserts of Hoenn. Or even the Seaform archipelago for that matter." Brendan explained, "And it's impossible to describe what exactly I see in those places, and even now, Mt. Coronet has me lost for words. But the true beauty of being a trainer is seeing all of those places with your friends and partners."

    "Machop!" the grey humanoid agreed, he had seen all of those places with Brendan. Dusclops looked on with a glint of interest in its eye. It hasn't seen some of these places, since Brendan got it towards the end of his Hoenn adventure; it still knew that it was going to see such places here in Sinnoh.

    Suddenly, the sound of a sea horn filled the air. Brendan looked behind him and saw that the ship was approaching Canalave itself. The city was cut in half by a large canal that held the ship docks within. A drawbridge in between was being lifted up for the ship to cross through. The ship was just leaving the sea and entering the canal. Brendan could see the red roof of a pokemon center on the east side of the town. That was where he would be heading first.

    "It's been a pleasure to meet you, but I'd better hit the road soon. I have to get some new pokemon if I want to stand a chance at the gyms here. Maybe I'll see you again in Jubilife." Brendan said
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  8. Her eyes glistened as he told his stories. She could only dream on seeing those places and laughed lightly as the Machop happily agreed. He caught her breath and paused for a moment.

    "I was actually kind of wondering..." She looked around awkwardly and her cheeks started turning a rosy shade of pink. "I know this is sudden and every thing, but I know this area a bit and I'm in no hurry to go any where, What do you think of traveling together?"

    She didn't usually do things like this, but it wasn't often that she found people that were interesting to her. She found most people bland and unexciting. With their normal routines and daily lives. She lived for excitement and adventure, and she had the feeling that Brendan could provide for at least some entertainment on the road.

    "So what do you think?"
  9. Brendan looked at Becka more carefully. She seemed to be a seasoned traveler, but if Kadabra was her only pokémon, then she probably wasn't a pokémon trainer. That didn't trouble him, only that she might be held up with his training and battles. This wasn't the first time Brendan traveled with someone, but those times were only between towns, hardly a several day journey. A traveling partner might not be a bad idea though, it could defiantly help on rough terrain should it be necessary. Maybe she could even help him with battles, or even vice versa. The ship suddenly jolted as it came into the dock. Even though they stopped, it would still be another minute until there was a gangplank for people to get off the ship with.

    "Alright, I actually quite like the idea. I hear the terrain is quite unusual in some places. An extra hand wouldn't hurt. It's just that I might slow you down a bit with training and such. That's okay with you right?" Brendan asked.
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  10. Nickolas sighed and leaned onto the small ferry's rail, feeling the warm sun beat down on his pale hair and freckled skin. The ferry moved quickly over the harbor's small waves, closing in swiftly on Canalave's docks.

    Nick's trip to Iron Cave hadn't been particularly successful- he hadn't found anything he'd particularly wanted to catch, and it hadn't taken him long to get completely frustrated with the whole endeavor. After a few dozen Zubat encounters and a failed attempt to capture an interesting-looking rock-type, he'd just become more irritated and bored with the whole thing, and decided to turn back.

    Behind him, Gaius shifted his massive bulk protectively over his small, frail trainer, his great, clawed hands resting on the rail on either side of Nick's narrow form. The Nidoking hadn't been quite as quick to get tired of the game, and it had been pretty obvious as they were leaving that the big Poison-type wasn't ready to give up. Still, always obedient, he'd willingly carried his trainer back to the ferry, and they'd headed back to the city.

    "I don't believe," Nick muttered, half to himself and half to Gaius, watching the small harbor waves splash against the ferry's hull, "that I'm already seventeen and I haven't caught a single Pokemon yet. And meanwhile eleven-year-olds are winning League Trophies every other week, it seems." It hadn't helped, of course, that Nick had only gotten away from home a few months ago, with Gaius' help (as, without the big Pokemon to help him get from place to place, there would be no way Nick could haul his frail body across the wilderness alone) and that they'd had- still had- other things on their mind besides collecting Pokemon and winning gym badges. To a degree, Nick felt guilty hunting for wild Pokemon when he should be searching for his brother- but he hadn't found any hints as to where Stephan might be since the barge from Hoenn reported seeing someone like him on board.

    He was getting frustrated with that hunt, too.

    The ferry pulled into the dock at that moment, and Nick was just as glad. His legs were already getting wary just from standing on the ship and keeping his balance as the decks rolled back and forth, pushed by the waves. Gingerly, Gaius lifted his small frame up to sit on the Nidoking's shoulder, and then loped off the ship and down onto the dock, his long tail lashing back and forth as he adjusted to the still earth again. Nick scratched behind the poison-type's big ear as the two of them made their way into the city.
  11. She gripped onto the hand rails as the boat stopped violently. She blushed then wipped the wrinkles off her shirt. She chuckled and shook her head. "Don't even worry about it. I've never been in a hurry. Plus Broken is getting a tad on the flabby side." She laughed as she glanced at the Kadabra, who was of course glaring at her. "I'll get to where I'm going when I get there, there's no need to rush." In truth she hadn't even told her parents she was back in the area. She wasn't exactly excited about seeing them again, but there were some loose ends she needed to tie up.

    "I'm going to go get my bag and take a quick trip to the Pokemart kay? Then I'll head right over to the Center." She smiled then walked back to the entrance of the ship, Broken following her close behind. She noticed as a Nidoking seamed to be carrying a boy about her age down and onto the dock. She shrugged and entered the ship and made her way to her room.

    She looked around making sure she had everything, checking off the list in her head. Finally she nodded. She set her key card on the desk and left the room. She made her way down and to the main street. She looked around for a building with a blue roof. She finally spotted it after a minuet of looking, and started its way.
  12. Brendan watched her head back to the main ship, he didn't need to since he already had his bag on the deck with him. After returning Dusclops to his pokéball, Brendan picked up the small yellow, slung it over his shoulder, where Machop in turn perched himself, and got off the ship and onto the docks, flashing his ticket to the staff on his way out. He was officially making the first leg of his journey in Sinnoh, and he was going to be doing it with an ally this time.

    He quickly saw a three story building, with glass windows, and rocky and iron decorating in between. The top showed a rocky outcropping that was shaped into the rough shape of a pokéball. This had to be the pokémon gym of Canalave City. Brendan checked a silver plaque just in front of the door, describing the gym and the rules of battling the gym leader. Like he had learnt before, Byron, the steel leader of Canalave, was to be challenged in a three-on-three match, which meant Brendan was one pokémon short of challenging the gym leader. This didn't put him down though, it meant that they would be coming back here some time soon. Brendan left the building and headed to the pokémon center to check for a heading.

    There were several large maps folded up in packets that people were allowed to borrow. Brendan helped himself to one and took a seat with the window behind him, he opened up the map to have a good look at what he was about to see. The map detailed the routes, cities, forests, and roads in Western Sinnoh. Most of the towns were marked with a large circle, but those with gyms were marked with a pokéball. This made it easy for Brendan to pick the next heading. Apart from Canalave, Oreburgh was the closest town with a gym. And to get there, the quickest route would be to take a path through the narrow crossing, over a small river, through Jubilife, and finally, the Oreburgh Tunnel. That sorted the first destination for him, now it was time to see about stops. Jubilife was a major city in Sinnoh, so that would be a start. Then Oreburgh museum might be an interesting stop, there was even some mentioning a new exhibit in the description of the town.

    Suddenly, the light that once came from the window behind him disappeared, Brendan turned around and saw a large, hulking, purple body heave itself across the street outside the pokémon center. When it was past his position, Brendan opened the window and looked out at the large Nidoking stomping its way towards the pokémon center door. He also saw a frail looking boy perched on the titan's shoulder. Machop looked out the window as well, and both seemed to see a sort of familiarity in the image. Brendan considered challenging him to a battle, but he decided to hold the offer in for the time being, just so he could see what this trainer was like.
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  13. She stepped into the small store, curious as to what she could find in this particular store. They of course carried all the common items. Potions, Poke balls, and things of that sort, but every once in awhile they carried a unique thing or two. She poked around until she found some food that she would be able to carry in her bag, and not worry about it going bad. As she walked to the counter she snagged a small bracelet she saw dangling on one of the snack counters.

    "Is this everything?" The man behind the counter asked coldly. She took a step back but nodded.

    "Yeah it should be fine..." It was more food then she was used to buying, but she wasn't sure if Brendan had picked up any thing, and she preferred to be safe then sorry. She paid for every thing and slipped on the bracelet. It was silver with small purple and black charms in the shapes of ghastlys.

    She packed up her bag and looked around finally spotting the infamous red roof. As she walked in she found Brendan inside peering at a map. She walked over and sat beside him. "So you decided where we are off to?"
  14. Brendan looked back when Becka appeared. Seeing the large pokémart sales bag, he knew that she had already finished shopping. Brendan turned back to the map to explain the route.

    "Okay. Well, there aren't many ways out of Canalave, that's for sure. Some people take a zeppelin that flies through once every week, the latest one was apparently yesterday, so we would have to take the foot route. There is a small isthmus between Canalave and Jubilife, cut in half by a small river which is a branch of the main canal." Brendan explained, pointing to each landmark whenever he mentioned it. "The river is supposedly quite small, so it would be quite easy to cross. If you like swimming that is. After that, it's a short walk to Jubilife. I'd say it'll take about four hours. Then there is a path on the east side of Jubilife that brings us to an underground tunnel known as the Oreburgh Tunnel. Which finally opens up in our destination: Oreburgh City." Brendan concluded, then looked back up to Becka.

    "Of course, the entire journey would take nearly ten hours at least. With four hours between here and Jubilife, so I'd suggest stopping in Jubilife for one night before moving on to Oreburgh. That sounds okay?" Brendan finished.
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  15. Jake sighed. "Come on Cario, they don't have any guitar strings." The Lucario seated on the ground next to him reluctantly got off the floor and followed his trainer out the door.

    It had been two years since Jake left Sunnyshore in order to look for his sister Jessica. He could just feel the anger building up when he thought about those kooks in spacesuits taking her. "If I ever get my hands on them...."He mumbled, opening the door to the coffee shop. He got ordered a latte and a doughnut, then decided to get a poffin for Cario. He handed over the money then left, doghnut in one hand, latte in the other. "
    That's the last of the money" he said. Cario just looked at him and took a bite of the poffin. Jake smiled. "You don't really care, just as long as you get your poffins, right?" Cario nodded, then Jake laughed. "Well, I care. Being a street performer is not a good way to make money. I wish Volkner would send me some cash. Probably too busy renovating the gym to spare his brother some change though." He opened the door to the Pokecenter and threw away the cup.

    He looked around, and saw two trainers huddling over a map. Of particular note was the girl, who looked about his age. For some reason, she seemed vaguely familiar. "Most likely a goth, although she is sort of cute" he noted, brushing back his blond hair. He glanced back and saw Cario rolling his eyes."Heh, your just jealous because there aren't any female Lucario around, aren't you?." he replied, to which Cario looked away, blushing. Smiling, Jake sat down and searched through the pockets on his jeans. Nothing. He searched the Pockets of his hoodie. Nothing. "Where is my hat? Have you seen it Cari...." He stopped, realizing that his Pokemon was wearing his hat. "Give me that!" He grabbed the hat, then sat down, pulling the hat over his eyes, and took a rest. After all, there was a long journey ahead of him.
  16. Tyler rushed into the Pokemon Center, with his tan, oval glasses in his brown hair, carrying his fainted Eevee, who was all scratched up and bruised from the loss at the Canalave Gym. Toxicroak ambled closely behind, holding his head in pain. Marshstomp was perched on Toxicroak's shoulder, only half-awake.

    "We need to get fixed up, stat!" Tyler exclaimed to the Nurse Joy of Canalave City. Tyler had a gray T-shirt and blue jeans covering his slightly tanned body. He wore his tan, oval glasses over his blue eyes. He couldn't see anything about more than two feet away without them. His light brown hair was spiked upward in the front, just above his face. He had two scars on his face. One of the scars went over his left eye. The other scar curved around his right eye.

    "O-o-oh my," Nurse Joy yawned, "Your Pokemon look very hurt. And it is very early for this to happen. How did this happen?" Tyler returned the Pokemon into their balls and said

    "My battle at the Canalave Gym went bad. Now my Pokemon are all bruised and scratched. They need some of your help." Tyler handed over the three Pokeballs to the tired Nurse Joy.

    "OK I'll heal your Pokemon up. Take a seat while you wait, please." Nurse Joy replied.

    Tyler sat near a boy holding a map out and a girl with a rather large shopping bag. They seemed to be discussing where they would go next.He needed to make some new friends here in Sinnoh as he hadn't been here for years. He calmed himself down and asked "Where are you headed?"
  17. The Pokemon Center was crowded. Nick frowned and shifted in place, keeping on hand on one of Gaius' poison spikes to keep his balance on the Nidoking's broad shoulder. He almost wanted to tell Gaius to take a detour, and they'd come back when there were fewer people about, but the Nidoking'd had just as long a day as Nickolas had, and he was definitely entitled to a quick heal, even if it meant his trainer had to endure a few minutes of basic human interaction.

    Once the Pokemon had managed to squeeze through the door to the Center, Nick slid off his shoulder, hiding the wince when his frail legs took the burden of his body's weight. He took the pokeball hung around his neck off the silver chain it was attatched to, and recalled Gaius.

    Once the Nidoking had vanished, he felt immediately vulnerable. He avoided looking at any of the people in the small building, shuffling over to the nurse and handing her the Nidoking's capsule. She took it with an understanding smile, and he, hesitantly, walked over to sink into one of the chairs near the girl and the boy talking over a map a little ways away.
  18. Jake sat up and pushed the hat off his eyes. He swore he had heard some large creature lumbering by. "Cario, do you think I'm losing it?" he asked. The Pokemon nodded with a hint of a smile on his face. "Eh, what do you know" Jake replied.
    Stretching, he looked to his left and noticed a nervous looking boy a few seats away, and was intrigued. For some reason, he looked like he had something in common with Jake. Beckoning to Cario, he walked over to him. "What are you doing in Canalave?" he asked, sitting down in the seat next to the boy.
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  19. Nick had been hoping no one would try and talk to him; he'd been fidgeting in his seat, waiting for the nurse to call him back over to retrieve his Pokemon. He shoved pale hair out of his face when the blonde and his Lucario walked up to him and looked down at his hands folded in his lap.

    "Lookin' for someone," he muttered, with a shrug. He didn't think this stranger really wanted to hear his life story- crippled kid searches for missing brother- and he didn't really want to tell it, either. He picked at a loose thread in the leg of his jeans and didn't offer anything more.
  20. ((I'm so sorry, but I can't continue the rp. I got banned of the home computer. My teacher acidently deleted the way I was able to get pass the school system. My teacher was cool with it. He mistaked it for a different program on accident. I'm on my boy friends phone right now, I'm so sorry.))
  21. "Heh, same as me" Jake replied, stretching out in the chair. "Two years ago my sister was kidnapped by some freaks dressed like spacemen. I've been looking for her ever since." Jake sat there for a few seconds, glazed look on his eyes. "My name is Jake by the way", He said, finally snapping out of it, "what's yours?"
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  22. Gaz, as he called himself, took a final drag on the cigarette and tossed it overboard. It hit the water with a soft hiss. The Lucario beside him said, through telepathy, "Thanks for putting that out."

    Gaz replied with a grunt.

    It had been a few days since he had a cigarette, and this made him irritable. Even worse, these were cigarettes designed to help kick the habit - the type that steps you down from nicotine. However, being on a ship for quite a while left Gaz upset.

    Gaz sighed, and turned on his Nintendo® DS lite. It was the best he could do, considering all he bought on board was Lucario, himself, a few packs of step-me-down cigarettes, his tactical vest, and his revolver, the last two under close watch aboard the ship. His jeans were faded, and his shirt was green, his favourite color, with the words "ETERNA VOLUNTEER POLICE DEPT" on it.

    [OOC-Please ignore the tactical vest, and the revolver, it's supposed to be a secret.]

    He longed to be at home, or at least up in Eterna, but he knew that his quadbike would be up at Rickshaw's - and that's where it'd stay, until he got to Rickshaw's. He was thinking about the old days, where he was driving it down the Cycling Path, down in Oreburgh-

    The ship's horn blew right in Gaz's ear - he knew it would be a mistake to start a flashback right beside the ship's horn. He looked around, but didn't see anything... until he looked port-and-aft, where he saw a mountain. He moved away from the giant tailpipe (where the horn was mounted) and squinted on the horizon......There. Canalave.

    Thank God, he thought. After all, Gaz liked the library - he went several times when he was a kid, and they also had maps, which he knew he'd need - and he longed to visit Byron again.

    Gaz stepped out of the library at just the wrong time. He knew he was prone to wrong-place-wrong-time scenarios, but this was...

    Gaz stopped thinking mid-sentence.

    I'll need the keys, Gaz thought, so he wernt to Byron's, for he gave the keys to By right before he left with Lucario.

    Gaz heard Lucario telepathiate.*

    What was that all about?
    "Had to get the keys to the quad. How good can you throw?"
    What does it matter?
    "I'll need you to throw this map 'cross the river just ahead."
    Aah... alright. I can do that. Pass me a rock.

    Gaz tossed Lucario a rock, and then he went to the river. Cursing, he swam it... though, thankfully, Byron was taking care of his Nintendo® DS. [Gaz] was all but soaked when he emerged from the other side... then looked around. There, up on dry land, was the map. Gaz picked it up, then said, "All righty, then, Lucario, let's get movin'."

    The PokeMon grunted in acknowledgement and swam across.

    To telepathiate is to telepathisize. Only I didn't want to hit the "z" key.
  23. That got Nick's attention- he looked up, eyes wide, then cast his gaze immediately back down at his lap. That was... definitely a coincidence, and not one he could easily ignore. The guy's sister had disappeared, as well?

    And, unlike Nick, Jake seemed to have some idea who had done it. He seemed to know where to go. That was much more than Nick had...

    ...And if the two events were related, then this guy might lead him to Steph. It seemed like a slim chance, but it was the closest thing Nick had gotten to a lead since he'd started looking for his brother.

    "I'm Nickolas," he muttered, glancing back up at Jake from the corner of his eye. He hesitated, then said, "You... you know who it was who took your sister?"
  24. Jake smiled. "Yeah, I do know, thanks to Cario over here. He slowed them down just when they were going out the door. But then their Toxicroak knocked us out with a cheap shot. When we came to, they were gone."

    "After that I started on my journey to find her" he continued. "After a while I heard of reports of them kidnapping pokemon. I also learned that they called themselves Team Galactic. Explains why they dress in spacesuits"

    He sighed. "I just wish Volkner would help me. You think he would want to rescue his sister." He glanced over at Cario and chuckled. "And for some reason, Cario stopped communicating with me a while ago. Probably because he doesn't have anything good to say." Cario just glared back. Ignoring him, Jake continued "Anyway, I'm staying here until I continue my journey. I heard they have a base in Eterna city, so that's where I'm heading" Jake turned and looked at Nick. "You said you were looking for someone?"
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  25. Shay looked at the odd plate he had found in his journeys. He didn't know what it was, and he couldn't make out the inscription. He knew what to do though. He leapt of the Gym roof and down to the ground. He walked toward Canalave Gym, thinking about how he had found the Plate

    He had, infact, been searching for a rare Pokemon. A Pokemon rarely seen. He had failed on his mission and had decided to give the local seaside a visit. He walked to the end of the cliff, only to wind up falling due to the cliff collapsing.

    He soon awoke, to find a shining black plate. He has been looking to see what it was since. He searched for more of them but failed. So, he decided to come to Canalave and research it in the Library. He entered the Library and walked up the stairs to research on the Plate.
  26. Gaz had remembered Jubilife City. The layout hadn't changed much in the 3 months he was gone. Gaz ran to the PokeCenter and laid down on the couch inside.

    Gaz had one chance to find him in the forty rooms. Gaz took a guess at 207 and kicked the door in. He instinctively raised his revolver. There was another guy with a revolver inside, pointing it to a gagged woman's head.

    Gaz pulled the trigger, and a revolver shot rang out.

    But the revolver did not kick.

    Gaz awoke with a start. Lucario was sitting on a chair beside him.
    The dream again?
    "Yup. I can't belive my revolver jammed!"
    Calm down, Gaz.
    "I can't. What would you have done if you were in my place, Rukario?"

    The Lucario winced. Gaz knew it hated being called by its Japanese name, and Gaz only called it by that when he was dead serious.

    ...Take your meds.
    Gaz stepped outside, and took a cigarette out of a black carton - the experimental PDST medicines. Instead of a brown filling, which was common for tobacco, or a green filling, common for marijuana, this cigarette had a red filling. Gaz put the covered end in his lips, lit it, and took a puff. 3 minutes later, the fast-burning ciggie had been put out.

    Gaz motioned for Lucario to come, and they were on their way to Floaroma.
  27. Team Galactic. Again, the closest thing to a lead Nick had gotten so far. And even if these people weren't who had taken Steph from him... well, at least he'd be doing something that felt productive, rather than stomping around Sinnoh, pretending to be a Pokemon Master and waiting for a lead to drop from the sky.

    He glanced at the Lucario when Jake mentioned their communication being cut off. He'd read about the Aura Pokemon, and even heard a few people suggesting that they could speak telepathically to their trainer... but in Kanto, there weren't very many of his kind wandering around and such things had always seemed doubtful to the literal-minded Nickolas. If it was true... he felt a surge of envy that took him a little off guard. He would have loved to have that sort of connection with Gaius...

    He didn't say anything about it, though, instead forcing his expression neutral and saying, "You- Volkner is your brother?" He'd done research on the Gym Leaders, and the other notable trainers, in Sinnoh, before starting his trek here from Kanto, and he knew enough about Volkner in the technologically impressive city of Sunyshore to be intrigued.

    He didn't really want to answer Jake's question- talking about himself made Nick uncomfortable- but the other guy had been very helpful and so the smaller boy sighed and said, "My brother. I... I think I'll head towards Eterna City soon, then. If that's where you think they'd be."
  28. "Yeah, he is." Jake replied. "You think it would be cool to have a Gym leader as a brother, but all he ever does is renovating his gym. But I can't complain, I do get to watch Elite Four battles and go to Gym leader events." He sat there for a second, lost in thought. "So you're heading for Eterna city too, huh? Do you want to go together?" he asked., getting out of his seat, while Cario did the same. "Because if you do, we better start now. There's quite a journey ahead of us!"
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  29. Gaz didn't even have to guess where Floaroma was - the suffocating smell of flowers filled the air to the north. He picked up the pace - only to find a steep rocky ledge with a cave in it. Gaz felt around... but couldn't find his flashlight.

    He walked in, and, much to his surprise, the cave was well-lit.

    Gaz walked out of the tunnel, and half-ran towards the PokeCenter up the hill. He ran inside it and lay down, hoping his laptop was still in Nurse Joy's care - it was. He went online to www.Pokecharms.com and logged in, then went and typed up part of his diary. When he got to the word "more", he was suddenly too lazy to write anything more.
  30. (okay, so with Celes gone, I have the problem of what to do with her character So until I find a logical way to get her out, I'll auto her for the time being)

    "That sounds good enough with me," Becka replied, clearly not too interested in the details, only interested in travelling. That was good enough for Brendan. Brendan looked over her shoulder to see the boy that was originally riding a Nidoking now talking with a boy and his Lucario, something about a sister.

    "Where are you headed?" a voice suddenly asked from behind, Brendan looked around to see a boy ,

    "Oreburgh, have to take on the gym battle there, since I don't have enough pokémon with me at the moment to take on the one here." Brendan explained, then noticed that this was the same guy that ran in a minute ago with three injured pokémon; the same number of pokémon needed for the gym challenge. "Did you already take it on? How did it go?" Brendan asked, eager to learn a thing or two about the gym in preparation for his eventual gym challenge.
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  31. OOC: Brendan said was okay so I'm in. My Bio is being work on but will be finish befor my next post.

    Raymond walked out of the store, head held high. Even though he bought enough supplies to make his many pant pockets bulge under the weight, he march happily toward one of the bridges that spanned across the river that cut the city in half. As he started to cross the wooden structure, his brisk walk turned into a full blown sprint. He ran so fast that Rick, his Umbreon that his grandfather gave him back when it was an Eevee, fell behind his trainer in his mad dash.

    "What is about Bridges that creeps me out?" Raymond asked himself when he reached the other side. Both he and Rick were panting after the run but it was Rick who recovered first. Unlimbering his pack and sitting down on a beach, Ray looked back at the events that of that previous month. Most people would probably stop whatever they were doing for a year, crying over the death of a loved one, But after his grandfathers funeral, Ray return to Shinnoh to finish the promise that he made to his now dead grandfather, to become a league Champion.

    Opening his badge case, he peered at the three badge he won on his last trip. The Canalave, Oreburgh and Eterna gym badges shined in the summer sun.

    Reaching down, he patted Rick's black fur, asking him, "What gym should hit next?" Rick just grinned as the blue rings glowed brightly. "Yeah, Hearthome," Ray replied to his companion's face. Picking up his pack, and leaving behind a couple of super potions behind by accident, he once again began marching of out of the city.
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  32. Tyler was reluctant to tell the boy "Uh, not so well. His Bastiodon wiped out all of my Pokemon. I lost. Bad. I'll tell ya he's one tough cookie! Great trainer. Nice guy, too. Hey, did you say you were going to Oreburgh? That's where I'm going next! I need to get the badge, too! Say, could I tag along with you guys? I'll try not to be much trouble, I promise! It would take a day, maybe two or so, just in case you didn't already know that. I hate to say but, I haven't been in Sinnoh in a year. All of my friends have moved on. I'm really quite lonely." Tyler's eyes widened as he blushed and looked away. He had realized he had started to blabber off again. He always shoots hit mouth off. He never seems to shut his pie hole.

    The other boy seemed somewhat startled at how Tyler sort of sneaked up on him. He even seemed a little stunned. A small smirk seemed to appear suddenly on his face. He also seemed to chuckle a little. Tyler felt like an idiot (See what I'm getting at here Brendan?).

    "Your Pokemon have been healed" the Nurse Joy said. Tyler didn't realize she meant him for a couple of seconds. He got up and walked over to the desk where the Nurse Joy was standing, waiting for him. Tyler took the three Pokeballs from her and said "Thank you very much".

    "No, thank you. And we hope to see you again soon." the Nurse Joy replied.

    Tyler thought that the other boy was still thinking so he said "By the way, what's your names? And sorry for ignoring you miss. He had the map so, well, I thought he could answer some questions I was just itching to ask. Sorry, again."
  33. Nick sighed, slowly rising to his feet, supporting himself on the chair. He didn't really want to tag along with anyone else- he didn't need help, he and Gaius were fine on their own. He'd been coddled all his life; he was fine these days.

    But he couldn't shoot Jake down, either, no matter how much he wanted to. The information the other boy had provided was helpful, no doubt about that- but Nick still knew next to nothing about this Team Galactic, or how to go about tracking them down. While he definitely felt better for the destination, he couldn't help but feel like, if this was really some sort of organized crime, no matter how goofy the people running it, he ought to be prepared.

    The logical part of him thought so, at least. The emotional part of him continued to stick by the dogma that Nick was fine alone, and didn't need any sort of guidance.

    Luckily, the logical part of Nick's brain was by far the stronger half. He shrugged and started for the counter, eager to get Gaius back and feeling all the more vulnerable without him. The short walk from the seats to the counter quickly depleted what energy was left in Nick's legs and he leaned against the counter once he'd reached it, supporting much of his small weight on his elbows. "I guess we ought to go together," he said, reluctantly, struggling to veil his discomfort from his face. "It... it makes sense. And we should definitely go... as soon as possible." Then he glanced up at the nurse. "I-is my Pokemon ready?"
  34. "Name's Brendan, Brendan of Pallet Town. Maybe all you need is more training to beat the gym leader and his Bastiodon." Brendan introduced, Becka too gave her introductions. Brendan then thought for a second. Bastiodon? Where did he hear that before, then he remembered. The thugs from Mt. Moon, one of them had a Bastiodon, a large dinosaur-like creature with a large flat face that acted like a wall protecting the rest of his body. When Brendan was dealing with that titan, he used his Golem to smash through and expose the underbelly. Could that strategy work with other Bastiodon?

    "Sure, I wouldn't mind you tagging along." Brendan said, "Maybe we could train each other for a bit, head out to Oreburgh and teach other techniques and strategies, it might give both of us a hand." He suggested, pretty sure that Becka wouldn't mind adding a third person to the group.
  35. As Raymond and Rick crossed the pokemon center, Rick stopped in his tracks. The Umbreon's ear twitched and his famous grin spread across his face. With eyes wide with expectation he glared at his trainer. Ray looked down at Rick then at the center and back again.

    "Oh, no, there may be trainers we can fight in there, but we got plans for Hearthome, remember?" Ray said shaking his head. As he started to turn around Rick came up and bit his trainer's foot. "Ouch! Rick how many time have I told you not to bite me to get what you want? Huh?" Ray yelled at his Umbreon. Rick just sat down and looked at the center. "Alright, we'll fight only one trainer and that's all. Ok?" Ray asked his friend; Rick got up ran toward the center. Ray followed Rick into the center to see three people looking at map and two others at the counter. One of the people at the counter was bent over the counter asking the nurse if his pokemon were ready. He was a frail person, and he seems like one who would have a large pokemon to help get to places.

    Ray began walking toward the other group to see what they were talking about when he over heard the two at the counter say something about Team Galactic. He became interested about what they were talking about and moved over to them.

    "What happen to your foot?" Nurse Joy said as she came around the corner. Raymond looked down to look at his foot to see blood dripping down the sides of his shoes.

    "Rick!" Ray yelled, forgetting that he is inside, "You can bite where there is padding," he pulled up his pant leg to show the foam around his leg. It was 2 cm above the visible bite marks. Finally remembering he was inside he looked up to see people looking at him.

    "Hi, name's Raymond." He said while thinking to himself, Yeah, nice greeting you idiot.
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  36. Jake turned towards the boy who was just screaming at his pokemon and was now talking to him. "Nice to meet you Raymond, my name is Jake, and this is Nick." Looking down, he noticed the bite marks on the trainers leg. "So, what are you doing here, and are you going to get a bandage for that?" he asked, motioning toward the wound on the boys leg.
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  37. As the nurse went to get Gaius for him, Nick watched the other new boy arguing with his Umbreon. He couldn't help but be a little bit amused by the sleek dark-type's spirit- and, well, the trainer's bad luck as far as his partner's habits went. The nurse stopped to ask him about the blood on his leg, calling his attention to the injury, and the corners of Nick's mouth twitched upward at his pained shouts.

    He was relieved once the nurse brought him Gaius' Pokeball; he wanted to let the Nidoking out, but the Pokemon Center was getting kind of crowded, and the poison-type DID tend to take up more than his fair share of room. Not to mention that a little scratch from one of the brute's numerous spikes could be bad news for whatever innocent trainer got in their way. So, perhaps, it would be a better idea to keep him contained until they'd gotten back out onto the street.

    He was glad that Jake introduced him; he didn't really want to talk to anyone else right now. Impatiently, he glanced at the door, but didn't say anything about leaving; he kind of hoped his new companion would pick up on his desire to leave.
  38. "Cool! So, Oreburgh's gym leader is Roarke, right? He trains rock types. Rock is weak against water, grass, and fighting, am I correct? So, I should bring Marshtomp, Toxicroak, and Torterra. I think I'm very well prepared for this gym challenge. Wouldn't 'cha think?" Tyler said, excited to have made a new friend.

    "Ouch! Rick how many times have I told you not to bite me to get what you want? Huh?" Someone shouted. Tyler turned around to see a shiny Umbreon chomping on a trainer's leg. Blood came from the marks. "Rick!" he yelled, "You can bite where there is padding," he pulled up his pant leg to show some foam around his leg. The bloody marks were almost an inch away from the foamy substance.

    Tyler said to the other boy "Ouch! Are you okay? That looks like it hurts. Need a band-aid or something? Any of that anti-bacterial crap? Whoops! Sorry, it just kinda slipped out of my mouth. Nice Umbreon, by the way. I've never seen a shiny Pokemon before. Blue rings and yellow eyes. And... is that a lighter shade of black...?" He spun back around and said to Brendan "Sorry Becka, Brendan. I didn't mean to cut off our conversation like that. I'm starting to blabber on and on again aren't I?"
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  39. (I have an idea regarding Becka. She gets an urgent call; one of her family members have cancer, or some other life threatening diease. She has to go back to her home, so she can see that person and be with them.)

    Myra watched the man shift uncomfortably. She hadn't said a word, it was her eyes that had freaked the young male out. She regarded him coldly. Short metalic green hair. A silver uniform. Looked like a spaceman. She had seen many people like this, both male and female.

    "What is it this time!?" Myra demanded.

    The man squirmed again before looking at her, then dropping his gaze. He probably had never seen a female whos hair seemed to float a little from some strange force. Myra smiled. He would never guess why, what she could do.

    "Ummm... the boss requires your help again... He wants you to help with... a mission..." The man stuttered.

    "He better have a good reward. I never work without pay."

    The Jolteon that was seated on Myra's lap growled, empisising his master's statement. The man lept backwards. Probably because it was black instead of yellow. Or because it too seemed to radiate that deadly energy it's master had.

    "He... he said he had an interesting fossil for you... in reward."

    "A fossil hey?"

    Myra paused, thinking. Fossils were worth a lot of money on the black market- it was illigal to sell them. Or maybe she could trade it for a pokemon, or a rare gem. Whatever it was used for, Myra wanted it.

    "Tell him I will do it for nothing less, but I will accept more if he wants. Have him meet me near the coal heap at 11." she said with obvious dismisal.

    The man took his leave, almost running out of the room. Myra stood up as Storm lept to the floor, and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Short brown hair that floated around her head slightly. Eyes the colour of lightning. Pale, almost pure white skin. She wasn't tall; she could barely just see herself in the mirror.

    She wore simple things; jeans, a black tee shirt, runners. But as simple as they were, they couldn't conceal the fact that most would consiter her quite beautiful, in some terrible way. Myra smiled. Hell she loved her appearence. It freaked people out.

    "So Storm, are you ready to go help the idiot again?"

    "Jolt!" he cried, which sounded similar to 'duh!'.

    "I'll take that as a yes." Myra said as she walked out of the hotel door.
  40. (I knew there was a fourth reason to let you on!)

    Brendan watched the trainer switch his chatter towards a guy who was bit by his own Umbreon. It was clear that the road ahead wasn't going to be all that quiet and peaceful.

    "Well, at least we have our own radio, eh Becka?" Brendan said, turning to Becka,

    "I have a phone call for a Rebecca Setzer, is she here?" Nurse Joy announced, Brendan then saw Becka stand up and approach Joy who had a phone in her hand. Taking the phone, she began to talk into it, stopping every now and then to listen to whoever was on the other end. Eventually, Becka put down the phone and returned to her place.

    "Who was that?" Brendan asked curiously,

    "It was my mother," She said, then paused before continuing. "My Aunt fell really ill at her home in Solaceon town, and my whole family's already there. I'm sorry, but I have to go with them. My cousin's here and she's supposed to take me there." she explained, her eyes shimmering, ready to shed tears. Brendan looked towards the window for a second, nodded, then turned back to Becka.

    "Go ahead, a family is more important, you have to make sure your family is alright before you head out on a journey. And besides, who knows? Maybe we might link up again when I reach Solaceon" Brendan said,

    "Thanks, and please tell me more about the things you see before then." Becka finished, then slowly walked out of the center, Kadabra following behind. Brendan turned towards the other trainer, just finishing up with the Umbreon-bitten kid,

    "Sorry Becka, Brendan. I didn't mean to cut off our conversation like that. I'm starting to blabber on and on again aren't I?" he said, then stopped when he saw that Becka wasn't there.

    "Becka's gone, best to let her go until there's a better time." Brendan explained, then paused for a second to check the clock on the wall; ten forty-five. "Well, that means its just us two for now, we should head out soon so we can get to Jubilife before it gets too dark." he suggested.
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