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The Ruins of Coron

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Puppetoflight, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Aaron looked down at the brochure.

    "Come and see the the great island of Coron! This beautiful island, located in the oceans below Sinnoh, is home to many renowned landmarks. Take the Grand Tour of Coron's famous ruins, or spend the day of at our lovely Doe City, which is now home to Vionotion's Beach-side spa and resort. Looking for a place to train your pokemon? Look no further than Coron's wild forest, where over 200 species of pokemon live*. Love to hike? We have mountain trails that are superb for both young and experienced hikers! So don't hesitate to hop on board the next ferry to the tropical island of Coron!"

    *Coron is not responsible for your activity in wild forest.

    Underneath this description was a picture of a maze of great chunks of stone, stone pillars, and parts of buildings that had been inhabited hundreds of years ago, with a bright, tropical sun overhead. Nowhere had it mentioned the mist.

    For there was mist, and lots of it on the "tropical" island of Coron. Aaron had expected a nice, relaxing tropical vacation with the only pokemon he owned, a dratini Aaron had rescued from a Zubat when he was eight. The dratini's name was Erick. Aaron had lived all his life in Jubilife City, and had been looking for a nice change in climate from the particularly harsh winter that had struck Jubilife. Aaron was disgusted in himself for believing in the image the brochure had painted. He thought that he would always be the brown haired, brown eyed, pale skinned Aaron who's father was a nerd working for Poketech and who's mother was unemployed because Aaron's father made enough for to support the family.

    Aaron considered himself somewhat smart, though not as smart as his father, and other than that he did not believe that he was any different than his friends, and although maybe even less outstanding because he had not actually caught his dratini.

    Sighing, Aaron turned back around to go to Doe City, falling in step and wondering why he had brought pokeballs with him, and the last spark of adventure going out...

    Until Aaron heard someone say, "Well, we can got Vionotion's beach. It's still sunny there."

    Vionotion, the billionaire who owned a chain of Spa/Beaches was a powerful man, but he didn't control the weather, and even if he could, there were no other beaches on Coron. Why would some billionaire want an entire island to be cloaked with mist, everything hid out of site...?

    (OOC: This is an open RP, so anyone who wants can join, but try not to make your character to powerful.)
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Paige wasn't one to read brochures, and usually threw them away at the first chance she got. But for some reason, this time was different. Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't like any place in the Pokemon world she'd been to before. It wasn't all spacey and high-tech like Mossdeep, it wasn't all dark and depressing like Ecruteak and it certainly wasn't a contest paradise like Hearthome. But it was a paradise all the same, one causing Paige to stare at said brochure for quite a long time.

    Her attention was then caught by the cry of her pokemon, in quite an impatient tone. A white, mongoose-like creature was staring up at her, quite annoyed yet quite curious. Her Zangoose was just like any other Zangoose except for a small scar that rendered it's left eye blind. Before capture, it had been the leader of a pack, and whilst it had won many fights to retain that position, it meant many injuries left as "trophies" and "tokens".

    Ruffling the hair on the top of the creature's head, Paige gave a smile as her eyes finally averted their gaze away from the brochure.

    "What do you say, Zangoose? Shall we go exploring?"

    Her pokemon responded simply by rubbing it's head against it's trainer's knees, before beginning to play with a pokeball attached to her belt. It kept batting the capture device; had it been empty, Zangoose would have been returned straight away. But said pokeball had another occupant.

    "Oh, you want..." questioned Paige, knowing exactly what, or more specifically, who Zangoose wanted. Plucking the pokeball from her belt, she gently threw it in the air, triggering the release of a rather small blue bird with fluffy white wings. It immediately perched itself on Paige's shoulder, gently nuzzling her beak and causing her to giggle.

    "Hey, Swablu," she said, smiling.

    She suddenly noticed another trainer, not too far away from where she was standing. He looked as if he'd been disappointed by something, but also intrigued by a new event. Zangoose and Swablu noticed their trainer staring and couldn't help staring at the male trainer too.

    "Now I wonder who that could be...."
  3. Ked


    This sounds fun! My Rp skills will get better, never did one 'Charms style before!

    As Katie was strolling through Vielstone City, a bright orange billboard caught her attention. She changed direction and started heading towards the giant sign. As she got closer to the sign she saw a large crowd of screaming people were gathered around the bottom.

    "I wonder what's with all the people." Katie thought to herself as she walked closer.

    As she neared the billboard the bright colors began to hurt her eyes. The crowd was getting smaller now, it had also quieted down. Katie came to a stop as she reached the edge of the crowd.

    "Come one! Come all!" she heard a man's voice shout, "This will be the experience of a liftime!"

    The crowd's noise settled down as the man continued talking through his red and white mega phone.

    "Go on the vacation of a lifetime!" the man started, "Come to the tropical island of Coron!"

    The crowd began to cheer as the man, who Katie could see was dressed in a orange and red jumpsuit, finished his first sentence.

    "That's right, folks! A tropical get-away to a fabulous vacation spot!" the man continued, "We have everything you could ever wish for from a vacation! Hiking, fishing, Pokemon battles, you name it!"

    The crowed started to murmer excitedly. Katie just rolled her eyes, as she was already fed up with the man's advertising speech. She pictured what the island really looked like, a radio-active wasteland from a nuclear accident with garbage lining the rocky shores.

    "But wait, there's more!" the man started again, "Relax along our white, sandy beaches! Or maybe take a night out in one of our romantic gourmet restaraunts!"

    The man continued talking about his tropical vacation for briefly ten minutes.

    "All this, and more, could be yours!" the man said as he was finishing his speech, "All you have to do is call the number on this free, complimentary brochure!"

    Everyone in the crowd formed a single file line as the left. When the walked away from the sign the man was handing out brochures for the vacation he described. Once Katie got to the front of the line to leave the man stopped her.

    "Aren't you a little too young to be goin' on one of these here vacations?" he said in a gruff, western accent.

    Katie looked at the man, she thought he was going to try to kidnap her during the night.

    "Nah, I'm just messin' with 'ya!" the man joked as he ruffled her hair, "Next!"

    As Katie walked away she examined the brochure. It was smothered with pictures of tropical get-aways and beautiful sunsets over the ocean. She sent out her trusty water Pokemon, a fiesty Totodile. The Totodile, which was named 'Croco', had a deep rut in its tail. The scar was made when a strong Purugly scratched Croco with its powerful claws.

    "So Croco," Katie began to her Totodile, "What do you think?"

    The Totodile shook his head in approval. He hopped up and down as he pointed to the wide ocean.

    "So you wanna swim, huh?" said Katie to Croco, "It's settled then! We're going on that vacation!"

    Just as she finished talking to Croco she saw a girl with a Zangoose and Swablu, the girl's face plastered in the same brochure Katie had gotten from the strange man dressed as a clown.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    As soon as she'd noticed the male trainer, Paige then noticed a female trainer with a rather enthusiastic Totodile. Noticing it hop up and down, she wondered why it was so excited. Maybe they wanted to make the journey to Coron too? But Paige seemed too shy too approach at first, despite the fact she was usually quite a confident person.

    But she needn't have made the first move. Swablu had flown off her shoulder and had now perched itself on the female trainer's shoulder, nuzzling it's head into it's own cloudy wings. Noticing what had happened, Paige sighed in quite an annoyed manner. It was something that always happened with Swablu, no matter how many times Paige had tried to teach it otherwise.

    "Swablu! You can't just go and perch yourself on people like that!" she scolded, but not that aggressively as she lightly plucked her pokemon from the trainer's shoulder. Swablu uncurled itself, only to then perch on Paige's head.

    "I'm sorry about that," she began to apologise, trying not to get too annoyed by her bird pokemon. "Swablu's just very curious about people. I'm Paige, by the way, and this is Zangoose." She pointed down to her white mongoose-like pokemon, who simply nodded. She then looked back to the other female.

    "So who would you be, then?"
  5. Ked


    "Oh!" said Katie surprised, "My name's Katie, and this little fella' here is Croco!"

    Katie brushed a few cotton-like feathers from her shoulder. They swirled to the ground in the gentle city breeze. Croco stopped hopping and looked at the other trainer sternly.

    "To! To!" he said strongly, as he was ready to fight.

    "Croco!" Katie scolded, "Settle down. She's not going to hurt us."

    The short blue figure by Katie's side settled down. His expression was still stern.

    "We're going to see this 'Coron' place for ourselves," Katie explained to the girl, "Croco here is a little too excited."

    Croco looked up at his trainer. He thought she was saying something to offend him.

    "It's okay Croco," Katie reassured her friend, "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

    The Pokemon lowered his head, this time fixing his gaze on the mongoose-like Pokemon beside the other trainer. Croco was itching to have a good battle. The last time he had a battle was when he had a close encounter with a wild Purugly. The cat-like Pokemon had created a large gash, that took up about a third of his tail on the left side. Remembering this, Croco took his gaze away from the Zangoose; he didn't want anything like that to happen again.

    "So," Katie started, "I see you got that brochure too."

    Katie pointed at the florescent orange paper the girl was holding.

    "Are you planning on going?"
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "Yeah, it sounds like a good gig." said Paige, clutching her own copy of the brochure. She'd had to snatch it away away from Swablu, who had begun pecking at it out of boredom.

    "I wonder what kinds of Pokemon will be there?" she enquired, quickly gazing down at an occupant pokeball in her belt. "I've been looking for a new member to our little family for a while now."

    Zangoose and Swablu both stared at their trainer in quite an insulted way, as if they thought she was about to abandon them. Paige realised what she could have implied and began to gabble desperately.

    "Oh no, guys, I didn't mean it like that at all!"

    Accepting the gabble, both Zangoose and Swablu began to rub their heads against their trainer's legs in quite an affectionate way.

    "Guys, guys, you're embarrasing me now." giggled Paige, slightly blushing a crimson red. She was wondering exactly what Katie was thinking about it all.
  7. Ked


    "Croco does the same thing sometimes!" Katie said giggling. She could see Paige blushing.

    Croco looked up at Katie. He was insulted. Katie patted his head picked him up. Croco immediately settled down and began to forgive his trainer; she had done much for him, so he had no need to be angry at her. Katie slowly lowered Croco to the ground and let go of him once he was almost touching the ground. She dropped him and he landed on his feet with a plop.

    "Hey!" Katie said excitedly, "We should like, go to Coron together!"

    Croco's face immediately lit up. He began to hop up and down again, something he always does when he's anxious or happy.

    "Oh, you silly Pokemon!" Katie teased as she grabbed him.

    Katie picked him up off the ground and tossed him into the air, as people sometimes do with little kids. Croco began laughing, as he enjoyed being airborn.

    "It'll be great!" Katie continued as she put Croco back down, "We could relax and our Pokemon could play together!"

    Croco began hopping again; this time even happier than the last.

    "So," Katie started, "What do you think?"
  8. (Ooc: Well, I'm glad some people joined. Just want to clear these up: my character is already on the island, and people can still join this RP.)

    Aaron sat on the crowded, and misty, dock of Doe City. He had gotten a bowl of hot noodles, and was feeling a bit better about the vacation. He looked at the cutting edge poketech watch that he had been given for his birthday. It read: 8:30AM Sinnoh time. Then Aaron looked at the arrival/departure board next to him. The next arriving boat was at 10:30AM, and would be coming from Vielstone city. The next one returning to Canalclave City was at 8:00 PM, which Aaron took as a sign to not give up on the vacation quite yet. Well, Aaron didn't really believe in signs, but still...

    Then, without warning, Aaron's thoughts turned to Vionotion's beach, where Aaron had spent yesterday afternoon. The place was bright, sunny and enjoyable. The fog literally hovered in a wall around the place in the shape of a ring. The strange weather, however, was not really what piqued Aaron's interest. Inside, at the Vionotion restaurant, some shady characters had delivered a crate to the employees only area, but one of the crates had split open as the entered the restricted area, and Aaron caught a glimpse of a hieroglyph that only could have come from The Ruins of Coron.

    Erick's call brought Aaron back to the present. He checked his watch again. 8:35AM. If anybody in Vielstone wanted to board the boat to Coron, now would be the time...
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  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Zangoose couldn't help looking unimpressed by Totodile's constant jumping up and down, causing Paige to shoot her pokemon a similar, unimpressed look.

    "Zangoose, honestly!" she scolded, before turning to Katie. "I'm afraid Zangoose is quite a serious one....he really doesn't go for play. He's more for the training. But I know a certain someone who loves to play, don't you?"

    She was tickling Swablu behind the neck, who had switched it's perch from head to shoulder once again. It made a rather happy cooing sound, almost as if it was giggling.

    "Should we go together?" pondered Paige, almost as if she teasing Katie with her answer. "Well if I told you we should hurry and get the boat, what do you think my answer is?" She couldn't help smiling as she spoke, looking out into the ocean as a large, cruise-like liner pulled into the dock. Crowds were piling in already and Paige, even though she thought money was over-rated and rich people were idiots, couldn't help looking impressed.

    "Wow." she simply said, wondering if the whole tirade was actually going to live up to expectations.

    Ooc: Yeah, you may have noticed by now I keep referring to Pokemon as it. It's a bit of a habit, I grew up with the original three games, where there were no genders.
  10. Ked


    "Tamii has to see this!" Katie said franticly as she tore through her bag.

    Katie's hand touched a cold, round object. Immediately, she grabed it and pulled it out of her bag.

    "Come on Tamii!" Katie shouted as the red and white ball flew into the air. It let out a beam of light as a blue, brd-like Pokemon flew out.
    "Tailloo!" the bird like Pokemon cooed as it perched itself on Katie's left shoulder.

    Katie giggled as the Tailow began ruffling its feathers on the back of her neck.

    "This is Tamii," Katie told Paige, "She's my other Pokemon, Tailow."

    The bird puffed her chest proudly, as to show Katie was talking about herself.

    "As you can see," Katie continued, "She's Tamii, and proud to be!"

    Katie took a step towards the large crowd of people near the boat, then looked back at Paige.

    "Well," Katie teased, "Aren't you coming?! Who wouldn't want to go on this so called 'tropical' vacation?!"

    The giant white cruise-liner towered over Katie as it blew its horn. It was about to leave the harbor.
    "Hurry!" Katie shouted to Paige as 'Cruise Coron!' blew its horn for the second time, "It's about to leave!"

    The large white ship blew its horn again. A man with a dark cloak and trench coat carried a large crate into the ship.

    "Hmm," Katie thought to herself, "Now what could the be?"

    Ooc: This is really fun! This was a great idea for an Rp!
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  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "I'm running....as fast as.....I can!" yelled Paige, inbetween breaths as she ran to board the boat and catch up with Katie. She didn't need to stop for her pokemon- Zangoose was skilled with it's movement and Swablu had no trouble with flying.

    She had to stop and catch her breath when she finally got onto the boat, just in time as it slowly began to leave the harbour. She also noticed the man in the dark trenchcoat, but was too tired to start tracking his movements immediately. Noticing Katie staring at him, Paige looked up to catch her attention.

    "If you want to see what that shady guy's up to, go on ahead.....I'm too pooped at the minute."

    Paige was answered with an irritated grunt from Zangoose, causing her to respond just as irritated.

    "No, I'm not unfit....you try recovering when you have respiratory problems from birth." She was still breathing in recovery but was able to stand up straight again, despite the fact that Swablu had perched on her head again and was pecking it lightly out of boredom.
  12. Veran wasn't bothering with the boats to Coron, and instead was taking a faster route. "RELIIIIIIIIIII!" came the shout from under him as he sped over the salty ocean.
    "Heheh, Gyorg, al least you're only carrying me. Sable is a ghost, he doesn't weigh a thing." Veran smiled as the Relicanth made another noise, and sped up. "Hey look Gyorg! It's the beach!" the fish sped up until without warning, it stopped and flung Veran headfirst into the sand. Both Relicanth and Sableye laughed, and Veran flipped the bird to both of them before returning Gyorg. He stood up and a purple being with Emerald eyes and a sapphire on its chest materialized onto Veran's shoulder, from his original place in his shadow. He cackled, and they were off, heading for Doe City.

    When Veran got there he was mystified from the mist, that veiled the outskirts of the beach. He looked around, and saw a boy sitting down, looking at his watch. Sable seemed interested, so Veran walked over. As he reached him he sat down next to him and broke out some conversation, "That mist around the beach is weird. Somethings up with it, but I'm not sure what it is." he looked at the boy and smiled, "My name's Veran, and this Sableye on my shoulder is Sable. What's your name?"

    OoC: Hopefully I can still join.
  13. (Ooc: Of course you can. I was half way through this when you posted, so sorry about the beggining.)

    Aaron had decided to research the Coron Ruins before the next boat arrived, then go back to the dock. The tourist center had no real information on the ruins that wasn't obvious, so Aaron sat at a computer terminal searching for info. After half an hour of sifting through websights that either had nothing to do with Coron's ruins, or just didn't have any real information on them, Aaron found a legitimate webpage.

    "The Ruins of Coron have always been of great interest to anybody researching the history of the islands around Sinnoh. Almost all ancient civilizations throughout the world have a few constants not shared by the ancients of Coron. Coronian hieroglyphics, for example, do not resemble the strange creatures called 'unknown.' In fact, there is no record of any pokemon existing in the Coronian culture. Because of these strange anomalies, researchers have been able to translate very few words from the ancient Coronian language. A few words repeated many times in their writing, however, are: 'Journey', 'Soul', and 'Mountains'. The word 'mountains' is what intrigues me most. There is only one mountain that exists on Coron, and any others could not have fully deformed before modern scientists had time to recognize it."

    The paragraph was an exert from a book written only a few weeks ago. Aaron turned to look at Erick, his dratini.

    "What do you think, Erick?" Aaron asked him, knowing the pokemon could not respond. Erick did, however, turn his head to one side and stared back at Aaron, who checked his watch. "9:32. We should go back to the docks." Aaron told Erick.

    On his way back to the docks, however, a boy on a relicanth came speeding up to him and splashed onto the beach. No sooner had the boy arrived when he broke into speach: "That mist around the beach is weird. Somethings up with it, but I'm not sure what it is," The boy began, then continued, "My name's Veran, and this Sableye on my shoulder is Sable. What's your name?"

    Aaron jumped back, startled, and said: " I'm Aaron, Aaron Veet. This is my dratini, Erick" Aaron gestured at Erick, then said, "There is something up with the mist, you're right, and the only place it isn't misty is at Vionotion's Beach/Spa place... plus, some people came in there earlier and I think they were smuggling stuff in from the ruins." Aaron finished saying this, and suddenly relized he sounded like a babbling idiot. Oh well.
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  14. Ked


    "Oh wow!" creid Katie in awe as the ship neared Coron, "Paige! You've got to see this!"

    Katie's gleamed with excitement as the ship began pulling into the docks. The island was shrouded with a strange ring of mist. The ship stopped when it was parallel to the docks.

    "Croco!" Katie shouted to her trusty partner, who was a few paces behind her, "Look at this!"

    Tamii swooped over and perched herself on Katie's left shoulder. Katie saw a boy hopping off an acient-looking, fish-like Pokemon onto the dock. The bridge onto the dock lowered and Katie stepped off the immense cruise liner.

    "To," Croco said in awe of the clear, blue green water, "Toto!"

    Katie's feet thudded onto the old wooden dock as she jumped off the ship.

    "Strange," Katie thought, "You would think they would have a newer dock. After all, this is a modern tourist attraction."

    Just as Katie finished speaking she saw a boy waving at herself and Paige. The boy looked excited, and eager about something. Katie started walking towards the boy, Croco and Tamii trailing behind her. The boy settled down as Katie approached him with caution.

    "Umm," Katie stuttered, "Hi?"

    Katie sounded uncertain of herself. She was worried that the boy was trying to do something to her or Paige.

    "My name's Katie," she continued, "Who are you?"

    Katie talked to the boy with caution. She thought that he might've been one of those shady lookiong people Katie saw on the boat.

    "And this is Croco, my Totodile," Katie said as she saw Croco started to get angry at her, "And you can't forget about good ol' Tamii here!"

    Croco and Tamii immediately settled down. They felt upset that Katie didn't properly indroduce them before. Croco puffed up his chest, as to show Katie was talking about him.
  15. Ooc: To Kedpeanut: I hope that boy wasn't supposed to be me, because
    A) I am somewhere completely different.
    B) I do NOT wave energetically at strangers.
  16. Ked


    Well, you said that you WERE waiting on teh dock for the ship to arrive, and hoping for them to get there soon.

    I could just change it to some hyper-active little kid if you want, they do that.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "What did you say, Katie?" asked Paige, fully recovered from rushing about, before realising what the other female had been talking about. It was a rather strange sight to see; an island that was almost completely covered in mist. So much so that no matter how much Paige tried to peer through it, all the eye could register was more mist. It was as if the island was being hugged by a giant Swablu.

    Zangoose was peering over too, and had Paige not been keeping such an attentive eye on it, it would have fallen straight into the water.

    "Careful, Zangoose! You know your swimming's not the best." she scolded, in quite a worried way. "I don't want to lose you before we've even got onto this island, understand?"

    In response, Zangoose rolled it's eyes in quite a defiant eye. It didn't need Paige always worrying for no reason. But to be fair to it, Paige could be rather protective at times, and could often prove unbearable in those moments.

    As the three made their way onto the docks, Paige noticed Katie talking to a male with a rather strong-looking Relicanth. She approached, not saying anything at first in case they were already in deep conversation.
  18. OOC: Yes... but that was before Blazikid came left a reply that, because of my response, means I can't do anything until he replies back. Sorry for the misunderstanding though.
  19. Ked


    Katie noticed Paige coming from behind her and turned around. Tamii noticed Paige's Swablu and started cooing.

    "Looo," Tamii cooed, "Tailooo."

    "You can over over Tamii," Katie said giggling.

    As Tamii flew over to Paige, Katie looked around at the island.

    "It seems okay," Katie mumbled to herself.

    Katie was happy it wasn't what she thought it would be like, but unhappy because of the mist blocking out the sun.

    "Yo' Boss!" Katie heard a shady voice yell from under the bridge, "Sh'wee do it now?"

    Katie realized that the voice she heard was the same voice from the boat!

    "Tamii!" Katie commanded quietly, "Fly under the bridge to see what's going on. But be very quiet!"

    "Tail!" Tamii said as she nodded her head yes.

    Katie watched as her trusty bird Pokemon swooped down under the bridge. Then, Katie heard a voice.

    "Why's there a Pok'mon down here?!" the shady voice cried, "Who is spyin' on us'?!"

    Just then Tamii swooped up from under the bridge, her eyes wide with fear.

    "Run Paige!" Katie cried as the man Katie had seen getting on the ship climbed from under the bridge, "RUN!"

    ((OOC: Short post. I didn't have much to write.))
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Paige started running as instructed, but had to stop after just a few paces when she noticed the white mongoose defiantly standing it's ground.

    "Zangoose! What are you doing?!" hissed the female, quite worriedly.

    "Zan! Zan-goose!" it stated, quite aggressively. It was obvious that the Normal-type had had enough of running and was wanting to prove itself as a fighter once again in Paige's eyes. So it's surprise was inevitable when the trainer picked it up and just starting running for her life.

    "ZAN!" it exclaimed, quite defiantly as it struggled to escape Paige's grasp, but she wasn't having any of it. If Katie hadn't have wanted to face the shady man, then she certainly didn't want to.
  21. Ked


    "Tooooo!" Croco cried as he dashed over to Zangoose to help, "To! To!"

    Croco was itching for a fight, he hadn't fought since he was two weeks old and wanted to show Katie that he wasn't weak.

    "Croco!" Katie called.

    "Tailoo!" Tamii chirped.

    They both wanted Croco to come back, for he already had injuries from a battle and the next one could be fatal.

    "Croco please!" Katie pleaded, "Come back!"

    The shady man steped out from under the bridge. He was wearing a black trenchcoat and a matching black fedora. His pants were black jeans and he was wearing black loafers.

    "Well, well, well," he said, "Now who we got here?"

    He smiled. His two front teeth were missing, and some of his other teeth were black and rotten.

    "Disgusting!" Katie choked out, the sight almost made her throw up.

    "It was you spyin' on is weren't it?!" the man cried, "Now you's gotta pay."

    Katie was frozen stiff, for the man's icy gaze had locked on her. His other eye was fixed on Tamii, who was hovering above Katie's head.

    "TOOOO!" Croco roared wiht anger as he lunged toward the man, his big jaw opened wide.

    "Wahoo!" the man cried in pain as Croco's teeth sunk into his left calf.

    "Now!" Katie cried as she ran, "RUN!"
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  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "What do you think I'm doing?!" exclaimed Paige, not wanting to run too far, just in case she lost Katie. She was beginning to tire again; her grip loosening on Zangoose. It took the chance to escape and aid the Totodile, who was trying to bite off more than it could chew as it sunk it's jaws into the man's calf. Zangoose's jaws weren't that strong, but then Zangoose never really had to rely on it's biting skills. It was more of a claw user.

    Without Paige's command, it had decided to use Crush Claw on the shady man, a move that Paige couldn't watch without wincing. Despite the fact he was the reason they were running, she couldn't help but feel sorry for him.
  23. "Smuggling eh? Want to go check it out?" Veran smiled, but noticed some kids come up to them. One girl stood by Aaron and himself, but the other just seemed to be running from a man. A totodile and a Zangoose, who Veran recognized from Hoenn, started attacking the man, and Veran decided to end his suffering quickly, not by killing him of course. A flash of red, and instantly a giant hulking ball of ice with two horns and a scary gaze was out on the docks. "ICe Beam Glacius, but make it a weak one." Glacius roared and, of course, sent out a massive Ice Beam, freezing the man in a block of ice. "Dammit Glacius, return. Don't worry, he'll thaw out." Veran said, before adding under his breath, "Hopefully. Lets get going!"

    OoC: Short post is short.
  24. Aaron watched as the the Ice pokemon froze the man. He'd wanted to help, but he couldn't have really done anything... at least, that's what Aaron told himself. Veran Shouted to get them going, and Aaron started running. Dratini, the only pokemon Aaron owned flew by his side. Why didn't I use it? Aaron asked himself. Am I really that weak? Aaron ran into a large street which had plenty of witnesses if another of the strange men tried to attack them.

    Aaron turned his run into a brisk walk and looked up. The day seemed to be somehow... lighter? The mist was thinning.If Vionotion somehow had managed to cause it, whatever he was doing with the ruins, he was done.

    "Look... the mist is thinning." Aaron said.

    (Ooc: Is this a short post? This is kinda my first RP.)
  25. ''Finally, we made it!'' Louie had just came off the S.S.Spiral after a 4-hour trip. Behind him were his Pokemon: A blue cow which appeared to be wearing a brown hood, and a rose-coloured fluff ball with three cotton balls sticking out of it. A shiny, male Miltank called Milky and a shiny female Jumpluff called Autumn. For some reason, Milky had a strange look on his face.
    ''What's wrong, Milky'' Ammediatly, Milky pointed to a huge block of ice. A block of ice, on a tropical island?

    Louie cautiously walked over to the ice, and saw a fat man stuck inside it.
    ''Why is their an chubby emo in a block of ice,'' Louie asked his Pokemon. His monsters suddenly fell to the floor in hysterics. After about 5 minutes, they had calmed themselves down, and Louie gave them both their favourite flavour of Poffins: A sweet-tasting Poffin that increased skill. Louie and his prized Pokemon walked across the beach, to then see two girls running away... from nothing.
    ''This is one strange island...''

    (OOC: This is my first RP post, that is why it is a bit small and not very good. Is it okay to have two shinys? Thanks for making this RP! Also, sorry for not giving any description about Louie. His full name is Louie Forest, he is fourteen and is the same guy as the guy in my avatar, but with rectangle glasses.)
  26. Ooc: Having two shinys isn't really fair to everybody else, and I think it might be against forum rules. So it would be nice if you would edit our post. ( This doesn't really matter but... a Miltank named Milky? Seriously!?)
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  27. Ked


    "Croco!" Katie called sternly to her Pokemon, "What are you doing?!"

    Croco lowered his head in muttered something in Pokemon talk to himself. He lifted up his head and scowled at his owner.

    "Croco!" Katie said, she was suprised at her Pokemon's behavior, "What's wrong?"

    "To," Croco said quietly as he pointed to a large chunk of clear ice, "Dile."

    I wonder why there's ice on a tropical island? Katie thought to herself.

    Tamii flew over and perched herself on Katie's left shoulder. She cooed in amusement, and puffed up her chest with pride.

    "What are you proud about?!" KAtie snapped at her Tailow, "You almost pecked a poor man to death!"

    Tamii lowered her head and shut her eyes, occcasionally she made chirping noises, as if she were crying. Katie noticed a boy looking at the ice, and she saw a large, black object frozen inside. She walked over to the ice, trying to cheer up Tamii on the way.

    "It's okay," Katie reassured, "It's okay..."

    Katie stepped up to the strange block of ice. The large object Katie had seen was a fat man wearing a black fedora and a trench coat! As Katie looked closer, she relized that it was the man that had been hit with an ice beam!

    "Just leave it," Katie said to her Pokemon as they started touching the ice, "It's no biggy."

    Katie noticed the man's calf had about ten tiny, red holes lining it. She thought that those must've been where Croco had bitten him. Croco must've been thinking the same thing because he started laughing extremely hard.

    Katie noticed the boy was walking down the beach and started jogging to catch up with him. From what Katie could see, the boy was wearing a dark brown shirt, and green pants.

    "Wait up!" Katie called to the boy, at this point she was running to catch up.
  28. As Louie was walking across the beach, he started to feel sad for the emo stuck in the ice.
    ''If only I had a fire type,'' Louie told his Pokemon, ''then I would melt the man out of the ice...''. Feeling guilty, he ran back to the man. The first thing he saw on the man was a giant bite-mark on his lower calf. Blood was seeping from the bite-mark the Pokemon left. Words kept ringing in Louie's head out of guilt:What Pokemon could have made a bite mark so giant? Who froze him? I better find out! As he looked up, he could see a young girl, a Swablu and a mini Totodile running towards him, shouting ''Wait up!''. (Only the trainer, of course.) Milky and Autumn ran up to the Pokemon, as they were usually in a playful mood.
    ''Wait, guys! Don't run off!'' Louie ran towards the mysterious trainer, trying to catch his Pokemon!
  29. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Turning around to see if the man was still persueing, Paige noticed two medium-sized pokemon on the run. Not sure if they were wild or someone else's, she found it her duty to bring them to a halt and came them down. Despite the lack of wind, Jumpluff was still able to float around, only to be gently grabbed from the air by Paige.

    "Zangoose, you deal with the Milktank," she commanded, before adding "And don't hurt it, please."

    The white ferret simply ran infront of the rose and black cow, cutting off it's escape route. It began to growl in an attempt to intimidate the fellow normal-type and halt it's running but it soon stopped thanks to a heavy stare from it's trainer.

    "It's ok, moo cow," cooed Paige, using one hand to gently stroke Miltank's head whilst her other hand still had a firm yet gentle grip on Jumpluff. Some of the grass-type's spores were escaping, causing Paige to sneeze, but she still had a good "hold" on both Pokemon. She simply waited where she was standing just in case the two pokemon did happen to belong to someone.
  30. Louie stopped for a brather after running for what seemed like weeks. He looked ahead and saw a teenage girl, holding his Pokemon. Louie then ran forward to claim his Pokemon.
    ''You guys,'' ordered Louie, ''never run off again!'' Louie carried his Pokemon and placed them on the floor with Croco and Zangoose.

    ''Greetings,'' greeted Louie to the girl, ''sorry my Pokemon ran off. My name is Louie. Louie Forest. Your name is...'' Louie quickly looked at her trainer card, ''Paige.'' Louie then faced his two Pokemon, frolicking and playing happily with Paige's Pokemon.
    ''Here, take this small bag of Gummis and share them between your new friends!'' Autumn and Croco undid the knot and soon, all four Pokemon were feasting on multiple colours of Gummis.
    ''I have to be going now,'' explained Louie to Paige, ''I want to explore the ruins, before loads of chubby hikers start appearing there. May I have your phone number?'' Louie obtained Paige's poke'gear number! Louie registered it in his poke'gear.
  31. A bright, unbearably warm sun hung overhead in the sky. If he hadn't seen it himself, Aaron would have never guessed how overcast and foggy it had been that morning. He had been walking through the city watching the mist gradually fade away. By now Aaron had reached the outskirts of Doe city, and decided to go back to the beach where he had left Veran, the the strange man, and the girls who had run away from him.

    As Aaron rounded another corner, his Dratini Erick suddenly flew ahead in the Dratini equivalent of a run. The only time his Dratini ever flew that fast was if it had smelled gummies. Aaron sighed and ran after him. Aaron liked Erick a lot, but he needed a pokemon who was more dependable, one he had actually caught.

    The thought had barely went into Aaron's head when he started obsessing over it. In order to capture a pokemon, he would need to fight it. What moves did Erick know? Wrap and Leer? Definitely. Thunder Wave and Twister? Probably. Dragon Rage? Maybe. In order to find out, he would need to-

    Wumpf! Aaron was so lost in thought that he ran right into a about kid his age with with a brown shirt and green pants.

    "Sorry." Groaned Aaron, "I was lost in thought... didn't see you there."
  32. Louie was running alongside his Pokemon.
    ''C'mon guys! Lets get to the rui- OOF!'' He had ran into another Pokemon trainer!
    ''Oh god, I am so sorry,'' Louie apologised, '' let us help you up!'' Milky and Autumn grabbed his arms and got him off the ground. Dratini seemed to thank them by saying something in Pokemon language.

    As Louie dabbed a towel on his forehead, the boy told him that his name was Aaron and his Dratini is called Erick. Louie saw a spark of decency in the boy and asked for his phone number. Aaron politely gave him his Pokegear number and both of them watched as our three Pokemon played together.

    (OOC: Coudn't think of anything to put in this post. I am going into the ruins in the next post.)
  33. Veran was walking to the ruins, and the boy with the Dratini had left him. He was okay with that, but was kinda lonely without anyone. Well, no human. He was walking up the path, and so far no pokemon or trainers. He was getting bored, and wished he'd get to the Ruins soon. Suddenly, almost as if his wish had come true, he rounded a corner and saw the massive entrance to the Ruins. Without a word he released all his pokemon, including Gyorg as there was a small river that seemed to enter the ruins, and they gasped at the sight. It was a massive stone building, with carvings of pokemon, and many statues could be seen on the inside. He walked in and so did the others, a Sableye, Vaporeon, Relicanth, Nuzleaf and Snowrunt. They all walked inside and started looking around.

    OoC: More in my next post :>
  34. As Louie walked off and waved Aaron goodbye, he was now walking to the Ruins Of Coron. His Pokemon suddenly released cries of excitement.
    ''Jumpy, Jumpluff,'' chirped Autumn.
    ''Milky milky,'' chanted Milky. As Louie and his Pokemon then walked round a corner, all three of them gaped excitedly upon the mystical, burgundy ruins. I wonder what surprises wait inside...

    As the three adventurers entered the ruins, they saw a stone panel with shattered pieces of pottery covering it. Suddenly, a small, stumpy lady came up to Louie.
    ''Move the panels,'' croaked the ancient human, ''win a prize...''. Something about the womens voice seemed incredibly evil...Louie then looked down and saw his two Pokemon looking excited.
    ''Do you guys want to follow the instructions to win a prize,'' Louie asked his Pokemon. His Pokemon smiled and nodded obediently.

    Immediately, Louie's two Pokemon leaped up onto the board and started moving the pieces around. After about 5 minutes, they had finished the puzzle, because the shards made the shape of the rare Pokemon Whismur. Louie then awaited his prize, his Pokemon chortling with glee. They would of thought that the old lady would have awarded them the prize, but no. Suddenly, the Whismur puzzle started glowing a deep purple. Then the shards let out a blast of electric yellow, releasing a screaming sound, like a Whismur makes. The horrible screeching sound was so violent, that the floor then rumbled and shook, until...
    The floor collapsed. Louie and his Pokemon fell down the hole! The sticker on the wall that said 'Move the panels, win a prize' started peeling off the wall, revealing these words: Move the panels, fall to your death...
  35. Aaron wandered into the ruins. The ruins were made up of three main buildings, each one crumbling and looking, well, ruined. The ground was also littered with boulders and rocks. The building to his left was filled with weird statues, and the smaller building to his right looked like it was some sort of weird carnival game. The one in the front of Aaron was filled with stairs, ladders, and walls.

    Aaron would have headed for the front building, and was indeed half way there when Erick let out a loud call and headed towards the building to the right.

    "Erick!" Aaron called, "Come back!" Erick turned around and hovered in midair, looking back and forth between Aaron and the small buildings. Finally, Erick, making sounds of disappointment.

    Just as Erick and Aaron reached the entrance, however, there came a low hum. What the? Aaron thought. He heard an evil sounding cackle and some old woman's voice Saying: "Move the panels... fall to your death!"

    Immediately, Aaron ran towards the right-hand building, but he didn't go nearly as fast as Erick, who flew straight through the wall and into the ground. When Aaron got there, he saw that Erick and A shiny Jumpluff were struggling to hold up... Louie Forest. A Louie's Miltank fell to the ground, shaking the already shaky ruins. Louie slipped off the Erick and the Jumpluff, but, fortunately, the Miltank broke Louie's fall. He would probably be hurt, but he wouldn't die.
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  36. Falling, falling, falling... ... ... Poof! Louie had fallen down the hole and saw that a Dratini and his Shiny Jumpluff were holding him up.
    ''Argh,'' moaned Louie, ''what happened? Am I dead?'' Louie looked upwards and saw Aaron, Erick, Autumn, Miltank and the strange evil lady.
    ''YOU,'' Louie shouted at the ancient woman, ''This is your fault! I am going to call the police!'' Louie whipped out his bronze Pokegear and dialled 999. The mean lady tried to run away, but the police and their Arcanines were there in the amount of time it takes for you to say 'Butterscotch chicken'.
    ''What is all this commotion about,' asked Officer Jenny.

    ''That old lady tried to kill me and my precious Pokemon!'' Shouted Louie.
    ''It was not, ''croaked the old person, ''it... it... it was Aaron!'' Aaron gasped that the lady would tell such liable lies!
    ''I can't trust any of you guys,'' continued the Officer, ''so we will decide your fate with a Pokemon battle!'' Louie and the Old Lady nodded, and got their Pokeballs ready. Aaron decided to sit down and not join the battle; everything going on at one time was too much for him.
    ''Pokeballs at the ready,'' shouted Officer Jenny, ''GO! ''

    Louie sent out Autumn, and Shirley (The old lady) sent out a strong-looking, yellow Electabuzz.
    ''Electabuzz,'' ordered Shirley, ''thunderpunch!'' Electabuzz's hand turned into a mass of electric sparks and hit Autumn in the face. The punch knocked Autumn back, but she didn't flinch. As the weather was sunny, Louie and Autumn decided to use their signature move.
    ''Autumn, use Solarbeam, then Silver Wind!'' A colossal lime green beam (Accidental rhyme) shot down to earth, but then got hit by silver wind. Autumn was able to control the beam using wind!
    ''Now, combo hit!'' The beam shot forward at Electabuzz and hit him repeatedly in a series of dynamic hits. After the final blow, the clouds revealed...

    That Autumn had won!
    Louie and Autumn danced around happily as Shirley got thrown into a police van and driven away. Louie then got Aaron's Pokegear number and they walked towards the Coron beach to spend the rest of the day with their Pokemon.
  37. Aaron watched as the pokemon battle went down, thinking. Since when do Officers use pokemon battles to decide who they arrested? Aaron had seen officer Jenny's face when Louie actually won the battle. It was obvious that she expected the old lady to win, but in Jenny couldn't back down once Louie beat the fraud.

    Aaron was about to call out to Louie when Erick let out a soft warning growl. Rising up from its hiding place behind the boulder in front of Aaron, there was a fat pokemon wearing some sort of blue boxing gloves. A Makhuita! Aaron made a split second decision to attempt to capture the pokemon. Makhuita had very high defense, but they weren't as good with special defense. The only problem was that Aaron didn't know his Dratini's own attacks. Quickly checking his pokedex, Aaron learned that Erick should know Wrap, Twister, Thunder Wave and Dragon Rage.

    While Aaron was checking his pokedex, the Makhuita attacked with an Arm Thrust, pummeling Dratini three times before Aaron could shout, "Erick, use Twister!" The next time the Makhuita struck out, it was hit by a sort of purple whirlwind. Unfazed, the fat creature grabbed Erick, and started spinning the poor Dratini around his head, gaining momentum before finally throwing Dratini into a nearby pillar. "Erick, use Dragon Rage ." Said Aaron. Erick looked at him blankly. What? thought Aaron, and it dawned on him. Somehow, Dratini didn't know Dragon Rage. The Makhuita was about to strike. Desperately, Aaron yelled: "Use your most powerful attack!" Then, just like when he had rescued Louie, the Dratini became a blue blur that flew into Makhuita, knock it to the ground.

    Aaron realized that Erick was the kind of Dratini that could learn Extreme Speed. Not wasting his opportunity, Aaron threw one his pokeballs, which proceeded to capture the downed Makhuita. When the pokemon's data loaded into the pokedex, Aaron saw that the pokemon he had just captured was a girl. Thinking back to a book Aaron had read once, he decided to name the Mahkuita Val. Then Aaron took out two potions his father had given him and gave one to each of the pokemon.

    Suddenly, there came a loud noise from the ruined building with the statues. Returning Val to her pokeball, Aaron headed in that direction.
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  38. So... is this RP dead now?

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