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Private/Closed The RP Where Pokemon and Their Trainers Swap Bodies

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Chrocey, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Hello all!

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to do an RP where pokemon and their trainers end up swapping bodies.

    This will begin as a small group of trainers are summoned to a laboratory by a quirky professor who detailed to them that he has invented a device that lets you communicate with your pokemon directly, so that you could hear what they are saying with perfect clarity.

    The device malfunctions and the trainers have their bodies swapped with the pokemon they'd selected to communicate with.

    Now the pokemon must live life in the shoes of their trainers until the machine is fixed, and the trainers will be forced to learn the struggles of being a pokemon.

    Since you are swapping bodies with your pokemon, you will not know how to do any real moves besides bashing and biting. Depending on how everything goes, it may be interesting to have the trainers learn how to perform the same attacks as their pokemon.

    Please let me know if you're at all interested or if you have questions! Based on who wants to participate, I’ll adjust the size of the RP accordingly. However, I would like to get at least three people.

    If you are interested, please fill out the below form:

    Pokemon you choose to enter the machine with you:
    Short Bio:

    Special markings:
    Short Bio:

    I'll fill out my own character's form this afternoon and post it in the thread.
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  2. Interesting! I'd definitely love to see where this goes.

    Name: Regina Moteau
    Nickname: Gianna
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: With a wiry frame, Gianna stands at about 5'4'', with sandy brown skin, rose-tinted cheeks, and gentle brown eyes, her dark blonde hair stops midway down her back.
    Personality: Bubbly, and a bit of a klutz, but simultaneously down-to-earth and with a profound interest in science.
    Pokemon you choose to enter the machine with you: Slurpuff
    Short Bio: Gianna is a Johto-borne high school graduate who currently resides in Kalos. Her passions for science, particularly psychology and language, meet no bounds. While fairly average and ditsy in the eyes of some, she hardly wastes a glance at such assumptions, and rather strives to better herself and her relations with her Pokemon with the utmost of confidence.

    Pokemon: Sylvia
    Species: Slurpuff
    Nickname: Big creampuff (Used endearingly)
    Sex: Female
    Special markings: None
    Short Bio: *EDIT* Silly me, I completely forgot the bio: Hatched from an egg from a school study vacation in Kalos when Gianna was eighteen, Sylvia is a beloved memento of the trip, and the two have grown rather close despite their short time together.
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  3. Well, this looks fun. I'll give it a try:

    Name: Laden Shaw
    Nickname: Lade
    Age: 14
    Sex: Male
    The Pokemon you Choose to Bring in the Machine with you: Nidoran
    Short Bio: Lade was a born Kanto-Native. He has never left Kanto before until now (?), though he loves adventure, and even went on his own mini-adventure when he was young and captured all of the Pokemon in Route 1, near his hometown. Not even two years after that he went on a real adventure, beating all of the Pokemon League with his Pokemon. Later on he bred his main Pokemon, and then later on he hatched the resulting egg, and got his Quill.

    Species: Nidoran
    Nickname: Quill
    Sex: Male
    Special Markings: None
    Short Bio: Quill was Laden's first Pokemon's child. Even though Quill's father was Laden's first Pokemon, there was just a greater bond between Quill and Laden so evidently Quill became Laden's best friend, and that's why Laden chose Quill for this experiment.
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  4. Yay! I'm so glad you guys are interested nwn I'll try to get a starter going as soon as possible

    Name: Diana Roxwell
    Nickname: Ana
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: She sports a dark purple top and skirt, with a light purple hip skirt.
    Personality: Diana behaves very calmly in most situations, and tends to move about life very smoothly but with purpose. She is easily irritated at an abundance of noise.
    Pokemon you choose to enter the machine with you: Arbok
    Short Bio: Diana grew up in the Hoenn region with both parents and six siblings living in one house. Because of all the noise, she prefers everything that is quiet. The fluid movements of belly dancing also appealed to her, as a friend of the family taught her everything she needed to know about it. Because of this she practices dancing with her pokemon regularly, as to her and her pokemon it is the ultimate form of bonding.

    Species: Arbok
    Nickname: Charlene
    Sex: Female
    Special markings: None
    Short Bio: Charlene was given to Diana when it was just an Ekans by a trainer visiting from the Kanto region. He thought the snake was better off with her after she had managed to charm it with her dancing.
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  5. Alrighty, I posted the starter. Feel free to post your guys' replies here :3 can't wait to try this out!
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  6. This sounds super cool! Hope I can still join! >w<

    Name: Larissa Pianka
    Nickname: Lari (even though she's not too fond of it)
    Age: 13
    Sex: female
    Appearance: amber red eyes, red-brown hair up in a side braid with side bangs hanging over forehead, wears mint green flare skater dress and white sneaker flats, speaks in a Russian accent
    Personality: dainty, cleanly, fairly reserved, emotional, trusting
    Pokemon you choose to enter the machine with you: Minccino
    Short Bio: Larissa is the last born in a family of four children. She's always treated like a baby, and she hates it. Hoping to get away from the house and finally be treated like an adult, Larissa was very pleased to hear about the professor wanting her to help with an experiment.

    Species: Minccino
    Nickname: Renai
    Sex: female
    Special markings: She wears a flat-brimmed snap-back. (I know this technically isn't a marking, but there wasn't another place to put this.)
    Short Bio: Renai is a loyal partner Pokemon. Even though she's not very happy about Larissa's sort-of germaphobia, she stays with her and endures through the multiple baths she receives every time she gets herself dirty.
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  7. Alright! Let's get it on!! WOO!

    Name: Rusty Whitaker
    Nickname: Zen
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Zen has short, light brown hair, and maroon eyes. He sports a white tee with the distinct markings of a Litwick on it, with the white parts of the Pokemon blending in with the shirt (I'm sure you've seen stuff like that before), and jeans.
    Personality: Zen is a funny character. He is always "derping" things up, but he still tries his best. He is also very kind, and caring, and knows how to treat a Pokemon with respect.
    Pokemon you choose to enter the machine with you: Riolu
    Short Bio: Rusty Whitaker used to be a dull kid...until the incident occurred. He was invited by a friend to come watch a battle. Of course, he accepted. Once the battle had started, Rusty wasn't paying attention to his surroundings (he was doing something else briefly), when he was tackled by a confused Tauros using Zen Headbutt. He was fine afterwards, but he hasn't been the same since. He started acting all wild, and funny. He normally didn't try to be, but what he usually did would match up with the scenario at hand. They called him Zen from then on.

    Pokemon: Ryu
    Species: Riolu
    Nickname: N/A
    Sex: Male
    Special markings: Small spiral mark on his right arm (see below)[​IMG]
    Short Bio: Just like every other Pokemon out there, Ryu was a wild Pokemon before he met his trainer, but this was slightly different. Ryu had been pummeled by a flock of Spearow. He was unsure if he would make it out alive, until a loud roar came from behind him. It turned out to be a motorcycle. Once it arrived, the flock of Spearow fled the scene. The man on the motorcycle was none other than Zen. When he saw the wounded Riolu lying on the ground, he decided to take it in for healing at the nearest Pokemon Center. Once that was finished, the Nurse Joy working there gave him back the Riolu, thinking it was his. Ryu hugged Zen to show him how thankful he was that he saved him. He then picked up one of Zen's Pokeballs that he had on him, and handed it to Zen, asking him if he would take Ryu along with him, and you can tell what happened from there. They have been best buddies ever since.
  8. I'll hold off plot progression until Laden catches up to the scene :3
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