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Open The Royal World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Roleplay Discussion

    Her hands rested on a thick rail as she watched the village from down below. A wind had kicked in as it blew on her taking her long hair and veil with it as her hair was gently lifted up before it was brought down as the wind subsided. She just turned 18 as she knew what it meant when she turned this age. A prince from another kingdom has to take her hand to become the next King but her brother Shadow refused to give her to anyone that may treat her badly as he can sense if they are. Their mother the Queen agreed to this as she wasn't going to hand her to just anyone. She agreed with her mother's decision but she somehow felt uneasy. Her eyes looked to the Darkest palace in the far distance where King Fernande was present, she knew for a fact that he may just try something to force her mother into taking her hand. She felt a gentle nudge from someone as she looked down seeing it was just Blue, her partner, the shiny Umbreon. She saw her leap up on the edge of the rail to face her as she gently reached out to pet her for comfort.

    "I'm alright Blue, just have so much tension, I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing," she told her before she felt a paw on her shoulder as she heard the sound of bells as it approached her. It's was Belle her Lucario. She probably sensed her tension thanks to her ability to sense aura. ("Are you alright JC? I sensed some tension coming from you") Belle asked as she looked to her once she moved her paw down from her shoulder. Belle felt JC's hand on her head gently petting her. "Don't worry Belle...I'm alright really...I just have to be on high alert" she told herself as she looked down at the village below but she suddenly thought of Mask and Necroz her assassin's to help her with this.

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  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Necróz had ridden away from the Darkest Palace Kingdom, after finishing another contract. Shade had been leaving bloody hoofprints as it began running back to the Wolfa Kingdom. Left behind was a scenery of horror. A broken down house, set up in flames. Outside the house were bodies gathered, put up on wooden spikes. Soon enough, the fire would spread onto the spikes, and then onto the bodies. This kind of brutality was one of the Midnight Rider's 'Calling Cards'. It stands out from other Assassins as it was in most cases the most ineffective. Assassinations are supposed to be quick and easy. In and out, in under a minute. But not with Necróz. He always went for the brutalization. Why? Because he knew there was nothing that could be done to stop him. Both Kingdoms had practically been giving him contracts, and if any villagers tried to go against him, he would kill them too and blame it on Collateral Damage. By his belt a severed head had been tied to by the hair. By the time the Rider got to the Wolfa Palace, it had stopped dripping blood. The dark rider got off his horse, tied it to the iron fencing nearby and entered the castle. Then, he waltzed to the throne room and took out the head he reaped from the Darkest Palace Kingdom. His partner, Moonlight the Beeheeyem, had been floating above his shoulder. He showed this head to the queen, as proof that he had successfully completed a contract given to him by her. " It is done. " He spoke, slow but clearly. With the way he spoke, his rough, deep and monotone voice could easily send chills down one's spine. Then, he awaited his payment and possibly next contract.
  3. Lucas had returned from his daily stroll with Okami around the village, it was so pleasant to see the beautiful scenery. Baby Pokémon running around having play flights. That made Lucas very happy. Lucas had walked up to the large iron gates to find a horse (guessing a black rapidash) tied to the gate. He busted the gate open and run inside. To see a Pokémon being tied up against it’s will was horrifying. “Lucas sense it again...” Okami said through aura to Lucas. He knew what this meant. The Dark One was back.....!

    Lucas rushed up the stairs almost causing a hole in the floorboards he was running so fast. Then he made it all the way up. Almost out of breath he turned to see none other then a shady man, with the Queen!
  4. Queen Sherri saw the head Necróz was holding as she stood up nodding. "Well done, Necróz and calm down Lucas, he is just one of our assassin's" she told the Knight. "You have to see my daughter for your payment, she did ask you to do that for her, she is over there with Belle and Blue at the balcony. Something has been bothering her lately but I have a feeling she will need you and Mask's help on the situation." She said as Latari her Alolan Ninetales sat beside her looking to the assassin.-
  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    (Actually, since normal animals do also exist in the pokemon universe, it's just a normal horse, @Dubkip_Playz .)
    Necróz nodded and turned on his heel, still grasping the head by the hair. He looked at the Knight for a few seconds, giving an empty stare, before walking over to the princess. He put his hand on her shoulder to snap her out of whatever possible daydream/trance she could be in and turned her around. As he towered over her, he let go of her shoulder, raised the head for view for three seconds, then lowered it as he raised his other hand for payment. Meanwhile, outside the castle, his horse ran in, following the scent of his rider based on the heavy amount of iron in the air. As it walked up to his rider, he turned his head to it, confused on why it could come to him. Hadn't he tied it up? He turned to the knight, recognizing what had happened. That knight would've probably thought that it was tied there against its will. Necróz assumed that what the Knight didnt know is that horses usually aren't allowed in the palace, as to not leave muddy hoof prints behind. He looked back at the Knight again, and then to the queen. " Shade was tied outside. " Is all he said, pointing out to the window of the front gate where the gate he was tied to was busted open, and the rope had snapped. Then, he turned back to the princess, still holding his hand out.
  6. She jumped a bit by the sudden touch of a hand as she turned to see it was just Necróz. "Oh its just you Necróz...and with the head..." She said as she saw his horse follow after him. "You don't fail me like always Necróz" she said as Belle handed her a good size bag that was filled with money and jewels, mostly diamonds. "Here's your payment Necróz, its enough to hold you for a long while" she said handing him the bag. "Actually...there is another task I need you and Mask to do for me, its been bothering me for a while..." She said and the moment she said Mask's name, he appeared just next to Necróz with Yami, his female shiny Yamask.

    "I have been very tense lately and I feel like I am being watched...here's what I want you to do, I want you two is to spy on Darkest palace and see what they may be up to...King Fernande is always up to no good to try and get my hand...I never said to kill him Necróz because I am pretty sure you want to but not this time ok...use your head not your weapon" she said touching his head to make a point. She walked over to his horse gently petting him. "You don't want this sweet stallion to lose his life do you?" She said as he neighed to the Princess to agree. Mask nodded to the task remaining silent as usual. "You will get pay don't worry Necróz...oh and about that head...."she said as a Mandibuzz appeared. "Mandibuzz here will take it for you, she knows where it goes"she told him as the Mandibuzz grabbed the head from him and flew off. "So can you do this task for me Necróz and Mask?" She asked looking to him as she seemed to be trembling a bit about the matter. Mask nodded giving a bow to her as Yami did as well.-

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  7. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Necróz grumbled deeply, his voice sounding like an earthquake. He looked over to the queen, then at his horse, then at the princess. Despite not having eyes, the princess could somehow feel as if he squinted his eyes in disgust and anger of her daring to blackmail him. " Fine, Princess. I will do that. " He said, putting extra emphasis on the word 'Princess'. He held the bag of jewels tight and hopped onto his horse, which neighed and turned around to dash off. Necróz stored the bag of jewels in a side bag while riding away, and his horse left behind muddy hoof prints.

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  8. Zoey entered the throne room with two other maids just as Necróz departed. She saw the muddy hoofprints that were left behind by the assassin's horse and thought to herself, 'Doesn't he know not to bring the horse inside!?' After seeing the mess the horse made, Zoey turned her attention towards the queen. "I'll have this cleaned up at once, your majesty," she said with a bit of a bow and then turned to the other two maids, "Bring the cleaning supplies." The two maids nodded and went off for the cleaning supplies.

    As she waited, Zoey directed her attention towards the princess and saw that she is a bit on edge. The maid noticed this type of behavior from her for a while but has no idea why, which left her a bit concerned. Zoey went up to her and asked, "Might I be of some service to you, princess?"
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  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kasai walked past the throne room on his way to the training room, he happened to glance in seeing the people inside and after lingering a little to long when he saw Zoey, he turned quickly and left. When he reached the room he saw the split of soldiers, one group doing Pokemon move training and the other doing weapon combat human and Pokemon. Kasai and Jade usually did the weapon combat, so he strolled over and paced behind the soldiers at the dummies, his right hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Jade was running through weapon, claw and teeth drills with the Pokemon.
  10. She watched Necróz ride off on his horse bedore looking to Mask as he bowed before disappearing as well. "A mysterious assassin he is....now I just have to wait for the report..." She said before looking back down at the village again as she was thinking of going for a night stroll on Meadow for some fresh air to get away from the palace for a bit. She turned to a voice that that seemed to be recognized as she turned to see it was just her maid Zoey. "No Zoey, everything is fine my assassin ate dealing with the matter so need to worry...but I'm sorry would you mind cleaning the floor up...sorry to put this on you...I don't want you overworking yourself even if you are a maid.."she said as Belle and Blue looked to the maid Zoey.-

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  11. Lucas sighed, he thought something else was happening. “I’m sorry my Queen it wont happen again.” Lucas swore. He turned, bowed to the princess and Queen and jogged away. Lucas kept on jogging till he was outside, there he saw Necróz riding off on his black horse. Everything seemed so perfect though, he arrived at that moment to see that. Some of the most important people in the world sitting right there. It felt off... “Hey! Shady man!” Lucas yelled hoping to get the attention of the strange assassin.
  12. "Don't worry, it's not a problem," Zoey said with a smile, "I don't mind the work. After all, it is my duty as a maid. Besides, I've already sent two other maids to bring some cleaning supplies." She glanced back to see if the maids have returned with the supplies but sees no sign of them. However, she does see something else approaching towards her.

    Running towards Zoey with excitement was her Pokémon partner, Raven, the spiky-eared Pichu. Raven quickly climbed up on Zoey's shoulder while a smile on her. "Pichu~!" Was what the electric-type cried out after having caught up with her human partner.

    Zoey smiled, petted Raven on her head, and turned back towards the princess. "But are you sure you're alright, princess?" She asked with a hint of concern, "I know it's probably not my place to intervene, but lately you've seem to be a bit stressed and at unease to the point where it's a bit concerning."

    As Zoey explains her reason for asking, Raven jumped down from Zoey's shoulder and attempted to jump onto the same rail Blue was on. It took a few tries and a bit of struggling once she latched onto it, but she managed get on the rail and greeted Blue afterwards.
  13. She looked to Zoey and just gave a smile. "Just a lot of tension Zoey, that's all...I don't know but I just have a bad feeling of something...maybe from the Darkest Palace...Belle here senses my aura so she knows what I am feeling...that's why I asked Necroz and Mask to spy on the kingdom for anything suspicious going...you know how King Fernande is don't you Zoey, all he wants is my hand...it disgusts me" she said sighing as Belle nodded. "You shouldn't worry about this alright Zoey, but let me at least help you with filling that bucket," she said pulling out a Luxury ball as it opened revealing a Primarina. "Delta, would you mind filling that bucket for her?" she asked her. "Prima!" she smiled before using Hydro pump inside the bucket to fill it. "Just to lift some of your work ok Zoey?" she said giving a smile as Delta did as well.

    "I have been hearing my young sister is very concerned about something?" said a familiar voice. "She shouldn't be, that will put too much stress on herself and cause a fever" "Shadow?" she said recognizing that voice as her brother walked up to her as Sparkx, his partner a Jolteon and Hetilla, his shiny Arcanine walked beside him. "I'm fine really Shadow, no need to be concerned," she said trying to avoid her reason. Shadow gently placed his hand on Zoey's head giving a smile before he dropped it. "Your feeling tense aren't you?" he added looking to her. "Yes...I am, that's why I asked Necroz and Mask to spy on the Darkest Palace for me for anything suspicious" she told her brother as he gently placed his hand on her head.

    Blue greeted Raven the spiked ear Pichu with a smile. "Umbre!" she said gently placing her paw on the pichu's head as she let her rest on her head so she wouldn't fall off. "Bre!" Blue added as Belle walked over to the two to greet them as she petted the Pichu.

  14. Necróz kept riding, he must’ve been following the Queen’s order. But stillLucas wanted to know more, he needed to know more. He ran back into the castle and up to the throne room, “My Queen, please let me go with the shady man! I need to uhh... assist him!” Lucas Claimed. He wanted to find out more about the other kingdom. It could hold the secret to everything. Not only that but the Pokémon needed to be protected.

    Lucas knew the kingdom’s prince to, he was after the princess. He knew .thta it wouldn’t work out, all that prince wanted was money, and fame... Lucas had to to do this, for the village, the kingdom, and the Pokémon!
  15. Sherri looked to the Knight as she could see the determination in his eyes. She gave a gentle smile before speaking. "If you really want to go then ask Princess JC, she was the one who assigned him to the task along with Mask" she said as she used her hand to show where JC was. "If you want to know more about the task then ask JC Lucas, she is understanding so she might let you go but be warned this job can be dangerous and I am pretty sure she will say the same thing young knight" she added.

  16. "Oh....I see," Zoey said, now understanding why Princess JC has been stressed recently. She is at age where her hand can be taken by anyone from any kingdom, which includes King Fernande. Just the thought of that wicked king getting his hands on the princess is enough to send chills down the maid's spine.

    Zoey watched as the princess brought out her Primarina and had her fill up the bucket, to which the maid bowed in gratitude. "Thank you, princess. You're too kind," she said as she bowed, "And try not to stress yourself too much. I'm sure your mother and brother will do everything they can to make sure nothing bad happens to you." She then heard a familiar voice and turned to see that it was Prince Shadow. "O-Oh, Prince Shadow," Zoey greeted with a bit of a surprised tone and a little bow. When Shadow place his hand on Zoey's head, she blushed a bit as she wasn't expecting this kind of action from him. Nevertheless, she smiled back at him.

    "Pi Pichu~!" Raven cheered after being placed on the Umbreon's head. She then turned her attention towards Belle and greeted her as well.
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  17. “Thank you my Queen...” Lucas answered. He walked just out of the Queens field of hearing. “Okami, can you talk to the Princess’ Lucario through aura? Maybe try to get her down to the castle gates?” Lucas asked his partner. “Bwaarrff!” Okami barked. Okami could use arua to communicate to Lucas, it just seemed easier to talk with him. Okami closed his eyes and pulsed out aura. Hoping it would reach the princess .
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    Kasai finished the training and sent the soldiers off, he decided to enquire about the assassin's he saw earlier, he entered the room and nearly tripped over the bucket of water as he walked forward, he managed to miss it, but he was slightly annoyed but when he turned to the maid who's bucket it was he realised it was Zoey, "hey Zoey, you ok" he asked politely, Jade looked at the prince and princess, and spoke to Blue whilst Kasai was distracted, "what's going on?".
  19. She just smiled to Zoey. "Hey don't worry about it and yes I know...but no matter how hard he begs I won't take King Fernandes hand. All he wants is power and fame and that's what I don't want and beside my overprotective brother here just won't let me be handed to anyone" she added looking to him as she folded her arms against her chest. "I can't help it if I am overprotective of you, I mean isn't that was distant brothers do JC?" He asked her.

    She sighed as she gave a chuckle. "Of course, I know brothers should always protect their young sister but still you kind of overdue it" she reminded him. "Noted" he said giving a chuckle. Blue looked to Jade before answering. "Umbre!("Just have a conversation here, princess JC has been in too much stress lately and it only worries me...I mean she just turned 18 and you know what that means to a princess right?")Blue said.

    She felt a sudden aura as if someone was calling her. She looked to Belle as she nodded her head sensing the same thing. "Will you excuse me for the moment? I believe someone is calling for me down at the gates, Zoey just clean the floor and your free to go ok" she told her maid giving a smile before she pulled out Delta's Pokeball as she returned her. She left the balcony making her way downstairs. Belle followed with her as Blue leaped down from the railing before handing Raven back to Zoey. "Umbre!("I must go for now, but I'll return") Blue said with a smile to thr pichu and Zoey before she followed after her partner.

    She finally made her way to the front gates and saw Lucas, one of her knights waiting there for her with his Lucario. "Lucas? Did you call me down here with Okami's aura? Belle and I felt it while I was upstairs. Is there something you need?" She asked as Blue sat down on one side while Belle stood on the other side as the bells on her ear seemed to jingle a bit as she moved her head. "Bwarrf" Belle said as she had her long bone club out just in case something came at the princess.-

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  20. Zoey smiled at the sight of the two royal siblings casually conversing with one another. She then heard someone mention her name and turned to see it was Kasai, one of the royal knights. "Oh, Kasai," she said and smiled at him, "Yes, I'm alright. Why wouldn't I be?" But before she could find out why Kasai was concerned about her, she turned to Princess JC after hearing her excusing herself. "Of course, princess," she said with a little bow after hearing the princess' orders. She then retrieved Raven from Blue.

    "Chu Pichu! (Okay, be safe!)" Raven replied after being handed back to her partner and proceeded to climb onto Zoey's shoulder.

    Zoey watched the princess depart and saw the two maids she sent off earlier have returned with three mops and an additional bucket of water. She then turned to Kasai and Prince Shadow. "If you'll excuse me, I have some work to do," she said to the two with another bow. Zoey picked up the bucket that was filled by the princess and went to go join the other two maids on cleaning the floor.
  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    The Midnight Rider remained moving through the village, not a care in the world for his surroundings. His Beeheeyem, Moonlight, had been hiding inside his coat, sitting on the saddle that was attached to Shade. All three proceeded to ride across the lands, crossing the border to the Darkest Palace Kingdom. Necróz never got it why it was named the way it was. 'Darkest Palace'? It seemed too plain and boring. Were it up to him, he would've named it something like 'Dark Lands' or 'Kingdom of the Damned'. Now that sounded more like a villainous type of kingdom. He shook the thought away as he rid Shade up to a hill near the castle and took out a telescope made out of bronze and rusted steel, went down onto the ground and led Shade into the shadows where he sat down and watched the castle interiors, mainly the throne room, hidden in the shadows of a forest.
  22. “Ahh, princess it’s you!” Lucas exclaimed obviously excited that now might be his chance. He had dreamed of figuring out what happened and now was his chance! The only thing standing between him, was the shady man and the princes kingdom. “ I was wondering if I could go with Necróz? Help him patrol the nearby kingdom. I’ve known the prince childhood!” Lucas blurted. He was extremely nervous. The answer could change his life forever...
  23. She was a bit surprised by the royal knights offer as she looked to Belle and Blue then back at Lucas. "Do you know Lucas that this is an assassin job correct?" she said. "Meaning, this won't be an easy task to fulfill, you must spy on Darkest Palace not enter it understand and besides I also have Mask out there as well" she added. "I don't think Necroz is the type of man that wants help since he tends to do a lot of things on his own and never fails to bring back what I ask of him, I can tell just by looking at him. But, you said that you know the "prince" childhood, can you explain that to me" she asked as she approached closer to him. "no need to be afraid, I won't harm you in any way" she gave a gentle smile to the young knight.

    ~Meanwhile in Darkest Palace~

    "King Fernande, the plan is going just as we anticipated," said one of the knights.

    "Perfect....hehe...JC's hand will be mine" he said as he sent a couple of his knights off to the village. "Oh JC, how I longed for this day now I just have to lure you out by using the villagers..." he said as his real plan was hidden inside but he was unaware that he was being watched.

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  24. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kasai watched Zoey walk over the the other maids, he shook himself. "Snap out out of it, Kasai, she is a maid and you are a knight, now let's go do something useful" he thought to himself. He walked out of the throne room, Jade close behind. He left the palace and stepped out into the village. He had decided to patrol the village he had a bad feeling. He looked around sending out Talos, "Talos search the village, come back if anything suspicious is happening".
  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Necróz lay on his stomach on the grass, watching the events going down. He couldn't hear what the King was saying, but he could very well read the words his lips were forming. Combining the movements with logic, he could figure out what the plan was due to its simplicity. Send knights into the opposing village to cause chaos in order to bait the princess out. He would've had no problem with this were it not for the fact that he was hired by the opposing kingdom, and therefore his duty was to protect the princess, prince and queen. He took some paper from the sidebags on Shade, an ink and quill, and wrote a message on the papyrus scroll: " Hide in the castle. Do not go outside. The Dark Knights are attempting to lure the princess out by using the villagers as bait. " Then, he took out a small metal wire, hooked it onto the letter, after he rolled it up naturally, and wrapped it around an arrow of his. He loaded his crossbow, aimed up to the gate where he remembered the princess had been standing before, and fired. Silently, the arrow flew through the air, seeming like a blur to the human eye. Then, it landed, the tip sticking in the cracks inbetween the bricks of solid rock of the castle, a good few inches away from where he remembered the princess should be standing. The wire had held up, and the letter was still in one piece, attached to the arrow base. Now, he had only hoped that it could get to either a Wolfa Knight or the prince/princess.
  26. The three maids were getting ready to clean the mess, but before they could do so, the other two maids looked at each with a smile and then turned to Zoey. "So, what's going in with you and Kasai?" Asked the first maid. Zoey looked at her and was a bit confused. "Huh? What do you mean?" She asked. "I mean, why was Kasai with you?" The maid asked but this time with cheeky smirk on her face. "Oh, nothing important really," Zoey replied, "He wanted to know if I was alright, is all. He was just being a good friend." "Right, just being a good 'friend'," the second maid said, putting an emphasis on the word 'friend', "We're not sure if you noticed, but Kasai has been really fixated on you as of lately. Everytime you two cross paths he just can't stop looking at you." Of course Zoey wouldn't notice it but a lot of the other maids have, which went on to raise their interest on the subject. "W-What!? Th-That can't be right," Zoey said with a light blush, "Surely you must've been seeing things." "Oh we assure you we aren't," the second maid replied, "In fact, we would not be surprised if Kasai has feelings for." "Don't be ridiculous," Zoey said as her light blush disappeared and she dipped her mop in the bucket, "Knights typically go for princesses. Not a common maid like me." "Sure, that may be true in fairy tales, but this is real life. Anything is possible," the first maid said. At this point, Zoey has heard enough. "Instead of sticking your noses into my supposed love life, how about you focus on doing your job! For goodness sake, Raven is doing more work than you two," Zoey said and point at her electric-type.

    Raven, with a little sponge, had cleaned up half of a muddy hoofprint. Not much, but still more than what all three of them have done so far.

    "Y-Yes ma'am!" The two maids said before beginning to clean up the mess. Zoey sighed to herself and began to clean as well. After hearing about what the two maid have said, Zoey still doesn't believe them and is taking it all with a grain of salt, at least until she sees it for herself.
  27. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kasai was patrolling, when Talos suddenly came rushing towards him. When the fire bird came to a stop he cried out, "you've seen King Fernande's knights in the village" Kasai asked, Talos nodded. At this Kasai returned Talos and sent out his Houndoom and Incineroar before charging through the village until he found some of the knights. He charged forward his Pokemon behind him. He slashed at one wounding him, and slashed at another before they were sent flying by a fireball. He was a blur, he missed the thrill of a fight, but he was rusty and King Fernande's men were very well trained, after killing one and wounding 2, a fourth had snuck up behind him, and thrust his sword through his back. Kasai looked down and saw a pointed blade sticking out from just above his hip. The sword was retracted and he collapsed, his blood pooling around him, his Pokemon had returned to their balls, except Jade who he turned his head to, "go tell the prince and princess, they need to know". Jade ran as fast as she could and when she reached JC she told her and Blue everything that had happened. Kasai lost consciousness from blood loss.
  28. She saw Jade approach her telling her the bad news. She suddenly felt angry as she noticed a note attached to an arrow. "Belle!" She told the Lucario. "Bwarrf!" She said leaping up to the gate and grabbed it before handing it to her. She read the note that Necróz had left before immediately dropping the note. She pulled out Meadow's Luxury ball as a Spring form Sawsbuck appeared out. "Something terrible has happened in the village, one of our knights is down and King Fernande's knights are the cause of it!" She said as she got on Meadow's back as Blue leaped on her back. "Belle follow in the trees!" She commanded as she patted Meadow's neck to go. She nodded before leaping off. "-I know Fernande is doing this to lure me out...so he uses the villagers to do it!-" she thought. "Quickly Meadow to the village!" She said. "Saws!("Alright!") she said as she moves a bit faster. "Belle, use your Aura to call Necróz and Mask!" She said. Belle nodded before she closed her eyes calling the assassin's.

    Mask felt Belle's aura as he made his way to village. She arrived at the village as Meadow came to a stop. She saw Kasai on the ground unconcious as the people were in a panic. "Blue Psychic now!" She told her. "Umbre!("right!") Blue said as her eyes turned complete blue lifting Fernande's knight even the one that stabbed Kasai.

    She ran over to him once she got off Meafow seeing how wounded he was. "Kasai! Don't die on me!" She told him. "-I won't have enough time to take him back to the palace in his condition!-" she thought. "Is there a medic here!?" She called out to the villagers. "Calm down everyone, I just need a medic to help my knight" she said in a calm way. "I'm a medic!" said a girl. "Maskerin?" She said. "Your a medic of this village?" "Yes I am, Princess" she said. "Alright good, help my knight please?" "Of course,your highness" she said as her assistants help her bring Kasai into the tent that was set up. "Take well care of him, I have something else to deal with" she said to Maskerin.

    "You four better answer my questions or your life will be slain before you can even scream!" She warned as she waited for her two assassin's to arrive. She felt Mask appear in an instant after getting the call silently waiting for her next order as he appeared next to her.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup
  29. Lucas didn’t have any time to explain Ian what he wasn’t stating before the princess ran off to a fellow knight. “Bwarrf!” Okami barked at Lucas meaning he sensed an aura. He ran to the princess, where the aura seemed to be coming from. “Princess! What happened?” Lucas asked confused as he saw a knight laying on the ground, knocked out and bleeding. A villager tending to the knight and the princess by his side. But this moment, it wants a new plan... It was one they used as kids!
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  30. Callie had simply been standing guard - per her daily routine - when hell had broken loose.
    Alarm bells rang in the faithful knight's head, as she came to a horrific realization - was JC protected?
    With no hesitation, she began searching for her princess. She eventually found her, along with a bleeding Kasai.
    "Princess! Is there anything I may do to help the situation?" she asked, still managing to keep her composure - albeit barely.
  31. About 15 years ago...

    It was spring on the Amaras family farm. Meaning that it was trading season! This was how the family made its money, it would trade with nearby villages and kingdoms giving the castle protecting them free goods and services. “Everyone I’ve got great news!” Chivel (Lucas’ father) glees as he entered the the dining room. Yuki smirked, “Oh great you bought another pig?”. Everstien gasped, “ Chivel Unterian Amaras! That was all of our money for food this week!”
    “Relax, it’s not that, a nearby kingdom offered a trade for supplies!” Chivel declared. This immediately brought a smile to everyone’s face. “Alrighty! I can’t wait!” Lucas yelled, shaking the house. Lucas was the youngest only being 8 menacing he always had energy in him. “What’s all that racket?” Michel asked, rubbing his eye from just waking up. “Grandpa!” All the kids cheered as they bolted towards him and squeezed him os tight his teeth could’ve popped out right there. “Good morning...” Michel responded, still tired from working on the crops all night. “Guess what! Daddy found a trade to do with the nearby village!” Lucas cried. Michel looked at Chivel extremely happy, after no money for weeks this could save the family business! Later that day everyone set off in the carage, filled with wheat, lumber, steel, pork, beef, wool, chicken, and much more. “Grandpa, when will you teach me how to drive?” Alin asked, getting impatient with waiting. Alin was the older being around 15 meaning he was next in line to drive, own the farm, and take care of the business. “Soon my boy, these trips tire me out.” Michel said laying back to show his exhaustion. Around 20 minutes later they arrived to a huge castle. It was made from quartz, and black stone giving a creepy, yet powerful aspect. As soon as the family entered Lucas could feel shivers down his spine, he wanted out! The family kept on going until they arrived in the marketplace. They got out and started to unload their supplies. Lucas was still scared, he didn’t like the design, the guards, and the people. He hid under the wheel hoping it would end until across the stone paved paths he saw a boy, he looked to be his age and scared to. Lucas knew this place was big, and scary but he needed to help that other boy! He stood up, and ran over to him. “H-h-hi, my names Lucas.” Lucas stated having a fake smile on his face. “Hello my name is Fernandes!” The boy cried with tears still in his eyes. “Hey wanna go play a game with me? I brought some pocket change for a ball.” Lucas whispered so his family couldn’t hear. “Sure..” Fernandes responded suspicious of Lucas. But father the two war,Ed up to each othe they started to play, and play, and play. For hours they kept going and soon they were friends! Then King Reynolds arrived. Lucas shook in his broken shoes it was the king himself! He knelt down to Fernandes, “Son cmon it’s dinner time.”. Lucas was shocked, this was the prince! But that didn’t matter much to Lucas at then time. They played together every time Lucas’ family visited town. For years they were friends, even when Lucas’ family died he stayed in that kingdom. Until They we’re about 20. Fernandes had changed, he was greedy, an lovesick. Lucas knew it wasn’t going to work out becoming a knight at his kingdom, so he moved back to the village and joined the JC kingdom.

    Lucas was stood there surprised from the tactic, he made it up! But what was more surprising was the beautiful knight that just came in, her long brown hair waved in the wind as her brown eyes stared at the princess.

    (BOOM finished after what was forever! Also @EeviumZ I was wondering if Lucas should have a crush on Callie. Ok done)
  32. She looked to both of Knights before answering. "Kasai is badly injured but Mask's sister Maskerin is tending to him, but for now my orders for you is to keep the villagers calm and out of danger, especially the women and children and their Pokemon," she said. "These Knights here from Darkest Palace will be dealt with accordingly with my two assassins, Mask who is next to him and Necroz who should be on his way" she added before hearing laughs from the knights. "Hehe, we won't tell you anything princess, but all we know is that King Fernande just wants your hand and whether you like it or not, he will get it by force," one said smirking. She knew that was going to be their answer as she motioned her eyes to Belle. Belle knew that look as she nodded before walking up to Lucas Lucario Okami. She placed her paw on the male Lucario's shoulder before speaking to him through aura. "-Escort the villagers inside, the princess does not want to involve villagers in this mess Darkest palace have caused. It won't end pretty for these knights in front of us here"- she said as she pulled out her long bone that is used for bone club. "-You should already know what I am trying to explain just by the assassin's here.-" Belle added closing her eyes as she removed her paw from his shoulder but opened them again to look at him from the side. Belle walked back to JC with her eyes closed before standing in front of her for her protection. She saw Belle come back to her side once she delivered the message before looking to the knights. "You refuse to answer, then your life must end here, no exceptions!" she said sternly not going to change her mind.

    @DevVoid @Dubkip_Playz @EeviumZ
  33. Lucas, having the answer to the question looked over to Okami. “Are, Brawf!” Okami howled signaling Lucas to get the villages inside. “Hey you, girl knight or whatever your name is. The princess wants us to get the village inside the kingdom.” Lucas claimed. He ran toward the village but not before wishing Belle good luck. With that Lucas bolted towards the village. He wanted to help fight against Fernandes, but he knew what mattered to the princess most and that was the villagers and the Pokemon. The Pokémon he was great with but humans? He couldn’t speak a word, it would either be a word of his true feeling. Hatred, or some awkward fact. He would have to use his rank in the kingdom to get them to listen....
  34. (That's fine, @Dubkip_Playz. Adds some plot stuff for me to work with, actually)
    Callie nodded, sheathing her deadly sword. "Yes, ma'am."
    There were some times where she wished she had a helmet. Admittedly, she was a bit paranoid that a lucky head-shot might find her at some point, but she tended to prefer an uncovered head - and it had never hurt her yet.
    She followed Lucas into the village, easily catching up to the fellow knight. "So, how do you suggest we get them all into the kingdom?" The question was not laced with sarcasm, but rather a genuine question.
  35. Lucas looked at the knight running right next to him. He would love to admire her but now wasn’t the time. Lucas pointed at the hill right next to the village, “ If we get up there and yell loud enough we might be able to get the attention of all the villagers. After that I say we guide them to the castle, gather up the men and go help the princess.” Lucas explained hoping to get his point across to the knight across from him. “Also while we’re at it, what’s your name?” Lucas asked, confused on why he had a crush on this knight before even knowing her name.
  36. The knight smiled, before responding. "Good plan, that'll probably work. It's Callie. And you?" she asked, as casually as if this were simply a passing conversation on a normal day.
    Her breathing was fast and her heart was pounding, but she managed to keep her external composure. She'd been through worse, after all.
  37. “Callie, that’s a nice name... My name is Lucas, Lucas Amaras.” Lucas responded. He noticed that Callie was breathing fast, which would be normal but for a knight stamina was almost required. How come she ran it of energy in 2 minutes? “Hey are you ok? If you want to you can take a break on the hill while at announce to the villagers.” Lucas stated seeming worried about Callie’s condition.
  38. (and why don't we make this crush mutual?)

    She looked a bit miffed. "I'm not tired, I am simply reacting to a situation of stress, as is natural for the human species. Trust me, I could do this for a week straight." This was the truth, as she normally had quite a bit of stamina.
    So why was she so stressed?
    She tried to tell herself, it's because of the situation, nothing else is happening, everything is fine -
    NOPENOPENOPE. I do not have a crush on Lucas. Totally not...
    ...yeah, totally not...

    Hardening her heart, she stopped panting and ran even faster. Using her goal as a distraction from her... strange emotions... she pulled ahead.
    She wouldn't let her emotions get in the way. She'd done it once and learned her lesson.
  39. Lucas was confused, wait a minute... Did she have crush on that bleeding knight? It would explain the stare, and her panicking. Then Lucas realized that she was ahead of him, and getting further! “Hey wait, we have to do this together!” Lucas Claimed bolting after her. Then finally they made it to the hill. It was beautiful, the waterfall ran into the river causing the light to bounce, the breeze blew right in your face but not to hard. But right now Lucas needed to focus on his mission!
  40. Lucas stepped forward, he looked down to the village. There were people, and Pokémon running around having fun. Sadly that was about to end... “Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention? The princess has requested all of the women, Pokémon, and children are gathered in the castle for a lockdown! All the men are requested to help fight along me and the others knights!” Lucas screamed running out of breath. He could see the panic in the village, the kids starting screaming while the women grabbed tried to bring the families together. The men weren’t surprised at all. The village was constantly warned that the men would have to fight if an emergency was to happen. This was it, the big battle is going down.

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