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Open The Royal World Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. What if the Pokemon world entered the world of royalty as only those Pokemon battles only exist in the royal palace. The battles that determine who is worthy to take the place of King and Queen and for the Prince or Princess's hand, a personal bodyguard for their protection Only certain Pokemon live in the royal palace to help with those battles. Winning the Prince or Princess's hand won't be as easy as it sounds as you have to battle with them to see if you are worthy to have their hand. Two kingdoms live in this world, kingdom Wolfa and a hidden kingdom Darkest Palace, a palace of bad deed. Just outside of the kingdom lives a village full of good people but there are some villagers that have no choice but to become a thief to survive, even for food. Wolfa kingdom helps people like them who struggle by visiting the village. Darkest, however, thinks the opposite, they harm the villagers for their own selfish game and force some of those villagers to work in a ruthless palace such as there's. They are only fond of dark types nothing more.

    Rules as follows:

    ~Shinies allowed~(but not a full team of them like one or two is fine)
    ~Crushes allowed(but keep it pg)
    ~No Legendaries(Must have permission from an admin as this includes Mega evolution)
    ~No autoing/bunnying please!~
    ~Can have up to 4 chars~
    ~No double posting~
    ~Don't force any ones char to do what you want to do just let them play their char the way they want to~
    ~Must be a paragraph long
    ~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
    If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator without issue and have her/him lock this down. Other than that enjoy this rp ^-^.

    The Wolfa Kingdom has been ruling for many generations protecting the lives of the villagers just outside the palace. They make sure that the villagers are safe and well cared for. They are a well-respected kingdom and treat their people with kindness. The Villagers rely on them the most when they are in a struggle. Queen Sherri rules this realm with her two heirs Prince Shadow and Princess JC. Princess JC is mostly targeted by the Darkest Palace kingdom as she requires bodyguards for her protection when she visits the village. They mostly use a certain type of Pokemon in the palace but all types are welcome to them. A Dusk Lycanroc statue stands in the middle of the garden of Wolfa kingdom with a fountain installed. The statue represents bravery, calmness, and loyalty which represents the Wolfa Kingdom.

    The kingdom of Darkest Palace had only just been discovered just recently in a hidden part of the forest that is well covered up. They don't take kindly to weaklings as they only rely on the strongest. They harm the villagers for their own selfish game and force villagers to work for them if they come across that part of the forest they are living in. They have extreme hatred towards the Wolfa kingdom as they send their own assassin's to harm Prince Shadow and Princess JC but mostly towards JC. They are only fond of dark types and ghost types nothing more. A statue of a Houndoom stands in the middle of the dark forest as it represents pain as the Houndoom's fire proves it to be as this represents the Darkest Palace. King Fernande rules here in the shadows with his partner Netti the Banette.

    This village has existed for many generations with people and Pokemon alike but sadly some of those people become homeless due to the Darkest kingdoms ambitions and even go as far as to steal from the markets and even the fields to survive and because of this many are treated badly. The princess only visits the village once a month with protection beside her to help those that are struggling in life and if she has to, she will take them with her if it's hard for them to survive within the village. Sawsbuck, Zebstrika, Gogoat, and Rapidash help in the fields.

    -FurFrou(All style trims)
    -Vulpix/Ninetales(Kantoian and Alolan)
    -Rockruff/Lycanroc(Midday and Dusk form only)-
    -Eevee(All its evolutions but Sylveon and Espeon is more commonly used)
    -Houndour/Houndoom(Just ones that are well trained)
    -Poachyena/Mightyena(Mostly used for tracking)
    -Smeargle(Mostly used for painting)
    -Riolu/Lucario(Because of their auras to be able to scent things people can't, mostly towards danger)
    -Absol(Rarely seen in the palace as it requires special training for it to obey)

    Purloin/Liepard(Only two are present because of them being labeled as tricksters)
    Meowth/Persian(Kantoian and Alolan)
    Glameow/Purugly(Wears everstones to prevent from evolving)
    Litleo/Pyroar(Both male and female)
    Espurr/Meowtic(Both male and female)

    King: Kaun(Father to JC and Shadow)(Deceased)
    Queen: Sherri(Mother to JC and Shadow) @LunarSilvally
    Prince: Shadow @LunarSilvally
    Princess: JC @LunarSilvally
    HandMaiden(1): Skylar Blake @Shadow_Pup
    Knight(4): Callie Towers @EeviumZ Kasai Lupus @Shadow_Pup Ruth Dianes @JosieLovesYou
    Assassin(4): Mask
    @LunarSilvally Necróz @DevVoid
    Maid(10): Zoey. @BlueMew392 Isabelle Ling @Jekis
    Messenger(Bird Pokemon only): Arianna Haydale @SwiftSwoobat
    (I'll do four for now and just add more if anyone wants the rank)

    Pokemon Caregiver:

    Palace Character sheet

    Clothing: (Must be what the royals wear but this is not required if you chose the assassin, soldier, or Knight rank)
    Palace Pokemon:
    Pokemon Team:
    History: (Optional)

    Pokemon: (If any)
    Parents Available: (If any)
    Siblings Available: (If any)

    Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady that stands at 5'3 in height. She has a well feminine building and very light. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a ponytail with light blue eyes, right slightly blind as her bang covers it. She wears glasses upon her face.
    Clothing: She wears a red elegant long dress with gold outlining as she wears flats of the same color as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears a silk fabric around her wrists and ankles to cover her scars. She wears a royal cross around her neck colored gold with light blue gems on it as there is one right in the middle of the cross as the rest of it is diamond embedded. She wears a princess crown on the top of her head with three light blue gems in the front, one in the middle and two on each side as the rest of the crown is diamond embedded. She wears a diamond hairpiece to hold up her dark brown long hair in a high ponytail with a white wolf pin through it.
    Rank: Princess
    Personality: Brave(only acts the part),Strong, Gentle, Slightly stubborn, Strategic, Understanding, Slightly distant
    Partner: Blue(F)(Umbreon)(Shiny)(Wears a black and blue flower on her right ear)
    Palace Pokemon: Bella(F)(Furfrou)(Depudente Trim), Inari(F)(Delcatty), Wolfa(F)(Dusk Lycanroc), Belle(F)(Lucario)(wears bells on her right ear), Phralyis(F)(Liepard)
    Pokemon Team: Blue(F)(Umbreon)(Shiny), Blade(F)(Absol), Delta(F)(Primarina), Meadow(F)(Sawsbuck)(Springform), Gem(F)(Flygon) Wolfa(F)(Dusk Lycanroc)
    Mother: Sherri(Queen of Wolfa Kingdom)
    Father: Kaun(Deceased)(Previous King)
    Siblings: Shadow(M)(Older brother)(Prince of Wolfa Kingdom)
    History: She was raised in a kingdom mostly her whole life and even dealt with the pain of losing her father, but with her mother and brother's support along with Blue, she was able to get back on her feet. Although, her has a medical condition, this doesn't stop her to helping ones in need.
    Other Info:
    • She has severe asthma
    • She has a medical condition known as Tuberculosis just like her mother
    • She wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask and black hooded cape to hide her appearance when she visits the village for her own safety
    • Meadow, her female Sawsbuck is mostly her rider Pokemon but also her team member
    • Dusk Lycanroc's are a symbol of the Wolfa Kingdom
    • All Palace Pokemon wear a royal diamond collar with a gem in the middle that represents the typing they are
    • Only Pokemon that are either with the Queen, King, Prince, or Princess has a royal crown resting on their heads
    • She has the ability to understand Pokemon by feeling and cry
    • She has a katana that is for special defense
    • She is a Violinist
    • Her sexuality is Straight
    • Bella is the sister of Chapman the Dandy style Furfrou

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: He is a light skinned young male the stands at 5'8 in height. He has a well masculine build. He has jet black hair that is slightly long in the back with gold-light blue eyes. His bang covers his gold colored eye.
    Clothing: He wears a royal shirt and pants with gold outlining. Its not as jeweled as JC's wear but wears similar flats his sister wears. He wears a prince crown on the top of his head that is diamond embedded with gold gems. One in the front and two on each side. He wears the same cross JC wears but with gold gems around it with one in the middle.
    Rank: Prince
    Partner: Sparkx(F)(Jolteon)(wears a light blue bandana around neck with a lavender flower outline at the side.
    Palace Pokemon: Leo(F)(Luxray), Serabis(F)(Houndoom), Chapman(M) Furfrou(Dandy trim), Pura(F)(Mightyena), Serabi(F)(Pyroar)
    Pokemon Team: Sparkx(F)(Jolteon) Ghost(F)(Decidueye)(Shiny), Hetilla(F)(Arcanine)(Shiny), Eclipse(M)(Midnight Lycanroc), Serabis(F)(Houndoom)
    Mother: Sherri(Queen)
    Father: Kaun(Deceased)(Previous King)
    Siblings: JC(F)(young sister)
    History: Same as JC's
    • He is a Violinist
    • Hetilla, the female shiny Arcanine is mostly his rider but also his team member
    • He wears a black wolf gold streaked mask and black hooded cape to hide his appearance for his own safety
    • His sexuality is Straight
    • Chapman is the brother of Bella the Depudente style trim Furfrou

    Name: Mask
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: He is a light skinned young male that stands at 5'8 in height. He has sky blue eyes as the right side of his face was brutally damaged as a child as he was given a machine replacement
    Clothing: He wears more of a ninja look style to his clothing but wears a Russian blue wolf mask with silver outlining to cover his face to not scare others
    Rank: Assassin
    Personality: Slightly distant, Takes time to warm up to others, Not much of a talker, Gentle
    Partner: Yami(F)(Yamask)(Shiny)
    Palace Pokemon: Esme(F)(Meowtic), Kelu(M)(Umbreon), Pumpkin(F)(Gourgist)(Large size), Skarity(F)(Skarmory), Mariposa(F)(Volcarona)
    Pokemon Team: Takani(M)(Unfezant), Ember(F)(Flareon)(Shiny), Ninji(F)(Ninjask), Shield(F)(Aegislash), Leophin(F)(Greninja)
    Mother: Deceased
    Father: Deceased
    Siblings: Maskerin(F)(young sister)
    History: He lived as a thief with his young sister Maskerin in order to feed her and thanks to his skills, he was able to do this without being caught. It was hard for him and his sister when they both lost their parents but had lost the right part of his face in an accident while defending his sister. The Princess saw this and couldn't ignore his condition but after he was healed, he had asked the Princess if he could work in the palace as payment for helping him and was given a new face that was part machine but of course he feared that others would shy from him so she gave him a special mask to cover his face.
    Other info:

    • He wears a wolf mask on his face to hide his appearance which he never takes off
    • His face was brutally damaged in an accident from saving his sister but got a machine replacement.
    • He has experienced skills in stealing things but he doesn't do it as often like he use to in the past.
    • He can disappear in one place and appesr in the next like he wasn't even there
    • He relies more on JC and no one else for orders to follow
    • His sexuality is Straight
    • Despite him being distant towards others, he has a gentle temperament


    I'll tag others to see who is interested ^-^

    @DevVoid @EeviumZ @MysticalBreeze2
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  2. Hello, I was wondering if I could join? This seems like an awesome RP series! It’s ok if I can’t I was just looking for a RP to have fun in.
  3. I’ll make a character application sheet, but I just wanna be sure that I’m allowed in the EP. Many people find it annoying when others just apply (I don’t you just never know)
  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hmm, interesting rp you've got here. I've set up my character and he's ready to go.

    Name: Necróz

    Title: Midnight Rider

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Appearance: 6'5ft, muscular, thin stature. Skin colour is unknown, but assumed to be of sun-tanned white. Other features remain unknown.

    Clothing: Overall, Necróz wears a midnight-black robe that covers him from head to ankle. He wears the hood with the helmet over, and the rest below the collar is tied up. Long sleeves for the arms exist on the robes, stopping just before the wrist. He wears a bloodied, dirty dark-grey bandage wrap on his head, covering his eyes entirely. He also has a metal jaw attached to his mouth, acting as the bottom jaw. The teeth on that jaw are made of hard steel, made to look like human teeth. The helmet is pressed onto the hood and tied/merged with it, disallowing it to be removed without removing the hood, too. The bottom half of the mask is similiar to that of the Witch King's, while the top half has two horns, each curving left and right. In the middle is another horn, almost curved into a half moon, being a horn curved like the horn on the side of an absol's head. There are no eyesockets on the helmet, instead there are multiple steel plates connecting both sides of the helmet, covering the face up until the mouth. The bottom part of the helmet has two holes in it, which can be used to connect it to metal hooks on Necróz's bottom jaw to ensure it not falling off. As for armour, he wears it underneath his robe, usually only showing it in battle by opening his robe. There are multiple plates on his shoulders, connecting shoulderplates to breastplate. On his shoulderplates are also spikes of various sizes, each aligned symmetrically, poking out of the robe via the holes cut for them, which can also be used to hook robe and spike together to ensure no accidental removal. His breastplate is three steel plates thick, being forged together to ensure maximum protection. He also wears steel gauntlets and boots, matching with the armour. The top half of the boots are usually hidden by the robe, only visible were it to be lifted. He wears nothing else asides the armor and the black robe.

    Rank: Assassin

    Personality: A quiet, reserved type. Emotionless and expressionless, he usually stays silent and only speaks up when he needs to. His raspy, creepy voice can bring chills down one's spine. A mysterious and creepy individual, but also a very effective killer and soldier. He usually does contracts to kill, but he sometimes lets people recruit him for gold, like a mercenary. For now, he's been recruited to fight for the Wolfa Kingdom

    Partner: Moonlight (Beeheeyem, M, Shiny)

    Palace Pokemon: N/A

    Pokemon Team: Beeheeyem (M, Shiny) , Gengar (M, Shiny), Escavalier (M), Salamence (M), Pangoro (M), Heliolisk (M)

    Mother: Deceased

    Father: Deceased

    Siblings: Brother (Incarcerated, To be executed)

    History: To be revealed in the rp.

    • Noone knows what the Midnight Rider looks like underneath his apparel, nor on which side he really stands on.
    • He takes contracts from both sides, and is feared for his eerie silence and merciless, ruthless way of combat.
    • He rides around on a black horse named 'Shade' which is armoured, with the armor styled after his own.
    • He yields a big broadsword with a black cross-shaped handle as a main weapon and a crossbow with hooked/serrated poison-tipped arrows that dig deep into the flesh, and, thanks to the hooks, are hard to remove from the body without tearing a chunk of flesh out in the process.
    • He only follows the orders of those who prove payment to him. Or those he holds as friends and can trust. But so far, he had noone for that, so he only relied on the business.

    Hope this aint too much a problem. ^^
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  5. @Dubkip_Playz you can join this do and I don't mind others joining and if you have others that you like to tag you can ^-^ after you place your char sheet I'll placed your user in the ranks section and @DevVoid nice character XD he is well fit to be an Assassin that's for sure lol guess your taking a break from Hades lol.
  6. Name: Callie Towers
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Appearance: She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'10. She has caucasian skin and an athletic build.
    Clothing: Over top a simple brown tunic and pants, Callie wears a light suit of armor that allows her to move but still protects her properly. She does not wear a helmet. Her shield is adorned with the kingdom crest (whatever that may be.)
    Rank: Knight
    Personality: Callie has a burning spirit and a powerful resilience. She always stands up for her beliefs, no matter the cost. Underneath all that, she's quite charismatic and fun, with a thirst for adventure. She loves making friends, but knows when it's not the right time.
    Partner: Blade the Gallade (M)
    Palace Pokemon: Night the Umbreon (M), Ember the Arcanine (F), Bolt the Manectric (M)
    Pokemon Team: Blade the Gallade (M), Blaze the Delphox (F), Frost the Glaceon (F), Mischief the Zoroark (M), Belle the Gothitelle (F), Slash the Aegislash (M)
    Mother: Victoria (Deceased)
    Father: Liam (Deceased)
    Siblings: None
    Callie's parents were both loyal soldiers and knights, who were killed in battle when Callie was ten years old. Needless to say, Callie's taken care of herself since then. She took care of the house and never thought of simply becoming a thief. She gained money by doing odd jobs around the village, and created a new life for herself.
    Other: N/A
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  7. @EeviumZ accepted and the crest is a Dusk Lycanroc outlined in gold
  8. I'll post the role play once more join and the crest for Darkest Palace is a Houndoom outlined in red
  9. Hrmm... I'll consider it, for now. I don't think it's likely I'll join... but it would be pretty easy to persuade me otherwise, @EeviumZ
  10. Ok here goes my character application...

    Name: Lucas (Luca for short) Amaras
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Thick, blonde hair leading down to his ears. Ocean blue eyes, that can shine but most of the time keep dull. A tiny scar almost impossible to see slits through this eyebrow. Short standing at 5’11.
    Clothing: Lucas wears cleats with iron soles. He also wears jeans ( knee pads replace with Knight armour) . A worn out shirt ( with a hood) with the words, “Reach The Sky”. Around his neck he wears a necklace, a pokeball attached.
    Rank: Knight
    Personality: Shino is very bold, hotheaded, and quick to make decisions. He doesn’t care about others opinions and rather likes to do things himself. He doesn’t believe in love, and friendship (with humans pokemon are different). He tends to ignore or “Not here” causing him to rush in. He isn’t that strong but rather skilled at combat and a quick thinker.
    Partner: Okami the Lucario (M)
    Palace Pokemon: Scout The Herdier (M) Odo The Audino (F) Maui the Mawile (F) Illux The Alolan Nintales (F)
    Pokemon Team: Zero The Zoroark (M) Cassini The Dratini (F) Quinsteen the Swampert (M) Ki the Grovyle (M)
    Mother: Evertsien (Deceased)
    Father: Chival (Deceased)
    Siblings: Yuki (F and Deceased) Alin (M and Deceased)
    History: Lucas was born in the village, his grandfather (Michel) owned the farm that kept the village fed. He lived on that farm and helped out around it. The villagers loved his family, or so he thought... One night Lucas had woke up to childish screams. He looked outside to see a shadowy figure killing his family! He hid in a nearby barrel until the next day. He came out to find his whole family dead. Th only thing left was his grandfathers necklace, with a pokeball attached. After that Lucas signed up to become a knight to track down the shadow and get revenge for what it did to him...
    Other: The necklace contains a Pokémon, his grandfather’s Salamance (No Name) Lucas is an OC I made as an 8 year old so sorry he’s kinda stale.

    There we go! All done, now to wrap it up and put it under that Christmas tree! :)
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  11. Pretty good story on him ^-^ I like it @Dubkip_Playz accepted
  12. Ah sorry guys, I'll have the role play up tonight ^-^ thanks for understanding
  13. I've had my eye on this RP for a while and have decided to take a crack at it.

    Name: Zoey
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Appearance: She has brown hair that reaches half of her neck and has the bottom portion curled upwards, has light skin, and light brown eyes. Her height is 5'7.
    Clothing: She wears a dark blue long sleeved maid outfit that is also white on the apron portion, the collar, and edge of the skirt. Her skirt is a few centimeters past her knees. She also wears white silk gloves, white high knee stockings, a white head band that maids typically wear, and black flat that have a bit of high heels to them.
    Rank: Maid
    Personality: Zoey is always doing her best on her job of being a maid such as making sure the palace is tidy, tending the queen, prince, and princess to their needs, etc. Although out of the three, she tends to be tending the princess more often. She also at times voices her opinions on certain subjects but knows whether or not it is her place to do so.
    Partner: Raven (Pichu) (F) (This Pichu is also a spiky-eared Pichu)
    Palace Pokemon: Phoenix (Fennekin) (F), Juliette (Delcatty) (F)
    Pokemon Team: Raven (Pichu) (F), Juliette (Delcatty) (F), Roxy (Nidorina) (F), Rosé (Roserade) (Shiny) (F)
    Mother: Daisy
    Father: Xavier
    Siblings: None
    History: At the age of 13, Zoey's parents enrolled her at the Wolfa palace to be a maid since they knew it would lead her to a better life. Although she was unwilling to part with her parents, she reluctantly went along with it knowing that it will put her parents' mind at peace. Since then she has not seen her parents and has continued her service to the Wolfa Kingdom as a maid. Despite not seeing her parents in years, Zoey still keeps in touch with them through the exchange of letters. Even though she would love to see them again, she always put her duties as maid before her personal needs.
    Other: None

    I'm thinking about adding another character, but I'll do it later since it's late for me.
  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Kasai Lupus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Kasai is 6'5", muscular but still kind of lean. He has very orange, ginger hair and sparkling green eyes. He has several tattoos on his body including a hawk on his back, a wolf on his left pectoral and a tree on his right shoulder.
    Rank: Knight
    Personality: He is gentle and kind towards most people, takes his duties very seriously and has great respect for the royal family.
    Partner: Jade (F)(Leafeon)(Shiny)
    Palace Pokemon: Jay (M)(Joltik), Ellie (F)(Vulpix)(Alolan) and Ginger (F)(Eevee)(Shiny)
    Pokemon Team: Blaze (M)(Houndoom), Fern (F)(Flareon), Talos (M)(Talonflame), Haze (M)(Incineroar) and King (M)(Snorlax)
    Mother: Yuri Lupus (Deceased)
    Father: Kage Lupus (Deceased)
    Siblings: Hana Lupus (F)(Deceased)
    • His family were killed by assassins.
    • He is afraid of heights.
    • His sexuality is heterosexual.
    • He can interpret the cries of pokemon.
  15. What should I do with my first post?
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  17. Its up to you @EeviumZ mostly the Knights train their soldiers in the training room so maybe you can post about that and @Shadow_Pup Knights mostly lead the soldiers into battle if the kingdom is under attack but when that's not happening they mostly train new trainee soldiers in the training room.
  18. Btw I mean the prince from the other kingdom not prince shadow. Also what are your opinions on Lucas so far? He seems sorta stale to me.
  19. He is a well good Knight, he's not stale at the lastest but he will do anything to help the princess which is good ^-^
  20. @Shadow_Pup Just to make sure, does Kasai have feelings for Zoey?

    And @LunarSilvally, are the villager ranked characters meant to be just throwaways? Or can they be as relevant as the other ranks? I'm asking because I noticed a lack of a 'personality' and 'appearance' sections unlike the other form.
  21. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  22. @Shadow_Pup Alright, I wanted to confirm it before my next post.
  23. Can someone suggest a way for me to start? I really am short on ideas.
  24. @EeviumZ I’d say now is a great time to start! I would use this attack as an opportunity to come in and protect the princess and the rest wowing then. Also for the backstory of the prince and Lucas I was gonna do a flashback in the story if that’s ok.
  25. Ah, okay. I've missed quite a bit, so I'll do my best. I don't want to drop this RP.
  26. @EeviumZ sounds good I’m about to type a lot so try to get some stuff in
  27. @LunarSilvally, I’ll be very inactive for today and tomorrow. Just quickly letting you know, as I’m not sure if I’ll have a connection on my phone through the days. :)
  28. Oh I see thanks for telling me ^-^ but I will still tag you so you won't be so left behind
  29. Name: Isabelle Ling
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: A short girl at 5'5," she sometimes isn't taken seriously. She has a pale complexion with ultramarine eyes and pinkish blonde hair with bangs, bobbed down to the bottom of her neck. She's very thin.
    Clothing: Lucas wears a light green maid outfit with white lacing all over the borders of the outfit. A white apron is covering the simplistic dress as well along with a maid headband. She wears a golden necklace with a sapphire in the middle as well. She wears mint green flats.
    Rank: Maid
    Personality: She always, always tries to keep herself busy. She always desires being higher up in royalty one day, though being a maid does fit her. She is always worried that the Queen or Princess will fire, enslave, or even kill her! Her favotie thing to do is cook and interact with other people (Besides the queen; she's worried she'll screw something up!)
    Partner: Geo (Lycanroc, Dusk, M)
    Palace Pokemon: Curtsy (Kirlia, F), Creme (Slurpuff, F), Stike (Linoone, M)
    Pokemon Team: Daisy (Lilligant, F) Alice (Ribombee, F), Einstein (Reunicles, M), Chi Chi (Cincinno, M)
    Mother: Kent (Deceased)
    Father: June (Deceased)
    Siblings: Lydia (F, 15) Nathaniel (M, 20) Ariana (F, 23)
    History: When Isabelle was born in the village, her mother was out of control. She hated royalty because her brother was thrown in jail by them. She wanted one of her daughters to be in royalty so she can get her brother back, and when Isabelle was born, her beautiful face made her mother say that "she's the one" and taught her how to act like a maid. She didn't know why, but she tried her hardest, which was apparently not enough for her. She started to do things that caused harm to her, like fixing floorboards and hunting. The royal family found out about this and excecuted her mother due to child abuse, which left her dad, who killed himself because of his mother's excecution. This left her as a maid due to her great skills as one.
    Other: That necklace was her mother's; for she still loved her no matter how mean she was to her. She also is incredible at cooking, wowing almost everyone in the villagewithher food.
  30. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Skylar Blake
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Skylar is 5'4", skinny but semi well-developed. She has golden blonde hair and beautiful grey eyes. She wears a blueish-white maids outfit with black flats. She has her hair up in a plait most of the time.
    Rank: Maid
    Personality: She is sweet and kind, but she can easily get very envious and hateful. She isn't fond of those she views as more beautiful than herself.
    Partner: Aeris(F)(Lopunny)
    Palace Pokemon: N/A
    Pokemon Team: Dug(M)(Dugtrio) and Aura(M)(Gallade)
    Mother: Clarke Blake (Deceased)
    Father: Bellamy Blake (Imprisoned)
    Siblings: Phoenix Blake (Deceased)
    • Her mother and sister were killed by her father.
    • She is afraid of conflict.
    • His sexuality is heterosexual.
    • She can interpret the cries of pokemon.
    • She doesn't like Zoey
  31. @Jekis and @Shadow_Pup accepted and also I am adding a new rank which is handmaiden but only one can take that as this rank allows a person to help the Princess like dressing her for example or even do her hair but JC doesn't allow it since she likes to do it herself. I was thinking maybe Skylar could take the job since JC can recognize "hatred" and work with them better but only if you want the rank @Shadow_Pup
  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    The role does seem fitting as a way to help Skylar so yeah I'll change it on the bio.
  33. She will start as a Maid and then ask her about the rank
  34. Also, @Shadow_Pup, mind if my character becomes friends with yours?
  35. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Thats ok @Jekis they can be friends.
  36. I feel so happy, my character’s name was used in @Jekis application (not trying to be rude just saying)
  37. Whoops, sorry about that!

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