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Open The Roserade Legion ~ Info And Sign-up

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LizTheDreamer, May 24, 2017.

  1. Roleplay Description

    10 years ago, in the region of Unova, rumors of an evil force began to surface. Dark, psychic, and poision type pokèmon began disappearing. Trainers went off in search of them, but no one could find a single clue as to what happened.

    Over the course of the next five years, a shadow spread throughout the land. Gym leaders, nurses, and Unova's top scientists began to act strangely. This virus of the mind took over one city at a time. Tension rose. People and pokèmon alike trembled in fear. Once the last city fell, a message spread out through the land, a young pokèmon trainer was going to change the world.

    Hope was once again high. A savior would deliver them from these dark times! But all was not what it seemed. On Halloween, the night of the full moon, the missing pokèmon stormed the cities and trapped the residences inside. Over every electronic device a young woman played a message,"I am Leiko Ryuku, I am your new leader."

    At first, people rebelled. But they and their pokèmon were slaughtered by Ryuku's army of darkness.

    It has been five years. No one has rebelled since the Ryuku Massacre. Yet, hope is not lost. For the last two years, the trainers and pokèmon who were trapped outside of the cities have been forming an army of their own. The have deemed themselves The Roserade Legion and there is mission is to bring down Leiko and expose her secerts once and for all.


    I will get the roleplay up and running when about two people sign up. Though I will be without wifi in about a week or two until the middle of July, so I might not be able to roleplay until then.


    NOTICE: Before you sign-up, please make sure you have read the roleplay rules!

    The only thing you need to sign up is to copy the format of this example form:

    Name: Leiko Ryuku

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Apperance: Long, knee length blonde hair, Pale skin, Dark brown eyes, Long grey coat, Black T-shirt, grey pants, and leather boots

    Pokemon: Hydreigon, Zoroark, Bisharp, Cofagrigus, Seviper, Gothitelle

    Storyline Critique(Optional):



    This is the section where I will answer the questions and fill in the plot holes I missed.

    Q:Why hasn't Leiko tried to stop the Roserade legion?

    The Legion has been careful not to make their presence known. One or two people have been caught. But they had the old Gardivours use their psychic abilities to erase every memory of the legion.

    Q:Does she even know about them?

    She does not.

    Q: How has the legion stayed alive without going to cities for food, water, etc.

    They have a rotation of trainers who go with their pokèmon to hunt down food and water. They have to be careful, because their medicine supplies are scarce. One of their side goals is to find a way to sneak into the cities and steal supplies.

    Q: What exactly is Leiko doing now that she's conquered the citizens?

    Several things:
    1.She has confiscated all pokèmon and purged the PCs.

    2.People and pokèmon alike are forced to go to a special academy, where they learn how to make strange objects.
    When they graduate, those who are competent at their work work at the factories. These people get to live in the city. Those who are not, are shipped away to labor camps where they mine supplies.
    No one knows what the purpose of these objects are...

    3.In each city, one or two battalions of Pokemon are stationed to keep people in order.

    4.Sends her best pokèmon to search the wilderness for rouge trainers.

    5.Works day and night on an important, classified project.

    Q: Is she making the people work, or just having her pokèmon monitor and occasionally terrify them as she live luxuriously in some skyscraper?

    I went ahead and posted the answer to the first part of the question in the last answer.
    As of Leiko, she has stationed her fortress on top of a mountain, which was previously beleived to be to dangerous to climb.
    She spends her days commanding her army, studying lore, and working on a secret project. All with her faithfull Gothitelle at her side.
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  2. Name: Damian Reeve

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Dull brown hair and brown eyes. Wears a dark gray short-sleeved shirt, cargo pants with a tear in the left leg, red sneakers, and carries a dirt-smudged supply bag originally a golden yellow color.

    Pokemon: Arcanine, Greninja, Noctowl, Charmeleon, Simisage, Luxio

    Storyline Critique: Why hasn't Leiko tried to stop the Roserade Legion? Does she even know about them? How has the Legion stayed alive for two years without going into cities for food, water, etc? Surely this army of darkness would be interested in anybody who looked the slightest bit suspicious. Your plot is really good, but there are a few holes that need to be patched, if you get what I'm saying.
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  3. Name: Christie Barker


    Gender: Female

    Apperance: Brown hair tied back in a ponytail, hazel eyes. Prefers plain jeans and a basic light pink t-shirt, with worn-out pink sneakers. Wears one of those woven friendship bracelet things on her right hand.

    Pokemon: Lanturn, Staravia, Whimsicott, Rapidash, Duosion, Gabite

    Storyline Critique: What exactly is Leiko doing now that she's conquered all the cities? Is she making the citizens work, or just having her pokemon monitor and occasionally terrorize them as she lives luxuriously in some skyscraper? It's not all that important since we're in the rural areas, but knowing what happened to them does seem kinda important. I assume her actual goal is a secret, as stated in the last description paragraph. It looks like a really fun storyline, though! Let us know when you're ready to begin.
  4. Thank you for joining, I will update the top comment (or whatever it is called) with the answers to your questions.
  5. Thank you for joining, I will update the top comment (or whatever it is called) with the answers to your questions.
  6. I can't start the rp until later, because I have to go to a friends house. Sorry!
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  7. All righty, let's start this thing! Me and limniris are in Unova, or somewhere else?
  8. Unova. :)
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  9. If you want I can add Katsumi if limniris isn't on, so you have someone to role play with.
  10. No, I'll just wait for her to get on. The longer I wait, the more I can polish my beginning post.
  11. Okie dokie!
  12. On now! Sorry about the delay, I got caught up with school. Do you want to open it or should I?
  13. (This is my first RP form on this site so if I need to fix anything just tell me!)

    Spade Fox

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Spade has black and white hair split down the middle, the left side of her hair is black and the right is white, tied into a high ponytail. Her violet eyes stand out from her pale skin color. Wearing a black short-sleeved shirt, and a black leather jacket. Finishing off the look with jean shorts and black sneakers.

    Pokemon: Staraptor, Houndour, Raichu, Eevee, Shinx, Snivy.
  14. Your good!
    Since this your first role play on this site, please make sure you have read the rules.
    You can find them by scrolling up, selecting the menu icon, chosing the roleplay section, and clicking on the Pokèmon Roleplay rules.

    Just making sure you have read them, so we don't get the strand shut down.
  15. @LizTheDreamer Would eventually going into a city match up with your storyline? They could learn more about Leiko that way, but if you already have plans for how they're going to do that then just ignore this. If you do approve of having them try to raid a city for supplies, which city would be best? Don't worry about replying late, I know you're busy. :)
  16. Thank you so much for your patience!

    If they are going to storm any city, logically it should be a small unimportant one or else there will be a lot of security.

    Leiko takes too many precautions for one to slip into a more important city without being overpowered. Unless you have several good Pokémon that are strong against psychic, poison, and dark types. And a REALLY good alibi.

    And since the trainers in the roserade legion haven't had contact with anyone within city limits for five years, finding a good alibi would be very difficult if not impossible.

    Hoped this helped! Hopefully I should have reliable internet by the end of next week if not this Saturday. 'Course I can never tell with all this confusing stuff. XD
    Again, thank for your patience and understanding. :)
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  17. Do I need to edit my post? Nobody's posted anything in a while, so I'm just wondering if something's wrong with what I said.
  18. Nothing's wrong with it. Just wondering if everyone else is dead. XD

    If I have to spend one more day trapped in close proximity with my bored little sisters there will be a murder....
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  19. :( Got busy over the weekend and finals caught me. Not your fault at all, messenger! Sorry about that, I'll be able to post more frequently now.
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  20. Name: Xio Fresiv


    Gender: Female

    Apperance: Black hair short, red eyes. Wears plain jeans and a basic white t-shirt, with worn-out black sneakers.

    Pokemon: Primeria, Staraptor, Salazzale, Weavile, Lucario, Lycanroc

    Storyline Critique: What exactly is Leiko doing now and what is happening?
  21. Accepted! For the answer to your questions, check the Q&A as those questions have been answered. Also, the details to Leiko's plan is a secret as of now. :)
  22. Oops, i thought I did but I forgot to actually post the BIO :'|
  23. No pro
    Okie dokie! Just post your bio here and you will be good to go!
  24. Name: Shane

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Apperance: Black spiky hair, black jacket, white t-shirts, Black jeans, Red sneakers, dark brown eyes, Necklace with crescent moon on the end, a blue earing, slightly tanned.

    Pokemon: Infernape, Jolteon, Pidgeot, Sceptile, Gogoat, Sharpedo.

    Storyline Critique(Optional): N/A
  25. I lost internet, sorry messenger. But my electricity where I live is terrible and blew itself out!
  26. 'S fine, at least you're on now. I was a little bit worried that you had left, to be honest!
  27. Well, nope I'm still here! Sorry for worrying you, we really need to get this electricity problem fixed.
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  28. I keep losing Internet to. XD God, hotels are the worst.
  29. Accepted!
  30. Agreed, hotels are terrible. But its better then nothing!
  31. I am going to be offline until the middle of July starting Sunday. I need someone to take over my characters for me.

    If you are interested, let me know. I'll message you the info you'll need.

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