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Ask to Join The Rising of the Ancient Heroes (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DManArt&RP, May 13, 2019.

  1. Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-rising-of-the-ancient-heroes-ds.20902/

    Hitoshi was walking along the sidewalks of the town's streets. His foot steps only created a crunching noise along with the snow. The older styled brick buildings blended well with the modern technology of neon lights. The area was full of snow and bright colors. Hitoshi walked around for a while until he came upon the public library.

    The woman at the desk smiled at him as he passed by. "Oh hello Hitoshi! You here to return that book?" Hitoshi pulled down his hood and smiled back at her. "Yup Ms. Yoh, it was very good. I finished it in just five days top." Ms. Yoh fell back in shock. "That's the fastest time anyone has ever read a book that size!" Hitoshi laughed and handed over the book. "I think I am going to check out the fantasy section this time."

    Hitoshi walked over to the shelf of books in the fantasy section. He scanned his finger along the different covers of books and then stopped at one with a funny name. "Huh, what is this? It says, The Tale of Idoits. Looks like a prank book." He put it back but failed to do so and five other books fell out. "Crap." He leaned over and picked up one of the books with an old leather cover and cool drawings on the front like it was some sort of ancient book. "Cool, let's check this out." He read through the prologue and then went to the Table of Contents. "It says to choose one of the heroes to follow their adventures. Well the bow hero looks interesting."

    He flipped to the page where the bow hero's description was. "Huh, pretty cool looking dude. But what's his side of the story I wonder." He flipped to the next page and saw the pages were blank. "Aw, what? An un-finished book? Guess I will try anoth-" Suddenly, the book started to glow and blind him. "What the what is going on!?" He felt like he was falling as his previous surroundings changed into nothing but light. He felt like he was falling for a minute before he hit ground and landed on one of his legs. He felt dizzy but got up on his legs and rubbed his eyes to try to see what was going on as he slowly gained his sight again.
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  2. The sound of gravel spraying filled the alleyway as a gang of young byciclists flew across the shattered pavement.

    “Come on! They’re almost on top of us!” a rather young voice hastily echoed from the front of the group, only silenced by the approaching shouts and sirens. The bikers cut to the right at the end of the alley, the bikers in the back skidding to match the trail of those ahead.

    They crossed street after street, dodged through many a dark corner, and yet the constant presence of their pursuers remained an inevitability. Fear began to set in as many clenched their teeth in determination. Legs could only outrace cars for so long, even with the advantage of smaller mass.

    “Turn left!”



    Red and blue lights still ever-present.

    Desperation set in as the last of the adrenaline faded. They were exhausted, there was no getting around it. They had dropped what they had stolen as a distraction but it only bought them seconds of space.

    “We can’t keep this up forever Stark! We’ve already had five out of the original twelve collapse out of exhaustion or wipeout. What’s the plan?” A heavy voice called from the back of the remaining seven. There was no response as the group made to break across the street leading to the Brooklyn Bridge, which would bring them back to another series of alleyways. That is, until the group halted in the middle of the road.

    On all sides of the road there were only flashing lights with each path of escape met with a roadblock and angry men in blue. They tried to turn back from the alley they came from, but already officers began to fill the path. Turning once more, they turned to the looming bridge, the only path that wasn’t swarmed. They made off as fast as they could, but on a straightaway there wasn’t much the gang could do to outpace police cruisers.

    Upon entering the bridge, Stark began to slow slightly, allowing for the second person in the positioning to even the distance with him. “Hey,” Stark said as he extended his arm from his handlebar, “I’m sorry.”

    He pushed out, causing the biker to lose his balance as bike and rider crashed into the hard pavement. The sounds of metal then accompanied the harsh sirens as the youth collided with one another, the ones in the back slowing to avoid being included in the tumble.

    Looking over his shoulder, Stark sighed in relief, he escaped once again. He would have to find a new gang to be apart of, but for now he was still free, free to be with his little sister.

    Turning back, he swerved to the right as a incoming police car tried to move out of the way. Stark managed to avoid the car, but not before losing control of his bike, sending the young man over the side and into a multiple story drop towards a cold unforgiving river. With nothing left to do, he shut his eyes, ready to meet his fate.

    His fate was kinder than he expected. Seemingly coming to a halt, Stark opened his eyes to meet a fading bright light. Covering his eyes, his legs felt solid ground. Picking himself up, he began to readjust his eyes.
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  3. The roars of a huge crowd resonated through the locker room, then tap, tap, tap. With every step, the crowd grew louder, until a small breeze told Fares that he made it. His shoes crunched against the grass, and he began waving to the huge crowd while making his way to his designated area.

    You're giving up football Fares? We all believed in you- and now you're ditching us!

    That memory faded as fast as it came when he grabbed the lone javelin. "Sorry, but javelin throwing looked fun." He reminded himself. Plus there was no going back now, the crowd was basically cheering him on. Or maybe they were just excited that this was really the Olympics, either way, it gave Fares motivation.

    The sound of crunching grass vanished along with the crowd's cheering. It was dead silent, because they knew this was the moment of truth. Will this newcomer be the next best thing, or will he disappear as quickly as he arrived? The pressure was eating at Fares, but he knew that he had to stand his ground.

    Inhale. Exhale. Inhale...

    "And... He's off!" The commentator shouted, with anticipation. It perfectly matched the rapid footsteps of the athlete as he held the javelin in one hand and used all of his strength to gather the necessary momentum that makes it fly far. He halted abruptly, before a javelin pierced the sky, you could hear the wind being ripped as it gracefully glided through the air.

    "Alright!" Fares joyfully yelled, jumping into the air. However, before he could see how far he managed to throw it, the stadium lights began to shine fiercely. This caused him to flinch and cover his eyes as they only grew brighter. "Somebody, please get the lights, they're too bright!" The young man's request went unheard, as he began to feel weightless, eventually hitting the ground, landing on his back.

    "Man... I'm never participating in the Olympics again." He compromised, his vision coming back to him. He looked around frantically, before he realized this wasn't the same place. Where am I?
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  4. The sky grew dark and the wind picked up a bit. Sally was taking a walk in the nearby woods. She was just out for a simple stroll to get a break from her parents. "I am getting out of there as soon as possible, I swear. Once I am older, I am getting a job and will never have to hear from them again." She was angry from when her parents grounded her for having grades below ninety. She was walking for a while before she stopped to take a break and take in the forest. It was calm and there were a good amount of animals around. Moonlight was shining in through the trees to give of a bit of light. Suddenly, something caught her eyes far off in the forest. "What is that? It's like a ball of light." She got up and went in the direction where it looked like it was from. She blinked and it was gone. She looked around more and found it again up in the trees above her. "That is not just a normal light I suppose?" She started to climb the tree and on the branch it was on. "So close, now just a bit more." Suddenly, the light got so bright to the point where she was blinded and lost her balance. She fell down the tree and screamed as she thought she would get badly hurt from the fall. She paused for a moment after sense the fall took longer than she thought. "Shouldn't I be hitting the ground so-" She finally hit the ground and felt little pain from it. "Ow?" She got up and tried to adjust her eyes to the new surroundings. "Where am I?"
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  5. Hitoshi rubbed his eyes and looked around as he could see more. There were three other people around him. Two boys and a girl, all carrying weapons of the sort. He realized that even himself were carrying a weapon. "Wait, where am I? Why do I have a bow?" He took in more of his surroundings. A couple of religious looking dudes were standing there looking at them. "It worked! The summoning was successful!" Hitoshi looked very confused. "Summoning?" He looked around again at the other three. He noticed that they were all carrying different weapons. A sword, shield, and spear.

    He eyes widened after realizing what this meant. "No way! A Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield!? These are those weapons from the book!" He tried to regain his thoughts as he thought for a moment. "There is no way that I am 'in' the story. Did a book hit me on the head this time? I am pretty sure I am dreaming." He pinched himself real hard which hurt a bit. "And through deductive reasoning, I am come to the conclusion that this is not a dream or nightmare."
  6. Fares shook his head and recomposed himself. He overheard that priests saying that some kind of summoning worked, this confused him, did this happen in every Olympics? "Hey! What do you mean by this 'summoning!' I didn't sign up for this, I signed up to compete!" He shouted at the priests, before sighing and shaking his head once more. "Sorry, I just wanna know how to get back home. Any clue?" This time he asked in a more calm tone, as he was sure arguing with them was going to prove fruitless. He looked around and saw three other people, one of them looked as confused as he was. Which meant this had to be real, but how could it be real?

    He felt some pressure on his back, and decided to figure out what it was. What he found was a spear, looked more dangerous than the one he used in the games. "Is this... my javelin? I thought I threw this?" Fares wanted answers, so he glanced back at the priests that apparently 'summoned' them here.
  7. Stark’s vision eventually returned to him as the rather peculiar nature of the scene had begun to dawn upon him. He had absolutely no hint on what had happened in between him falling to his death and meeting the freak show comprised of a few religious people and a bunch of teens with medival killing devices, but for whatever reason he was alive.

    Stark heard the exclamations of the people surrounding him, but he paid them no mind, electing to instead inspect his own weapon.
  8. Hitoshi looked at the others. "So you are all clueless too?" He turned to the summoner. "Hey, just give us a clear answer, where are we and why are we here?" One of them stepped forward and cleared their throat. "You are all here in this world to fight the Waves of Calamity and save our lands. You four are the Four Saint Heroes destined to save our world. And we beg you to do so, our land is in danger and we need your help." Hitoshi got hit by a wave of worries as he realized what was going on. He knew this was no dream, but real life. "So if we fight for you, then we have a chance of dying for you. Would we be sent back home after that?" The summoner shook his head. "You have to defeat all the waves to go home, I am sorry."

    Hitoshi just stood there thinking for a bit. "Man, how long will that take? Will I grow older here? How much time will pass? Is time frozen in my world till I am done? If not, will my parents even notice if I am gone? No, don't think like that, calm down." He gained his cool again and looked at the leader. "Well how long will that take? I am glad to help but I have other places to be." The leader of the group nodded. "I am not sure how many there are, but we have already gone through one of these. Each one takes around a month to arrive. We can't send you back now, so I suggest that you go along for now. We promise that all of your requests will be made if you help us. Please, I ask of you, are you heroes in?" Hitoshi paused for a small moment to think. "Well, if I can't go back now, then I might as well go with the flow! I am in!"
  9. Sally looked around more as her vision came back to her. She was very quiet as she listened into what everyone was saying. She listened to the priest talking about how they are here for a reason. "The Waves of Calamity? It sounds dangerous. But I guess we were chosen here for a reason, right? We must have been picked out for these roles because we are worthy or something, right?" She was thinking through everything and trying to connect the puzzles. "This is just like some sort of RPG. A wave of monsters I assume, and heroes to fend them off and protect everyone. And we are those heroes." She looked at her shield and got puzzled. "But a shield? Not very damage worthy I assume." She noticed that she was rambling on about the situation that they already know about and stopped talking.
  10. Fares' eyes beared an enthusiastic glint. He cracked his knuckles, a grin planted on his face. "Alright, I'll handle these waves. It'll be some good exercise anyway." He said, his grin faded. Fares then wielded the spear he was given, with his right hand. Turning around, now facing the exit, he slowly began to walk away. "I can go now, I hope?" He asked, attempting to confirm his actions. It was clear that he accepted his fate by now and was eager to see this 'new world.'

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