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Ask to Join The Rising of the Ancient Heroes (DS)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DManArt&RP, May 9, 2019.

  1. Info:

    This is a RP based from the anime, The Rising of the Shield Hero. As far as story goes, it will be based in the same location, time, and with a slightly different story. We will still use the Wave story and how the heroes are summoned here. The only difference to the story is that the king is normal as sanity comes into question and that goes for the church as well. And as far as limitations go, the heroes will be limited by time when collecting skills, so getting the skills will be easier said than done. I have a pretty good idea of how this will work out.

    I have many classes to choose from, and there will be no limits to their numbers besides the standard heroes.


    Hero Class:
    Every Hero is available but can only be chosen once. So if someone calls dibs, then its settled. The classes are the originals: Sword, Spear, Bow, Shield. State which hero you are in the classes with the example: "Shield Hero" And if you are thinking of being a Hero, just look through all of the bios.

    Adventurer: This class will be introduced when all four heroes come out to pick their parties. You can select any weapon to fight with. At the beginning, you can choose any hero to be with. Heroes can even start with nobody in their party.

    Slave: This class will be introduced later in the story if they are sought after by a hero. This character will have to have a bond attached with the owner, which also means that this character has to follow orders. If the bond is broken, the class will change accordingly.

    Traveler: This class will be used as a misc class. This class can be a weapon user, but is mainly seen as someone who just wanders around the lands. This class will be introduced later in the story at any point after the adventurers are introduced.


    What is there to say about this one? We are humans, self explanatory.

    This species works the same as it does in the story. As the demi-human fights and gains experience, it will grow into an older form of itself.


    1. If I see someone as OP for no good reason, understand I have a reason for making you take down your post.
    2. Along with No. 1, no arguing when it comes to debates where a majority voted.
    3. If your going to be out for a while, just let us know. If you want a break or want to drop out, just let me know and I will work it out.
    4. Romance is allowed, but don't go too far with it.
    5. If I have to make adjustments to rules or characters, I will.

    Character Sheet:

    (Only provide details of your own Earth of you are a Hero. If you are someone from this world, then you tell about your normal backstory.)

    My Character Sheet:

    Hitoshi Moto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Class: Bow Hero
    Appearance: His skin tone is pale and he has navy blue eyes. He has blue dyed hair and it is cut at a average length with it pushed back and to the side. He is just a little bit tall but not much to stand out. He has a good build. His outfit in the normal world is just black jeans and a white hoodie. Later in the story, he gets a warrior type armor set and a dark blue bandanna.
    Personality: Hitoshi has a pretty heroic type attitude in battle, but not the type that would go out of his way to look heroic. He is relaxed most of the time outside of battle and is most of the time considered a peace maker. He usually tries to think things through before he does something. He has a strong passion to protect the ones he cares for.
    Backstory: In his world, he comes from a United States that is also formed with a bit of Mexico and Canada. Because the U.S has this much land, they also are able to have more control over resources and trade. This world has more advanced tech produced by the U.S rather than China. Hitoshi found himself not too fond of the mass production of tech and decides to keep it simple at times and pick up a book at his local library. Because nobody comes around there often, he has basically the entire place to himself at any time of day.
    Other: N/A

    If I made any mistakes or forgot something, let me know!
  2. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Name: Smarak Sota
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Class: Adventurer
    Appearance: he has a long, white coat, he wears brown hunting boots and black pants, he has white hair and glowing cyan eyes
    Personality: he usually is nice but bored as he always sounds sarcastic
    He lived a pretty normal life, his parents murdered, him not happyand now he's looking for the one that killed his parents
    Other: double Katanas on his back
  3. Accepted.
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  4. I’ve seen The Rising of the Shield Hero and as someone who likes the anime, I may consider making a bio for this later.
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  5. Well if you do, that would be great. Depending on how many heroes there are, I might need to alter the story a bit, but it might not be that bad no matter what
  6. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    No thanks. In to many RPs right now
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  7. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Haven't watched the anime, (nor found it) Trust me, I knew about this RP before you even tagged me. (I'm watching both discussion threads)
  8. Hey! I have not been on here in a while so my role play might be sloppy. I like this anime, but I hope there will be enough people to get this up and ready soon.

    Sally Tal
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Class: Shield Hero
    Appearance: She has long hair that is dyed a dark purple color, an average height but a little bit shorter than that, and over all is a little on the skinny side. Her clothes mostly consist of a purple outfit to match her purple eyes.
    Personality: She is somewhat shy but the other side of her has a strong spirit for fights. She likes to hand out around friends and wants to try to get closer to those she finds friendly. She rarely judges someone on their personality.
    Backstory: When she was on Earth, she lived most of her life being protected by her family. Her brother tried to get her to have more fun in life by taking her out on adventures in the woods and other places. She is a bit of a nerd, but has the requirements of a hero when it comes to making the correct decisions due to her history of past problems she had to deal with.
    Other: None
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  10. So are we waiting for all four heros or are we starting when we have a specific number of people?
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  11. I am waiting on either one. If I had to have an idea on how many people we would need, I'd say around 5.
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  12. This brought me back to anime, seems like a fun roleplay.
    Name: Stark Rivers
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Class: Sword Hero
    Appearance: Stark seems to be your average white guy with a messy crown of dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. He is a bit above standard height and has decently tanned skin adorning his complexion. He isn’t ripped but some muscle is evident. Upon appearing in his new world he still maintained his typical outfit of a white t-shirt with torn blue jeans and his favorite gray Brooklyn baseball cap that he wears backwards. Later on he will wear a slim fit set of black armor lined with silver, covered by a black cloak.
    Personality: A hard worker with street smarts but not necessarily book smarts, Stark is a realist who just tries to survive. He can work with people but can easily move past others with little emotional consequences when they get in between him and an objective. He’s no hero and will only serve his own interests, if those interests meet the interests of others then he will use them to his advantage.
    Backstory: Stark was a high school dropout living in the slum of Brooklyn, New York. He had no real relationships with his parents and only returned to his trashy family apartment when he was starving. Most of his time was spent working at his job at a local deli, getting into trouble with his accomplices, and generally just trying to survive day by day. Nothing about his life made him anything special.
    Other: He has a soft spot for his younger sister, so he isn’t a complete monster...
  13. @Semper Iuvenis accepted! This is looking good, a variety of characters, variety of personalities, and best of all is that we only need the spear hero.
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  14. Never seen a Shield Hero roleplay on here yet, I'll make a bio.

    Name: Fares Elior
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Class: Spear Hero
    Appearance: Fares is a fair-complexed male with jet-black spiky hair. He has a pair of golden hazel colored eyes, stands at 6', most people regard him as tall. Due to his circumstances, he does have a visible six-pack and defined muscles, but he is not heavy. He's fairly slim, weighing about 180lbs. His outfit consists of a black t-shirt, grey jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. Later on he'll wear a red coat with silver shoulder pads, along with a black shirt, black pants, and a black pair of shoes.
    Personality: A rusher, first in the action. He loves physical activity and will always try to be the first to battle, he displays quite a bit of energy as well. He can calm down if others tell him to though, however he'll most likely grow bored if there's not any action for a while. Outside of that, he tries to get along with people, because he knows how important a good team is.
    Backstory: In his world, sports were everything. Average people started participating in major-league sports, not just the 1/10000. Many jobs went out of business from this change, as everyone wanted to make millions by playing sports, leaving the common man's jobs in the dust. Because of this, Fares joined a college football team, in hopes of playing in the real league one day. Training hard everyday with his team, he honed both his skills and muscle.
    Other: N/A

    Not my best bio, so let me know if I should change something.
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  15. @HallowChomp accepted! Now that we have the four heroes of legend, we can start whenever, but I feel like it would be best to wait another day to get started. Because we probably won't have enough adventurers, I will change the story so that all we get is the money, but we have to find a party on our own if we want one.
  16. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    A party of hero's and one adventurer. ? Okay.
  17. If we don’t get many other people I guess we’ll just have to play multiple characters... don’t know if having multiple heros in the same group would work.
  18. Well that is exactly the problem. The only way to make it work out in the rules of the story is that we would still have to split up and work on our own, but we are just short on characters. Maybe having a second character would work out fine for now, but that character can't be with your own. Is everyone on board with that?
  19. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Name: Asma Lastguard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Species: Human
    Class: adventurer
    Appearance: he has black hair with white tips and little streaks of blue, he wears a black coatwkch the pockets are white,he wears white hunting boots
    Personality: He is nice and stubborn, even tho he's bored all the time when he gets pumped up he is super excited
    (Only provide details of your own Earth of you are a Hero. If you are someone from this world, then you tell about your normal backstory.)back in his world, cooking was top job, and he was the one to make the change , he was the best chefs wich caused jealousy amongst the other chefs
    Other: he has a huge backpack wich chef equipment, and his weapon is a great sword sheated on his waist ((right side ))

    That's my second character
  20. Looks okay, but when you mean back in his world, are you talking about the new world or one of the earth dimension worlds? Adventurers only come from the new world
  21. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    New world, sorry for not specifying
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  22. I'll go ahead and make a bio for this later, I'm too tired to make one now.
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  23. My second character profile is below, let me know if you want her to join up with your hero, if not we’ll just see what happens.
    Name: Penny Totoya
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12 (grows older at a rapid pace so starting a bit younger)
    Species: Demi-human, raven and human (not a complete furry)
    Class: Adventurer
    Appearance: Penny is a young girl with a small figure defined by olive green eyes, coal-black hair, and pale white skin comparable to porcelain. She is typically seen in her typical leather garb and her woodland bow. She has wings that match her hair.
    Personality: A young demi-human in an unaccepting world, Penny has adapted a rather cold exterior in order to survive. She isn’t shy but she knows when to keep her head down. Her true character shines with those she trusts, taking on the role of a lively mischief maker.
    Backstory: Penny has little to no recollection of most of her youth with most of her memories being cliche statements from whom she assumes to be her mother. Having to survive on her own she took to archery, a style that suited her and her flying abilities.
    Other: As she is a demi-human her appearance in terms of age will change, and this post will adapt with those changes.
  24. Name: Roman Mercer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Class: Adventurer
    Appearance: He stands at 5'11" with Pale skin, Wine red eyes, Silver short spiked hair. He wears a knee length black closed trench coat (looks like Sonosuke's from Danganronpa), Dark blue baggy pants and Brown boots.
    Personality: Calm and blunt, has a type of 'aura' that makes people intimidated by him, but once you get to know him, he is known to actually be a very friendly person. Despite this, he despises losing and would never accept defeat and can be very intimidating when angered. He is also very laid back and somewhat informal... unless eating dinner. He also finds being formal to be 'suffocating' because then he couldn't be himself.
    Backstory: Roman was born within a wealthy family, he was the youngest of his siblings while his only sister was the oldest. The second youngest was successful in finances, the second oldest was successful in politics while his sister grew up to be exactly how their parents wanted her to be and made her next in line to the Mercer fortune. Roman however was to be successful strength and combat, so his parents forced him to become an adventurer so he could train and get stronger. Roman had other reasons for being an adventurer, reasons only his sister supported; freedom from the pressure his family put him through.
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  26. That's fine; I was gonna wait for an appropriate time to introduce my char.
  27. I might have Stark pull a lone swordsman archetype if there isn’t enough adventurers to go around. Just let me know if that is needed.
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  28. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    Abuse of color tags is not allowed on Pokecharms. So I'd suggest you DON'T start color-coding your characters, unless you want warnings.

    It seems like the lot of you should start reading books and acquire some writing tips from those, if you have a hard time differentiating your characters without convenient visual aids.
  29. I'll type Fares' intro soon. Just having a bit of writer's block atm.
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  30. Sorry about that, I guess I too need to refresh my memory of the rules again. I only have myself to blame for those actions. Guess the common error is a humans calling.

    So, I guess we are just waiting on the shield hero's post, and hopefully she will post soon. Even if it takes a while, that just gives us more time to maybe get more people in here. If anyone has any more questions let me know.
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  31. Sorry that I was out for a while, I am going to post soon
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  32. I don't want to reply until @AdorableSlime gets a chance too. However it's been a while, what should we do?
  33. I would wait a bit longer before doing anything, but if it continues I guess right now it’s just flavor text and minor character development. It wouldn’t be horrible to continue in a few days and allow a flashback perspective.
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  34. I guess she will be late a lot like this. I know that keystones are a thing right now but I guess this weekend will be the best timing.
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  35. Yeah I suppose a flashback wouldn't be bad. Keystones huh, sounds important.
  36. Wait are our characters Isekai or residents?
  37. Sorry for the massive delay, I didn't mean to be gone for so long. And also, I think the only characters here that were summoned (Isekai) were the heroes, right?
  38. Yeah, Slime is right. Just the four heroes of legend are the ones who are summoned.
  39. Since the 4 hero were all taken, What about the hero of the other world?

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