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Private/Closed The Rise of Rainbow Evolution

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Krisseon, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    @EmoKitty21 @EeviumZ @PlayfulFox47 @zodiac_queen @Von Pumpkin @DevVoid @Condor @Mango137
    Discussion Thread --- Freewrite Free-For-All


    "Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a great storm that threatened a ship and its humans."

    The rain was pounding against the ocean surface, waves rolling fast and hard. A ship in the distance struggled against the elements, bobbing and weaving, up and down, as the people on board shouted orders to keep them on their course. The heavy rain and harsh winds tossed the sailors to and fro as they scrambled to keep their sails tied. One sailor in particular lost his balance near the edge, the jagged movements of the ship tossing him into the drink. He screamed as he fell, silenced only by the impact of his body against the water as he was plunged into the depths with no mercy. The others ran to the edge, peering down for their lost acquaintance.

    "One of the humans fell, and the others thought he'd been lost to the angry sea."

    From underneath, a magnificent creature swam against the current, taking notice of the unconscious form that had been unfortunate enough to stumble into such unstable waters. She recognized it as a human, which definitely didn't belong in terrain such as this. Wanting to help, she swam to him, lifting him to the surface without a second thought.

    The sailors called out to their friend, and after a moment, a sight they'd never seen before answered instead. A beautiful Lapras emerged from the rolling waves, holding the man they'd thought had been lost to Davy Jones's Locker.

    "Lucky for them, a friendly pokemon saw what happened, and she wanted to help."

    "Look, it be a Lapras! But, the color... It be completely white." One of the sailors mentioned.

    "Aye, that be no ordinary Lapras, men. That right there be an albino. More rare than any shiny yee'd come across. We ought to catch it! We could make millions with a pelt such as that!" A man with a beard added enthusiastically, then thought better of the situation. "But first let's get Stevens back up here." He looked back to the Lapras, nodding and throwing a lifesaver raft with a rope tied to it her way.

    "But the humans didn't see the pokemon as a friend. They wanted to catch the pokemon, and use her for their own gain."

    The young and naive Lapras nodded back happily, thinking she had made friends, unaware of the intentions of the humans she wanted to help. The lifesaver was thrown to her, and she gently situated the sailor inside of it. The others battled against the elements, with the Lapras helping along the way, eventually managing to hoist him up and back to safety. It seemed that her good deed was done, and she turned to take her leave.

    "The pokemon wished to stay free, and tried to run away. But the humans wouldn't let her."

    "Now men! Attack!" The bearded man shouted, and the sailors sent forth their pokemon. A Dewgong, a Feraligatr, a Sharpedo, and a Gyarados suddenly surrounded the Lapras. She flinched, confused about what was happening. She thought her nice gesture would mean friendship with the humans. What did she do wrong?

    The sailors shouted for their pokemon to attack, sending four different sources of raw power hurtling towards her. She dove down into the water just in time to avoid them, but was struck by the force of pure malicious intent as they collided only inches above her in an explosion, disorienting her.

    "They ended up hurting her. Not just with their physical attacks, but with their greed and selfish intentions as well."

    Her moment of pause was her undoing, and she was struck with hit after hit from the relentless pokemon. She cried out, pain wracking her body. But she wouldn't fight back. She refused to lower herself to their level. She just couldn't understand why the humans would pit their pokemon against her in such a way after she had helped them.

    Hurt. All she could manage to think, was hurt. Hurt by these relentless attacks. Hurt by the betrayal of humans that should've thanked her for her kindness. Hurt for the pokemon forced to act upon their selfish intentions. Hurt by the fact that no matter what she did, this world would never return her kindness.

    "When the friendly pokemon was finally able to escape, she swam as far away as she could."

    When she was finally given a moment to breathe, she gathered what was left of her strength and used Sing, her angelic voice cutting through the rushing waves, seeming to sooth even the ocean itself with her song. It lulled the pokemon around her, and she took the opportunity to escape, swimming as fast and far as her body allowed her to. She wasn't even sure where she was going, but wherever it was, it was better than this.

    Anything was better than this...

    "She spent many, many years on the run from other humans like that, who only wanted to use her. Until one day, she met another friendly pokemon. Someone who she soon came to trust with all her heart..."

    Uli opened her ashen eyes, relieving herself of the memories of the past to look at all the faces of young pokemon gathered around her, listening to her story. Their little faces held expressions of all kinds as they waited for her to continue. Some were sad for the friendly pokemon, some were happy the friendly pokemon got away, and some were shocked at the actions of the humans. She gave them all a loving smile.

    "Aw c'mon auntie Uli! What happens next?" An excitable Litleo spoke up, brimming with anticipation.

    "Oh! Oh! Do they fall in love and live happily ever after?" A sweet little Igglybuff asked with a dreamy look in her eyes.

    "No way, I bet she became a super awesome powerful battler and kicked the other one's butt!" Another chimed.

    "That's silly! They're supposed to be friends! Right auntie Uli?"

    Uli laughed heartily, enjoying the youths' banter. "Now, now. There will be no butts being kicked in this story. But, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear the rest."

    There was a series of disappointed noises at this news.

    An eevee by the name of Ainsley sat lazily on the sidelines in his favorite spot next to the lake Uli lived in, eavesdropping on her and the children. A chuckle escaped his lips at the sounds of their whines. He too enjoyed listening to the Chief's stories, but she loved leaving them with cliffhangers. It gave them more of a reason to come back and visit the next day. He was on to her strategy, and he couldn't deny, it was a foolproof plan.

    He yawned, stretching out his small body as the young pokemon began to happily bound off and back to their families. He smiled at them, then limped his way to Uli's side. "We've got quite the rambunctious crowd this spring, huh Chief?"

    A chuckle could be heard from the larger pokemon. "That we do. They're quite the handful, even for me. I can't imagine how their parents feel." The two laughed together for a moment, and Ainsley looked up at the sky. The sun was shining, and not a cloud to be seen. "Beautiful day." He mentioned, right before spotting the surprisingly vivid and stunning rainbow arced across the heavens. 'It hadn't rained today at all, how could there be a rainbow?' He thought, his logical mind knowing right away there definitely had to be something to it. He turned back to Uli.

    "Hey, what's that?" He asked, pointing to the sky. Uli looked at him, then the sky. A knowing smile crossed her face before glancing back to the Eevee. "That's the Rainbow."

    Ainsly chuckled a bit. "Well, yeah, I know that! But, like--"

    He was interrupted as a familiar little Dedenne scurried up to the two in a bit of a panic. "Uli! Uli!" She shouted, out of breath. "I've picked up a signal from the outside! There's been reports all day about weird frequencies in the air, and everyone's confused about it! What could that mean?" The small mouse rushed her sentences, even as she tried to regulate her breathing. She held her tail to calm herself, looking up to their leader with an expression of concern.

    "It's alright. Calm down Nix, everything is just fine. There's no need to worry." Uli said softly. She returned her eyes to the Rainbow. 'She must not be feeling well today.'
  2. ~Lakeside~

    Eve knew plenty of weird things happened in the world.
    She knew that Magcargo was hotter than the sun, yet didn't kill everyone who came anywhere near it.
    She knew that Gardevoir could create miniature black holes, something that should not be physically possible.
    But she did not know how there was a rainbow in the sky, when there hadn't been any rain in recent memory - let alone today.
    The rainbow was remarkably vivid, almost compelling Eve to stare at it. She heard Uli call it "the Rainbow", like it was something familiar.
    "Is there something special about the rainbow? How could there be a rainbow if it hasn't rained?" she asked curiously.
  3. Uli's story time for the kids, the kittens and the puppies drew Brimstone to listen quietly alongside the others. Though she half-slept through the tale, thanks to Uli's calming and soft voice, she was fairly sure she'd heard all of it. What kind of Pokémon was the first one in the story? Who was the other Pokémon? "How come the Pokémon tried to save the human in the first place?" All of those questions and more remained unanswered, much to the kitten's chagrin. Although, the last one, perhaps she thought too loud. Her telepathy went and broadcast it to everyone else there.

    Where Brimstone went, Sulfur was never far behind.

    At first, the story seemed fine. But, as it went on, Sulfur felt a layer of thick ice freeze over his racing heart. Were he to tell them that not all humans were bad, what would that do but diminish the story Uli told? Her story? Those humans were bad. Although he and Brimstone thought on a similar level, Uli wasn't wrong for trying to save a life. Uli wasn't wrong for refusing to exact revenge-- Though, if it had been Sulfur...

    He would have sank the damn ship.

    He figured that was why Uli was Chief and he wasn't in the running at all. The Pokémon Village needed a leader with the kind of heart that shone best in the light. That Pokémon wasn't Sulfur.

    His flattened ears perked up-- The rainbow shone high in the sky. Yet, where was the rain to precede it? His eyes couldn't have been playing tricks on him, not when everyone else around him muttered about seeing the same thing. "Is some Fairy-type doing this, or what?" he asked, as if anyone would know.
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  4. Nearby Meadow

    As he lay among the wildflowers and swaying grass, Hako was breathing heavily. His limbs felt almost numb after running for so long, and gasps for air wracked his body. Today, he had been pushing his record: a mile in eight minutes instead of nine. He had made it in just over eight, to his disappointment. He would just have to work harder. Be faster, stronger next time. He repeated this mantra to himself almost very day. Where he had lived before, these thoughts had kept him alive, now, his self improvement streak was merely force of habit. Some part of him still felt as though he had to keep running.

    After catching his breath a bit, the small Eevee turned his gaze heavenward. There, a vibrant rainbow was streaking across the sky. Hako hadn’t seen many rainbows in his time, but the ones he remembered from his past brought happy memories. Rain after a long drought, the river running high enough to reach safely. All good things. Hako got to his feet, shook himself off, and followed the rainbow back towards the Village.
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  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nightfall watched Uli tell her story. I reminded her of her own, except she was older when the betrayal happened, so she handled it much better. Of course, she refused to leave for a long time. Nightfall shook the thought out of her head and looked at Uli. The elderly Lapas was talking to an Eevee, much like her adoptive daughter. The Absol smiled and lept off of her perch. Just then, she was overwhelmed by brown fluff.
    "Nightfall! Nightfall! Look at the sky!" the little Eevee with a scarf shouted.
    The Disaster-Pokemon obeyed and looked at the sky. Above her was a beautiful rainbow. She was stunned, yes, but in two ways. One was the beauty, the other was how it was even there. Rainbows only came after a spring shower, not out of nowhere. "Yes, it is pretty, isn't it Sunny?" she replied dismissively, unknownst to her.
    Sunny looked at her with a disappointed look. "You don't sound impressed," Sunny said, disappointed. She really hoped that this rainbow would make Nightfall much more excited.
    Nightfall shook her head and smiled at her daughter. "I am impressed," she told her, "I just don't know how a rainbow formed when there was no rain." Sunny nodded to this and opened her mouth, but then she shut it again. Probably it was because there was nothing to say about what Nightfall answered her with.
  6. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Meanwhile, deep inside a Forest near the Pokemon Village...


    The ground shook, a quake giving panic to the bug pokemon amongst others currently residing near the ground. Their heads looked around frantically, trying to find the source of the quake, when suddendly..


    Another quake, which now caused most of the insect pokemon to buzz away in panic. Bird Pokemon amongst others already had the idea of where this quake could be coming from. One herd of Pidgey specifically were flying back to their nests, atop what they previously assumed was a large mossy mountain. Upon arrival, they had met the face of what appeared to be a golurk, struggling to dig itself out of the ground. It waved over to the Pidgey's for help, which had first shocked them to realize they had been building a nest atop another pokemon, but were willing to help the large golem out of the ground for the sake of keeping their nests safe. Swarms of other bird pokemon that were on their way back had come to help aswell. Most of them were family of the other birds that kept their nest on the body of the giant golurk. With all the help, the Golem managed to slowly lift itself out of the ground, soon managing to get one foot out onto the grassy ground. All kinds of small pokemon that had been residing in and around the Golurk's body had now been moving out of it, curious as to why their home is currently moving. Upon seeing the reason, the pokemon were quite suprised, but not too panicked. The Golurk didn't seem like trouble at all. It more seemed like one of them. They didn't know what it was about it, but there was something about this rock of a pokemon that gave off a familiar, calming aura. The smaller pokemon made their way back into the Golurk as it managed to get out another foot out of the ground. It's body lit up in a dark-green light as it began to stand up fully, nodding thankfully toward all the bird pokemon. It held its body still to let its helpers go back to their nests inside it and its head rotated towards the sky, where it found the reason of it awakening in the first place. There, up in the sky, was a rainbow. But not a natural one. This rainbow seemed to shine without any rain, sustaining itself off of seemingly nothing. There was something about this rainbow that Gaia had sensed a great danger to soon arrive for, or from. It didn't know exactly what it was that was gonna happen. It just knew that something bad was gonna happen soon...
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  7. The many pristine colors of the world shone brightly above Meredith, the Eevee's light grimace from waking up turning into a grin that spread across her small face. Her soft paws gently walked along the path that led to the center of the Village, and from one of the many beautiful, handmade buildings, Meredith's ear twitched. The very distinct and motherly voice of Uli is what she caught, and Meredith couldn't help but pause to listen to what seemed to be the end of one of the Village Leader's stories, and the excited chime of a few young Pokemon. A genuine laugh escaped Meredith's lips, but it was short lived, as she padded along. She was awaiting a Pokemon from Uli's story-time anywho, so she decided to pace a bit before the young Seagull came bouncing up to her. She could feel the sun's radiance shine down onto her face, the Eevee practically relishing in the beauty of the heavens above.
    "Meredith, Meredith!"
    There it is. Meredith turned, as if surprised to see the Wingull, widening her downturned eyes. Meredith began snuggling the bird with her fluffy, grey-and-white fur. "I'm guessing you're done listening to your Aunt Uli? What story did she tell you today, Tilly?" Meredith asked, as Tilly bounced up and down, flapping her wings lightly. "She- She, you should've been there! It was- awesome! Auntie was so brave, she survived evil humans and made a cool friend!" At the mention of humans, Meredith seemed a bit disheartened- but no less, she would still be happy. For Tilly's sake. "Oh yeah? I bet. Uli is a very wise and kind Pokemon. Listen to her words and you will become someone like her, thoughtful and compassionate." Once more the Eevee bent down, to direct the Wingull's gaze towards the skies. "I'll bet she even knows the ways of the sky. She is wiser than any Pokemon I've ever met." Tilly then broke from Meredith's grip, jumping around the Evolution Pokemon in a circle. "I can be like Uli? Yay!" The Seagull cried, receiving a curt nod. "Of course. However, you'll need to train hard to be able to see the world in the way she does." The Eevee lightly noted, her tail swaying lightly. "Speaking of, let's go and have a wade in the water, shall we?" Tilly then nodded, and Meredith led her to the pond that rested beside Uli's building, moving to the side farther from the monument, as the water there was shallower.
    Meredith then waded into the water, about to where her legs were halfway submerged into the blue depths. The rainbow that glittered up in the sky astounded Meredith, the way it gleamed onto the water's surface so beautifully, sending the colors flying about on the surface as the water sloshed around. She pondered about how it was there, but the wonders of the world they lived in she would never question. Her purpose was clear as day- to stay in the village and help the development of the younglings that took interest in her teachings. Tilly flapped her wings, wobbling into the pond. The small bird was using her wings as more if a floating device than anything else, sort of like a young Buizel. Meredith then dove under the water, popping up a second later so that Tilly wouldn't worry for her.
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  8. Sam spent his morning tending to the elderly pokemon of the village. Every morning he came to help them get a start on their day. Today he helped one to rest by the lake where Uli was telling her stories. These stories seemed to calm the older pokemon. They probably reminded them of the first time they came to village and Uli took them in. They have been here ever since. Some needed help to get around. That is where Sam usually is. Well unless he is in the village daycare. Sam looked towards the elder. "Well how did you enjoy your time out of your home?" Sam wanted to help them. They seemed to be staring up at the sky. "Look at that. Ain't you never seen a site prettier then that?" The elder pointed a shakey hand towards the sky. There stood one of the most beautiful sites he had ever seen. There stood a rainbow in bright vivid colors. "My it is pretty. Are you ready to head back? I think it is getting time to get you something for breakfast." Sam's brown fur shifted as he stood up. He walked over to the elder's side and let the frail pokemon lean on him. He helped them back to their home. Once there he fixed a nice breakfast for the pokemon to enjoy. He sat the bowl down at the table. "Here you go. You know how to get ahold of me if you need anything else." Sam walked out of the home and started to walk towards the rainbow. He had to know if it was as pretty up close as it was from a far.
  9. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    To Ahi, there was nothing better than basking in the sun while laying on a warm stone. This is the life he thought as he relaxed on a nearby boulder. He had come to the village in search of a great and fun adventure; however, he had just been sleeping and playing the days away-but that wasn’t something he was going to complain about, he loved the Village. Yet, Ahi dreamed of more. He dreamed of exploring places that other Pokémon didn’t even know existed, he dreamed of exciting and dangerous adventures, he dreamed of finding hidden treasures, but more than anything, he dreamed of one day evolving. Ahi looked up in the sky and his eyes dazzled in awe. There he saw the most vivid and beautiful rainbow he had ever seen, and on a sunny day no less. Ahi knew that shooting stars were what people normally wished on, but this rainbow seemed different, almost magical. He spoke in barely a whisper while still gazing at the rainbow “Please make my dreams come true.”
  10. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Upon the questions raised, Uli smiled, almost sadly. "The Rainbow has been around for a long time. Even longer than me, if you can believe it," She chuckled softly, then looked up to the spectrum in question with a fond, albeit melancholic expression. "She comes around from time to time..."

    "She?" Ainsley questioned quizzically. He followed Uli's gaze back to what he'd thought was an inanimate occurrence.

    "Is... is that why everyone's going crazy? A-about the frequencies? Is that.. her?" Nix added, her whiskers still picking up the strange, shrill sound waves. Little sparks could be seen from them as each signal was caught. This had her on edge, as she was the only one who could really hear it at all. It seemed as if it was getting louder by the minute, and she wasn't sure if she could take it much longer.

    Uli looked back at the small mouse, her smile fading. "I believe so. Something isn't right..." She wondered briefly about something, when her thoughts were interrupted by a loud cracking noise. Her eyes widened as she looked back up. "Oh no..."

    Crick... Crack... CRACK!

    As if by an unseen force, the Rainbow suddenly shattered, sending shards of vivid color plummeting towards the Village. A phantom grayscale version resided where the colors used to be. The shards seemed to gravitate towards the Eevees, guided by something they couldn't comprehend. Before there was time to react, the shards had made contact with the many Evolution pokemon in the vicinity. It was not a painful impact, but rather a surge of sudden power rippling through them.

    Ainsley shouted and flinched back as he saw a green shard coming right at him. He didn't feel pain like he thought he would, but rather an intense tingling white glow came over him, and he could feel his body begin to change. His eyes shot open as he felt an invigorating rush. He felt different. He felt good! Although, the look of pure shock on Nix's face made him feel less good.

    "W-what?" He asked, a bit shocked himself. He looked down at what he could see of himself, noticing his normally fluffy brown fur was now thin and light, and his paws were painted in a lighter brown. His eyes widened further, and he rushed to the lake, looking down at his reflection.

    His heart skipped a beat when he realized he'd somehow evolved into a Leafeon. But even stranger still, he had antennas sprouting from his forehead, with green crystalline leaves forming at the tips. They were beautiful, but were not a common feature in the evolution itself. His mind was racing with questions he had no idea how to answer, and in an adrenaline filled panic, he looked to Uli for comfort.

    Her expression of heartache as she looked on at the scene seemed to hold the answers. But seeing her like that, he wasn't sure if he was ready for them.
  11. A pale pink shard flew from the Rainbow, right towards Eve. The young Eevee simply stared at it, confused - until it touched her.
    The shard shattered on contact, and she felt a strange energy surge within her. Her body began to glow a vibrant pink.
    "I'M GONNA BLOW UP! EVERYONE BACK-" She immediately jumped to the conclusion that she was going to explode, only for her body to begin to change.
    Energy coursed through every fiber of her soul. Although she couldn't see the changes, everyone else could see - and they would know that she would not like it.
    Finally, the glow subsided. A blast of pink sparkles radiated from her body.
    She felt... taller than before, with a slimmer stature. She looked down, to see pinkish colored paws.
    Cool! I must be.. Espeon!
    Unfortunately, that is not what she was -- far from it. She was something considerably more... girly.
  12. The grumpy Eevee saw only flying debris heading straight for him or those near him-- One or two others had already been hit, and in the midst of the glow that surrounded those other Eevee, he jumped in front of the speeding orange crystal. The shard's color surrounded him. It glowed brighter and brighter until all he could see was the color of a late sunset or a midnight pyre.

    He felt his legs grow longer and his fur shorten until it clung tight to his skin. Bark colored eyes shut; crimson eyes opened. His fur darkened, everywhere except for the light rings that now took their places on each leg, on each ear, on his head and tail-- the last of which appeared smooth and crystalline, colored vibrant orange instead of yellow.

    His glow subsided, and the Espurr who once stood at his same height now shrunk to a third of it. "Guess I won't be fitting into small cracks anymore," he mused. With a shake of his head, the Umbreon padded up to the side of the lake. The Chief would have some kind of answer, right? Some kind of guidance to give them?
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  13. Meredith had been content, splashing lightly about as not to frighten nor overstimulate the young bird. "You're doing well with floating, Tilly." Meredith complimented, her movements taken in solemn slowness as the moment was supposed to be more tranquil and calming than anything else. "Thank you- ACK!" Tilly had tried to wave one of her wings as thanks, but quickly lost her buoyancy, beginning to flop around like a Magikarp on land. "Hold on, Tilly!" Meredith then waded- no, swam- over to the bird, ducking under the water and pushing the bird upwards. The Evolution Pokemon then let out a sigh, popping her head back to the surface as she felt the Wingull regain her composure.
    Meredith shook her fur, the droplets that released from the strands creating ripples in the pool of water below. She didn't really mind the water, but her fur had become quite ruffled, and disoriented. She tried to smooth it out, a light lick to her paw and drawing it over her forehead. She then looked towards the Wingull. Something was incredibly off, Tilly's eyes locked on something Meredith hadn't noticed.
    "Meredith, why is the rainbow cracking?"
    The Evolution Pokemon looked in horror- the Seagull was right. The rainbow had begun to crack, the sound similar to the slow shattering of a mirror. She pieces fell off, dissipating into fractured sparkles that slowly turned to nothing. However, as it continued, larger pieces broke off, each of specific color. However, these shards were not falling as the others- they had begun to spiral towards the ground at an alarming rate. "M-Meredith!" Tilly was panicked, squawking and quickly exiting the pond. Meredith was trying, but she had her eyes on a specific shard.
    Was that- was it coming towards her? The blue piece looked like glass, with a sharp point that seemed to be pointed towards the direction it was going. "Meredith, get out of there!" The Evolution Pokemon then snapped put of it, pushing her way towards the edge of the deep blue. However, she was not fast enough, and she could only watch in pure fear as the shard aimed straight for her forehead. She braced for the impact, she braced for the ebbing pain she had already felt so many times before. But it never happened, and Meredith snapped her eyes open. The shard was inserted into her forehead, yes, but she couldn't feel any pain. She could see Tilly out of the corner of her eye, trying to provide condolence to the clearly petrified little Pokemon.
    She was about to speak, when a sense of pure wonder spread into every vein in her body. Adrenaline, pure, pure adrenaline. Pushing through her as she felt her body start to defy it's own structure, misshaping and making itself anew.
    Her tail, once fluffy and pristine, now felt sleek and smooth, stretched into a mermaid's tail that spread out in beautiful fins. She noticed her height was elevated, and her shoulders were more broad and defined. Meredith then looked at her paws as soon as shewas spared from the blinding blue light that surrounded her.
    She paced over to the end of the pond. "Tilly are you okay?" Meredith seemed not to notice she had evolved, something she was so excited about, to check on the Seagull. "Y-Y-You're so...pretty!" The Wingull was elated, and Meredith turned to see her reflection. She was...pink? And...Gills protruded from the side of her head and the top of it, with a mane of fins that elegantly circled her head. Two large crystals protruded from her back, and the crystal that stabbed her forehead had began the centerpiece of her mane.

    " What's happened to me?"
  14. Hako’s walk to the Village was suddenly interrupted when the beautiful rainbow he had been admiring began to...crack? Rainbows didn’t crack. Right? Hako wasn’t exactly an expert on that sort of thing. Normal rainbow behavior or not, he didn’t have much more time to dwell on it, as one of the rainbow’s shards began hurtling in his direction. Hako’s fur stood on end, It was too late to run for cover now, he knew. His body tensed, anticipating the sharp sting of glass. It wouldn’t be long now. Would he really die here? From a rainbow of all things?

    Apparently not, for instead of sharp pain, as soon as the shard connected, a wave of energy surged through his body. Hako felt his fur begin to crackle and spark with static electricity. It felt as though every one of his hairs was standing on end. His legs seemed to morph from short and stubby to lean and agile, and his entire being began hum with electric charge. Finally, Hako opened his eyes, still a bit disoriented. He looked down at his paws to see they had turned from dusty brown to a vibrant yellow. Hako reached a trembling paw behind his neck to feel where the yellow shard had lodged itself. Could it be? Was he a Jolteon now? How could this happen? Was he even ready for evolution? Hako was at a loss. He sat down to steady his still spinning head, his thoughts were going a mile a minute. What now?
  15. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Already passed through half of the forest from his large steps, Gaia was carefully moving through the forest with his head above the trees when he picked up the sound of what seemed like glass shattering. Gaia looked to where the sound was coming from as his movements slowed down, soon coming to a halt near the end of the forest and the beginning of the meadows closing in on the village. That rainbow... it seemed to be breaking apart. Prophecy slowly fulfilled itself as Gaia saw the reason he had been awoken from his deep slumber. He watched as the rainbow broke apart and shattered into tiny shards that seemingly... flew and homed in on something? Gaia went to move on a small hill infront for a better view, when he saw two eevee's stand near the edge of town get hit by two shards. The two were enveloped in a light that Gaia knew from somewhere before, and evolved into their respective evolutions. Gaia was suprised. Shards that magically evolve things? And from what he's seen, Eevee's specifically? Something must've caused this chaos to happen for a purpose. Something powerful. Gaia went to move towards the Village, to find someone similiar to an elder or chief ranking like the tribes had back in the day. Someone who had lived there the oldest and had come to be their leader. With every step, the ground had shook, as Gaia had been careful not to step on someone as he was approaching the village.
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  16. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The rainbow shattered like glass. Ahi was shocked, he had never heard of a rainbow breaking, he didn’t even think that was possible. How can that happen? Rainbows are just light, I must be seeing things he concluded. Lost in his thought, Ahi barley had processed that a red shard was heading right towards his eye before it made impact. He was surprised not to feel pain, the shard felt like it had passed through him like a ghost, and then upon reaching the inside of his body, possessed him. Ahi did not feel hurt, but he did feel an unfamiliar burning coming from his chest. He made his way over to the water in an attempt to cool off, but as he looked down to take a sip the burning sensation began to make sense. He was stunned by his new appearance, he had grown a good foot or two, developed orange-red fur, sprouted large yellow tufts of fur from his head, neck, and tail, but more surprising than anything, he seemed to have a ruby stuck in his right eye. He lifted a paw and attempted to dislodge the gemstone, but was instead greeted by a sharp pain from the poking. He looked back into the water, he moved his eyes, looking to the left and then to the right. The ruby followed his gaze, it would appear it had embedded itself in him. This was too weird for Ahi, and he began sprinting towards Uli, noting he was running much faster than he could before, with hopes she would have answers.
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  17. Sam spent his time walking. He did not know where he would end up, but he did know what drew his attention. It was the sight of the rainbow. He had made it to the clearing where it seemed to reside. Then seemingly out of no where the rainbow shattered. One of the shards went stright for him. It was a beautiful indigo color. It went stright for Sam. It hit him right in the middle of his forehead. A bright light seemed to engulf him. He started to panic he could not see a thing. He did not feel any pain whatsoever, but that did not affect the way he felt. He did not know what this shard would do to him. The light seemed to fade. He looked down at himself and saw dark blue paws leading to lighter blue. He must be a Glaceon. "I evolved!?" His voice was different. Where it was once bright and cheerful, it is now calm and very smooth sounding. The shard that hit him seemed to be imbeded into the three diamond shapes on his head. Sam was calm but quietly freaking out. He needed to go to Uli. He needed to let her know what he saw. He ran as fast as he could to where he last saw the white lapris. He hoped she was still there.
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  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sunny couldn't look away from the rainbow, so she was shocked when she saw it break. The small, brown, fluff-ball released a large, audible gasp and her ears fell back. She felt tears welling in her eyes. The fox-like Pokemon saw one of the shards float towards her. Her eyes widened with disbelief. Why would a rainbow break and give part of itself to her? Maybe this was some weird thing that only happened to the purest of Pokemon, kinda like the stories that Nightfall always told her before bed when she was a baby Pokemon. As the shard touched her, she started to glow. Nightfall looked astonished as she evolved. The Eevee shifted into the shape of the Psychic-type Eevelution, Espeon, right before Nightfall's eyes. The Absol blinked as soon as it was over, her red eyes hurting from the bright glow.
    "What happened?" Sunny asked. Her tail flicked as she asked this, something she now did unconsciously.
    Nightfall looked at her, up and down and replied, "You evolved." Sunny's purple eyes widened in shock. But she couldn't have evolved! She looked down at her scarf, the violet gem now stuck to it like a pin. It was now smaller than before, but it was in mostly the same shape.
  19. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Uli watched as each evolution that was once an Eevee approached her, looking for guidance. Though this was something she had not seen before, even in her rather unusually long lifetime, she knew the Rainbow had chosen them all for a reason in her time of need. The hint of her presence in the vibrant colors fused with each of their evolutions was proof enough of that. This was something bigger than she would like to admit to her young companions, but she knew they'd want answers. Answers only Uli could give them. At least, to the best of her ability given her own situation. Something she had never wanted to bring attention to if she could help it.

    She took one more glance up at her Rainbow friend, seeing she had not faded, but was dulled quite a bit from the unseen impact she'd been victim to. She had an idea of who--or what--had done it, but there was no possible way to tell for sure what had really just occurred. It was a sad sight, with the large gaping hole that seemed almost ethereal adorning the middle of her beautiful essence. It made Uli's heart ache.

    With a soft sigh, she looked back to her confused villagers gathering lakeside to hear what she had to say about what had transpired.

    "My friends. It seems my suspicions were right. Something is happening to the Rainbow. Something we can't see. Something, that even I myself have never witnessed to know the true nature of the situation. But with these sudden goings on, it seems she has chosen you--the evolution pokemon--to help her. Unfortunately, I cannot rightfully say how exactly any of you could. But in time, I'm sure she will guide you in the right direction."

    Ainsley looked up at Uli, his heart yet again skipping a beat. He wasn't sure if he was ready for that kind of commitment. He couldn't even walk normally, let alone help with some unseen aggressor to a Rainbow lady he only just found out existed! Next to him, Nix was breathing heavily at the news, her mind racing with all sorts of worst case scenarios. She knew those frequencies meant bad news.

    "However," Uli continued after a moment of thought, almost as if she'd heard Ainsley's internal struggle to understand, "the choice to help is ultimately yours. This is something much bigger than you or I could truly understand at this point in time, and it's a lot to take in. Rest assured, I will always be here to help as much as I can in any struggles you may have. We're in this together, not only as a well rounded community, but as a family." She ended her thoughts with a reassuring smile to ease the concerns of the pokemon gathered around.
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  20. Eve stamped her foot. "Well, of course I'm helping! If there's some unknown evil out there, I'll drag it straight down to the Reverse World and Giratina can choose what to do with it! And if it's something natural, not something intentional, then I'll help fix it! Or I'm not Eve the Eevee - I mean Espeon!"
    Eve still had not realized that she was not an Espeon, but a Sylveon. Unfortunately, her bubble was about to burst.
  21. Sam had made good time. He was one of the first eevultions there. He saw Ainsley there with a worried look on his face. Sam walked over to him. He nuzzled into him to try and comfort the leafeon. "Hey it will be ok. We can get through this together. You will not be alone in this." Sam turned to Eve. He knew the girl would not like what he was about to tell her. "Um Eve you are not an Espeon. You are a Sylveon."
  22. Sulfur turned his head toward Eve. Ah, yes. The loud-mouthed tomboy with a thirst for freedom and adventure. She yelled time and again, if he remembered correctly. "Look at your paws; they change from light to dark pink. Now look at hers--" He jolted his head toward Sunny, the real Espeon among them.

    "They're a solid color." His tail swished along the grass. "Course, you could look in the lake, too. How don't you feel your feelers?" Sulfur's head shook side to side for nearly half a minute. Sometimes, he wondered why he spent time near anyone at all.

    Brimstone's little grey paw pressed up against his leg as her purple eyes shone wide. Her bottom lip wibbled.

    "Yeah, yeah. Sulfur, the Umbreon-- who knows what he evolved into-- isn't about to abandon everyone else like some kind of... jerk." He met the Espurr's gaze. She gave him a happy trill in return, which prompted a little mutter and grumble out of him. "But look at the bright side," he joked. "The sooner we help this rainbow, the sooner you all stop being stuck with me."
  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sunny bounded over, the same energy in her steps as when she was an Eevee, and glanced at the other Eevelutions. "Hey! I was about to say the same thing! Oh, well. And look on the bright side of this mess, we all will work together, everything is better with friends, right?" She said with a huge smile. It seemed she was unfazed by the sudden change. She didn't seem to notice Sulfer's sarcastic jabs at Eve. Her purple eyes shone with light as she looked at all of them, seemingly joyful. Nightfall sighed and padded over as well, hoping that she wouldn't have to apologize over her daughter's essive talking.
  24. Eve smiled forcefully, as if this were a sick joke. "No, you're joking. I can't be a Sylveon. I'll prove it." She walked over to the lake, seeing her appearance.
    Her jaw dropped. She tried to speak, but no words came out.
    She cursed very loudly, something unusual even for her.
    "GET THESE RIBBONS OFF ME! I LOOK SO GIRLY! WHY IS MY VOICE SO HIGH-PITCHED? SOMEBODY HELP ME!" With one last curse, she passed out from shock.
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  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Gaia had been stepping through the town, carefully bending down to shove away a few pokemon here and there to make way for his massive stone feet. Multiple eyes, mouthes, heads, beaks and whatnot poked out of its many crevices and atop his bodyparts, watching at the commotion below and, in the distance, spotted a whole gathering of Evee pokemon. Gaia looked on to the crowd too, spotting what seemed like an albino lapras amongst the crowd of evolved pokemon. He went to made his way over, hushing his hands over the cracks and spaces inbetween his chest, symbolizing the pokemon to stop staring as a sign of respect. As he approached, the small pokemon below him had been lifted into the air from his massive steps as he came to a halt just a few feet away from the Lapras. He bent down, his knees creaking and sounding up with the rattling of plants and various stones grinding against eachother. He waved as a gesture of being without ill intent, the pokemon contained within his body had also looked towards the Lapras and waved in kind gesture, making various greeting sounds.
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  26. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Ainsley smiled at Sam and nuzzled back a bit. He appreciated the kind nature of the now-Glaceon. "Thanks.." He tensed a bit when Sam and Sulfur blatantly mentioned Eve's evolution, watching as she inevitably lost it to the point of passing out. She was going to be a handful when she woke up. He turned to see Sunny bounding up to them, with her precious smile and willingness to be so accepting of the situation. He couldn't help but to grin at her innocent statement, along with Sam's reassurance. "Yeah, friendship makes it a lot better." He mentioned cheerfully, sending a hesitant glance towards Sulfur, hoping he was willing to agree as to not hurt the young Espeon's feelings.

    Uli chuckled as the others bantered and handled the situation in such different ways. She loved the diversity of the many characters the village had wandering around. Her thoughts were cut short when a loud thumping sound seemed to be getting closer to the village, rumbling the very earth below them all. She looked in the direction of, what seemed to be large footsteps, to see a massive Golurk approaching the lake where they all resided. He was much different than any Golurk she had ever seen, almost ancient. Larger, and made of wood and stone, and covered in earth and moss as if he'd been laid in the ground for many years. He even had other pokemon living within his body. It was a sight to behold, even after witnessing the Rainbow shatter and affect her villagers as it had. Ainsley and Nix stared up at the unusual pokemon, unsure how to really handle the sight. But he seemed peaceful.

    "Why, hello there," Uli spoke to the large newcomer, "and who might you be?"
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  27. Sulfur caught the look in Ainsley's eye. Be nice to the child, the Leafeon might as well have said. Please. What did Ainsley take him for? Sulfur lifted his Espurr daughter up on his back for the first time in both of their lives, and let the kitten ride him like a human might have ridden a Stoutland as he stepped closer to his new Espeon friend.

    "I've never had a friend before," he admitted, like he simply recited what the color of the sky was. "But I guess I could try." One of his canines dipped over his bottom lip as he made an expression close to a knowing smirk.

    The Espurr squeaked! "Wait! What am I?" Sulfur thanked whatever power was in play that he could still hear Brim's telepathic messages.

    "My daughter." Again, spoken like a simple fact of life that nobody could refute. The Espurr on his back, if not Sulfur himself, craned her neck up to get any kind of view on the giant Pokémon who stepped into their village-- with no success. Goodness. Who knew they made Pokémon that big?
  28. From a short distance away, Hako was able to hear some of Uli’s words. The Rainbow, which had turned out to be some kind of living being, was under attack. At least, that was what he understood from it all. That was why is many Eevee’s had evolved at once. Now, as the new Eeveelutions gathered in the village, most, if not all seemed determined to help, even making idle conversation with one another. Hako was hesitant to join them. He had no way of knowing what this “help” entailed. But he could not help but remember the sorrowful look in Uli’s eyes as she spoke to the village. If not for the Rainbow’s sake, Hako would help for Uli. She had taken him into the village without a moments deliberation... Perhaps this could be his chance to prove he was worth her time.

    Small yellow paws padded into the growing crowd of villagers. Hako mulled over how he might introduce himself to the others. They seemed engaged in conversation already. Finally, he worked up the nerve to approach the Umbreon of the group. They seemed the most calm out of them all, therefore the most approachable. He took a deep breath, and walked softly up to the Dark type.

    “H-Hello.” Hako cleared his throat, “I was-er- one of the Eevee’s who evolved. I’m...here to help. However I can.” That wasn’t...terrible? Hako was trembling a little bit, just from that. He was more used to hiding from other Pokémon than talking, and he couldn’t help but feel vulnerable.
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  29. Eve woke up, her voice faint.
    "Sorry for freaking out..." she said sheepishly. She noticed Sunny, which inevitably put a smile on her face.
    "Hi, Sunny!" she said softly. "You evolved into Espeon... wow! Good for you!"
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  30. Meredith lifted the Wingull onto her back. Tilly had always been a bit bigger than the silver and white Eevee, but now she was big enough to support the weight of the Seagull. She caught onto Uli's words, one of her fins twitching in place of her once velvety ears. She shifted her paws, as she saw other Eeveelutions crowd around, listening close to the Albino Lapras instead of from afar. The large shards that came from her back gave her a bit of displeasure- but she was not going to complain, no siree. She was going to join the group, make her peace and agree to help the cause- until the ground shook below her and she almost lost her footing. She looked up, to see a rather huge Pokemon- something even more gigantic than she had ever imagined could exist. She'd seen Milotics, which were about twice the size of humans, but never something of this stature. She padded over, and the Seagull stayed silent as she perched on Meredith's back. Pretty much all the Eeveelutions she ever knew of were there- spare maybe one or two- but still, she remained silent.
    Her tail swayed back and forth, shaking herself and allowing her frill mane to be roughed about. The shard that stayed in the middle of her mane caused her a bit of pain, as if the gem was so fragile that it gave pain if the stone itself felt threatened. Uli's voice greeted the largest of all the crowd, and Meredith saw that a few different species nested in the joints and limbs of the creature.
  31. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Ahi was shocked to see many Pokémon he had never seen in the village before, all of which were other evolutions of Eevee. Ahi was too panicked to figure a similar thing had happened to the other eevees of the village and approached an Espeon and an Umbreon. “Hey I’m sorry to bother you, some crazy thing just happened and now I’m a Flareon. There was a rainbow and it broke and, and....” Ahi stammered in a panic before finally calming himself enough to ask a question, “Do you know where Uli, or anyone who would know what’s going on is?”
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  32. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Gaia had been thinking. He couldn't talk, that's one of the features the ancient elders couldn't infuse him with. Now how else was he gonna deliver a message... oh, that's right! He could use the power of nature his core was imbued with to write in the ground! Upon realization, the Golurk's core began to glow a brighter green, and the smaller vines that had been growing inbetween the cracks of his hand's inner surfaces began to extend outward, writing a message into the dirt below for the Lapras to read:

    ' I am Gaia. I am here to protect from danger above. If you are elder here, I am pleased to serve. I can not talk, but I can still understand. '
  33. Lakeside - Everyone, but especially Ahi right now

    Sulfur's jaw hung open, lower and lower as the Flareon spoke. He looked from the blazing idiot to the Chief, then to the words at the foot of the golem, then back to the fire type. "You didn't just ask that question, right? I misheard you, right?" His words came out before he could think to stop them, and once he did think, he threw out that thought anyway.

    "Is the rainbow piece in your eye making everything the wrong color?" Sulfur hadn't exactly run miles away from the Chief's story time corner here! "Okay, the Lapras-shaped Pokémon is still Uli. She might look red now, or something, I don't know. None of us got shards in our eyes. Look, the Chief just told us she has no idea how we're supposed to help the rainbow, but that we're supposed to. Somehow. And the rainbow was alive, so that's why we saw it-- her-- at all."

    Sulfur swished his tail into view of the Flareon, showing off the crystalline, orange ring. If this Pokémon was now color-blind, at least he'd still see the crystal structure where fur ought to have been. "We were all Eevee until about two minutes ago."
  34. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Ahi was embarrassed, he had been so caught up in panic that he didn’t even notice Uli was there. But that was no reason for Sulfur to be a jerk. “No I’m not colorblind, I just had trouble seeing Uli behind your over inflated ego. It’s no coincidence you turned into the dark type, Sulfur.” He coldly replied as he pushed his way past the Umbreon to the other eeveelutions. And saw a Leafeon. “Hey, who are you? And could you catch me up to speed on who everyone turned into? I don’t wanna make the mistake of talking to Sulfur again.” He kindly asked the grass type.
  35. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Oh! OH! I can help you!" Sunny shouted, not caring that he wasn't talking to her. "I'm Sunny! And I'm an Espeon. The Sylveon next to me is Eve, do not call her cute or adorable. She doesn't like it! As you know, Sulfer is the Dark-type Umbreon. As for everyone else, I don't exactly know. But I tried my hardest! And Eve, I know right! And you evolved into Sylveon! I think that cute stuff can be very cool as well! Many Pokemon will underestimate you, so you can defend yourself better!" Sunny smiled happily at Eve, hoping to cheer her up with that statement.
    Nightfall shook her head and smiled. Sunny always tried to make the Pokemon around her feel better with her own happiness. She never lost it from exhaustion either. It was almost a never-ending source of positivity. How Sunny kept it up, Nightfall never understood, but one thing was clear to the Disaster-Pokemon, Sunny just liked to spread her happiness to others. It was like it gave her fuel. Though, she always did seem exhausted when she went to bed, happy for the next day. It made Nightfall happy to be around her.
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  36. Eve couldn't help but smile. Sunny was one of the few Pokemon that made her genuinely joyful.
    "That's true!" she said excitedly. Her pixie personality was beginning to shine through. The evolution was even changing her personality.
    "Maybe this isn't so bad after all!" she squeaked, beginning to feel better.
  37. Sulfur snorted, ungracefully. "Someone didn't turn into a Flareon for his sick burns," he mentioned to Sunny. "That's for sure." Over-inflated ego. Please. He'd forget that comment was ever made in a shake and a half. The comment that it was no wonder he became Umbreon, however, he'd take to heart. It made sense, didn't it? Everyone was given an evolution that suited them, weren't they?

    Brimstone mewled. "Sulfur, you should tell them what you just thought!"

    The Umbreon grumbled. It seemed obvious, didn't it? Didn't it? No, Brim was right. Sometimes others were stupid or panicked or focused on something else. He wasn't exactly the type of Pokémon anyone listened to, though. "Hey, Sunny, don't you think it's weird that we're all evolved into the kind of Pokémon that suit us best? Eve turned into a total powerhouse, Ahi turned into a light and fluffy ball of hot air, I'm the nighttime Pokémon, you're the day, and-- The shiny one, I've seen around the water sometimes. Now we've got a shiny Vaporeon."
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  38. Eve crossed her ribbons. "This fits me? Frilly pink bows and ribbons? I don't think so... but I'll have to get used to it, I guess." She sighed.
    She sat down. "I'm so confused.. I thought only captured Eevees could evolve into Sylveon? Or Eevees with a very strong bond with another Pokemon?
  39. Sam sat and listened to the others. He was going to say something but he just got shouted over. He was a calm person. They seemed to kind of forget that he was even there. That suited him fine he was not a loner though. Sam walked over to Ahi. He nudged him. "Hey Ahi it will be ok. I am Sam. I was changed as well. Ainsley is the leafeon. By eliminating the others you find that Meredith is the Vaporeon. It is ok that you could not tell where you were. Panicking will do that to people." Sam looked towards Sulfer and Brimstone. He had always enjoyed watching the little grey cat. "Hello Brimstone. It is nice to see you again. Did you enjoy Uli's story this morning?" He hoped the little grey cat pokemon would act as a way of defusing the situation. She was like Sunny in that way.
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  40. Strength fits you, stupid-- That thought, unlike some of his others, actually stayed in Sulfur's head. His mannerisms, his way of doing things... Nice or not, he didn't get through to anyone anyway. Something about him made Pokémon shut their ears. He grumbled under his breath and stood where he stood, Espurr on his back and all.

    "I think Sylveon is the strongest evolution for Eevee," Brimstone telepathically sent to forefront of Eve's mind. "Sulfur thinks so, too, and that's not just because he's a dark type now. I'm sorry that he's rude about it, though."
    Her wide, purple eyes turned to Sam and blinked, slowly. So, the cool and calm one became Glaceon? "I liked the story. But I'm still confused about it. I tried to think of a reason for the Pokémon to save a human, but I couldn't."

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