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The Rise of Rainbow Evolution: Freewrite Free-For-All!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Krisseon, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    This is a thread specifically for the following users to post:
    @Krisseon @EmoKitty21 @EeviumZ @PlayfulFox47 @zodiac_queen @Von Pumpkin @DevVoid @Condor @Mango137


    Freewrite Fridays, now renamed to Freewrite Free-For-All, is a fun, creative way to express yourself and your characters in any form or fashion you'd like! Each Friday, we all take a few minutes to write something in any style we want. It's a great way to learn more about each other and the characters we've created!

    It is mainly for inspiration for the RP and the characters in it, but there is no limit to the works you can post, be it pokemon or other non-pokemon creations. Be as creative and out of the box as you'd like! Let your creative juices flow, as you may post as many works as you'd like!

    Each Friday I will post a notice for everyone on The Rise of Rainbow Evolution thread and that's when you can start posting your works. However don't feel like you need to rush it if you're busy that day. You're free to post whenever you're ready, not just Fridays. You can't rush art!

    It's completely optional as well, so there's no pressure if you're not feeling up to it at any point.

    Happy writing!
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  2. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    She finds comfort in a world of imaginary things

    Video games and cartoons and fantasies

    Painting colorful pictures of hopes and of dreams

    Things we in the real world could never achieve

    Yet knowing this she returns to them, desperate for relief

    From this mundane life that makes her want to scream

    The reality she lives in has no room for these hopes and dreams

    That is the sad truth that she's come to believe

    So once she's done fighting her way through the usual scene

    She pushes it all down again, it's okay, just breathe

    Let this reality fade and return to imaginary things
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  3. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Run... Run... Run!

    The small Eevee recited over and over in his head as he continued to run on. His back leg ached in it's lamed state, the unset bones and torn muscle of past's rage grinding and pulling, throbbing with every moment of contact to the harsh ground. But he dared not stop. If he stopped, he would be found. And if he was found, he'd be punished. He couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't take it! All he ever wanted was to be loved, and happy. To feel the sun on his face, and soft grass underneath him. Not these 'pokemon battles' that the humans had dubbed their purpose in life! How could anyone be happy like that? Constantly used as a weapon or a tool, and being treated poorly if he didn't obey! Ainsley hated it. That was not a life he wanted to live. So even if he had to run until his tiny, bruised and broken body gave up on him, he wouldn't stop until he found a place he could call home.

    His moment of contemplation dulled his senses briefly, and he tripped, colliding harshly with the ground. He lay there panting, his lungs burning. His body aching. He looked up at the sky, blurring in and out of focus. He couldn't stop now. He needed to go! He needed to do something. But his body would not allow it. He was spent, inside and out, and all he could do was watch the clouds roll by as he slowly faded into nothingness...
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  4. Meredith was laid in a cage, her leg lightly twitching as a deep cut ran through it, blood pooling under her as if she had been stabbed. However, Meredith seemed unphased. Perhaps she was numb to the pain, so used to the cold, backbreaking floor of her cell- or her body had just given up on her. She couldn't decipher between the two in her head- the throbbing headache was the only pain she felt anymore, constantly dizzy and out of her right state of mind. How long had it been, too? Days, weeks, months? It didn't matter to Meredith at the time. Maybe avoiding time was the only thing keeping her going- being stuck here made time about as slow as anything, and the groans and painful cries of the other Pokemon never helped.
    Click. Heave....SLAM! Meredith knew those sounds all too well. That was their owner- if you could even call her that- entering the cold, dark room that smelt of sewage. Would another one of them be going off to slaughter- was it finally Meredith's turn to be happy, to be free from the constant agony, to be free once more? It was probably bad to want to reach the end of life's journey, but Meredith couldn't help it. To bear a few more days would kill her anyways, and if anything Meredith would prefer to end it sooner.

    "Ribbons....where are you?"
    Meredith quivered. The once soft, kind voice of her trainer had gone sour, making Meredith afraid of any words her poison tongue spoke. And that name. Ribbons. That wasn't- she wasn't- she wasn't what her trainer wanted. That was why she was subject to this, wasn't it? She wouldn't become a Sylveon, and for that she was forced to become a torture toy.

    "Ribbons! There you are! I'm going to take you on a little 'trip' to Snowbelle..."
    The Eevee's eyes widened in fear as the metal gate opened, her eyesight beginning to become blurry. She could only see the distorted silhouette of the one who once loved her, and Meredith was quickly snatched up by the delicate fur on her neck. Unsurprisingly, it didn't hurt. Meredith could hear the blood drip from her leg as she dangled in the air.
    Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.
    She was then taken somewhere, Meredith couldn't exactly determine what part of Cindy's house this was. There wasn't much time to react, as Meredith was shoves into a satchel, with only enough room for her to stick her head up.

    "We're going to have so much fun together, aren't we?"
    Meredith could no longer feel her limbs, she couldn't move from the sheer force of being knocked around inside the satchel. However, it was quick to see where they were going, as the temperature became freezing as Cindy stepped outside of a warmer building. Maybe this would increase the numbness. Maybe this would freeze her.

    "Here we are, Ribbons. This is your new home."
    This was it. Meredith's frail body tumbled onto the cold, snow. It felt about as hard as the steel below her in the cage, but the pain slowly began to fade. Meredith's trainer had abandoned her, and she was now ready to die. Everything was starting to go black, her vision fading.

    "Hey, Auxerre! There's an Eevee!"​
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  5. Rustle, rustle.

    The Espurr's flat ears very nearly perked up-- She nearly blasted the garbage bin to smithereens, all because she heard something dig through papers and old wrappers. She stepped forward on her hind legs, as far as the rope would let her go.

    "Excuse me," she said to the creature whose fluffy tail poked out of her owner's bin, without moving her lips. "You won't find any food in there."

    A furry head poked up and out of the refuse. Brown paws sat over the edge of the bin, pointed ears cutely bounced as the Eevee tilted his head sideways. He couldn't have heard the psychic right, could he? A human, who never threw out any food? Not even the stuff that turned sour? "You're kidding, right?"

    The Espurr shook her head. "No. If Melodie ever has any spoiled food, she gives it to me."

    The Eevee's eyes narrowed. His head poked over the lip of the bin he found himself in and made a long, gruff, contemplative hum. Maybe if this Pokémon was a Trubbish, or maybe if she was a Grimer, that would have made sense. Those Pokémon loved eating trash. Problem was, this Pokémon was an Espurr. Humans usually treated those like royalty. "What?" he asked, indignant. "If you've got a human, why would she feed you trash?"

    He jumped out of the bin and landed gracefully, right in front of the cat. He padded circles around her, and his lip turned up in a snarl as he saw pieces of her that were missing. Half her tail, all of her claws. This wasn't like that prospective Sylveon, right? This was like the runaways at the village. He wasn't about to get ignored, and even if he was, it wasn't like this Espurr could-- No, Espurr could still fight him off. She still had that psychic power organ hidden under her ears.

    Sulfur's eyes turned to the ground. "What happened to your tail?" he barked, this time.

    "Melodie wanted it shorter."

    The Espurr's telepathic message sent Sulfur over the edge. Ice overtook his heart and spread throughout every muscle in his body, until he felt nothing but the cold. "And your paws?"

    "Melodie doesn't want me to scratch anything. The couch is leather, and-- Huh?" The next thing she knew, the Eevee's sharp teeth ground at the rope holding her to the house, fraying it more and more until it snapped.

    "We'll get the rest off at the village," Sulfur promised. He turned toward the door, great and towering and green. "For now... I'm ticked off. Think you can use your psychic powers to make the door open?"

    Espurr's wide eyed expression intensified as she slowly spun around. If she was a Meowstic, maybe she could control her powers enough to use telekinesis and open the door that way. However... "Why do you want me to open it?"

    Sulfur huffed. "Because she took things from you. So I'm taking things from her, got it? So open the door."

    Espurr nodded solemnly. She took a deep, calming breath as she planted her feet right on top of the welcome mat. Her ears twitched. Then, for only a second, she lifted them-- Violet energy broke the wood in twain.

    They only had a few minutes to spare now, but Sulfur saw a bag in the living room. All they had to do now was fill it and run.
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  6. Somewhere in Kalos, a young trainer sat by a lake. She looked to be about twelve years old, with long blonde hair and green eyes. Next to her sat a smaller-than-average Eevee.
    The Eevee got up, and walked into the barely paw-deep water. Instantaneously, the girl ran over and picked the Eevee up.
    "No, Cinnamon. We don't go into the lakes, remember? There could be water Pokemon in there - like Basculin, or Feebas, or -" she shuddered at this - "Gyarados."
    The Eevee was visibly depressed. She stared off into the distance, a wistful expression on her face. Her trainer looked concerned.
    "What's wrong, Cinnamon?" the girl asked.
    The Evolution Pokemon lowered her head. "I want to explore..."
    The trainer did not understand Pokespeech, but somehow understood what her Pokemon wanted. "You want to see the world, don't you?" she said quietly.
    The Pokemon nodded, a solemn expression on her face.
    The girl was quiet for a moment. A sad smile appeared on her face. "Well, if that's what you wish... I'm not going to stop you. But on one condition."
    Eevee looked up, a shocked expression on her face, but hope dancing in her eyes. She nodded, ready for her trainer's request.
    "Every once in a while, I want you to come visit me. That way, we can stay friends forever. Is that okay?"
    The Eevee matched her trainer's sad smile. She gave a small nod, before hugging her trainer to the best of her capability.
    The trainer pulled out a Pokeball. She hesitated, before cracking the ball into two halves. A blue glow washed over the newly released Eevee.
    "It's done. But please... come see me again. I will miss you."
    With a teary-eyed smile, the Eevee turned around. Suddenly, she stopped. She turned around, and began writing something in the sand.
    The letters that Eevee had spelled out read "E-V-E." They were very messy, but decipherable.
    The trainer looked confused. "Eve? What's that?"
    The Pokemon gestured to herself, then the letters on the ground. Realization dawned on the trainer.
    "Eve? Is that your real name?" the trainer questioned.
    The Pokemon, now revealed to be called Eve, nodded.
    Once again, the trainer smiled. "Eve... that's a nice name. I'll call you that from now on."
    Sharing one last smile, Eve bounded off into the distance, joy emanating from the elated Pokemon.
  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    An Absol looked down at a village of humans. Every one of them was innocent, even if they were a bit angry at her, all the time. She shook her head. There was no reason for her to act in kind, even if other Pokemon tell her that was the only way for this to stop. She sighed as she felt a terrible danger coming. A storm maybe? Yeah, it kinda felt like that. She stood up and carefully jumped down the mountain, wanting to warn them as soon as she could. She made it down and found a precipice that hung over the village. When the villager saw her, they started to throw rocks, fruit, vegetables, and other objects that were lying around. Being a better example, she simply turned away and walked off. She gave them a warning, She did her part. Now she was going to leave them there. This happened way too much for her to handle anymore, and she had a lot of patience.

    After traveling for about a week, the Absol found an egg. It was a brown color with a lighter brown with a yellowish tinge on the top. The egg was about a foot tall. The absol narrowed her red eyes at the egg. She felt a wave of motherly instinct fall upon her as she laid down next to the egg. For two days and two nights she waited for the parents to return, however, no Pokemon came to claim the egg, something that the Absol found concerning. She got up and looked at the egg. She had to take it with her, wherever she went. The only problem was she couldn't. She couldn't carry it on her back. She couldn't use her paws as hands. She looked at the egg again. She couldn't leave it here! Nor could she stop. What could the Absol do to help this poor egg in need? Nothing that she could think of. The absol started to pace coming up with ideas that could let her move the egg without damaging it.

    This is where I leave it off for now...
  8. Sulfur's diamond-shaped ears flattened against his head. The garbage bin that was once his treasure trove of delicious leftovers, that once sat right next to the sidewalk every Thursday night... It was gone. Why was it gone? What the hell did a human need to hide garbage for?

    He snarled at the spot where the bin used to be and moved on to the next house.

    That one's bin was hidden, too! What was going on?! He bolted down the street-- gone-- gone-- gone! Everyone's trash bins were gone!

    "Are you the one who's been stealing trash?"

    Sulfur spun around to catch the owner of that voice. A human! The very moment he thought to run, the boy plucked him up from the road. He struggled, but the boy's grip held him too well.

    "Are you hungry, boy?"

    Sulfur growled low.

    "You can't just take trash, Eevee." The human's blue eyes shone kindly on the wriggling Pokémon. What was this? Was this human seriously trying to talk to him, or something?

    To that, Sulfur huffed. "Humans don't want it anymore," he protested, as if the human could hear him. He stopped struggling; it wasn't getting him anywhere, anyway. "So I can take it if I want! Why hoard trash if you don't want it?"

    "It's not good for you," the human continued to scold. "You could get sick." These were all just that human going on about his point, weren't they? Sulfur was silly to think that a human would really understand him. All that human knew was that an Eevee was protesting, but as long as the human still paid attention to him like this...

    He settled down. Then, he jutted his paw out in the direction of the Winding Woods.

    "You want to go that way, Eevee? You're not gonna try to dumpster dive here anymore?"

    Sulfur barked an affirmative fwee. Finally, the human put him down and let him walk off-- then, when he turned to find no human following him, he doubled back as fast as he could. "Hey! Follow me, moron!"

    The human spun on his sneaker-covered heel. "Eevee?" He blinked many times in quick succession, still taking in the Pokémon who'd just gotten his attention again. Sulfur bounded back to the direction he was going, then back to the human, then, finally, twitched his head twice, away from the human.

    "Oh! You want me to follow you?"

    Sulfur resisted the urge to roll his eyes back into his skull. "Sheesh, humans are dense-- Yes, idiot! Come this way!" He led the boy out to the woods, through the winding and confusing paths that protected their village, then to the entrance of it, where the boy stepped in first-- Which, as expected, got the Pokémon who lived there to scatter and hide.

    The boy left the village just as quickly as he entered, and pointed his soft, sympathetic gaze down toward the Eevee. "All of the Pokémon there," the boy started, as he pressed his jeans-covered knee to the grass below. "They're your friends, aren't they?"

    "Well, I wouldn't say friends," Sulfur muttered under his breath.

    The human's fingers ruffled the bit of messy fur atop the Eevee's head. "You were going through the garbage to find things for them, weren't you?" he asked. "And... it'd be really bad for them, if I caught you, wouldn't it?"

    "Look," Sulfur tried in vain to explain. "Plenty of them know how to get their own food, but-- Then, a lot of them were also raised from eggs by humans and never got any of that. Other ones are so hurt, they can't anymore. I'm just--"

    "I know!" the boy exclaimed. "I can come over every week! I know a place where they grow berries; I'll leave them here for your friends!"

    Sulfur's jaw dropped. "That's dangerous, idiot! You could get attacked by a Wigglytuff or a Noctowl on the way, and... you're not hearing me and you're going to do it anyway, because humans are stupid. Right." His half lidded eyes lazily regarded the boy as he turned his fluffy tail toward the kid. "You'd better not get hurt over it."

    Sulfur bounded back into the village.

    "Did you see a human boy out there?" someone asked, their voice full of cold and shuddering apprehension.

    Sulfur's tail swished behind him as he slunk along the flower field. He gave the closest thing to a smirk as he could manage, and told the others, "I snuck past him. I don't think he saw most of you, if you're asking."

    "Buh... But that does mean he saw some of us," whimpered a Clefairy. "And we're in a lot of danger now. A lot!"

    "I know," Sulfur stressed. "But I saw the most of this human, so I'm going to be the one who talks to the Chief about it. Got it?" He stared the small crowd down. Silence followed. "Good. Go back to whatever you were doing before. The Chief'll keep us safe." He slunk quietly toward the edge of the lake.

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