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The Rescue Team

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by The R.S., Nov 24, 2007.


    Yes, it's my disclaimer again!

    Anyway, if you don't recall from earlier, this is a fanfic story based on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, about my rescue team- Rescue Team Chaotix. It won't be following the same story line as the actual game. A few similarities, of course. Team A.C.T., human into a Pokemon, lose of memory, and so on. But I'll be throwing in my own plot points, ideas, and locations in as well, so relax little "OMG NO CREATIVITY" people! And the story chapters get longer with each story I post. There are no regular updates for this story, thanks to my form of dyslexcia. But when I do, they'll be lengthy and detailed- this is for the more involving readers to enjoy. And please, feel free to leave behind honest opinions so I can better understand what to do.

    One chapter per post, unless otherwise stated. Enjoy. Again.


    Chapter One: No Memory

    A feeling from within. What was this odd feeling? And before his eyes... something he could not grasp. A strange figure and so many faces looked back upon him. They were so large a familiar... family and friends perhaps? But what is happening? They're going away into a dark mist of unfortold mystery... the further they went, the more corroded their faces became, shaping and bending into different images without even moving... what was this madness? Why does it frighten him so? And to top it off, who is he?

    "Who am I?"

    A sudden jolt woke the figure up, a cold sweat pouring down the side of his face. He had just woken up from a horrible nightmare... he wasn't prone to such dreadful sleeping, but this simply scared the shit out of him.

    He regained his breath and looked around himself. Everything was a blur... but not to be unexpected. He just woke, after all. Not much had really crossed his mind at this point... he instead stared blankly at an empty space not far from himself, trying to look at something...

    What time is it?

    His vision began to clear a little bit more and adjusted to the dark surroundings. He continued to look into this space, waiting and expecting something to appear... a clock maybe? But no clock did appear. Instead, what he ended up finding himself looking at the bark of a tree.

    Half asleep, he didn't really much care. He laid back down to go back to sleep. It was a little chilly tonight, so he reached down to pull up some blankets. His hand touched something soft and a little wet and when he gave a tug, small ripping sounds could be heard. His eyes then half-opened again to see what he just ripped. In his hand was a fist full of fresh grass, a waft of aroma emending from it pleasantly.

    "Wait... why is grass in my bed?"

    He sat straight back up and looked back around his surroundings more carefully. After a moment, he realized he wasn't even in his room where he last remembered going to sleep at. It now looked like he was sitting in the middle of a forest.

    "Wait a second, how did I get here? I thought I stopped sleepwalking several years ago!"

    He stumbled onto his feet, regaining control of his equilibrium and walked to the tree where he thought a clock was hanging at. He extended his hand out and felt the bark... it was smooth without any splinters at all. This tree could also well be anywhere from twenty to thirty years in age... but it seemed strangely tall. Looking up now, a forest canopy could be seem through shards of moonlight the shined through. The leaves took in most of the light, so it was still very hard to see even though his eyes adjusted to the darkness now.

    "How'd I get out here?"

    With no clue on what happened, he started feeling his way around the forest. Maybe he would spot something that looked familiar to him and he could get back to his house. After about five minutes of walking around, he finally realized that his head was pounding something fierce... it was there the entire time, but only now did he feel it. And what a pounding it was- it was like as if he just hit his head off of something really hard combined with a migraine. He grinded his teeth together as he started massaging his temples... what was it that was making his head hurt so much? Maybe something he ate for dinner? He couldn't recall... he figured he still wasn't wide awake yet; he really couldn't even remember his own name after waking up on most occasions.

    Each step forward he took, the harder it seemed for him to think and keep focus. If it wasn't for his head hurting so much, he'd think this was a dream. The air was so much cleaner than he remembered, everything was given a strange yet pleasant aura of light from the moon whenever it had a chance to shine through, and everything was so big. It was like as if he feel into some fantasy land... a new world that hasn't been discovered yet. The land was forgien and unknown, yet it rang with beauty and tranquility. It was an ideal land of harmony...

    From a distance, snapping twigs and rustling of the bushes came. It came from far to his left, and he looked up and saw what seemed to be a giant herd of bats squeaking and screeching as they flew through the air. Out of natural instinct, he ducked down low even through they flew over his head by several feet. He watched in amazement of the size of the bats- they seemed almost as big as he was! Amazing! He started to give chase to the bats in hopes maybe one would land and he could get a closer look at them.

    Through the twisting and winding forest he went, following a heard of giant bats. They never flew out of the canopy even when when there was a gap large enough. Perhaps they knew an easier way out so none of them would get lost? Who knew the logic of these strange bats, but all that he did know was they just lead him into a forest meadow. Now, the moon was fully visible in the cloudless sky and it cast a bright light over everything it touched. The bats, ascending into the sky, could be seen a little bit better now too. Their appearance looked to be somewhat blue or purple, they had no eyes, big ears, an open mouth with visible fangs and two leg-like strands projecting forth from their rear. Although he had never seen one of these before in real-life, they seemed oddly familiar. He continued to watch them in graceful flight as they disappeared into the starry night sky.

    When the bats had vanished, he then noticed something- his headache was now completely gone. He also felt wide awake and began to think about why he may be outside in the middle of the night. He crossed his arms and lowered his head into thought...

    "That's quite odd..." he spoke to himself quietly. "Now I can't even remember what I was looking at, or trying to anyway, when I first woke up... I was expecting something there that wasn't..." He opened his eyes and stared deeply into the glow of the moon. "And where was I before here? And while I'm at it... I... can't seem to remember anything now..."

    His eyes leveled down to ground level again and looked off to his right. A pond reflecting the moonlight came into view, it's surface shimmering without a single ripple. At both ends, small streams feeding it and draining it came forth from the forest. His throat was very dry now, but he knew better than to drink from unfiltered water sorces... but now, it was just so dry. And for some strange reason, he thought he could actually smell that water- it smelt pure and refined, almost like it came straight from an underground spring. It it was spring water, he supposed it wouldn't hurt to at least have a gulp to stop his mouth from aching.

    He approached the water's edge and dipped his hands into it and formed a cup. He lowered his hands into the chilly water and then proceeded to take a sip. When the water touched his lips, it was perhaps the most refreshing drink of water he has ever had. And the taste was very crisp too. He continued on with another handful of water and drank it down. He repeated this a couple of times until he ran out of breath. He was more thirsty than he thought he was! But now, he felt full and strangely satisfied.

    Looking into the water's surface, he noticed that when you looked past the moon's reflection, you could see pretty deep into it because of how clear it was. Amused in this, he approached the water's edge to look and see if there were any fish. When he couldn't see anything, he took a few steps into the water and looked again. Still nothing, so he went in all the way to his waist. The water was cold, fridged cold, yet it didn't bother him... he actually liked it.

    Down by his foot, he felt a quick squirming brush up against him. He the looked directly down beyond the reflection to see a small school of minnows swimming by his feet. He smiled for a moment when he saw them, but the warm smile the quickly turned into a face filled with cold fear. There was nothing under the water's surface that he was afraid of, but instead on top actually. What he looked down on looked right back up at him with the exact same expression as he. It looked almost like a turtle, except it was blue and had large, brown eyes. Despite the darkness, its pupils were small and compact out of shock and fear.

    Radically, the boy who now noticed what he had become started to franticly thrash around in the water, trying to take a look at every part of his body. His chest was now the underside of a shell, while his back was now the rounded and smooth outer side. Coming forth from the bottom of his shell was a blue, curled tail. His legs were now short and even a little chubby, as too were his arms.

    Emotions over came him all in one blast that it left him in a state of shock. Slowly, his balance was lost as his legs grew weaker and weaker from underneath him. He fell down to his knees and he looked up into the sky high above him, looking blankly into the light of the moon.

    What... have I become...? I thought... I thought I was... a... human...

    His mind went blank and he fell face down into the water. A splash erupted that startled many birds in the forest to fly away in the dead of night. So now, the boy become turtle started to drift away in the gentle current of the pond, leading down into the drainage stream and into the forest beyond. He had no idea where he was going, for he didn't even know who he was no. He was in a state of sleep, floating on the surface of the water with his face beneath...

    The river of time took him forth into his new destiny.
  2. Chapter 2: World of Unknown Faces

    Dawn had already broken out now. A fine cloud of fog coats the landscape as the morning sun starts it's early morning climb into the sky. Dew has settled on all of the grass and flower buds starting to open up. A river running from a nearby forest out into a small valley with many foothills could be seen if one were to look around themselves. Trees also dotted the landscape at random, it's branches swaying in a light breeze that warmed the hearts of everyone around. It was mid-spring and life was no returning to the land.

    Down at the river side, sitting in the shade of a nearby tree was a small, orange lizard with a flame on it's tail. This lizard is a Pok
  3. Chapter 3: Chaotix Time

    His first steps into the new world were breath taking. Creatures... Pok
  4. Chapter 4: The Familiar Call From The Unknown Face

    High above the skies, she flew with fright.

    Where? Where? Where did he vanish to? Oh please say he still lives!

    Frantic fly of worry and despair. Looking for the one soul who left her side with no word or reasoning. There one evening, gone the next morning.

    Why did he leave me?

    Hours of futil searching, another day came to a close. She has been searching for someone who was like a brother to her for several weeks now. During this time, she has barely eaten or slept in this time. She decides to rest for just a moment on the ground bellow her, to catch her breath. But without any idea and filled with fright, she tries hard to fight back the tears.

    Please... don't let another leave me alone...

    The Earth beneath her the shook violently. Caught offguard by the sudden event and her own exaustion, she took one glance up into the sky, up the side of a nearby mountain. It was too late for escape now- a land slide has claimed her within it's grasp. She was too weak to fend it off... she became burried in the dirt and rock.

    Perhaps... perhaps is was meant to be... mother...?


    "It's not much further ahead!" Bryan called out. They have been walking on the road leading to the Garnorda Range for the past couple of hours. From Pok
  5. Chapter 5: Birds of a Feather

    Day broke out, but the skies were filled with storm clouds instead of a morning sunrise. It started raining late the previous night and kept steady through the morning. But don't take it as an omen, for everyone that was believed to be lost in the landslides had been successfuly recovered and cofirmed living. Including a few Pok
  6. Oh...whoa, no comment.
    That's gotta be one of the best MD fics I've ever read. :D
    Keep up the awesome work!

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