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The region of Leando

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by mrswagley, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. A tall boy with dark black hair walked up to his mothers new daycare in Moonshade city, in the newly founded region Leando. Researchers recently discovered this region, and people from all over have inhabated it. The island contains Pokemon from all 6 of the other regions.
    "Zach!" His mom called. Zach and his mom had recently moved from the region Hoenn so his mom can set up a daycare and make some money.
    "I'm here mom!" Zach yelled, as he stepped inside.
    "Zach!" She yelled. "Im in the back porch!" They lived at the daycare, and kept the Pokemon in the back yard. The back porch had a table and some chairs.
    Zach walked into the back porch to see his mom sitting across from a man in a lab coat.
    "Zach, this is Professor Pine." She said. Proffesor Pine was a lab assistant in the Jhoto Region, untill he moved to Leando to be a Co- proffesor with Proffesor Silk, who was a pokemon breeder in the Kalos region.
    Zach looked over at the Proffesor. "Hello!" He said.
    "Why hello there!" Said the Proffesor. "You must be Zach from Jhoto, I assume?"
    "Yes, that's me" Zach said.
    "Well, I hear you've recently turned 15." He said. "Because of new laws and such, trainers need to be at least 15 to receive a Pokemon, and that's why I'm here." He picked up a brief case, laid it on the table, and opened it to reveal 3 pokeballs. "Pick one." He said.
    "Wow really?!" Zach said.
    "We both agree that you are old enough to start your journey." Said his mom.
    Zach looked at the Pokeballs and picked one up. It was a Ghastly. He looked at the next one. Togepi. The last one was a Natu.
    "I'd like to have Ghastly, please." He said, as he picked up its pokeball.
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