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The Region of Gredal (open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Gredal, the region of beauty, but power. To become a Champ, that was hard. You must Get all badges, complete Battle Island, then you have to be chosen by the current champ. People need a starter, so they get random Pokemon from the lab in Kyrat town.

    Jon held the plastic card in the air. "Finally, my trainer card. That means I can get a starter, and travel the region." He but on his shoes and ran out the door.

    The lab, it was dark, probably because Prof. Craine was a dark type gym leader. "Hello?" He walked up a bit. "Trainer card?" Assistant appeared beside him, creepily. Jon handed it over and given it back. The assistant led him to a room. "Today, we do something different. We let the starter choose you. If it comes out, it chose you." Jon shivered. "Wha-" he was cut off. "Do it." He reached for the middle one. He waited five seconds, nothing. He grabbed the first one, a white light blinded Jon, a small, yellow, mouse appeared. "Pikachu, well, your dead. The first gym is ground. Get out!" He was pushed out, the pikachu following like nothing happened. "You could've helped." He said to the pikachu who just stared. "And why pikachu, I mean, it's rare, but generic, if that makes sense." He thought. "Never mind." He noticed a kid, also an assistant walk out. "Here are your pokeballs and pokedex." The kid walked away. "Okay, let's go." He went to the edge of town. "Oh boy, I'm nervous." He said, petting the small mouse Pokemon. "Well, maybe we can make it to at least the fourth gym." He took a breath and walked to Greenten, the next town.
  2. A girl walked alone with her Raichu in the outskirts of the city.
    Most people knew who she was and stayed back-- they didn't want to mess with her. Often the girl would get lonely, but her Raichu, smaller than normal, would try to help her. She hoped maybe someone wouldn't be too terrified of her for what she did-- but she doubted it would ever happen.
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  3. Jon kept walking. He noticed a girl with a raichu and Pikachu ran to the raichu, inspecting it. "Hey pikachu, get back here that's rude!" He said from a distance. He ran and grabbed the Pikachu. "Sorry. Do you know where Greenten is?" He asked yawning.
  4. "U-- uh....."
    Raichu, the same size as its pre-evolved from, smiled nervously and shook hands with the Pikachu. The girl looked at Jake for a few moments. He didn't recognize her.... maybe it had been so long..... that some had forgotten.... and some never knew.....
    "It's that way, through Route 4," she said. "Are you going on a journey to collect badges?"
  5. "Yes actually" he laughed. "I started today. I'm going to get a charmander in Greenten. Thanks." His pikachu hopped on his shoulder. "I'm Jon."
  6. "So, a Pokemon trainer huh." Levy mumbled. She herself had her own trainer card and was visiting Kyrat town for her own pokemon. "They also say that you get a random pokemon." She smiled. "Its almost like a soul pokemon test or what not!" She smiled running outside. Her outfit consisted of a green long sleeved dress, which had a small brown ribbon coming down from her neck. She was wearing her usual black boots and her "Elf" hat, with a orange feather stuck in it. She ran down to the Pokemon lab, hoping to grab her new pokemon. When she entered, she immediately thought that she entered an empty house. "Hello?" Levy called out, quite embarrassed. "Hmm? another Trainer?" a lab assistant noticed. "Arg! You scared me!" she jumped. "Follow me to get your pokemon." he said as he walked down a dark hallway. "Here, hand, over, now." she had her hand grabbed and placed over one of a long line of Pokeballs. She walked down the isle way until one flashed at her, and Levy grabbed it. She released its contents to reveal and Absol in the Pokeball. "Now go." Once she was outside she started to talk to her new Absol, nicknamed Silver. Once she was done, Levy started to run down Route 4 to go to her next town.
  7. Jon was spinning in circles. "Why we're you staring? I'm not that famous." He heard a Pokemon nearby. "Hey, it's a caterpie!" He said. "Pikachu, thundershock!" The pikachu ran and did a weak attack, but it seemed to work. "Okay, now........um..pokeball." he tgrew the red and white ball, which sucked up the small bug Pokemon. It rattled. "Yes!" He stretched. "Well, did you say something?"
  8. "Hey guys!" Levy exclaimed, running up to two pokemon trainers, one having a Pikachu and the Other having a Riachu. "So whats going on? I just got my first Pokemon, right Absol? Ooh! I'm so excited!!" She was breathless and out of energy by the time she finished that sentence. Her Absol sighed as he watched her excitement.
  9. "Oh hi!" He said. He turned away and quickly but his Hood on. "Just t-traveling." He said laughing nervously, trying to hide that he was startled. "Pikachu, like my dads first Pokemon." he said looking at his Pikachu. "I'm Jon."
  10. "Nice to meet you Jon, I'm Levy, a brand new trainer! I took the pick your pokemon test thing back there!" She said, pointing back to Kyat town. "This is Silver, My Absol."
  11. "Heh. " he closed his eyes and mumbled. "Cmon dad!" He shouted. "Sorry, my dad was talking to me.......imaginarily. " he tried to act like he was lying.
  12. "What? So you hear voices? Of you Dad?" Levy stayed silent for a moment and then said. "Ok I believe you!" she then turned to Silver "Ready to move on?" The Absol nodded. "See ya around!" she called back to the trainer as Levy walked on to the next town,
  13. "No! I was um......messing around!" He laughed nervously.

    How could I forget I'm not supposed to tell the truth.
  14. "Of course you were!" Levy said sarcastically. "I mean, duh! I can tell when someone's lying and you're doing it right now." She smiled and continued on her way, Silver right behind.
  15. "I was really." He sighed and started to train. "Dangit!" He started to hit his head with a branch. "I'm so stupid!"
  16. "Aww, dont hurt yourself over it! Its just a voice, no big deal! And its not like Ill tell the whole world about One Trainer hearing voices." Levy said still smiling. "Here why dont you come with me to The next town? What do you say?"
  17. "Fine." He said returning the now butterfree. "They evolve fast." He said, wiping blood from his face. "By the was, it's not just a voice.......my dad told me I wasn't a human, mom did too, I don't remember her. She left.". He put a Hood on. "And I get nervous easily."
  18. "That's ok!" She kept on smiling as they walked to the next town.
  19. Jon shivered. "Don't tell anyone." Pikachu jumped on his shoulder. "Im gonna name you, Sparky!" He said. He nodded. (XD). "Im gonna heal up my Pokemon, get some bandages and train."
  20. ((May I?))

    Voltia, a small Shinx, sat on the shoulder of her new trainer, Cartchia. The young Pokemon had warmed up to the girl fairly quick, and Cartchia was pleased. The Shinx's yellow eyes scanned its surroundings and jumped off her shoulder into the distance. "Hey!" Cartchia yelled as she followed Voltia. Voltia sniffed at Jon's shoes as Cartchia stopped behind it, picking it up. "Sorry about that!" She apologized quickly to the two trainers.
  21. Jon didn't notice the shinx, but when the girl spoke up, he was startled. "Um, no it's fine." He said, trying to cover his face. His Pikachu, Sparky, looked at the Shinx. It had an emotionless expression. He turned around.
  22. Silver sighed at the bunch. He was new to the trainer system, but if these people are like all trainers, then he's not going to enjoy himself. "Silver be nice!" Levy scolded. "I'm, sorry, I'm Levy and this is Silver. Who are you?" She asked politely.
  23. Cartchia stroked the fur of her electric pokemon. "I'm Cartchia, and this is Voltia, my Shinx." Voltia nuzzled its nose into Cartchia's hand happily. "Um, nice to meet you!" She smiled at the group.
  24. "Hey, I'm gonna go heal an get a charmander. My friend breeds them, then trades them, but he gives them to me, I could get you guys one, I h as rd the first gym is bug." He said. "Then heal, than eat."
  25. "Bug!" Levy gave a small sigh, "We won't have the best of times, huh Silver?" She looked towards the group. "I'll be fine, Silver knows Slash, so we'll make it." The Absol gave a huff, knowing that this will be difficult, but trying not to show his concern.
  26. "Well, thanks......levy is it?" He said, finnaly smiling. "Nice to meet you guys." He said walking to the center and healing.

    "Okay thanks." He walked out of a house, a charmander following him. "I name you......Blaze." he pet it before going to a restoraunt.
  27. "Ok, one more Pursuit!" Silver leaped at the Spinarak, using the move as his trainer demanded. "Great! That was awesome training Silver!" Levy sat down for a moment and pulled out a few sandwiches she had made earlier. She also pulled out some Oran berries. "Want some?" She asked Silver. He looked at both food items before pulling the sandwich out of his trainer's hand and ran a bit farther away, smiling. "Hey you!" Levy laughed and pulled out yet another sandwich. She split the Oran berry number in half and she handed Silver's share to him. "See? Now we have the same food!" "Ab, Absol!" He chirped happily as he dug in to his lunch.
  28. A girl was watching the trainers she was a shiny Eevee human half breed she was experimented on when she was younger she has trust issues she can turn into a shiny Eevee her Espeon Sat next to her she just git her Espeon 5 days ago she didn't leave because she was sick but in that time her Eevee evolved into an Espeon

    ((Zeo has long black hair and purple eyes shiny Eevee ears she doesn't have a tail))
  29. Levy walked back to the town, hoping to find a place to stay. "Who am I kidding, I don't sleep indoors!" Levy laughed. She pulled out a small tent with a sleeping bag. She piled up multiple blankets and pillows to make a makeshift bed for Absol. "I know, it's not that good, beat with me." She said to Silver. "Absol, sol." (It's fine by me). Both trainer and pokemon fell asleep before their big battle tomorrow.
  30. Jon got up and yawned. He walked the into the gym, lights still on. "This reminds me of stories about Kalos." He saw the gym leader. "At, I'm Jon, I sceduled a battle." He said. Out of nowhere, a butterfree and Beutifly appeared. The gym leader removed a trench coat, reavealing a woman with wings. "Hmm, Sparky........thunder shock." He said. Soon enough, the electric mouse was out. "Well, not easy for a first. Blaze, surprise ember!" He said throwing the pokeball.

    The battle continued, an almost tie. The butterfree and Beutifly fell. "I won." He said, surprised. He returned the tired and hurt Pokemon. He got his badge and left. "You uys okay?" He asked. He ran to the center.
  31. "Hey, Silver, do you think our new partner will be much help?" She asked the Pokemon. "Sol, Absol!" (Of course!) "let's see how she feels. Let's go Ruby!" A small ponyta popped out of the Pokemon and whinnyed. "So, ready to challenge the bug gym?".

    Earlier that day---

    "Silver, do you see that?" Levy asked as she noticed a flash of black and red in the distance. "Let's go check it out!" She started to run towards the scene, now seeing that a pack of pochyena attacking a Ponyta. "Hey!" Levy yelled. "Stop that! Silver! Use slash!" The Absol leaped into the mix, using slash and protecting the Ponyta. "Pony!" It neighed in delight. The horse pokemon ran up to Levy and pressed one of the Pokeballs in her bag. "Well Ruby, welcome to the team!"
  32. "Okay, i might have exerted you guys." He said to the frowning charmander. "We will have a relaxing day of training and traveling. I didn't get to use Butter." He said to the butterfly Pokemon following him. "We still got a badge, so I'll just sit here and...........rain!" He said, laying backwards.
  33. "Silver! Now!" The Disaster Pokemon appeared right out of Ruby's ember, unscathed. Silver used a powerful pursuit on the Butterfree, knocking it out. "Yes! We totally just did that!" Levy bounced around and gave a huge hug to both silver and Ruby, not minding her flames. "For now, let's go heal up." She said as she ran to the Pokemon center, newly obtained badge in hand. After she was done, she released both of her Pokemon. "Hey Ruby, do you think that I could ride you for a bit?" The pony Pokemon wasn't at all hesitant to nod its head and get into a mounting position. Levy vaulted herself onto Ruby and pointed her in the direction of the next town. "Let's go down that road!" The trio set off into the path. As they continued forward, they noticed Jon in the distance. "Hey! Jon, right! How are you?" Levy yelled as Ponyta broke into a loose trot, growing closer to the fellow Pokemon Trainer.
  34. "Oh, hi Levy." He said. "Just enjoying the rain." He said sarcasticly. "Lemme guess, you got the badge too?" He said. "The next town is in a desert, but you have to crass a lake, weird huh." He said.
  35. "So, just chillin in the rain. That's and interesting hobby. And yes I did get my badge." Levy said smiling. Ruby was looking very uncomfortable, so Levy returned her to its Pokeball. "So how is Sparky?" She asked as she sat down next to him, not minding the rain. "and I see that you did pick up a charmander from your friend." Levy added. "Who is that though?" She asked looking at the Butterfree.
  36. "Oh, Sparky is fine, he got beat up badly. Meet Blaze the charmander and Butter the Butterfree. " he said. Blaze, unlike most Charmanders, was playing in the rain, but nothing was hurting him, nothing to his tail either. Spary was looking at the fire horse Pokemon. Butter kept flying. "Yeah, I'm gonna have a tough time."
  37. Levy laughed. "I'm having some fun times with mine. Mean, I told Ponyta to let me ride on her for travel purposes, but I'm really training her speed stat. I'm not too heavy, but if I push Ponyta to go faster when I'm on her, then when in battle, and I'm not riding her, she'll be faster!" Levy explained. "But for now, I'm not going to do much more training than that. So, when did you get Butter?" She asked, changing the subject.
  38. "Evolved while training. When I hit my head with a branch. I have owners to go now, I'm just gonna stop.........because I'm weak at the moment."

    He got up. "I'm not going to get anywhere."
  39. Are you ok? You mentioned something about hitting your head, do you want to ride Ruby for a bit?" Levy asked concerned about Jon, especially the way he tried to get up, he seemed like he was struggling just to move...
  40. "Yeah Im good." He said. "Just tired." He said. He pet the ponyta. "Hmm, Ruby. Nice name." He said. "And you guys go ahead. I'm going to have to train for years. I struggled with a fire type against a bug type. So I'll just love on after my Pokemon are stronger."

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