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The region Leando.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by mrswagley, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Zach stepped out of the truck that brought him to his new house. He had to run to the front door due to the rain. When he walked inside his mom was there waiting for him.
    "Zach! Your here finally!" She said. "It sure was a long drive from the harbor wasn't it." She walked over to an open box and pulled out a pokeball. She looked at it skeptically.
    "Whats that doing in our box?" Zach asked.
    "I'm not sure." Said his mom. She pressed the middle button, then a togepi jumped out.
    It looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings, then ran over to Zach.
    "Oh! Hello!" He said, picking up the pokemon. "Oh my god your adorable."
    His mom peeked inside the box, and saw a bunch more pokeballs. "I think we got the wrong box..." She said, picking up the box. She walked it over to the table when she slipped and dropped the box, all the Pokemon jumping out of the balls and running all over the place.
    "DANG IT!" she yelled, jumping back to her feet.
    "Are you okay!" Zach yelled, running to his moms side.
    "I'm fine, I'm fine." She said. "Forget me, get the Pokemon!" She yelled, grabbling a pokeball and throwing it at a starly.
    Zach ran towards a geodude, when in pushed open the door, freeing its self and many of the other Pokemon.
    Zach ran out side chasing down the runaway pokemon when he ran into somebody walking.
  2. Skylar liked rainy days. There was generally a hush about the town that simply didn't exist when the weather was nice and everybody was out and about in the village. Besides, it wasn't pouring anymore either so when her Absol, Achilles, suggested they take a jaunt outside she definitely didn't disagree. There was never a moment the two were without each other, and he was always out of his Pokeball, so where he went, she did too.

    They had made it about halfway around their usual lap of the town when Achilles' head snapped up and looked off in the direction of a (previously??) vacant house. There were now lights on, and the door burst open with a bang as several Pokemon ran out. Running up to the door, Skylar was more concerned with the escapee Pokemon than watching where she was going, and soon collided with another human body with a loud thud.

    "Ouch!" she cried, landing hard on her backside in a puddle. Achilles' growled at the stranger, as he usually did when meeting new people, as Skylar looked up to see who she'd bumped into. "What was that for?"
  3. He jumped to his feet, and his togepi jumped out of his arms and growled back at the absol, even though much smaller.
    "Um... Uh, sorry about that!" He said, picking up his angry togepi. "Its just that these Pokemon escaped from wmy house and I was trying to bring them back."
    He pointed to the open door of his house at several pokemon still running out.
  4. Rubbing her head and climbing to her feet, Skylar looked around at the Pokemon running frantically away from the house and furrowed her eyebrows. That was odd to say the least, but would explain the lack of attention.
    "Oh, well I guess that's a pretty good reason for running around all crazy," she laughed, putting a hand on Achilles' head to calm him. "I'm assuming you're the new kid in town so uhhh, do you want some help?"
    There were only a few Pokemon that were still toddling through the downpour but it was still going to be a handful.
  5. Zach watched as a castform flew by, then as a sandshrew burrowed its self under ground.
    "My god, please" he said, looking at the girl before him, when he heard a loud Pokemon cry.
    He looked behind him to see a voltord aggressively brawling with a meowth in the pouring rain.
  6. "Meowth, cut it out already!" Called Macy. The cat Pokemon had a nasty habit for picking fights, especially ones it couldn't win. The Voltorb sparked angrily. Electricity crackled into the puddles surrounding it, increasing its range if not making it stronger. Macy shuddered. Never get into a fight with an electric type when it's raining.

    "Meowth!" Macy called again, but Meowth didn't even glance her way. Suddenly, Macy saw an Absol out of the corner of her eye. "The disaster Pokemon; we're screwed," she murmured, more to herself than Meowth. Meowth lunged at the Voltorb.
  7. "Jesus!" Zach yelled, running towards the fighting Pokemon.
    His togepi jumped out of his arms and landed in between the Pokemon.
    "Togepi!" He yelled. "No! Get back here!"
    Then the voltorb turned towards togepi and zapped her. She instantly ramed the voltorb with her smallish body, causing it to bonce away.
  8. Meowth hissed at Togepi, as if saying "that was my fight!" Macy picked Meowth up hurriedly. "I'm really sorry about that!" She said. She had to make an effort to restrain Meowth. He was trying to claw his way out of her arms and pursue the Voltorb. If it were any of her other Pokemon, she would have put it in its Pokeball immediately, but Meowth wouldn't listen. He was a very strong Pokemon, but he was reckless and wouldn't listen to a word she said.

    Macy noticed that the boy was looking in the direction the Voltorb went. "Was that your Pokemon? I'm sorry if this idiot-" she glared disapprovingly at Meowth, "-scared it away."
  9. Zach looked over at Macy. "No, no. Its fine." He said, then looked back at the voltorb. "It's not even my Pokemon." Then he explained how they got the wrong box when they moved, how it was full of Pokemon, and how his mom dropped it and they all got lose.

    His togepi charged towards the voltorb and pounced on it. She was imedeatly flung off. Then the voltorb started to glow bright yellow, before it exploded.
  10. As Skylar brushed herself off and assessed the situation, another trainer with a Meowth was thrown into the mix. As soon as she had come there were suddenly Pokemon pouncing on each other left and right and Skylar couldn't help but giggle. Achilles, however, snorted at the other Pokemon as if to say "Have a little self control," and looked in the other direction. As the voltorb exploded, Skylar picked up one of the pokeballs that had fallen out of the box and returned the Pokemon to it.
    "You guys, uh, always have this much trouble keeping them under control?" she laughed good naturedly, as Achilles turned his nose up at the scene and she handed the ball back to the boy.
    "My name's Skylar by the way. I'm the gym leader here!" she chirped. "What about you guys?"
  11. Zach jumped at the sight of the explosion, then caught his togepi as it flew through the air.
    He looked at Skylar. "Gym leader!?" He said. "Woah! I'm Zach by the way." He took back the pokeball and scanned it for a second.
    "This one belongs to.... Castform." He said, and threw it at the castform, returning it.
    "One down," he mumbled."many more to go."
  12. "I think I have an idea," Skylar laughed, taking a Pokeball from her belt and tossing it out. "Houndoom, go!"
    The beastly Houndoom appeared from his Pokeball with a booming bark and stood next to Absol dutifully.
    "How about you guys go herd up the little guys and bring them back here so we can catch them easier!"
    With a nod of their heads, Achilles and Houndoom took off into the night and began to nudge the small Pokeman back toward the trainers so they wouldn't wander off into the night.
    "So you're new around here right?" she asked, tossing a Pokeball at a Dunsparce.
  13. He smiled and nodded. "Yeah." He said. "Just moved from the hoenn region. Lilycove city."
    He threw a pokeball at a bonsly then at a geodude. His togepi was behind him playing with a starley. He turned around and threw a ball at the starley.
  14. As Houndoom and Achilles managed to bring all of the Pokemon back into a small, confined area, Achilles left Houndoom to keeping them all together and padded over to the Togepi, bending down to sniff it.
    "Oh nice! I have a best friend that lives in Hoenn actually, I haven't seen him in forever. He's the leader of the Dewford Gym. Dunno what he's up to now though," she trailed off, tossing a ball at a young Misdreavas.
  15. Macy held a Pokeball labled Seedot in her hand and searched franticly for its Pokemon. The other two seemed to know a lot about Pokemon (Skylar was a Gym Leader, for Arceus's sake!) and she didn't want to embarrass herself by saying she had no idea what a Seedot was. "I'm from Snowpoint City in Sinnoh," she chimed in. "I moved in a few months ago."

    Meowth had calmed down since Voltorb had been returned, so Macy put him down and picked up a few more Pokeballs. She recognized "Pachirisu" and started looking for it.
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  16. Houndoom seemed to be enjoying himself keeping all the Pokemon in a small herd, bounding around the small group and barking joyously. There were only about five more to capture and Skylar was thankful that they were finally cleaning up the small mess.
    "Achilles, what are you up to over there?" she asked, as her Absol trotted back over and instead lowered his head a bit to examine the fiesty Meowth. "Be nice, okay?"
    Achilles looked up at her with his nose wrinkled as if he'd never heard of being so uncouth, then looked back at the Normal type.
    "So you guys are both pretty new around here, huh! I've been here since I was a little girl, I can't even remember where we'd lived before!" she laughed, tossing a ball at a Pichu that had tripped over its own feet.
  17. "Guess so.." said Macy, trailing off. She was distracted by a couple of Wingull fighting over a fish near the harbor. Little details stuck out and distracted her often. She forced her attention back to the task at hand. She through a Pokeball at the last of the Pokemon, a brown lumpy one she assumed must be a Seedot.

    "So what should we do with them now?" She asked Zach. He had said that the Pokemon weren't his, and Macy thought they should probably try to find the owners.
  18. "Wait," he said as he ran back to his house. He came back with an empty cardbord box. He opened it. "Put all of the pokeball in here. This is where the pokeballs were when I found them."
    He looked over at togepi.
    "I think I'll hang on to this one until I find its owner." He said.
  19. Macy almost objected, but the Togepi smiled and nuzzled Zach; it seemed pretty happy with the idea. "Is there a label or something on the box we could use to find out where it was supposed to go?" She asked. "And what was in the box you were supposed to get?"
  20. He looked at the box.
    "Probably something of my moms." He said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pokeball. Togepi's pokeball. He returned her.
    "Is there a proffesor near by? Or a pokemon center? Somewhere we can get some information?" He asked.
  21. Alex searched frantically. "I'm so fired...I'm so fired!" The boy said to himself, from high up in the air.

    He was soaring aboard a Togekiss, and both him and the Togekiss were looking below.

    "THERE!" He cried out to Togekiss, pointing down at three people, one who was holding a box. When Alex got a better view, he saw a blue stripe underneath the box.

    "That's definitely it!" He called out again, and the Togekiss folds in its majestic wings, and they go diving down to the area the three people are. Alex's shaggy blonde hair starts flying up crazily from the wind.

    He tugs on Togekiss as they near the ground and it's wings spread wide out once more, and she circles the area in the air, before gracefully landing.

    Alex hops off of the Pokemon. He fixes his hair, straightens his shirt, and Togekiss and him start to walk towards the boy with the box.

    "Uhm...Excuse me!" He calls out as he approaches them, Togekiss behind him.
  22. Zach saw the massive magestic togekiss land right by him. He watched as a boy hopped of it.
    "Woah..." He said in amazement. "That is an amazing Pokemon." He looked over at the massive togekiss and waved at it. "Hi there!" He shouted.
    Then he felt a rumbling in his pocket and then the togepi jumped out of its pokeball, and stared at the Pokemon before her.
  23. Togekiss kindly smiled and waved one of its wings back at Zach. "Kiiis kis!" It happily chirped.

    "Thank you," Alex replies "She is full of personality."

    "That box! I'm so happy to see it!" Alex focused back on what he was going to say. "I'm Alex, I live here in Leando, and I have been a volunteer for the Professor at his lab! He trusted me with a box a few days ago, that box, with the blue stripe drew in marker underneath it. It is full of pokemon that the Professor had caught in an area he won't even tell me, and he was going to study them and their evolution! But, as stupid as I am...I was in a different city when he had called me and requested I mail the box back, so I did...but I had gotten the address wrong! He called me again this morning, asking where the box was...I found out that I sent it to the wrong address! So I took my pokemon Togekiss here and we've been searching for it everywhere! Thank you for caring for it! " He explained.

    Alex peered inside of the box. His face goes pale as he only saw a few PokeBalls in there.

    "W-what happened to the pokemon inside!?" He asked in shock, seemingly scared.

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  24. Zach looked in the box with him.
    "Oh, don't worry." He said. "The rest should be at my house."
    He started walking towards his house before he stopped and turned to look at the boy. "Im Zach by the way!" He said, holding out his hand to shake.
  25. "We caught... erm... most of them," Macy tried to explain. An assistant to a Professor? Once again she felt out of her league. She frowned at the Pokeballs. A few did still seem to be empty, but none of the Pokemon were in sight. Even though she wasn't the one who had knocked over the box, she still felt somewhat responsible for the Pokemon inside.

    Meowth strode over to Togekiss with narrowed eyes. "Meow- owth!" It hissed. "Cut it out," Macy snapped, nudging Meowth with her foot. She looked apologetically at Alex. "Don't mind Meowth, he's a brat."

    ((Sorry that doesn't really match up with your post, mrswagley, you posted as I was writing))
  26. ((Its fine Lazuli))
    Zach looked over at Macy.
    "Dont worry, as I said, the pokemon should be under my moms care." He said. "You can come with us." He looked at Skylar. "You too." Then he started walking towards his house.
  27. Alex smiled and laughed.

    "No problem"

    Togekiss kindly greeted the Mewoth. She knew she could battle well, but was more so a pacifist.

    Alex shakes Zachs hand.

    "Nice to meet you!" Alex turned to Togekiss. "Thank you so much for your help Togekiss!" Alex pulled out her PokeBall, and the red light flashed out, and absorbed Togekiss back in.

    Alex continued following Zach, relieved that he claimed most were had his home.
  28. Zach was almost at the doorstep when he heard a yell from behind him. He turned around to see 2 men in light brown uniforms with 2 Nosepass cornering a young trainer against a building wall.
    "What the hell?!" Zach yelled. He sent out the togepi and started running towards the kaos with it next to him. He then stopped and turned around to look at Alex.
    "Hope you don't mind I borrow this for a sec!" He yelled.
  29. Alex, hearing the scream itself and turning, he notices a trainer being harassed.

    "No problem! Mind if I join you?" Alex asks Zach, hinting he could help out in the battle, knowing that the Togepi probably couldn't take out both pokemon alone.

    Togekiss soared in front of Alex, and landed in a stance ready to battle.
  30. One of the men turned to Zach and Alex. He scoffed and notioned the two Nosepass to the Pokemon before him. Then he faced the other man.
    "You take care of that kid." He said, then looked back at them. "I gots this!"

    Zach looked at the man, then at his strange uniform, then at his Pokemon.
    "Nosepass..." He mumbled to himself.
    "Togepi! Use tackle!" He yelled.
    His togepi charged at the nosepass at full speed, then jumped in the air and pounced on it.
    The nosepass didn't even notice, and Togepi bounced right off.
  31. Alex sighed, the Togepi was brave to even try at least.

    "Ok Togekiss, Use Aura Sphere!"

    Togekiss spread it's majestic wings, and it zoomed off into the air. Togekiss faced down and a blue aura orb formed in front of Togekiss, and after it chirped it's name, the aura sphere blasted down, and landed at the feet of the nosepass, and the nose-shaped pokemon was blasted back into the male offender.
  32. Zach watched as the togekiss attacked gracefully, and when it took out 2 of those pokemon at once.
    "Woah!" He yelled. "That was amazing!"
  33. Togekiss landed behind Alex and Zach.

    "Thank you kindly, Togekiss is one of my most trusted partners!" Alex replied with a smile.

    The two grunts ran off, and the innocent trainer went back to her journey unharmed.

    "So...those pokemon? How are they?" Alex asked, he was hinting they should get back on track.
  34. Zach, not hearing what Alex said, was checking his togepi. It didn't seem hurt at all.
    "Togepi, are you okay?!" He said.
    The togepi smiled and jumped up in response almost to say: I'm good!!
    Zach then looked behind him at Alex.
    "Oh sorry, did you say something?"
  35. Ale laughed a bit and had a good feeling on the inside about how much Zach cared for the little egg pokemon.

    The Togepi then noticed Alex. She jumped a bit and wobbly walked over to him, and tugged at his shoes. Alex laughed and picked up the pokemon then hugged it.

    "It's great to know you remember me, precious!" Alex chimed.

    The Togepi graciously hopped from Alex's arms and shuffled back over to Zach.

    "Togepi seems to really have a knack for ya, Zach...maybe I could talk the Professor into letting you keep her, but he would only consider it if we make him happy and get all of the other pokemon that were in the box, though." He said, seeing the adoration the Togepi had for Zach.
  36. Zach grabbed togepi and lifted her in the air. He smiled and did that thing where Pokemon say their names, then Zach looked at Alex.
    "Really?!" He said excitedly. "Thank you sooooo much!" Then he rememberd the box of Pokemon.
    "Oh yeah!" He said, running towards his house. "I need to get the rest of the Pokemon!"

    When he walked into his living room he saw hell breaking loose. All of the furniture was knocked over, the walls were all scratched up, every glass item shattered, boxes and boxes and boxes everywhere, Pokemon running around causing kaos, and his mom hiding behind a wall of boxes curled up into a ball mumbling nonsense to herself.
    "Oh god." Zach said.
  37. Alex laughed a bit, but did realize the seriousness of the situation. If he didn't get those pokemon back...he would surely be fired from helping the Professor, although it's more of a volunteer thing he did.

    Alex grabbed three of the empty PokeBalls from the boxes. He put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly, a few of the pokemon froze. They knew that whistle anywhere, the Professor would do it every time they mis-behaved. It took Alex many many lessons from the Professor to learn how to do that little trick, and he finally had it down pact a week ago.

    Some of the pokemon that froze recognized Alex. They chirped their names and some ran towards him. Alex held out two PokeBalls, one in each hand. The red light flashed out and absorbed two of the pokemon, and Alex held out a third, absorbing another pokemon inside.

    "I'll whistle again, take these and do the same." Alex said, handing three empty PokeBalls to Zach.

    Alex took two more and went deeper into the house, and checked behind furniture and corners for other pokemon, as he whistled while doing do.
  38. Zach took the pokeballs and in seconds they were filled. He took a quick glance around the room before he realized they got them all.
    Zach turned over to see his mom crawling out from behind the wall. When she realized the madness was over she jumped up and ran to Zach.
    "IT WAS MADDNESS!!" she yelled. "THERE WERE SO MANY... so many....."
    "Well, uh, its over now...." Zach said.
    His mom took another look around to make sure.
    "Oh god, no its not until this mess is cleaned up." She said, then went to grab a broom.
  39. Alex bowed slightly in front of Zachs mother. He felt so guilty.

    "I apologize sincerely, Ma'am! It is all my fault that this happened to your home. I am Alex, an assistant to the Pokemon Professor, and in an attempt to send these back to his lab, I had written down the wrong address, if there is any way I may make this up to you let me know." He finished.

    Alex saw the mess, knowing the pokemon were definitely caused the havoc. He was sure that Zach's mother would be steamed over an incident like this, he hoped she would understand.
  40. Zach's mom looked at him, and smiled.
    "Oh, it's fine." She said. "I've cleaned messes worse then this, trust me." She said, then looked Zach. "Hey, why don't you go with him to deliver the box..." She looked back at Alex. "If its okay with you." She said.

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