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Ask to Join The Rebels Of Akumiya

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. This is a roleplay I made which I got the idea from Legend Of Korra. You are one of the 5 people born with the power to weild one element. You must protect the land of Akumiya from the Devils, trying to make everyone bow before them. Here are the rules:

    1. Once all of the places are taken, I will turn this rp into Private, and only registered people can post.

    2. All Pokecharms rules apply.

    3. No godmodding.

    4. I allow romance.

    5. Do NOT include yourself in someone's application unless they are fine with it.

    (Put CAKES in Other to show that you have read the rules.)


    Fire Rebel: @WolfyPop
    Water Rebel: @Blu Ace
    Grass Rebel:
    Light Rebel: @Whatever3500
    Dark Rebel:


    Name: (no explanaton, you should know this...)
    Gender: (Boy or Girl?)
    Age: (14 to 17)
    Element: (What power do you possess?)
    Animal: What animal do you have?)
    History: (What is your past?)
    Personality: (How do you act?)
    Appearance: (What do you look like?)

    Pet: (What animal?)
    Gender: (Boy or girl?)
    Special Things: (Anything your animal can do?)

    My Form:

    Name: Astral Kanzaron
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Element: Fire
    History: Astral is an only child, realising she had fire abilities when she burnt down a forest, her anger within her is from her father being taken away. She is curious and loyal.
    Personality: Astral is a very mysterious girl and is very sarcastic. She is cold on the outside but nice and cuddly on the inside. She tends to get bored a lot, even though she can control fire.
    Appearance: Astral has short silver hair. She has purple eyes. She wears blue clothing, with black boots and red fingerless gloves.
    Other: CAKES

    Pet: Wyvern
    Name: Neon
    Colours: Albino, Red eyes, white body, black mane and tail.
    Gender: Female
    Special Things: Body glows blue and green at night.

    A girl strode through the forest, unable to hold her fear inside her. What were those people doing to her dad? She missed him, and she planned on getting him back. A snake tried to lunge at her, but she clutched her hands together and blew flame near it's face, making it slither away. Sighing, she continued to stride through the forest, not caring about anything else except her father. Astral kept her hands in her pockets, when she saw the city. Walking to her house, she flopped herself onto her bed, watching the window for any sudden movements. "I wish he came back..." The girl sighed.
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  2. Name: Leon Lyng
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Element: Water
    Animal: Fox
    History: Not much is known about Leon's past, but he tends to ignore it. Finding life wonderful he fears death, and stays on the safe side.
    Personality: He acts on the safe side, using his Water Powers to Protect himself, and hopefully other is given the opportunity.
    Appearance: Wears Regular Water Tribe Clothing, along with a Blue Scarf to stop it off.
    Other: CAKES

    Pet: Fox
    Name: Kit
    Gender: Female
    Colours: White and Pink (The Pink is dyed into her fur.)
    Special Things: Can levitate for a few, then must recharge

    Leon sighed, sitting by a frozen river, as usual. Vixy was sliding upon it, usually falling and tripping, causing her to laugh. Leon smirked. He raised his hand, slowly pulling it upwards. The Ice under Vixy began to crack, then before her eyes she was flung into the air, the ice being pulled up by water. Lean smirked, watching the airborn fox.
  3. (@Blu Ace accepted!)

    Astral got off of her bed and walked outside to hear cracking. "Oh my god, Neon!" She growled, turning around to see the albino wyvern perched on the top of her roof. The Wyvern grunted and glided down to her, signing that she wanted to go for a ride with Astral. Astral smiled and leapt onto her back, and they took off into the air.

    Seeing a river Astral pointed down to it. "Neon, let's go rest there," She smiled. The albino Wyvern floated down to the river bank and Astral hopped off, not noticing a boy using water powers to tease his animal. "Go on and play, bud," She smiled. Neon flew into the air, then dived into the water. As she swam around, Neon glowed green and blue due to her condition to glow in dark areas. Astral sat down and watched. "Wow, I just remembered how rare Neon is as an albino wyvern," She smirked.
  4. Vixy ftowned, she started plummeting to her death. A slipt second before she hit the ice she used her levitational powers. She gave a sigh of relief, falling on her belly. "Ugh, Really?" She groaned.
  5. "Huh?" Astral saw a boy and a fox, "Go over there gurl..." She smiled. The Wyvern stayed underwater and swam under Vixy, she was glowing blue and green and her red eyes were glowing.
  6. Name: Noelle
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 14
    Element: Light
    Animal: Is a phoenix alright?
    History: She was born into a set of quadruplets, though her other three siblings died in a forest fire when they were taking a walk several years ago, but she was next to a river and managed to stay alive.
    Personality: Noelle is very curious and will ask questions about everything possible. She is also loyal and very honest, which sometimes leads to her getting into trouble.
    Appearance: Shoulder-length black hair with a white streak, and usually wears baggy clothing.
    Other: CAKES

    Pet: Phoenix I guess
    Name: Calix
    Gender: girl
    Colours: Silver and blue
    Special Things: Unlike regular phoenixes, Calix can cause items to freeze or cause it to snow randomly, though it drains her energy quickly.
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  7. Name: Sakiya
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 16
    Element: Dark ; She is bad at controlling it and it has consumed her before.
    Animal: Wolf Dragon
    History: Sakiya was born without any family and lived in a forest most of her life, having been kicked out after she somehow killed the tribe leader. Death is no threat to her, and she embraces it's darkness as it has saved her from several close situations before.
    Personality: Sakiya is typically closed off, but very curious. She tends towards a pessimistic, sarcastic, shadow rather than one of those excited, optimistic all the time girls.
    Appearance: Sakiya has green hair and piercing blue eyes, with a white sundress. Around her waist she has two katanas.
    Other: CAKES

    Pet: Wolf Dragon
    Name: Tara
    Gender: Girl
    Colours: Silver-Gray.
    Special Things: Tara has both a Wolf and Wyvern form, so she has both of their characteristics. Just saying...


    Sakiya wandered through the forest, her wolf not far behind as she glanced around quietly. Her wolf began splashing in the river, and she smiled a little bit as Tara began a staring contest with a bird, before a dark manifested arrow pierced through it. Oops, her mistake. She was aiming for the tree over there. She sighed as she looked around.

    Tara, on the other hand, was having a blast. Seeing another dragon, she pounced on it with her tail wagging, forgetting that she was still in her wolf form. Her tongue lolled as it ran all over the wyvern's face.
  8. Name: Nagito
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Element: Water
    Animal: spider monkey
    History: a thief turned good, he is from a far away land and decided to help a kingdom of his element just because he needed a job. He hates being in positions on top of the ladder.
    Personality: He is somewhat quiet, and prefers to only talk to people with legitimate respectability.
    Appearance: Wears a deep blue robe, and a gray bandanna over his face. His hair is spiked and light blue, giving his eyes a shadowy appearance to them.

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