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Open The Rebel Gems: A Steven Universe RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by MimikyuSkitty, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Backstory
    Long ago before the Great Gem War there was a group of gems came to the earth to settle a gem colony of about 600 gems who would live on Earth to learn more about the planet and to report if it is any good purposes to The Diamonds. The gems lived in Harmony with the humans for 1000 years. One day the diamonds came due to no reports on the earth for over 900 years. They Came and question the leader of the Colony,Cobalt . They asked why they have not filed a report in over 900 years. Cobalt quickly responded that the gems living here were happy and lived in peace with the humans. She told them to go back to Homeworld and leave them be. But the colony will still obey the Diamonds. The Diamonds did not like they were hearing. They wanted the colony gems to be soldiers and the Diamonds wanted Earth for themselves. The diamonds though the colony would rebel against the Diamonds and take control over all the gems in the many star systems. They sent a huge army to destroy the colony. The war lasted about 100 years with a lot of gems destroyed. Of the 600 gems in the colony, only 2 survived the war. Cobat, The Leader of the colony, and Amber, Her Loyal Assistant and Friend. The two stayed in hiding for many, many years until they heard about the Crystal Gems, A group of Gems against Homeworld. Them learning about them sparked in the
    two's hearts for them to find more gems to join the new group they made ,The Rebel Gems.

    What this Roleplay will be about
    You, A Gemsona you have will become apart of The Rebel Gems. We will Fight Gem Monsters, Battle Evil Gems, And Defend the earth From Homeworld.
    Gemsona Rules:
    • You may have up to 3 Gemsonas. If one of your Gemsona's is a Fusion, It counts as many as the gems it is made of. A example is Garnet would count as Two, While Alexandrite would count as Four. Make each one a Complete Character Sheet Please
    • No using a Canon Character Gem as Your Gemsona. A Example is using A Garnet as your Gemsona. But a Variation is Fine. Like Say Star Ruby or Harlequin Opal
    • Powers:NO Coping Canon Character's Abilities, Like Making A Gemsona Names Aquamarine who powers is water or something like that.
    Gemsona Character Sheet

    As Known As?:
    Sexuality?(You don't have to put this if you don't want to)
    Gem Type:
    Gem Location:
    Fusion?(What gems make this Fusion)
    Previous Alignment: (Like Crystal Gem, _Diamond, Etc)
    Place of Creation: (Kindergarten,Homeworld, Etc)

    My Two Gemsona's

    Nicknames: Balty(Amber's Nickname for Cobalt)
    As Known As?:Cobalt
    Gem Location: Lower Back
    Weapon(s): Twin Sais
    Power(s): None
    Previous Alignment: Blue Diamond(Before the Colony)
    Place of Creation: Homeworld
    Personality: Brave, Friendly, Loyal To Friends and Love Ones, Has Two Sides, Her Serious Side and Her Fun Loving Side.
    Appearance: About as tall as Garnet, Longish Navy Blue Hair, Blue Skin, Blue Eyes (She has two), Long Sleeved Neon Blue Shirt, Short Pants, Long Thigh High Boots

    Nicknames: Amby (Cobalt's Nickname for Amber)
    As Known As?:Amber
    Sexuality? Pansexual :3
    Gem Location: On Top of her Left Hand
    Weapon(s): Hatchets
    Power(s): None
    Previous Alignment: Yellow Diamond
    Place of Creation: Homeworld
    Personality: Hyper, Happy Go Lucky, Super Sweet, Ditzy
    Appearance: Short, Choppy Blond Hair, One Strand of hair in a long braid, Golden Amber Eyes, Pale Yellow Skin, Freckles, Orange, Short Shirt, Tape around Hand, Brown SHorts, Yellow Leggings, Brown Boots
  2. Name: Tiger Eye
    Nicknames: Tiger, Kitty
    As Known As?:Tiger Eye
    Gender: Agender(Gems are Genderless, Just Saying)
    Sexuality:Not Sure Yet
    Gem Location One is her left eye, The Other is on top of her Right Hand
    Gem Type:Quartz
    Weapons: Chain Mace
    Powers: Feline Reflexes
    Fusion?: Yes. She is made of Brown Jasper and Cat's Eye
    Previous Alignment: Cat's Eye, White Diamond and Brown Jasper, Pink Diamond
    Personality:True to her Jasper Half, She is Bold, Cunning, Mischievous, and A bit Crazy But she has A Softer, More Gentle Side
    Appearance;Long Brown Hair with Light Brown Streaks, Canine Teeth are Fangs, Brown Cat Ears and Tail, Long Sleeved Orange Crop top With Black Stripes on it,Brown Pants, Light Brown Heeled Boots, Light Brown Eye, Yellow Skin
  3. Name: Ruby Jubille
    Nicknames: Ruby, Jubi, Jubille, Ruebs
    Gender: Agender
    Pronouns: She/her
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Gem location: Upper back
    Weapons: Baseball bat
    Powers: Extreme agility
    Fusion: Nope
    Previous alignment: Pink diamond
    Personality: Jubi is extremley flamboyant and playful. She usually walks on her hands when not in combat. She loves to fling through trees, run around, sing songs, tease people, and eat food. She is a bit headstrong, usually rushing into situations that could be easily avoided. She has little self confidence, usually putting herself down.
    Apperance: Jubi has hot pink hair, tied up into two poofy buns. She has pale gray skin and sky blue eyes. She wears a yellow and blue striped crop top tied in the back, giving easy access to her gem. She wears torn jean shorts that go halfway down her thighs and wears no shoes. She is about 5'5''.
    I hope you like it :)
  4. Name: Heliotrope
    Nicknames: Helio, Hel (pronounced "heel"), some of her enemies know her as "Bloodstone"
    As Known As?: Heliotrope/Bloodstone
    Gender: Agender
    Pronouns: she/her or they/them
    Sexuality?: food Asexual (panromantic as well but not really looking)
    Gem Type: Chalcedony (technically, a type of small quartz, but often mistaken for a type of Jasper)
    Gem Location: Right Shoulder
    Weapon(s): Bladed Tonfas (aka Elbow Blades)
    Power(s): Invisibility, physically stronger than she appears
    Fusion?: None
    Previous Alignment: Yellow Diamond
    Place of Creation: Homeworld
    Personality: Helio was raised a warrior, but acted as more of a mercenary for Yellow Diamond. At one time, she was one of a group called the "Bloodstones" who developed a reputation as assassins that would remove those that stood against the Diamonds. Just one of them would be enough to cripple a small rebellion. However, Helio on one mission was convinced by her target that the humans deserved a chance. That gem had showed them that perhaps the Diamonds were out of line, and instead of assassinating, they ran away. News of her betrayal quickly reached back to Homeworld, and she was forced to hide out on Earth. Having lived alone for many thousands of years, she can be rather cold and heartless, just as her old job demanded. To preserve herself, she has no problem taking lives, and she's rather humorless, not understanding jokes. At times, she still instinctually obeys homeworld laws and pays respects to higher stones (including true Quartz stones)
    Appearance: Helio stands approximately as tall a true Quartz, but has the same thin appearance as a Pearl, with a round face and very Jasper-like nose, but smaller. Her skin has a dark green tone to it, with odd stripes of rusty red down her body, which happens to be the same color as her extremely long, thick hair that she keeps in a high pony tail. Her eyes are generally considered hazel, but are technically an odd forest green flecked with golden brown. She wears a form-fitting suite in extra-dark shades of green and red-orange, along with a face mask over her mouth and nose designed to muffle the sounds of her breathing.

    Hope that backstory is okay! o.o I'll change it if not.
  5. Name: Flame
    As Known As?: Gemless warrier
    Gender: male
    Sexuality? straight
    Gem Type: No gem
    Gem Location: No gem
    Weapon(s): 2 swords
    Power(s): fire and ice powers
    Fusion?(What gems make this Fusion)
    Previous Alignment: (Like Crystal Gem, _Diamond, Etc) None
    Place of Creation: (Kindergarten,Homeworld, Etc) Secret place on Earth
    Personality: Likes to be alone, good fighter, hates the diamonds
    Appearance: Blue pants, red shirt, skull necklace, red and green shoes, and red baseball cap
    Others (If you would like it); Wants to fuse with Amber and likes her.
    If you approve the other we need to (maybe) make a fushion bio for them.
  6. Name:apatite
    As Known As?:apatite or the mysterious gem
    Pronouns:he, him
    Gem Type:quartz
    Gem Location:hand
    Power(s):control fire
    Previous Alignment: crystal gem
    Place of Creation: kindergarten
    Personality:funny,a little evil,naughty,really good fighter hate pearls and diamonds and like to eat
    Appearance:white shirt,grey pants,wear one glove to hide he gem,
    other:have one star on the glove achieving seeing his stone and is defective like amethyst
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  7. uh...... where is the link?
  8. Name: Spinel
    Nicknames: Red Head or Red Diamond (For his all around skill and power)
    As Known As: The Red Devil
    Gender: Male
    Pronouns: Him He
    Sexuality: Straight
    Gem Type: Magnesium
    Gem Location: Right eye
    Weapon(s): Scythe
    Power(s): Teleportation
    Fusion: Nope
    Previous Alignment: Pink Diamond
    Place of Creation: Kindergarten
    Personality: Serious, Quiet, Loves Silence, Always respects his Leaders
    Appearance: Wears a red Cloak with the Hood always covering his face, Often keeps his Scythe on his back, when going Fast the Cloak drops Rose Pedals
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  9. Name: Prism Moonstone
    Nickname: Prism
    Also Known As: The Glowing Gem
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She Her
    Gem Type: Moonstone
    Gem Location: Belly
    Weapon: Halberd
    Powers: Shapeshifting
    Fusion: None
    Previous Alignment: Pink Diamond
    Place of Creation: Kindergarten
    Personality: Funny and kinda awkward but extremely loyal to her friends and loved ones and will protect those close to her.
    Appearance: Prism patterned white cloak with hood and crescent moon patterns on arm and leg armor. Always glows in the night.
  10. @MegaCharizardZ Obviously I'm not the creator but I feel I should let you know that the character I made is also Bloodstone. ^^
  11. Terribly Sorry Every One
    @Mysticumbreon I haven't Made It, I will Make it Tomorrow
    @MegaCharizardZ I hate to say this, But Can You Change Your OC? @Evenir Had "Bloodstone" First, Terribly Sorry
  12. yea its fine i had a bunch of other ones just in case
  13. when the RP will be created? i´m really want start
  14. Oh Terribly Sorry! I have been rather busy with my school and I haven't been on this thing in forever. I shall create this roleplay tommorrow for real.
    @Mantisaurus Accepted!
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  16. I changed api appearence ok?
  17. Sorry I was Working On a Project for my School, Yes it's fine

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