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Open The Real World

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by chredwards, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Hey all, this is a role play thread where literally every person you can think of can be brought to life! Whether you are rich, poor, young, old, fat, thin, black, white...whatever. You can make that character. Please (of course) mind the rules, we don't want this thread closed. Now, please fill out the form before you start.

    Full Name: Firstname (middlename) Lastname
    Sex: M/F/Non Binary
    Sexuality: LGBT+
    Status: Married/Single/Complicated
    A bit about your character: ........
    Appearance: ....
    Personality: .....
    Age: ....
    Occupation: ....
    Nationality: ....

    Here is my character:
    Full Name: Elizabeth Henrietta Millie Van Schawartzbaum-McQuorcadale De Witt
    Sex: F
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
    Status: Widowed
    A bit about my character: Elizabeth VSMDW is a wealthy widower. Her husband, Carmichael Van Schwartzbaum-McQuorcadle De Witt, died under mysterious circumstances back in '07. Many people presumed it was Elizabeth who killed him. Only Elizabeth knows if that is true or not.
    Appearance: Elizabeth has white hair which flows in beautiful curls down to her bosom. She has green eyes. Elizabeth requires a wheelchair. She wears a black dress under a black blazer with a golden brooch.
    Personality: Elizabeth doesn't beat around the bush, she will tell everyone what she thinks when she wants. She can be sensitive at times and can be your stereotypical sweet old lady. But beware.
    Age: 80
    Occupation: Retired
    Nationality: British.
    Elizabeth woke up, she heaved herself into her chair. Elizabeth was a lonely woman, and she liked it that way. She took herself out of the house and into the hustle and bustle of the modern day world. She needed to get milk for her tea. She wheeled herself over the pavement and into a creek between two large SUV's. She couldn't see either way. She trusted her hearing aid not to have died and wheeled out onto the road. A car came hurtling towards her. Elizabeth had two choices, back or forth. If she wheeled back she would wheel back into the possibility of oncoming traffic, but wheeling forward required effort and took more time. She heaved herself forwards and missed getting thrown across the road by a whisker. She looked up and saw the horrified faces of many teenagers and young adults.
  2. Full Name: Skylar Jones
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Status: Single
    A bit about your character: A normal young adult, with her problems at home. Her dream is to become a nurse for the elderly and to find her one true love and become successful in life.
    Appearance: Long, wavy scarlet hair. Blue eyes. 5ft 9inches.
    Personality: Had a few best friends who recently moved to fulfil their dreams. Likes to keep to herself and has a very low self-esteem. She is kind and loving and accepts everyone the way they are. She likes to keep her feelings inside and not tell anyone about them.
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Training Nurse
    Nationality: British
    She stared into a pair of green eyes of an old lady sat in a wheelchair. Skylar was about to cross the road when she saw the old lady haul herself across the road all by herself, very close to being hit by a car. She walked towards her and kneeled down. Skylar was in her nurses uniform on the way to work and was early so she had time to talk. " Are you okay ma'am? You must have lost a lot of energy to push yourself across the road like that..." The women had long white curls in her hair and looked very rich. Yes, she did just make a pre-judgement. Skylar is a human. We all do it.
  3. Full name: Xavier Andrew "Drew" Leuric
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Status: single ( Formally married.)
    A bit about the character: Drew grew up on the streets of Memphis. There he learned how to con people. An Army Cornel changed his life forever. He later joined the army and a year later he joined the Rangers. During one of his missions he was saved by an SSR Operative named Chester "Chet" McNeal. The two later became Close friends. When Drew did his time in the Military he decided to travel Europe. During his time in the United Kingdom he met Clair O'riley. The two of them got married but it was short lived as two years into their marriage she was killed in an automotive accident which left Drew's left leg crippled.
    Appearance: Neatly trimmed blonde hair, Green emerald eyes, 6ft 2 inches, do to the car accident he requires a walking cane since his left foot limped badly.
    Personality: He's sarcastic, honest and at points is a hopeless romantic. Trust's everyone when he meets them but forms opinions of them after he meets them.
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Private investigator.
    Nationality: American
    = = = = = = = = = =============================
    Drew saw everything that happened and hurried towards the old lady. What was she thinking she could of nearly gotten killed. and whoever was driving that car didn't even stop to check on her. He hurried towards her, but he was only able to go so fast with his cane. Drew saw a nurse leaning over her. " Ma'am are you alright." He asked as neared them. he observed the two women. The younger one had scarlet hair. " Thank you Jesus that a nurse was here.' he said silently noticing the scrubs she was wearing. He looked at the older lady. She was in a wheel chair so something probably happened to her earlier in life. She also has that golden brooch. That can't be cheep so she must be wealthy.
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  4. ---------------------------
    Full Name: Rory Conan Lund
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Status: widowed
    A bit about your character: A recent widower, wife died of leukaemia, so he spends his time teaching English to seniors at a nearby high school. At late night, after correcting homework and tests, he spends occasional week nights in a local bar nearby where he lives.
    Appearance: Short messy dark brown hair, a hoodie of some sort, a casual t-shirt referencing a variety of nerdy topics, jeans, 5'9, and a computer bag slung across his body and over his shoulder.
    Personality: usually keeps to himself unless he's working or nearby elderly people attempting to always hear one of their stories. Nerdy when it comes to videogames, tv shows he watches, poems, and books. Usually hides his feelings about his wife that passed on. From his experience as a teacher, he learned to be able to notice if anything is wrong with someone who he usually talks to.
    Age: 34
    Occupation: English Teacher that also teaches a few.extra classes (film study, creative writing, and theater)
    Nationality: American (but almost Canadian due to how close he live to Canada growing up)

    Rory took a deep breath of the cool breezy air as he walked outside the school after a long day of work. He looked around on the now empty entryway that was once filled with students. Using his imagination, he could almost even see them conversing and separating to their own whereabouts.Rory sighed, took his headphones, turned up the music and put them on his head, over his ears as he started to walk down to the bus stop at the end of the road.

    As he arrived at his destination, he sat down on the bench, and waited. But, before the bus arrived, there was tons of commotion gathering. Curious, Rory decided to check out what was happening. Apparently, an old lady had gotten hit. Caught dumbfounded, he decided to help in the only way he could, direct traffic around and keep the roads moving, since the lady was obviously in good hands because of the nurse was somehow on the scene.
  5. Elizabeth was starting to panic over the attention she was getting. "Yes...yes, I am fine! Please leave me alone, I am in need of...something. Elizabeth moved away from the gathering. Elizabeth looked horrified at the nurse's hair. "How did you do that! It looks like you've soaked it in the blood of your enemies! You should fix that now." Elizabeth raised an eyebrow.
  6. ' A crazy old timmer what's new.' Drew thought to himself. " Ma'am." he said Addressing the elderly lady. " Is there anything you need?" He asked "Also I know this might seem out of place but did you catch the SUV's license plate?" He asked wondering if you could find out anything about the man or woman who nearly ran her over. There might actually be a legitimate case there like the Don Rico case he worked a few months ago. Instead of all the spouses who think their husband or wife is cheating on them cases that he usually works.
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  7. "Y...yes. There was an X, a 2 and a 6. That is all." Elizabeth looked at the man. He looked like a drug addict. "Now leave me alone!" Elizabeth wailed.
  8. " As you wish ma'am." Drew said walking away. After a long tidius walk to his office He opened the door and walked in.
    His office consisted of three chairs . two where infront of a desk while the other one was behind the desk. The wall behind the desk had his medals he gained in the US ARMY which included a medal of Valor, three purple hearts, a Distinguish Service Cross, A medal of honor.
    He walked over to his desk and sat down. On his desk was a Telephone, a PC running windows 10, and a picture of his late wife.
    He took a deep breath as he reached for the Telephone. It rang twice before someone awnsered it.
    " Hey Chet." Drew said talking to an old friend. " Remember that favor you owe me?"
    Chet spoke. " I have a partial liscence plate that I need ran threw your servers." Drew said. As he mentally thought back to what the old bat was saying. " There was an X a 2 and a 6"
    "Chet Spoke as Drew rolled his eyes to the nickname Xave that Chet has always called him
    " It's all I have." Drew said. " It's for a case I'm working."
    Chet spoke again.
    " I'm sorry but no." Drew said declining an Invite for dinner. " I'll talk to you latter buddy."
  9. Elizabeth got home and unbuttoned her coat. She took herself out of the chair and laughed. "Idiots these days" she said, in a youthful face. Elizabeth peeled off her "face" which had been made by her sister, June. Elizabeth took off the black drapes and the brooch, she got into her golden dress which flew around in the wind. After full transformation, Elizabeth looked in the mirror. Except this wasn't Elizabeth, this was Sienna Crighton, a young rich girl who was a well-known scammer. She smirked. Once this deal was wrapped up, she would win the case. Now if only she could remember that damn number plate. Let's see, was it XC62 KHD? Yes...that's it. Sienna played around with the wig. Her long brown hair drooped down to her shoulders, one side over, one side behind. Sienna was a beautiful woman. She lay on the couch with a glass of wine.
    (I guess I ought to do a form for Sienna)
    Full Name: Sienna Cheska Crighton
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Status: Single
    A bit about your character: Sienna is a con woman and not to be trusted. She lies a lot, but keeps to herself at home.
    Appearance: Beautiful silky brown hair, blue eyes, 5'11". Dresses affluently.
    Personality: Enjoys scamming other people for money (despite the amount she's already sitting on), she is essentially black in her heart. When told no, Sienna will throw up a fuss. Sienna growls when she is speaking if she has been provoked.
    Age: 34
    Occupation: Scammer/Con woman
    Nationality: British
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  10. Drew got out of his sixty eight Ford mustang in front of the Rocky Magers a night club for the rich. He figured he should work his current case while waiting for Chet to call him back. He walked into the Night Club. It smelled of stale alchole and sweet with loud music playing in the back ground. He walked over to the bartender. " Excuse me." Drew said. His voice was drowned out by the music. " EXCUSE ME!" He yelled. The bartender looke at him.
    "What do you want?" The bar tender Asked. Drew flashed the bartender his card.
    " Xavier Leuric Private Investigator." Drew said. " Have you seen this man?" Drew flashed a picture of a man
    " Yes over there." The Bartender said pointing to the man. " He usually stays here until his lady friend shows up."
    " Would this be her by any chance." Drew steady himself on his cane as he reached into his pocket for the picture of the guy's wife.
    " No." The man said. " She's a lot younger." The bartender said.
    " I'll have a club soda." Drew said handing the man ten pounds then he sat down.
    He casually looked over at the man. He was an older gentleman at least twice as old as Drew. He wore a black over coat with golden cufflinks. Everything about him screamed rich.
    Drew hated this next part. Conforming that He was cheating on his wife. Soon his wife will be yelling at Drew for doing his job saying that he ruined their family. Even though that bastard is the one to blame. Drew took a sip of the club soda and looked back towards the assorted liquor. He took out his phone to make it seem like he wasn't staring.
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  11. Sienna got into one of her many cars. This was a Rolls Royce Phantom. She drove up to the bar and sat diagonal from Drew. Sienna ordered a drink. "I'll have a glass of tap water. In a shot glass." Sienna said, giving the waiter a certain look. The waiter nodded and brought it out. Sienna downed the glass and acted as drunk as possible. Sienna received the attention of many people. One man turned up and plopped himself in front of Sienna. Target acquired. "I'd like to buy you a drink." He said, smiling with all six of his teeth. Sienna was disgusted by the man, but noticed his phone, it looked very high-tech. "What will it be?" The man grinned. Sienna looked around. "I'll have a Ron Martinez." Sienna smirked as she listed one of the most difficult and longest drinks to make in the world. "It shouldn't take too long." She insisted as the man got up and left. What he didn't know is that Sienna had been using her feet to poke out his credit card from his pocket. She took it and ran. She locked eyes with Drew, noticed who he was and continued running, this time with panic and not adrenaline.

    (I'd like to add that this is set in the UK, so dollars would not be accepted at a local bar.)
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  12. Drew noticed a very beautiful woman diagonal of him pretending to be drunk. Drew chuckled a little bit. It was a classic con She pretends to be drunk and some buddy was going to try and buy her a drink. Then she was more than likely going to steal that person's credit card. and the person was going to be non the wiser about it.
    Drew slowly took out his cell phone and started dialing 911.
    The elderly Gentleman Drew was watching walked over to the lady. 'Karma's a bitch.' Drew thought as he watched everything go down.
    After a while she got up and started running. Drew stood up nearly at the same time as their eyes locked.
    It was funny actually Drew thought he recognized her from something else. She quickly ran out of the bar. Drew fallowed her. He noticed that she got into a Rolls Royce and started to drive away. As quickly as he could Drew took a picture of the car's license plate nearly falling down in the process.
    He decided to call Chet.
    " Hey Chet." Drew said. " are you off work... No great. I need you to run another license plate number for me." Chet talked. " No it's a different number. I think I just got a lead on the case I'm working on." Drew said. 'It had to be her'. Drew thought. Chet talked. Drew looked at the picture. " It's Alpha three Echo six eight Charlie nine two. Thanks buddy tell Abbie and the kids that I said hello."
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  13. Sienna rubbed her lips and looked in the mirror. She was sure she saw a flash. 'Oh god, this is the end. Burn the car, BURN THE CAR' her mind said. Sienna calmed herself. Everything was going to be okay. Sienna looked at the credit card she had swiped and decided to make a detour. She drove into a very expensive jewelers. She went up to the cashier. "Hello, I'd like to purchase that platinum plated diamond encrusted necklace you have out there." Sienna handed over the card. The cashier looked at the name which read "Damien Kraig".
    "Oh, that's my husband!" Sienna chuckled. "He's the..."Sienna pointed to the nearest man. "...that one." Sienna said. Sienna was handed the necklace and purchased it. She took it back and went to the river where she flung it in to destroy it. "There." Sienna had accomplished her work. She got home and poured herself some prosecco.
  14. Drew slowed down the car at the address Chet gave him. He looked at the name he wrote down. 'Marry Silverspoon.' there's a pretty good chance that name is fake. Hopefully the address isn't.
    Drew walked up to the door and knocked. He thought about how he was going to play this out. He needed evidence before he could bring the case to Chet. He calmly knocked on the door.
  15. Sienna heard the door knock. She put on her Marry Silverspoon face (a middle aged gardener). Marry opened the door, weakly. "Y-yes?" Marry was holding a trowel and a shovel. "Is something the matter?"
    Full Name: Marry Silverspoon
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Status: Single
    A bit about your character: Marry Silverspoon is a lovely gardener, she tends to her plants like she tends to her unborn children.
    Appearance: Marry has short blonde cropped hair and wears playsuits most of the time.
    Personality: Marry is a sweet woman from the country. She enjoys gardening and keeps plants everywhere.
    Age: 48
    Occupation: Gardener
    Nationality: British
  16. ' Damnit wrong address." Drew thought. ' I should play this off. Then again maybe she is the same person after all.'
    " Hello Ma'am" Drew said putting on his best southern boy charm. " I'm Private Investigator Xavier Leuric but you can call me Drew. Your neighbor Mrs. Steelwater" Drew said He held up a picture of his current client. "Thinks her husband is cheating on her and using their house to do it. So I was wondering if You would allow me to stay here and observe the house." Drew gave her a wide heart warming smile.
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  17. (Oh my god I got confused, sorry.) "M...Mrs Steelwater?" Marry said, in her confused voice. "Oh! Yeah, that boy is certainly a cheater!" Marry looked confused. "Stay here? As in, in the home." "Marry" started sweating, if he found her alter-egos, the stolen items, the car. She was gone.
  18. Drew grinned as he looked at " Marry Silverspoon." ' Gotcha.' he thought.
    " Well I don't have to come in if you don't want me to." He said playing on his southern charm. " just know that I'm going to be in that mustang over there." He said using his free hand to point at his car. " I'm more than likely going to be in this neighbor hood for the next couple of weeks." He looked at her eyes... Her beautiful eyes. He used his good hand to reach into his pocket and hand her his business card. " If you see anything out of the ordinary let me know."
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  19. Full Name: Akeldama Toshiro "Hemo" Shimizuki
    Sex: M
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Status: Married
    A bit about your character: Akeldama is a severe hemophiliac (A), which is where he got his nickname from (That, and "Akeldama" was too hard for his classmates to pronounce while growing up). He immigrated from Vietnam to America during the Vietnam War. He had a mid-life crisis, especially after realizing that he had ten years less than everyone else to live and he decided to travel Asia, and eventually Europe, which is how he landed himself in Great Britain.
    Appearance: Hemo stands at 6'1 and weighs in at 73 kg. He dresses very extravagantly for his age, long fur coats and peacock shawls and combat boots being his expertise. He often dons black eyeliner and a mop of dark hair. He has stitch tattoos around his neck and wrists, which he seems immensely embarrassed about. He hides the ones on his wrists with a layer of bandages (which also help when he has one of his involuntary nosebleeds) and the one on his neck with decorative scarfs, turtlenecks, and cravats.
    Personality: Hemo is an eccentric. He is friendly and charismatic - the type of person to make small talk while waiting for his floor on the elevator. Although he was once a little troubled, having a husband and a daughter has mellowed him down.
    Age: 46
    Occupation: Writer
    Nationality: American
    Akeldama was pondering quite heartily whether it was safe for him to actually have alcohol or if he should find something else to do with his evening rather than finding the nearest bar. He was still recovering from the shot of absinthe he'd ordered in Netherlands (and the festivities that followed) and he was nearly certain Axel would scold him for typing even the "b" into Google Maps. The thought of Axel filled him with a schoolboy's giddiness and he reassured himself that he could probably make it through this evening without a dysfunctional liver. Probably.
    He decided that maybe some fresh air could do him some good and help him to come to a decision. With a heaving grunt, he slipped out of bed, dressed himself, and dismissed himself from the spacious apartment.
  20. Drew looked at "Marry Silverspoon." Waiting and wondering what her response was going to be. She was probably thinking of a way to get him out of there.
    As he waited he saw a man walking near them. It looked like he has been out for a while. Maybe he lives in the apartments nearby. without a second thought Drew proceeded to lock eyes with Marry.
  21. He glanced up at the officer and gave him a dazzling grin, but couldn't be exactly sure if he had seen him by the time he'd looked away. He looked up to the stars and immediately felt a hot clump of blood lazily slide down his throat from the wound in his nose that had obviously reopened without him noticing. He swallowed hard and sighed, producing a handkerchief and holding it to his face. Nosebleeds were but a minor inconvenience in the fathomable life of Akeldama Shimizuki.
    He'd have to go back to the apartment and cauterize it himself, as he was accustomed to. And only just as he'd walked out! He wouldn't get too far bleeding all over the pavement, he was sure. With a deep breath, he pinched the bridge of his nose and turned around.
    "Marry" took the card and looked at it. She gave a very weak laugh and shut the door. She went over to the window and looked at the Mustang over the road. "I need to find a way to get rid of that..." Just as Marry turned, she noticed a middle-aged man pinching his nose across the street. Marry walked outside, and headed for the man. She walked over to him. "Are you alright?" Marry asked, in a lovely tone.
    (I've decided for each character I'm going to give you a visualisation of them, this is Marry)

    Attached Files:

  23. " Ah swing and a miss." Drew said with a smile on his face as he walked towards his car. " I got her on the ropes."
    He stopped as he noticed "Marry" open her door and walk towards the guy Drew saw earlier. He continued walking towards his car noticing what looked like a shadow move around the car. He shook it off and continued to walk. As he opened his car door he put his bad leg in first and put his cane in the pasanger seat. Just then his rang. Drew fished out his phone with his right. He saw that the caller Id was unkown. He hit the awnser button beliving that this could be a new client. " Hello." he said.
    " The Don sends his regards." A Masculine voice said. Without thinking Drew threw himself out the car and ran only to get a few feet away as his crippled leg gave out on his. The car went up in flames. Drew hugged the pavement feeling the warmth of the flames.
    He moved so that He was facing the sky. He saw a fireball that was his car.
    ' Damnit.' He thought. ' I Let my guard down while I was investigating her.' He put his right hand into fist as he hits the pavement with it. ' I should have been looking for signs that I was being fallowed.' He pulled himself up and limped towards the sidewalk. He sat down on the sidewalk. He tried to fish out his phone only to realise that it wasn't on him.
    " Shit." He said hitting the sidewalk. ' Everything is gone.' He thought. ' My phone, My camera, my observation equiptment. It's all gone. and the thugs probably ransacked my office and apartment." He lied down. 'Which means he's shit out of luck.'
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  24. "Marry" waited for the response but heard the huge explosion. "OH MY GOD, THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Marry ran over and noticed Drew on the sidewalk. She went to say something but turned around and left him alone. It wasn't any of her business.
  25. Drew looked and saw " marry silverspoon" Walk away." Marry." Drew said. " Or whatever your real name is please help me. I have nowhere else to turn." While not exactly the truth he needed to call Chet and get his Fake ID unfortanetly with his phone destroyed he had ask for help. Even if it was to a con woman.
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  26. "My real name is Marry Silverspoon." Marry said, harshly. "What do you need help with?" Marry asked, putting her hands on her hips. Marry tapped her heels on the ground.
  27. " For starters I need some weight for my leg." He said tapping his left leg. " did you really think I was using a cane because it looked good.
    " Secondly I need a pair of scissors and any eye contacts that change your eye's iris that you might have." He said. For all intensive purposes Drew Leuric was just assassinated by the mafia. So he needed a new look. " Thirdly I need a phone so I can call a buddy who can deliver some items to me, and finally all my equipment is being burned as we speak. So whoever you really are I have no way of recording anything you have plus if you help I'll drop all charges and play dumb with you. Also you should really get to know your neighbors better. " Mrs. Steelewater's" real name is Kathrine Kraig. You scammed her husband earlier tonight Which I have to say thank you for that it made my job a lot easier."
  28. "Why should I help you?" Marry said, taking her face off becoming Sienna once more. Sienna found a brick on the floor. "Put this under your leg." Sienna handed it to him. "I'll be right back, I'll get the scissors." Sienna left and got in her car. She found a pair of scissors. She opened a compartment and found all of her cosmetics. She kissed them and threw them at the injured man as she drove past. "You're on your own from here, darling!" Sienna cried, and drove off into the distance.
  29. Drew sighed. He should of known better than to trust a Con Artist. His farther for example. and him for a time. If it wasn't for the army he probably would of been just like her.
    Still that face thing was kind of freaky. He grabbed the scissors and started cutting off his hair till there was nothing left. He looked in the box and saw that there was red eye contacts in it. He put them on. He proceeded to rip out a couple of his teeth and throw them into the fire. He then took out his pocket knife and cut his hand. it took all is strength to walk towards the car. He squirted the blood into the fire. ' Alright they have blood and teeth. That should make anyone think Drew leuric died in the explosion.
    After a while the police showed up. Drew did his best to walk towards them. He secretly cut his leg making it look like he was harmed by a piece of shrapnel.
    A black cop walked towards him. " Did you see what happened." He said with a mix between Nigerian and British accent.
    " Yeah." Drew said with a british accent. " Some Yank that was investigating my neighbor. He went into his car. a few seconds later it blew up."
    " Interesting." the cop said. " Do you mind getting into my car. I need to take you to the station for more questions Mister...."
    " Helingard." Drew said. " Xavier Helingard. And I don't mind." He said.
    They walked into the Cops car.
    " Here's your new ID." The cop said handing Drew a wallet. " You can use mine and Abbie's summer home in Scotland to lay low. At least until Don Rico's court date six months from now."
    " Thanks Chet." Drew said looking at his good friend. "I owe you."
    " You don't owe me anything." chet said. " I need to find out who's working for Rico on the force. Only twelve of us knew you where involved in the case." Chet looked at the road. " I'll take you as far as the train station. You have two hundred pounds in that wallet. that should be enough for you to start a new life."
    A month Later
    Xavier Helingard walked into a local Scottish pub. Do to some intense physical theropy Xavier could walk without using a cane although he still had a limp. Since his forced relocation to Scotland he has started working in construction. For the most part he has been keeping to himself until tonight. He figured it was time to get back on the sadle.
    Xavier walked in and took seat at the counter. " I'll have an Ale." He said. he took a sip of the ale as he looked around the pub. Everyone seemed to be taken. ' Just my luck.' He thought. ' After two years of waiting there isn't a single available woman for him.' Drew took another sip of the ale and watched everyone go on with their lives.
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  30. Sienna roared into Scotland, she had made her getaway and was ready to relocate. She drove up to a loch nearby. She took all her cosmetic items and threw them into the body of water. "Goodbye." She said, wiping tears. Sienna walked into a pub. She needed a job. "Hi there, are there any jobs running?" Sienna asked the landlord. She looked around, the atmosphere was lively.
  31. Xavier's ears perked up. ' That voice' He thought. He turned his head slightly and saw the brunette. ' why do we keep meeting in pubs.' he thought. 'Anyway she shouldn't recognize me.' " Sorry Ma'am but there ain't much work out here." Xavier said acting drunk. Xavier picked up his ale and walked towards her. he pretended to trip and spilled the Ale onto her. " oh I'm sorry ma'am" he said grabbing a paper towel. "Let me clean that off of you." He moved very close to her swipping her ID.
  32. "Oh, blast. I'll just head to the next pub an- HEY!" Sienna stood awkwardly as the man dabbed her. "Please...don't." She felt a small weight in her bosom pocket lift. Sienna rolled her eyes, and let it happen. She had no idea what the man needed it for, but she wasn't going to allow this to happen. Sienna quickly turned away and headed for the car park. She got into her Nissan Figaro and waited for the man to walk out.
  33. ' Well now that I'm done acting like a drunk fool I better get back.' He thought. He looked at her Id it read Sienna Crighton. " So that's your name. Or is it just another fake." He shook his head at the notion. He got on his bike and headed back to his temporary home. it was a single story home on top of a cliff overlooking an ocean. He locked the bike up and looked to the right and left of him. he didn't see anything yet he did notice a Nissan fallowing him for a while so he turned multiple times hopping to mislead it.
    He entered the temp house and walked towards the living. He pulled out his nine milliliter for protection as he turned on the TV. he laid down on the couch and watched the television
  34. It had been a month since Akeldama had been sent into a spiraling climax of a decrepit state started from the baffling event in which he'd been thrown backwards in a gas propelled explosion. For no more than three days, his condition had made the tabloids (Vietnam War Survivor Hospitalized After Attack), but his scrutiny went mostly unnoticed by anyone other than 44-year-old Axel Johnsson and their adopted daughter Rosemary.

    Full Name: Axel Adrien Johnsson
    Sex: M
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Status: Married
    A bit about your character: Axel is completely blind. He and Akeldama met at a local medical clinic. He lost his eyesight and his sister in a freak attack when he was 16. His name was Acke, but he changed it after getting fed up of people mispronouncing it.
    Appearance: Axel is 6'4 and much more muscular than his romantic reciprocal. He has sweeping blond hair and most often wears tinted glasses to hide empty eye sockets. His clothing style is modest and rather formal.
    Personality: Axel is a bit of a germophobe and a neat-freak. He is mostly distrustful and quiet and has a strong sense of justice. Although he's primarily mathematical and logical, he is also very artistic.
    Age: 44
    Occupation: Cook
    Nationality: Swedish

    It seemed that nobody else would pursue the case of Hemo's spontaneous convulsion except for Johnsson, which very much frustrated him. It's the reason he'd left Mary with his parents while he went off to England, even though both his mother, father, and husband found his self righteousness absurd. However, he knew he wouldn't be put to rest until he was able to find the cause of this attack.
    He sat by the window of a moderately fragrant bar, hunched over a pitcher of beer, wondering where to start.
  35. " 800 channels and nothing to watch." Xavier said. He grabbed his gun and put it back into his vault. He grabbed the only picture of clair he had left and walked towards the beach. ' serves me right for trying to get laid tonight.' he thought. As he made it to the private beach he laid down in the sand. The smell of salt water filled the air. Xavier looked at Sienna's ID. apparently it doesn't have her address. He gazed at the cloudless sky until his eyes started to close. Just then his phone rang.
    " Chet." Xavier said. knowing that it had to be him. Only he has Xavier's current number.
    " Yes it's me." Chet said. " Hey have you heard of Akelmdama Shimizuki before." Xavier thought for a few seconds before answering.
    " Can't say that I have." Xavier said. " Who is he?"
    " Apparently he was near the car bombing." Chet said. Xavier silently cursed. remembering that he saw the man before it happened.
    " What happened to him?" Xavier said.
    " He was hospitalized. Now his husband seems to be on a rampage trying to figure out who was responsible." Chet said.
    "Damn." Xavier said knowing that he was partly to blame for what happened. " What should we do?"
    " I'm going to talk to him." Chet said. " The man needs awnsers. and if Rico finds about him who know what might happen."
    " Alright." Xavier said. " Hey I have to ask."
    " Ask what?" Chet said.
    " How the hell did you afford a summer house with your own private beach?" Xavier asked.
    " It was passed down from Abbie's family." Chet said chuckling a little bit.
  36. Axel took a deep swig from the bitter liquid and felt his mouth tingle and his throat burn with the taste. He placed it back in front of him, resting his chin on the flat of his hands. His first move would no doubt be to contact the police. He stifled a yawn and took another sip, welcoming the fire raging through his pipes. He huffed out a low sigh.
  37. Sienna drove to a dead end. "Oh my, god. That rat!" Sienna cried. "Okay, there's nothing for me here. I'm going back to England." Sienna turned around and grit her teeth through the long drive. She arrived back several hours later to her large home. She needed to stick to a persona and play that. "I am Sienna Crighton, I am a...lawyer. I am legal." Sienna wiped a tear from her eye and picked up a glass. She sat down at the computer and started making business cards.
  38. Axel was seated on the curb outside of the regional police department with a phone to his ear, hollowly glancing at the dull building every once in awhile as he spoke.
    "They can't legally give me any information about your investigation, no," Axel was saying to a bedridden Akeldama on the other side of the call. Akeldama sputtered out something that sounded like "That's bullshit!" from his line, but Axel couldn't be sure. He continued with a tired "I'm not an English citizen, so they can't give me documents on any crime that's happened on English soil."
    There were a couple more complaints from the other line and then the voice of a woman saying "Mr. Shimizuki, it's time to take your pills" somewhere in the background. Akeldama chirped out a farewell. Axel could hear the smile in his voice.
    Axel slid the phone back into his pocket and felt the cold British wind brushing past his face. What to do now?
  39. Xavier laid in bed relizing just how much of a bastard he was towards Sienna. He admitted that he would of ended up like her without people like Chet, Cornel Davis, or Clair in his life. And instead of trying to help her he just pushed her away. He couldn't just let this go . He got up and spent the rest of the night on the internet trying to figure out everything he could about her. After some research he found a house in her name.
    He accesed Word processer on his computer and started typing.
    Dear Sienna.
    I'm the bastard who stole your ID. I relies just how much of a mistake that was. The truth is we met before back in England around a month ago. Back then I was a Private Investigator. if it wasn't for your assistance I wouldn't have been able to fake my death. And for that I can never thank you enough. I figure you could care less about anything I have to say. But I want to talk to you. Not some disguise but the actual you. What's the point of apologizing if you aren't there in person. Anyways as you can see this is in a package. This package contains the scissors you gave me. the cosmetic box you gave me with money for the contact lenses I took. Your ID of course, and My wife's credit card use it on whatever you want just please don't go overboard.
    If you want to talk. Contact me with this Email address. Xavier Helingard228@gmail.com
    Xavier Helingard
  40. Sienna looked at the letter. "Fine." She said. She went to her laptop and started typing.
    "Dear Mr. Helingard, I will meet you, of course. But you have to realise the real me hasn't seen the light for a while. I'll do it. We shall meet for supper at The Savoy Hotel, on The Strand in London. Dress smartly" Sienna sent the email. She looked in the mirror, she was ready. She got in the car and drove into London.

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