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The Random Tales of Thunderdog

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Magpie, Jun 11, 2010.

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    What what? Magpie has a ficcu? Well no, not really. I have no idea if I'll continue with this, or whether I'll turn it into an ongoing thing (Obviously Murkrow needs her part too~) This is just basically how Ferne gets Thunderdog, or how it goes in my head anyway. It's a little text-heavy, but that couldn't really be helped. In depth character descriptions and stuff would come later, since this would be set in the past compared to future chapters~


    The sun was setting over Fortree city, casting a strange yet peaceful glow over the moderately sized town. The sun’s light glittered softly from the trees that made up the city, the green hue disturbed only by the faint lights in the tree trunks. The Fortree gym was closed down for the night and in the distance the top of the Weather institute’s weather dish ceased its rotation. The quiet town descended into a peaceful stillness, disturbed only by the slight rustle of the wind as it passed through the trees.

    Plumes of pale smoke drifted from the clusters of small hut-like houses situated in the canopy of the giant trees, as Wingull calls sounded from the West where the great river raged down the valley. The bird Pokemon were settling down for the night, just like the residents of Fortree. In the fading light only a few were still about, probably those returning from far-off workplaces or forest work. A young boy was playing below one of the main tree bridges that connected the town in the treetops. He stood out, not because he was noisy, but because of the small black and blue Pokemon he was with. The site of him playing made the woman who’d been gazing out at the beautiful evening, turn and look at her husband. Instantly recognising the look, he lowered his paper and sighed.

    “What’s the matter, dear? You’ve been quiet all night.”

    “I’ve just been thinking that’s all. About Ferne.”

    “Not again,” He sighed with a roll of his eyes.

    “Don’t roll your eyes at me, it’s not you who’s here when she gets home and she’s covered in mud and dirt and heaven knows what!”

    “So she’s adventurous, she should be. It’s what being a kid’s all about.”

    “You know that I know that. It’s just that… there’s so many Pokemon out there that could hurt her.”
    As if on queue the familiar bellow of a distant Tropius sounded, followed by the chatter of numerous disturbed Pokemon.“You see!” The woman said as she raised her hands, “What if she runs into one of those? It could kill her! And not just that, but everywhere is so wild around here. We’re so cut off from everywhere else, what if she gets lost? What if she wandered into the Safari Zone?” She sighed. “It wasn’t a problem when she was younger, but now…”

    “Hey, hey,” The man said, setting his paper aside, “Calm down. She’s a resourceful young girl and I’m sure she can keep herself out of trouble.”

    “I know… but it just worries me.” She turned again to look out of the window.

    The light had almost completely disappeared now, just leaving the faintest of glows against the darkened sky. The little fire burning within their house threw out little shadows that danced across the wooden surface of the hut, creating such a pleasant feeling of peace. The smells of woodsmoke and earth drifted through the window, but none of these soothing sensations were noticed by the woman. She was in her forties, with shoulder-length brown hair that only showed the merest hint of grey. Her face, usually joyous and content was etched with worry and far away thoughts.

    “You know… I’ve been thinking…”


    “Shush. You know the Westwood family? They live in one of the trees across from ours?”

    The man considered for a moment. “The one’s that moved here from Sinnoh? Didn’t one of them get a job at the Weather Institute?”

    “Yes. They both did. Anyway, have you seen their son?”


    “Have you seen the little Pokemon he has? It’s a weird little thing I’ve never seen before, but it seems like a good friend to him and…”

    The man stood up with a shake of his head “I think I can see where this is going, we’ve talked about this before…”
    “I know! But I’d just feel safer know that when she’s out there that she isn’t alone.”

    “She’s too young, Wendy. You’d be putting her with the danger.”

    “We’d just be careful with what we got her, is all. Something small, like that one.” Wendy pointed down at the boy and his Pokemon, who were now heading home. “They seem fine together.”

    The man peered down and turned his nose up, “I doubt that thing would be of any help should Ferne encounter an Absol…”

    “And what if she encounters one alone? At least she’d have some sort of help, no matter how small.”

    “I don’t know…”

    “And what about me getting that job down at the Safari Zone? I won’t be around as much and I doubt Mrs Milweed will be able to keep her under control.”


    “Please? If not for her then at least for my peace of mind… I’ll go crazy if this keeps up.” The man rubbed his head, clearly torn.


    “I guess I can ask Greg when I go back to work tomorrow, but I’m not promising anything. I still think she’s too young.”

    “Oh thank you, David!” Wendy leaned over to give her husband a hug. “You don’t know how much this means to me.”


    It was a week later when David returned. He often worked down in Mauville town, especially at this time of year, when the Daycare needed help with all the eggs. With only a month or two before the Feather Carnival, it was important to help hatch and raise the various Pokemon that they often sold in Fortree. David helped look after newly hatched baby Pokemon for half the year, while the other half was spent tending the forest around Fortree itself. Today he returned home with his usual joy, even though he still had doubts about the fragile cargo he had safely packed in his backpack. He’d spoken to Greg, just like he’d promised. The old Daycare manager was a kind and well-travelled man, who’s advice David seldom ignored….


    “So… an egg for your Daughter? Hrm… well I guess we’d better take a look at some eggs then, Dave.” The old man beamed. “This way.”

    “Now I don’t want anything dangerous.” David said as he followed, “I can’t say I’m one hundred percent happy about this…”

    “Nonsense, this’ll be one of the best things you ever do my good man, you mark my words.”

    “If you say so,”

    “I do. Now here we are…” Greg swung open the door in front of them, revealing a huge hall-like room filled with shelves upon shelves of tiny nest-like structures, each containing an egg. The room hummed with a gentle sound, and as he entered David felt the temperature increase dramatically.

    “All these eggs…”

    “You’ve not been in here before?”

    “No, someone just brings the hatchings to me after they’ve hatched.”

    “Oh well, then isn’t this a treat?” Greg smiled his broad smile. “Now then… what Pokemon would you like?”

    “A small one. That’s not dangerous.”

    “Well… have a look then.”

    With a shrug, David picked up the closest one to him. “What about this one?”

    “That’s a Nidoran. It has poisonous skin.”

    David paled and replaced it. “Not that one then… what about that one?”


    “Nope. Definatly not that one.”

    “Probably not.”

    “This one?”

    “That one will eat her dreams.”


    “Don’t worry yourself,” Greg said with a chuckle, “We’ll find her the perfect one…”

    End Flashback~

    David sighed, hoping he’d picked the right one. The sun was pleasant against his back as he neared his home. The usual breeze was absent and the usual chatter of bird Pokemon filled his ears. It was hard to feel uneasy on such a day in such a tranquil town...


    Well, it was too late now, because there was Ferne, running towards him.
    “Ferne!” He knelt and spread his arms as the little girl came running towards him full pelt. She slammed into him, almost winding him and hugged him tight. She smiled gleefully up at him.

    “Mum says you have a present for me!”

    “I do indeed, but you have to promise to look after it very carefully.”

    “Ooooh! I will. What is it?”

    With one last pause, he reached into his backpack and pulled out the green and yellow egg, and held it gently in front of his daughter. “Do you know what this is?”


    “It’s a Pokemon egg.”

    Ferne’s eyes opened wide with wonder as he slowly passed it to her.

    “You need to keep it warm, okay? Until it hatches.”

    The little girl nodded, completely stunned. David noticed his wife was stood not to far away and headed over to her.

    “Happy now?”

    She smiled. “Thank you. May I ask what the Pokemon is?”

    “Hrmm… maybe I should make you wait,” he teased.

    “Come on.”

    “Well, it has electric fur…”

    “Wait… you said you’d not get her anything dangerous!”

    “Trust me, compared to some of the other stuff, electric fur is nothing.”


    “Don’t worry dear. Greg says Electrike are lovely little Pokemon. Very loyal and trustworthy. The gym leader there had one.”

    Wendy smiled, reassured, “How wonderful. I can’t wait until it hatches.”

    “I don’t think Ferne can either,” David laughed, as he watched his daughter carry the egg carefully inside. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”


    It was only three days later when the egg began to stir, much to everyone's excitement. Ferne could barely contain herself as it started to glow, filling the little room with a brilliant white light. Both David and Wendy took a deep breath as it faded, leaving in its place a small, green and yellow Pokemon. Dog-like and fuzzy, it tilted its head carefully, considering its surroundings. Ferne, who'd been staring in awe, clapped her hands together in glee before instantly leaping forward to hug the baby Pokemon.

    "No wait!" Wendy yelled, "It's fur!"

    But Ferne was already hugging the Pokemon, as tightly as she'd ever hugged anything and smiling the biggest smile of all. The Dog Pokemon, although surprised for a second, now lifted its head and smiled a doggy smile in return.

    "Trike," It barked happily.

    "Oh David, it's wonderful," Wendy muttered. "He's perfect."

    David leaned forward, slowly so as not to startle the Electric dog. "So then Ferne, what are you going to call him?"

    "What is he?" The little girl asked as she patted him.

    "He's an Electrike. An Electric type."

    Ferne tried to repeat the name, but couldn't. Her forehead creased with concentration as she tried, but still she couldn't quite get it to sound right.

    "Don't worry dear," Her mum said, "You'll get it one day."

    A little spark of Electricity bolted from the Electrike as it sneezed. Wendy backed off in shock, but Ferne giggled and proudly declared "Thunderdog!" for all the town to hear.


    Yes, I know. But I did originally call Manectric 'Thunderdog' because I had no idea how to say his name XD
    I know that my writing is nothing compared to the awesome we already have here, but there you go. Crit away, my good peoples, crit away ♥
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  2. Awww, this is an adorable little story :}

    You are very creative, miss Magpie. And you make me want a little sneezing Thunderdog of my own ♥
  3. Such a cute story about you and your Electrike :'D I have to say, I love both the description and the dialogue, they're great.

    You do realise you've left me wanting more though, right? ^^
  4. B'aww, how cute. I should do an origin story too... That was really nice, and I already got a sense of the characters now, just by the story. Do more!
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    D'awww, thanks guys :'D

    I'll probably not post anymore until we all know exactly what we're doing with the forum, but I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head, so watch this space ;D
  6. Wow, just now did I realize how dangerous Pokemon were for pre-training pets. All the blade, poisons, and other spiky objects...This made me laugh.
  7. Magpie! This is adorable! It's really creative, too ^^

    I'd absolutely love to see more! Little you is the cutest small child ever, by the way :D
  8. D'aawwwwwww! I love cute little pokemon! Glad to see another story up and running! Very nice start, can't wait to see more.
  9. Hehe, this is just too cute. I love how you portrayed the characters and even little Thunderdog. Of course, now I'm left wanting more. If you chose to continue this, I'll be sure to come back and read it. ^_^

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