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Open The Rainbow Society— Romance RP [DISCUSSION]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by tokyomustard, May 1, 2018.

  1. I was gonna say Elgyem but I went out to dinner instead. Thanks for beating me to the punch.

    Coulda bombed all of you with my Pokeknowledge
  2. Oh, now Daniel’s transformed again. (Though a pretty obvious hint was provided to those that were here early in the RP.)

    I’m presuming that the little medic might be in a bit of hot water with everyone since no one else other than Diana has seen him lately...
  3. I'd also like to point out that what Mack said to Aquilles will either get him a scolding or a one-way ticket to the ocean on the other side of the island.

    Not really, but like, come on. He's obviously not a crab. Even Daniel called him a "blue shrimp".
  4. Well, on the bright side, at least Daniel won’t have to see a person get yelled at or possibly beaten up.

    Also, poor Ursaring.
  5. Well, I imagine that Mack is only aware of gen 3 Pokemon, with some exceptions. For example, he knows a Dewott, as an reference to being NinjaDewott. I think this would be the only exception
  6. You really seem to be pushing his patience, mate. Aquilles hasn't really been having a nice day so far, and come to think of it, neither has anyone else around him.

    It would be nice to clear this Ursaring mess up and get back to the ROMANCE part of the ROMANCE roleplay.

    Y'know. What the entire thing is supposed to be about in the first place.
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  7. Well, every good romance themed thing needs tons of drama :p. And besides, this could start a rivalry between the two, which could be a nice plot point later
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  8. i don't know about @Zixal, but to me Aquilles doesn't seem the type to have rivalries and such. perhaps you should be a little more mindful of how the roleplayer thinks of the ordeal, before stretching out/creating big plot points.
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  9. Name: Boomer
    Species: Machamp
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: A regular machamp with a blue polo shirt, and black jeans.
    Personality: Cool, chill, friendly, and likes japanese dijon.
    Favourite place: Gilded Pass
    Rank: Purpleheart
    If not too late, can I join?
  10. Yeah, based on the RP so far, I'd say the trait Aquilles has displayed the most is loyalty to the Society, not a willingness to "square up", as the kids say nowadays
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  11. Well I guess you’re right, I kinda have been pushing all my ideas, and have everything go along with that... I guess I kinda just get too into character, and kinda do what Mack would do... I mean isn’t that the best way to play a character? Well, either way, I really should take other peoples thoughts into mind, without having the whole world go along with what I say.. sorry :p
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  12. there's no problem with getting into character- the old phrase, 'ic opinions' applies here- but yeah, try not to push your ideas too much. thank you for understanding, and being cooperative- it's more than most would do ♥
  13. accepted! sorry for double post : P
  14. The fact that you guys understand Aquilles so well despite me not having a chance to roleplay enough of him out to portray him seriously warms my heart.

    That is exactly how Aquilles feels, and I'm ecstatic that you guys knew that.
  15. FORM

    Species: Luxio
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Appearance:(An old drawing I did below as well :o) The male Luxio has a lean frame, covered with silken fur following the casual pattern of a regular Luxio. His demeanour is typically laid back or eager for a quest that lies ahead. Leo's optics hold an amber hue to them.
    Personality: Leo had an awkward yet bubbly nature. He can be naive and clumsy at times but also has a more dour and concerned side for those he cares for.
    Favourite place: Gilded Pass
    Rank: Purpleheart

    japanese dijon

    Hope this'll do!~

    Attached Files:

  16. accepted!!
  17. Guys, guys! I think we should do some sort of event in the village because we barely rp there!!
    - most of the characters would be focalized in one place, making it easier for group of friends to form or for ocs to make relations!
    - a bit of calm rp in a village setting! That’d definitely relax a few ocs (Aquilles looks like he’d need it haha)
    - something calm and consistent to rp for everyone to join! The latest fight was nice but only the high ranked ocs could partake in it, leaving everyone behind. The event could be a party to prepare, for example!
    - drama can slip in but the thing is if it does other ocs wouldn’t be forced to be part of it because they’d still have the choice to rp other calm stuff.
    - ROMANCE OPPORTUNITY! I think we need that right now!
    - other advantages I forgot!
    - None that I can think of! Let’s do this!
    I use exclamation points way too much haha sorry
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  18. I like that idea dude! Don't worry, I use them a bunch as well haha.
  19. *Aresaven sits down while drinking a bottle of apple juice*

    No cons huh? I’m not too sure about that.

    • Having characters together allows for an easier opportunity for the entire party to fall if suddenly attacked.
    • Chaos and discord can unfold if a troubled RPer screws things up by bunnying other characters.
    • RPs are almost never calm in a realistic setting since incidents are bound to happen.
    • Romance is not always going to be hugging and happily smooching around, because it can end up to where the man brutally beats the woman over a certain matter or two, or vice versa.
    • Timid characters would be overwhelmed from the drama and would likely stay away from the village instead of interacting with others.
  20. i like the idea!! i'm gonna set up a kind of festival if i have the chance anytime soon but atm i am taking a half-hiatus because of my schoolwork
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  21. *Cubchoo frowns at you while putting on some hand sanitizer*

    I can already tell that you know who might not be going. (Though I’m going to have a feeling that it’s going to be required.)
  22. Kiraru has a point. Roleplay can go in any direction, not just the one proposed. Trying to pull some significant act like that will more often than not lead to the opposite intended outcome, and that could ruin things in the future. My philosophy is to go with what happens, and of course try to go do some things, but try not to make actions that could possibly create uncomfortable situations for other roleplayers.

    Unless, of course, the roleplay is intended to challenge the roleplayer. However, this is not that kind of roleplay. This is the kind that was supposed to be a little more calm and comfortable for everyone. We don't want to do something that could lead to a fault in the roleplay and cause everyone to end up with writer's block. It happens a lot.
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  23. Unless if anyone like a high ranking Pokémon is going to force Daniel if they can even find him, then he will likely be away since he can easily eat his own food. (In favor of having better food and having to hang around others. He still kinda acts like a baby since well, he’s been like that for his life as a result of what I stated in his bio long ago.)
  24. Ok ok! Let me explain my point because I really disagree!

    - that's great, that means a battle/action where everyone can participated!
    - that can happen anytime, even without a party-- that's why there're mods!
    - I disagree! Rps can be calm and it's a bit overwhelming to have only action and no time where ocs just communicated between each other
    - to that one I'd say... Your point? ;w; Because I don't really get it to be honest
    I didn't say anything about relationships having to be happy all the time!
    - then they could try and have their own fun! A party doesn't mean everyone has to be doing the same thing, a few pals can go around doing other stuff if they want to! Remember, this an opportunity, not an obligation!
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  25. And I agree with you guys, being forced to rp something is wrong ;w;
    but that shouldn't be the case here!
  26. *Aneaino grabs as many truth bullets as he can, while launching the make your argument music*
    • Did you mean a battle where everyone can easily fall? I am sorry, but having the advantage of numbers is not always going to win combat.
    • Even though there is going to be the staff, you do realize that they do have quite a bit on their hands right? (I.e. They might not always be able to resolve the situation right away, which can buy the troubled RPer to cause enough destruction to where the entire thread would have to be nuked by a certain someone.)
    • I refute the calm statement, since like I stated before, incidents are bound to happen. It is not always going to be the same tranquil wind and bright flowers daily.
    • Not having a rebuttal for this part is likely going to skew the mood in my favor, which would likely cause a retreat for you and damage influence quite a lot.
    • Sure they can have their own fun, but that part would immediately be nullified if everyone had to go to the party.
    • The chance to supposely have utmost entertainment could very well swiftly shift into a huge burden of duty if not dealt with properly.
  27. Ooo I liked the idea Pikminbleu had, but I understand your worries. c:
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  28. *Aneaino fires a truth flashback*

    I am not so sure if they are exactly worries, since not every character in this RP is a happy extrovert going around and having ten drinks before passing out.
  29. I understood everything except this one ;w; could you explain it for me in a simpler manner please?
    And I swear, I'm not just doing this to annoy you,,, I really don't understand,,, it's just a little bit too fancily written for me haha
    I'm french, so some things don't really pass, even if if I'm bilingual!
    One last time, I insist; people can do this if they want to. They are not forced. This is everything but a duty! THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY!
    The thing is, this is mostly in favour of people who aren't that good at making up a story on their own; some people need a little push up, an opportunity. I think we need that because when I see some battles like the ursaring's, I can't help but think "what can my oc even do here?" I mean! When can any low-ranked oc (aka most of the ocs in this rp), interact in this battle? It's understandable, dangerous pokemon attacks should be handled by high ranks because that's logical (in rp). What I'm saying is we need more logical (in rp) rp opportunities for all rpers, such as events like parties! Or war, you know, I understand if you don't like parties :0 It can be anything as long as it englobes everyone!
    Hah,,, well as a matter of fact I actually like parties but I'm not a "happy extrovert going around and having ten drinks before passing out"
    I'm actually very introvert haha
    I think that's a pretty extreme view of something that's probably going to end up like a funfair!
    Life is an equilibrium, thought, so to me there should be at least a few calm moments! Because I strongly believe they exist! :0c
    And I agree, there can be incidents, but this idea would be calm meaning it's global idea should inspire calmness more than action
    You people bodyslam yourselves right into action but you know, sometimes, it's good for ocs to relax!
    Oh! I almost forgot! My definition of calm moments: moments which do not involve any actions that demand a lot of effort mentally or physically. Maybe our definition of calm don't match up? I'm not sure, so I'd though I'd ask!
    I can see where you're coming from, and I agree; whoever that isn't a bad thing to me. What would rp be without a bit of spice? It's what's makes it fun! The fact of discord intervening is pretty exciting; a grand battle everyone can participate in? Sounds good to me! Of course, there would be consequences; but personally as long as it's in rp it's all fine and dandy. The real danger is discord outside of rp,, At least, that's my opinion!
    Well I'd think this idea's not that much of a danger (definitely won't end up killing the thread) but I have to agree this could give a lot of hard work to the staff. So we could help too; ignoring the person bunnying the ocs would largely suffice! Or you could just block them. Ta--da! Problem solved!

    o o f this was long haha
    I'm not good at being clear so please tell me if you didn't understand some of my points, thanks!
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  30. *Aneaino sits down while prefering to keep things short and polished, as he drinks a bottle of iced water*

    The decision to have a forced party is really up to the RP creator.

    Our definitions of calm are different; I.e. Someone might state that it is like a recess while others say that everything has to be perfect.

    And also, don’t forget that not everyone is going to be strong. (Another thing is that some people might bail out on a battle because of the odds.)

    Blocking them is what most of us do, but I’m pretty sure that said person would have already clogged the thread meanwhile and it would likely just make a certain someone pull the plug on us.
  31. B-but it's not forced,,, It was never even meant to be forced aaaaa
    I'd say it's more like a recess ;w; A small pose to breathe!
    Sure! They're not forced to! It's just a really good opportunity for those who do want to fight (I don't know if there're many, but I'm part of them)!
    Ignoring is really good too! Even if they clog, we could just ignore their message
    thought isn't there an option to not see any post from a specific user?
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  32. whoosh this is going a lot quicker than what I expected haha
  33. y'all can we just put this to a vote
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  34. yeah XD
    debating is actually pretty neat! I like it!
  35. *a baby Heatean sits by everyone while trying to figure out how to drink his bottle of apple juice*

    Well, if we’re split on this matter then we need the RP creator as soon as possible then.

    *cue scrum debate :3*
  36. I'm getting sick of this argument. @Pikminbleu , you need to stop being petty and stop arguing with every point made against you. I know you think you're right, and you want to prove your own point, but you're disregarding anything that immediately disproves you. It's getting old. This is not a debate, this is an argument, and I'm getting sick of it. And @Kiraru , while I agree with many of your statements about roleplay, I don't appreciate how things keep spiraling back and forth. It would be much easier if someone would stop the battle, and since it hasn't been done yet, I'll do it for you.

    When I said roleplays can go in any direction, I mean it. Your idea may be to take a breather and do something calm, but like I said, it's not likely to stay that way. If you start an event of that scale, mandatory or not, there is a very big chance that any roleplayer, doesn't matter who, could very quickly end up creating a situation (even accidentally) that ruins the whole party for everyone. And it's not as simple as just "not doing it". When everyone has the option to do something of this scale, literally anything could happen. Just because you have an idea for a situation does not mean you have control over it.

    And we can't just go around abusing the block function. Blocking someone isn't just a "ta-da fixed" option, you know. The only time it is necessary is if someone is blatantly disregarding the rules, not if someone steers the roleplay in an undesired direction. Roleplay does that. A lot. If you can't get used to it, don't roleplay.

    I was really hoping I wouldn't have to parent, and I don't want to end up being warned or something worse for almost being a mini-modder. I want the best from this roleplay because of its potential, and I want to respect TokyoMustard's wishes and keep this as professional as possible. I would appreciate it if everyone here were to not take a side and just agree that we want to roleplay without risking something that can not only break character's personality but also the mood of roleplay in general.
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  37. I would just like to point out this is almost as interesting to watch as the RP XD. I personally think that if @Pikminbleu wants to have some kind of “event” to where everyone could be involved, maybe we could do some kind of roll call. More to the Purplehearts and Bluebloods tho. But don’t take that too seriously, it’s just my opinion, I don’t think I’d want to get my head wrapped up in this :p.
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  38. thank you for this, @Zixal. i hadn’t realised the disadvantages that came with such an event before saying i’d do something about it. i could possibly try to come up with a compromise- chervil does enjoy making food (and eating it) so she could set up a little buffet table for whoever pleases to have a little taste of, completely optional- but, as has been said, roleplaying is very unpredictable. not everyone’s character enjoys that kind of thing, and that’s totally okay.

    now i do admit i was at fault for so hastily approving of the idea, since I’m very stressed as it is so i don’t want to pile more in by having a heated discussion about a stupid pokémon rp. i think it would be best if we don’t do a ‘festival’, since i do agree with most of @Kiraru ‘s points over @Pikminbleu. it’s nothing really against the idea itself, it’s the setting for it- the rs is a very tight group which yes, does celebrate love, but does not openly flaunt it. at least, not in chervil’s leadership.

    i’m sorry if this was ramble-y and i’m sorry that i haven’t been on a lot. school sucks and whatnot. thank you @Zixal for managing this situation in a professional and firm manner in my absence, and thank you all for not starting a flame war.
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