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Ask to Join THE RAINBOW SOCIETY | roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by tokyomustard, May 26, 2019.

  1. discussion / sign up thread is here!

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    There had been a terrible storm the night before, one which had carried winds so strong that many of the houses that lined their town had taken significant damage. Chervil had held a meeting that morning in order to assign people certain areas to work on repairing, and the Society had been working since then to try and repair the damage that had come to their abode. The Serperior wasn't sure where about the damage that had come to other areas of their territory, and intended to send out a patrol to go and look at it- so, with a sigh, the slender serpent, set down the damaged brick that she was attempting to bind together with vines and slithered up to the plaque on which she held meetings. Instinctively, her honeyed gaze sought out her mate, Sebastian- he wasn't in her view for now, though, perhaps hiding behind a house- and Aquilles wasn't in sight either. Ah, she hoped they were nearby... she'd need at least one of them to be in the patrol, seeing as they were her most trusted companions- of course, the rest of the RS was very competent, but... trust was a fickle thing, and the femme found herself rather reluctant to send out a patrol without the two of them in it.

    Ah, well... she'd press on. Her voice was pretty loud, anyways... someone was bound to hear, even amongst all the bustling work. "Rainbow Society!" she called, edged voice rising above the clamour of work, "I need about four or so Pokémon to go and scout around every area of the territory and report on the damage that the storm has done. If no-one volunteers then I'm just going to pick, so step up!"

    She'd gotten little sleep through the raging of the storm, which was probably why her tone was so blunt and abrupt. They couldn't blame her, right? Natural disasters had been piling up lately, and the poor serpent was stretched thin. Luckily she had her reliable Consul to turn to in terms of workload, and her mate to talk to about emotional stress. To be honest... she had it pretty good. So maybe she should have been a bit nicer.

    "...Please," she said after a slight pause.
  2. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    After hearing the serperior, Pas stepped up to volunteer "i volunteer!" He said, moving some destroyed stuff out of the way, it was his first time dealing with this. Especially in the middle of training
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  3. Paris sat and listened to their leader. Going up next to Pas he raised his hand. "I don't mind checking on any of the areas." He looked over to his mate, a Gallade named Blade. Blade seen that Paris volunteered and done the same.

    Bright had just gotten up from his slumber. He did not wake up during the storm at all. He saw that everything is in shambles. He decided to stay home and help where he can in puting everything back together.
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  4. Tiberius's house was one of the affected buildings. The poor Braviary didn't sleep very well, not only because of the terrible storm itself, but he had a leak right over the nest that he used as a bed. Tiberius simply moved from one side to the other, growling a little due to his incapacity to fall asleep. He could have easily moved the nest to one side, but the weight of the years over his back was starting to be more and more evident for the Braviary.

    As a result, the Braviary was mostly sleepy during the morning, struggling to keep his eyes open as he pecked one of the berries that he stored. "Gah, what a horrible night..." He said to himself. Still, as fast as he heard the voice of Chevril, the Braviary stretched a little and went out of his house. His mere walking was clearly indicating that he hadn't had enough hours of sleep. The Braviary didn't even bother in preening himself, his feathers a little messy, and the upper part of his scar was visible. The appearance was not important now, especially when their leader seemed to have some tasks for them. Tiberius was probably one of the latest Pokemon to arrive. After hearing the request, he raised his right wing and nodded. "Aye. Count with me." He said as energetic as he could, though, in the end, his tired tone completely betrayed him.
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  5. A pile of windswept twigs and leaves on the ground grew taller and taller. Astra wiped her brow, concentrating as she telekinetically lifted a large branch off of a partially collapsed roof. The storm last night had been bad—her house had stayed mostly intact, but one of her windows had broken in the middle of the night and her medical supplies had been rained on, much to her annoyance. To say nothing of the dried goods that had simply been blown straight out. She was thankful she had yet to see any injured Pokémon, but the relief efforts of the Society were still somewhat disorganized. Hopefully Paris and Daniel were faring better—she had some supplies in her pack, but she wasn't sure they'd be enough if there was a serious emergency.

    Chervil's speech cut through the area, and Astra felt relief at the call and response for scouts. Her leader's stressed tone invoked sympathy, however. Astra couldn't imagine being in charge of such a disaster—but the Society's leader handled it quite well, and the Gothitelle admired her for that. Chervil could always be counted upon to keep the island intact.

    Astra let the thick branch fall on the pile with a thud, and sighed. She didn't like to foretell the future about these kinds of things, but she had plenty of experience as a Yellowcoat giving bad news. The dreams she'd had last night were the sort she would prefer to blame on the shock of the storm. Astra knew better. Once the damage to the island was dealt with, she'd seek the Consul and see what he thought about it.


    Jay sneezed. There was an awful lot of dust under his bed.

    He was hesitant to come out, the roaring winds and thunder having scared him into hiding, but he could see a bit of daylight on the wooden floor in front of him, and the distant sound of Pokémon talking encouraged Jay to stick his nose out. With a better (albeit hesitant) view, he saw that his room, sparsely decorated though it was, was completely intact. He was probably pretty lucky.

    Jay crawled fully out and peeked through the single window. Other Society members were bustling through the pathways between the rows of houses, carrying fallen trees and bags full of debris. He quickly opened the door to hurry after them, eager to help and at least get some form of training in for the morning, until a loud call from the center of the area made him pause. It was the RS leader! The Mienfoo dropped the small bag he'd been carrying into a larger pile of clean-up, and hurried to the clearing with the plaque.

    He raised his paw after hearing her speech. Pas had joined, after all—Jay could do more scouting than trying to move debris larger than himself. "I'd like to volunteer, too!"
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  6. Dizziness flooded Aceso's senses like a rush of pollen. She let out a groan, slowly opening her eyes. Leaves and twigs...

    Leaves and twigs?!

    Aceso gasped, all of her senses coming back at once. Her eyes shot open wide, looking around wildly. She was stuck under a tree! A shriek left her as she began to whither around madly. She needed to get out! Weight shifted around her and a pressure was released from her tail. Seeing a chance, she clawed at the ground, scrambling up to her feet. In an instant she shot out of her leaf-twig prison, tumbling a good few feet before landing on her side. A groan left her as she struggled to her paws. Her head ached, her left forepaw hurt, and she couldn't even feel her tail. Aceso blinked numbly, looking back up at her house.

    A wail of despair filled the air. Her house had been completely crushed by a massive tree, all of it destroyed. Sadness and horror filled Aceso's heart. Nothing could be salvaged from it. Her house was gone. All at once she fell back on her belly, fat tears rolling out of her eyes.

    (Not the best thing I've ever written-)
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  7. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Pas heard a shriek coming from another direction, he ran here just to see a crying pokemon and her destroyed house "a-are you okay miss?" He silently asked,
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  8. Paris heard the shriek and went into medic mode. He ran over to the noise to discover a stunky crying. "Miss are you ok? Do you need some help are you hurt?" He was deeply concerned for the little pokemon. He knelt down and checked for injury and help calm the crying pokemon.
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  9. "M-m-m-m-m-my hooooooommmeeeeeee....." Aceso let out an ugly sob. She looked up at the Riolu and Gardevior that had ran up to her. "E-e-e-everyt-th-ings g-gonnneeeee...." She wailed, sniffling loudly. The small Pokemon hiccuped and she buried her face in her tiny paws. A foul smell began to secrete from her.

    There was a slim cut that ran from the base of her nose to the back of her head, trickling blood. Her tail seemed to be bent at an angle, limp on the ground. If Aceso was in any pain from her injuries, the grief of losing her home had far surpassed it. Tiny whimpers left her.
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  10. Paris saw the stunkys tail bent out of place and the cut. He got his medic bag ready to treat her there and then take her to Astra for further treatment.
    Paris placed a hand on the pokemon and sent feelings of calmness to the frightened and crying pokemon. "Everything will be ok. Now let me see your tail and the cut on your back. It needs to be treated before infection set in."
    Paris pulled out things to make a splint for her tail and a salve and badages for the cut. "Pas do you think you can run and tell Astra that I am sending over Aceso after i set her tail. Tell her that she might need to do a more though check up to make sure that nothing else is broken. Thank you."
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  11. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    "Sure" Pas said, using quick attack to get to Astra , "hey, Astra? This pokemon named Paris is sending you an injured pokemon"
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  12. Several fallen trees littered around Daniel's small hideout. The little Pokémon carefully exited his underground home, with noticeable effort stemming from all four flippers. He attempted to keep a straight, normal look with his troubled eyes. A burning sensation from his left, frontal flipper and chest casually surfed around his body. The small sea Pokémon quaked for a brief moment. The young plesiosaur slowly made his way around what was once a golden forest that surrounded a gorgeous lake. Upon closer inspection, some of the branches and leaves idly floated with whatever buoyancy they had left.

    While the baby sized Pokémon waddled through the woodland, a faint call went through his tiny, curly ears. The infant nodded at a stern call of a familiar society he was not publicly accustomed to yet. He wiggled his back, which caused the soft, smooth shell to slowly rub against a leafy container snugly on his back side. He blew on his left, frontal flipper for a brief moment. He shook the flipper, while blowing on his chest soon after. He took a series of loud breaths, and attempted to keep them calm to the best of his ability.

    The little Pokémon toddled towards the town after managing to keep the stinging pain off of his head for several seconds. He softly placed part of his left flipper against his chest to hide the scratches and the crimson areas on parts of his infantile body. He shambled towards the general direction of the call's source. After the baby Pokémon noticed the leader, he gulped for a split second. He decided to stay a considerable distance away from the leader. He placed down the leafy bag after wiggling his back for a brief moment. He fumbled through the bag for anything he could use, but he had not realized he left most of his medical supplies back at home however.
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  13. Astra frowned—the damage to the houses got worse and worse as she worked her way to the outskirts. The storm had done quite a number on her own home, she had thought, but some of these... they'd need temporary relocation for a decent portion of the RS, and Astra was no architect. At the Riolu's abrupt arrival, Astra hastily let go of the pile of twigs she was lifting, but managed to get a hold on it before the pieces fell back onto the roof they'd been scattered upon. She floated them to a large cloth bag. They'd make decent fire material, once dried, but for now she had more important concerns.

    "A Pokémon has been injured?" Astra asked flatly, staring down at Pas. It had to be bad if Paris didn't want to handle it himself—maybe the lack of supplies really would be a problem. She held on to her bag as her eyes glowed a pale blue, and she hovered a few inches off the ground before zooming towards where Pas had come from.

    Her gaze was critical as she looked over the Stunky. An apprentice she'd only seen occasionally, a house completely totaled by a large tree, and an obviously broken tail that Paris was in the process of setting. Astra gently enveloped her in psychic aura to feel for any other injuries, and found what was at minimum a sprain in the left forepaw. The poor apprentice no doubt had a bad headache too, though the swelling there may have been hidden by fur. She would live, but the emotional toil of the situation was what Astra wanted to treat first. Healing always happened faster with a good mood.

    The Gothitelle pulled out a couple of sweet Oran berries from her satchel and offered them to the Stunky. "Try to move your left foreleg as little as possible," she stated.

    If her bedside manner left something to be wanted, Astra didn't know it. She looked up from the distraught apprentice, and widened her eyes slightly in surprise. Daniel was rummaging through a leafy pack in the distance, looking a little worse for wear.
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  14. "Thank you for coming quickly Astra." Paris said as he set the tail back in place. Placing pieces thick twigs and tied badages around the stunkys tail to keep it in place while it healed.
    "It is going to be ok little one. Please try not to move too much when I place this salve on your cut. It may sting a little when it is first applied." Through his years as a medic he had learned that patients tend to do better if they are kept informed on what a healer is doing. He sent soothing thoughts and feelings to the little pokemon hoping to calm her down before he started to dress the wound.
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  15. What a disaster of a night.

    The titanic Clawitzer hadn't been in the area of the town when the storm hit- he'd been relaxing in the Prismatic Springs. Having a difficult time returning back to the town, he ended up just diving into the sea to avoid the majority of it, sleeping there until it was over. When the storm had finally passed, he had quickly begun making his way around the outskirts of the island, taking some time before he arrived back at the docks of the town. The Consul was thankful for Chervil's resonating voice, for he likely wouldn't have heard her if she was any quieter.

    The Crimson Consul, Aquilles, appeared from the docks with an Aqua Jet into the air, coming crashing down into the square of the ruined town with a splash. He caused no additional damage, certain to avoid collision with anyone, and shook his giant claw loose of some debris that had found itself lodged in its many crevasses. He looked Chervil directly in the eye and rose his smaller claw in salute.

    "Ho, Chervil! Apologies for not being present earlier, I was taking cover in the sea just offshore. Damage below the surface has been completely prevented, but it seems the majority of the island has taken a rather hefty beating. We may need to focus on constructing a reparations team as quickly as possible. I'm at your disposal for whatever is necessary." Rang out his booming voice.

    Clawitzers were naturally not that large, though their oversized claws certainly made up for what their bodies lacked. Aquilles, however, was nearly twice a normal Clawitzer's size, his howitzer claw nearly towering over the Serperior Chervil herself. He was utterly gigantic, and he appeared disciplined, battle-hardened, loyal, and powerful. Despite his intimidating stature, he showed full and unshakable respect to Chervil, who headed the society. After all, the Serperior was his superior. He had no intention to treat her otherwise.


    Elsewhere, on the island, somewhere in Gilded Pass, a fallen tree was slashed into pieces. With a grunt, a frustrated and exhausted Zangoose crawled out from where he had been pinned down by the tree, brushing off a number of leaves from his coat with his notable claws. His red eyes scanned over the area surrounding him, which had been devastated by the storm. He had no idea where he was. What he did know was that his companion was missing. The Zangoose took a breath and brought his paws up to his mouth as he stood up on his hind legs, calling out.
    "VAZZA!" His voice rung out through the forest.

    Meanwhile, near Fuchsia Marsh, a Seviper poked her head out from under a pile of fallen leaves. She was dizzy, and had difficulty getting her bearings again, but eventually cleared her head and looked around. This place was unfamiliar to her. Wasn't she on a boat of some kind? Raft, maybe? Where on earth was she? She did notice that her companion, however, was gone. In a mild panic, she thrashed out of her leaf pile and glanced in every direction. The marsh had been trashed, trees fallen and bridges broken. The Seviper took a deep breath and cried out.
    "ZAVAAL?!" Her voice shot through the marsh.

    Neither of them heard each other.
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  16. ( this is super late sorry ;w; )
    A nervous noise left Aceso as she felt a gentle hand on her back. A warm feeling of calmness started to resonate in her, but it wasn't enough to keep her from feeling anxious. She raised her head slightly, just in time to see a Gothitelle floating towards her. That's Astra...

    She winced as a stinging psychic aura enveloped her. Her head began to ache even more and she let out a pathetic whimper, her eyes squeezing shut. A sweet scent suddenly entered her nose and her eyes fluttered open instantly, seeing the juicy Oran berries being offered to her. She stretched out her right forepaw, swiping one of them near. She began to gently nibble on the berry, the sweet taste making her feel a little better.

    Aceso's ear twitched as she heard Paris' voice. "O-okay..." She squeaked quietly, taking another small nibble of the berry as the Gardevoir began to get to work on her cut. She tried not to think of her home.​
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  17. Daniel swiftly picked up the bag and placed it on his back. The little Pokémon shook his head after not being able to find any medicinal related items. However, even if he found any, he still would ask himself too many questions before using them on his infantile body. The baby Pokémon recoiled in response to a loud, deep voice from a bright blue Pokémon that resembled a shrimp of some sort. His tail quaked after the little Pokémon had a brief glimpse at the claw arm that was over twice his size to be considered barely at juvenile levels.

    The infant quickly turned away from the crustacean and waddled away from the other Pokémon. He attempted to toddle towards the path he came from. His perturbed eyes glanced down at his left foremost flipper for a split second. It was apparent that the plesiosaur struggled to maintain his quick and quiet movements. The bag wobbled from time to time, while it softly lied on the soft and smooth gray shell. The knobs on the protective outer casing were almost impossible to detect, and were nothing more than a few delicate lumps scattered about. No word was given to the other Pokémon while the little one continued to totter away to the best of his ability.
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  18. The Braviary closed his eyes for several seconds. His house wasn't in such a bad state. Or was it? The only complaints that Tiberius could remember was that leak right over his nest and several loud noises. Did the window break? Did he have more leaks? He tried to remember, but his mind could not recall those details. A part of his house could have broken and probably he wouldn't even notice. After all, his feathers practically kept him as warm as he needed. Finally, he huffed and stared at what happened. "It seems that the storm was worse than what I thought at first..." He mumbled. He could only hope the best for Aceso, even if his face continued showing the neutral and serious expression as always. He completely trusted the Yellowcoats and the Orangehearts.

    Then, he turned to face the Clawitzer, nodding a little. Now that he was so close to him, he could really see how big he was. For sure, that was a rather wise piece of advice. He coughed a little and looked at Aquilles. "If you allow me..." He said, giving a step to the front. "I know that the storm was a rather... Strong one. I'm surprised to see all the damages that it has caused. Still, my house is in a rather... Decent state. And... I'm quite worried about its structure. If it has some damages that I can't see and that have affected the structure itself, my worst fear is that it may fall down while I'm sleeping if they are not quickly repaired. May I ask for a Pokemon that could inspect it while I'm out scouting part of the territory?"
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  19. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Pas came back, to make sure everything was okay, he used force palm to destroy the tree on the patients house, now looking for anything thats left to give he
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  20. Paris gently placed the salve on the stunkys wound. As he said it stung for a second then it had a kind of soothing affect. He spread the salve over the cut then took the bandages that he prepared and started to cover the wound.

    "I am placing the bandages now. The cut should heal in three days. Now don't worry about your home I am sure plans will be made to make sure everyone who lost their homes will housed somewhere until their homes can be repaired or rebuilt. If nothing else you can stay with me and Blade until anything concrete is planned." He said this as placed a palm on the pokemon still sent calming and soothing thoughts. He finished dressing the wound.

    "Astra do you know how much medical supplies was lost. I know that the ones in my home wqs not damaged enough to cause them to stop working. The only problem with our home was a small hole in the roof where a branch hit and a busted window. Those can be patched up quickly and then repair teams can hopefully start working on rebuild those who have lost more."


    Bright helped other pokemon shift through wreckage and recovered whatever he could. His home was not the worst off.

    His sunny and helpful demeanor helped many pokemon who needed to be reminded that help would come. He sat with pokemon that needed someone to talk to. He brought a ray of sunshine to the face of this disaster.
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  21. Astra stared off into the distance, looking preoccupied before answering. "Most of my dried herbs and berries were lost, as well as some of the leaf bandages. We still have the cloth ones, but they're a bit damp, as are the wooden splints. My fresh berries were rained on, but everything in jars is still fine. The salves and such should still all be functional." She paused for a moment, thinking. "My window broke like yours did, but the rest of my house is fine. In terms of supplies it will take awhile to gather the necessary herbs once more—we may want to send the Greenhorns and Orangehearts out to do that, once we have the houses fixed. I don't know how many other Pokémon may be injured elsewhere."

    She fidgeted with her bag strap, glancing at the cleared away remains of the tree and destroyed home before looking off in the direction of town once more. "I do see one now, though. If it's alright with you, I'd like to go check on him." Astra felt strangely unsure about asking, but Daniel was a fellow Yellowcoat, if she recalled correctly. It wouldn't be right to leave him be in such a time of emergency—his supplies could have faced far worse than hers and Paris' had, especially considering that she didn't even know where his home was. She just hoped approaching the strange small medic would go well.
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  22. Daniel panted, while turning around for a brief moment. The little Pokémon softly kept his left frontal flipper against the dark red area of his chest. He glanced up at the presence of an unfamiliar Pokémon. Upon closer inspection, the tall black figure appeared to resemble a human wearing clothing from a Gothic time before. It was apparent the infant hardly knew anyone in the Rainbow Society aside from the serpentine leader herself.

    The baby Pokémon hoped that his baby variant of a Pokémon normally almost eight times his size would at least make the others think he was just a normal, everyday child in the town. The plesiosaur slowly backed away from the Gothitelle with evident difficulty. He looked away from the leader, while a quick scan was directed towards the path he came from. A dubious babble emanated from the Transport Pokémon, which would likely be almost incomprehensible by the other Pokémon.

    "Ugh... I'm not even sure what that green thing is going to say if she knows what happened earlier. I'm not sure what everyone's going to think when they see me like this... that is if they even know what I am. It's so hard to move like this, and I can't just warp back in front of them," Daniel pondered in his head, while he took several thoughts into deep consideration.
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  23. "Of course. I just wanted to have someone else here to comfort her while I treated her wounds. Thank you for your help." He stayed with the stunky for awhile. "If you want I can lead you to my home that way you can rest for a little bit."

    Paris was glad that most of the supplies they had were ok. Though the dried berries and herbs will take awhile to prepare again.


    Bright knew that some medical supplies may have been lost, so he took it upon himself to go out and gather more. He rushed to his home and grabbed a basket and a small blanket which he carried in his mouth. He placed the blanket into the basket so the berries would have a soft place to rest. He also took a couple of pouches for herbs and anything else they could use.

    He hurried out of his home into the Gilded pass. There he gathered herbs and placed them in pouches like he was taught. He tied thread around the bottom of the herbs and sealed the bag. Berries were picked, washed in the lake, and placed in the basket for later use.
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  24. Taking note of the medic team working tirelessly to aid an injured RS member, Chervil let a smile grace her pointed features- one of relief, really. It was times like these that she felt so glad to be leading such a wonderful group, able to stick together even at a frantic time like this. Astra, Paris and Daniel were certainly doing their jobs, and she was indeed happy to see one of the Orangehearts, Bright, trotting off to fetch more supplies. It seemed they had their situation under control, and the serpent knew precious little of medicine. There was an abyss of pity in her gut for Aceso, whose home had taken some of the worst damage of the bunch. Ah, what was she meant to do...? There was no way she could allow her Pokémon to sleep in heaps of rubble, or in potentially dangerous parts of the territory; no, she'd have to come up with some other way to aid them. Repairing the damages were sure to take longer than a single night so... "Anyone whose home took significant damage is welcome to stay in my house through the night." Chervil announced, knowing she had the biggest house out of the bunch, what with being the Blueblood and all (something she'd usually been grateful for since she was a Pokémon who liker her privacy)- but she supposed damaging events brought out the best in people.

    She then moved to address the volunteers, glad that she'd heard the Consul's voice among them. Pas had volunteered originally, but... it seemed as if he had moved on, so with a tilt of her head Chervil would assess the Pokémon gathered with a golden gaze of judgement, picking and choosing. She smiled at the salute of the other, grateful for his loyalty- it was certainly a benefit having someone of his size and power to help her out- and he had a diplomatic knowledge demonstrated in his speech that the Serperior was forever thankful for, especially in difficult spots. "It's quite alright, Aquilles... I'm just glad everyone got out in one piece. I think," she hummed, still wracked with worry about Sebastian, whom she hadn't seen yet. He'd be alright, she was sure of it... the femme swallowed, shaking her head slightly to try to snap herself out of whatever worry-pit she was stuck in. Aquilles' choice of shelter was understandable- he was a creature of the waves, and likely took comfort in them that she could not criticise. "Okay, first I'd like Aquilles, Tiberius," she motioned to the Braviary, another trusted Purpleguard, "...and Pas to look around the territory. See if there are any injured Pokémon stranded, or if any more territory has been destroyed."

    She turned to the medics, calling for the Gardevoir amongst them who had offered earlier. "Paris, if you're not too busy... could you scout with them? If there's anyone lying around that might need immediate attention, it would help if there was a medic around." she said, more of a request of an order though it still brimmed with hope that he'd accept. "I'll catch you all up later, once I've checked everything's alright around here. When you return, I'll assign jobs."

    With that she would nod, offering them a 'salute' of her own with her tail, and slither off toward the collapsed house of Aceso, trying not to crowd the medics too much. "Thank you, all of you... and Aceso, I'm so sorry about your house. We'll be sure to get it fixed as soon as we can; I promise you." It probably wasn't good for her to be making such promises, but... she could not fight the worry in her gut for the poor girl's wellbeing.

    ( hhhh i'm v sorry if i missed anything, i had a lot to catch up on!! you guys are FAST holy crap- )
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  25. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (AAUG I FORGOT TO WATCH THIS! No worries! I'll just have Nini play so much she didn't realise)
    Nini couldn't believe that she didn't realize all of the damage that had happened after the storm the night before. SHe was just having too good of a time. She rushed into the medic's den. "Sorry I'm so late!" the small Skitty shouted, "I saw a leaf and I couldn't let the leaf attack us so I went after it, then I saw a pink monster that kept on following me so I tried to stop it, but it got away." Nini looked at the older members. "Um, what happened and how can I help?"
  26. Paris looked up to the RS leader and smiled. "Of course I will go with them. I planned to do just that before I heard someone in pain. I will be ready to leave right after I stock up on supples. You can never be too prepared in these situations."

    With that he stood up and made his way to the medic den. There he gathered supplies he would need to set off to check for lost and injured pokemon along the way. Hopefully there will not be that many.


    Bright brought the berries and herbs back to the medics den. There he saw Nini panting and out of breath. "Hey Nini. Last night there was a huge storm some our dried berry supply was destroyed so I went out to pick a few that were close by."

    Paris seen two Orangehearts enter the den as he was about to leave. "Guys I will be gone for a little bit I am going to go out and scout the area for injured or lost pokemon. If you don't mind can you prepare the berries and herbs that Bright has brought back. Also thank you Bright for doing that. I am sure they will be needed soon. Now when you are out of here please be careful we don't want to have more pokemon hurt or lost." With that he left the medics den.
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    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    After a while, Pas went back to moving trees away from houses , putting them in the forest as he wasn't strong enough to put them one by one where they should go, he comforted a couple pokemon that were traumatised, digged up people's important family treasures to give them back, all the stuff he should do, he did
  28. Tiberius bowed a little, closing both of his eyes and spread one of his wings, kneeling a little. For sure, he was a rather polite Braviary. "As you command, Chervil." He said, still showing a serious expression as he returned to his previous position. "I think that we should make little teams to explore the different areas. That will allow us to scout the lands faster in case someone needs some medical attention." He looked at the other Pokemon the Serperior had mentioned, scrutinizing him with his view for some seconds. He would have done the scout all alone, but since he had to fly in circles several times to make sure that he could see everything and make sure that there was no RS member in danger or if there were dangerous Pokemon; and that, of course, took a lot of time, especially for a regular patrol, not talking about a scout looking for survivors or injured Pokemon. Since that moment, each time he had to patrol the surroundings, it was mandatory for him to carry someone else.

    Aquilles was too big for him to carry, at least given the age of the Braviary, so he quickly discarded him. The two other options seemed good enough for him, though once seemed better for the old Braviary. Probably his back was going to hurt after this, but Paris was the better option. In the end, he was a Yellowcoat, and in case they find an injured Pokemon that needed better treatment, he could always fly them back as fast as he could. Now he only had to wait for their response and suggest his idea of making a team with Paris.
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  29. Allie and Luna walked together, searching the area for hurt or lost Pokemon.
    "See anything, Luna?" Allie asked. Unfortunately, Luna didn't seem to be paying much attention, and seemed very distant.
    "Luna, focus. This is our duty and we have to take it seriously!" Allie reprimanded, annoyed with her friend.
    Luna snapped back into reality. "Oh.. I forgot about that. I'll be sure to keep looking," she replied airily. Allie shook her head, annoyed.
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    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Ok!" Nini jumped up and down, excited. She looked at Bright. "So, where are they?" She tried to pay attention, but she saw the pink monster again and started to chase it in circles. The pink monster was attached to her and it was at the end of the tan part of the tail. It was just her chasing her tail.
  31. Paris met with the other scouts were Chervil made the announcement for search and rescue. He had his medic bag packed and ready. He saw Tiberius waiting for everyone. "Hello Tiberius I am glad to see you are alright. Was your home ok or do you need a place to stay? I heard Chervil is letting anyone who needs a place to stay, stay at her place." He looked at the old bird and generally hoped that everything was going good for him.


    Bright sat and looked over to Nini who was chasing her tail and smiled. He picked up a fresh oran berry and held it in his palm. "Hey Nini do you want try one of these they are fresh I just picked them this morning?" As he talked he gathered the things he needed to store and dry some of the older berries then stored the fresh ones in their place.
  32. Amaris let out a quantity of tiny sneezes, wisps of fire releasing from his snout as he tried to cool himself. His eternal flame had became overheated during the storm, as Amaris had been in a state of helplessness and fear as he was usually all alone in his small shack. However, he was lucky, as the only damage done to his home was a gaping hole in the roof that luckily was small enough so that Amaris wouldn't get caught in the malovent rain. Amaris was also lucky that none of his own supplies had been damaged as he was sure other's had, his leaf bandages and his smoked oran berries(1) safe from whatever could've happened to them. He searched around his miniature home for them, finding a bag which already had the bandages in them, which he was thankful for. He then packed in the Oran berries, which looked completely burnt but were in fact only burnt like that to keep them healthy for long periods of time, and help them sustain full freshness. Amaris knew there would probably be injured everywhere, or at least somewhere, someone would need the fire fox's assistance. And he was going to help the only and best way he knew how, work silently and precisely, without any words of complaint or any idle prattle. Heal Pokemon and help reform the broken buildings and monuments.
    The Vulpix pondered only a minute longer, Amaris wished not to stall what he could provide any longer and pushed himself out of his home, bag in his jaw. He then began to search for anyone where he lived, ducked deep where no Pokemon would find them as easily as others. However, there was nobody to be found, as if the area had been completely deserted. Amaris was hopeful that he could find a Yellowcoat, like Astra or Daniel, as they would most likely be pleased to see the supplies. The Orangeheart heard the calls of Purpleguards and Greenhorns to one another, and even the distinct voice of the Blueblood, Chervil. His mind was focused mainly on finding someone he at least knew, shaking his head as he let out more sneezes that would, in turn, calm the Vulpix's nerves.
    Amaris then paced, his gait at a normal speed and his jaw clenched tightly around his bag, he searched.

    [(1) - smoking meat to preserve it like Indians of American ascent had. ]
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    Nini pounced on her tail and missed. She tumbled on the ground. After shaking herself she looked at Bright. "Um, aren't those supposed to be used for injured pokemon? I mean, I'm sure they are yummy and all, but I don't think we should eat one and risk a pokemon being seriously hurt due to that." Nini said, her expression serious. "Now let's go take care of those pokemon!" She shouted and she marched into the den.
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  34. Tiberius was rather confused a first. "Paris?" He asked. The Gardevoir probably hadn't noticed, but he had approached him on his left side. At that point, all he could see on that side were simply blushy figures of different colours. But still, even those shapes and colours... He quickly turned a little. "Yeah, Paris..." He mumbled, a little relieved to know that he still could make some assumptions with the few information that his left eye could provide. "First of all, thanks for asking." He said, letting everyone now that despite has solitude appearance, he at least had some manners. "And, I hope it's not too damaged. Another Pokemon should inspect it more appropriately. I only saw... Well... Felt some leaks during the night. So, until no further notice, I'll presume that my house is a little damaged. How about yours? Hopefully, minor damages, I hope." He continued talking, his feathers ruffling for some seconds. "Oh, by the way, if we make teams, and since I'm not allowed to go alone... Would you want to come with me? I mean... I could always try to bring you here with an injured Pokemon if she or he needs more urgent medical attention."
  35. Moving slowly through the bustling Pokémon, Astra watched the injured plesiosaur murmur to himself. He was no Greenhorn or Orangeheart she'd ever seen—and with how often they had to come in for bumps and scrapes, she was confident she could at least recognize each one by appearance. Therefore... the two Yellowcoats had been given almost suspiciously little detail about Daniel, when they'd been briefly told about him. A new Yellowcoat in the society, who hadn't gone through Orangeheart training, and they didn't even know where he lived? Astra wasn't one for conspiracies, and she knew Chervil wasn't either, so something was most definitely amiss on the island. Well, more amiss than the bad weather they'd been having lately—this was personal.

    On the other hand, Astra was a medic, and a very good one despite her cold expression. Mysterious Pokémon who showed up out of nowhere and avoided the Blueblood were not actually her problem, but injured Pokémon were. Daniel's exact whereabouts could be contemplated later. Astra stared down blankly at the baby Pokémon and, with the utmost care, hovered an Oran berry out of her bag and placed it in front of the plesiosaur.

    "Is it alright if I perform a check-up?" she asked, kneeling down on the ground.


    Jay was a little disappointed he wasn't chosen for patrols—but, he could hardly run very well, and to be honest the thought of patrolling alone set his nerves on edge. He left the clearing feeling a bit like he'd dodged a bullet. Who knew what state the rest of the island was in? After a bit of walking and helping other Pokémon clear away debris from the pathways, he heard an abrupt set of sneezes coming from a distant house. Was there someone else trapped, like who Pas had gone after? He hurried towards the sound, and nearly tripped over his paws stopping himself from running into the Orangeheart.

    "Oh! Hey, Amaris!" The Vulpix had a bag, likely with medical supplies and his signature burnt Oran berries. Jay never understood that; maybe the charcoal taste was nicer for fire-types? It was probably some fancy Yellowcoat trick. The Mienfoo patted his paws free of dust and smiled. "You're looking for the medic den, right? I heard they're busy over there. I know a path that's completely cleared, wanna go?"
  36. "Injured or lost Pokemon? Come out wherever you are.." Luna said.
    Allie tapped Luna. "I think we need to split up. We're covering almost no ground. I'll go that way. If you find anything or you run into trouble, then use Dazzling Gleam. I'll use Glitzy Glow as my signal. Got it?" Luna nodded.
    "Okay, then I'll be on my way." They headed off in similar directions, although it was obvious that they wouldn't end up very far from eachother.

    Luna wasn't used to running around alone, and wandered around Gilded Pass. Unbeknownst to her, she was actually walking in a large circle.
    She saw a rustling in the bushes. Startled, she immediately fired a Hidden Power at the shadowy figure.
    "OW!" the figure cried. Luna paled, as she knew exactly who that voice was.
    Allie stumbled out of the bush, seemingly injured. Luna rushed to her.
    "Ohmigosh, Allie! Are you okay? I'm so sorry..." She was very concerned for the Eevee.
    "I'm fine," Allie growled. "But I think I might need some medical help." She was battered and bruised, as Luna's hidden power just happened to be Fighting type.
    "Oh! Okay! I'll see if I can find someone.. you should probably cover your eyes.." She immediately used Dazzling Gleam, while screaming for help.
    "What's that supposed to do?!" Allie asked, annoyed. She was in pain, and it was making her slightly irritable.
    "I dunno, maybe someone'll see it and realize that it's a distress signal?"
  37. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    After some time, Pas went out to gilded pass to look for injured pokemon, he liked the thought of saving someone thanks to him
  38. Paris looked at Tiberius with quite a bit of respect that someone who has gotten on up in the years would still want to help and do his part. "Of course I will team up with you. I think it would be very beneficial being up high. We will be able to cover more ground that way. Later if you want I can look at your home to make sure everything is ok. If your home is disrepair you can always stay with me and my mate."

    Paris looked up and saw something gleam in the distance. It looked like a signal over in Gilded pass. 'Hey Tiberius I think someone might be in trouble over in Gilded pass. I just saw something flash. Do you think you could take me over there?"


    Bright chuckled at Nini. "You are right we should save these for the injured. So what do you want to do first prepare the herbs or the berries?" He sat the basket that he brought with him on the table on the far side of the room.
  39. Daniel's infantile body trembled with apparent fear after a medical request swiftly went into his tiny ears. The little Pokémon glanced at the Gothitelle for a split second. His dubious eyes closely observed the stranger's black body that seemed to resemble a dress of some sort.

    "Umm... uhh... umm," Daniel burbled to the Gothitelle. The plesiosaur's head was filled with dripping sweat, while noticeably louder breaths from the infant soon followed.

    "I can probably do that by myself later... I just need to like figure out how to get this girl thing off of me. I can't have that snake thing seeing me like this at all," Daniel thought, before he nervously eyed over the round berry with a bluish hue.

    "Erm... uhh... umm... uhh... w- we... well," Daniel driveled after a brief moment of thinking. His frontal pair of flippers twitched, while his rear pair soon joined in with noticeable quivering. The baby Pokémon carefully maintained eye contact with the Gothitelle, and slowly scooted away from her.
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  40. Aquilles nodded and again saluted at Chervil's command. He had been prepping to do a sweep of the island anyway, so the order was quickly followed up on. The titanic Clawitzer began making his way to the outskirts of the town, waving to the other Pokemon to follow him. Before he could give another command, however, he noticed a blinding flash and cry for help in the direction of Gilded Pass. He didn't need any further incentive.

    The Clawitzer's giant claw began rumbling, and without another word, an Aqua Jet erupted from the back end of it, rocketing Aquilles off in a split second. For his enormous size, this Clawitzer could move fast.


    Meanwhile, in Gilded Pass, the bright flash caught the attention of the lost Zangoose. Approaching quickly, the Zangoose jumped from the trashed foliage and landed directly in front of the injured Eevee Allie, and Whimsicott Luna. The Zangoose leaned back on his hind legs, bared his claws out threateningly, and immediately used Leer on the two of them, hardly hesitating to assume them hostile.

    In the distance, likely audible to the Allie and Luna, came a rumbling of rushing water. It was growing closer.


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