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Private/Closed "The Rachne Forest" - A casual Pokémon adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Quevedo, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Hello there!

    Thanks for clicking on my thread! I'm looking for a couple of capable roleplayers interested in participating in a casual Pokémon adventure. I'd like to keep things focused around character development and interaction, rather than epic battles and events. So if you're looking to show off how powerful your team is; this little adventure might not suit you. That said, if you're into interesting plots and good conversations; this is the place for you!

    Is it haunted? Cursed? Or just filled with a terrifyingly large amount of aggressive Bug-type Pokémon? Probably the latter. Either way, the Rachne Forest remains to this day an unexplored, dense piece of woodland that no locals dare enter. It has kept the neighboring towns disconnected for centuries, and no matter the time and effort that is put into making sure no-one enters its dangerous paths; now and again blissfully ignorant Pokémon trainers do so. Unaware of the perils ahead.

    NOTE: This doesn't take place in any canon region.

    1. Have your character primarily travel by foot.
    2. Keep your current Pokémon at a
    Low to Medium level, and no Legendaries or Mythicals.
    3. Have your character be at least 12 years of age.

    3. Be kind, considerate, and patient!
    4. Follow the rules of Pokécharm.

    So! If you're interested in participating feel free to fill this application (keep it short!) and post it down below, I'll try to reply as fast as possible! I'll happily answer any questions as well.

    Character Name:



    Thank you!

    - Q
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  2. I'll start with my own character.

    Character Name:
    Béatrice "Triss" Froideur
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Personality: Béatrice is a mature, intelligent, composed young woman that prides herself in having those very traits. An academic and an aspiring explorer with a particular interest for the sea and its secrets.
    Appearance: "Triss", as she is nicknamed, is recognizable by her white hair that she keeps in a wavy bob and her tanned skin color. She is rarely seen without her black, old fashioned ship captain's jacket, with silver buttons and bell cuffs. She wears it together with a frilly white dress shirt, matching black trousers, and sturdy leather boots.
    Pokémon(s): Cloyster, Golduck, Octillery
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  3. Very nice looking thread! (You mixed up age and gender in your form :p)

    Character Name: Dakota Revel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Dakota often likes to speak her mind and is assertive of herself. She hates being told what to do and refuses help from others. Despite the independence, she can be willing to help others depending on the circumstances. Sometimes she can be wary of others and distrustful, especially with strangers. Dakota hates to be not useful, so she stands up for others and she hates to leave anything unresolved.
    (I can't draw humans .-.)
    Theophilus ☆ Delphox ☆ Male
    (Wears a pair of specs)

    Drewton ☆ Umbreon ☆ Male

    Ryka ☆ Male ☆ Raichu
    (Darker coloured fur)
  4. Hello.

    Character Name: Alan Saesine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Personality: In spite of him being noticed as an intellectual genius, Alan is not blinded by his reputation to the point of arrogance and pomposity. He is instead known to treat the people whom he engages with the utmost respect and civility, a fact that helps him to cultivate strong relationships with ease. He often speaks with extravagant and eloquent language.
    Appearance: Alan is fairly tall for his age, standing at 5'11. He wears dark blue glasses with black, short hair that is usually kept underneath a blue, wide hat. He usually wears a navy trench coat with a white collar. He wears navy jeans and black, shin-high boots.


    Name: Ace
    Level: 42
    Species: Gallade

    Gender: Male

    Name: Rina
    Level: 32
    Species: Florges
    Gender: Female

    Name: Vision
    Level: 27
    Species: Alakazam
    Gender: Male
  5. Hey you two! I'm glad you found my thread, and that it caught your interest. Everything in your sheets seem to be in order. Also, I corrected my sheet (haha!) and actually swapped character. Do you have any questions or so?
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  6. Noice! So when and how does it start? Do our characters just wonder into the forest or something? :0
  7. Oh, right! I forgot about that. I was thinking that MC could be aware of the situation, with the forest and all, and thus takes a moment to find some people to travel with. They could meet on the road to the forest, in a local Pokémon center or some store?
  8. Sounds good. Will the RP thread be created once we get more people?
  9. Hello! I am interested in joining!

    Character Name:
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: Dante is very confident in his capabilities but also aims to have good connections with his friendships. He hates when any one person around him is upset because it leads to him getting upset.
    Appearance: He wears a black bomber jacket with a black triangle necklace around his neck. Dante wears black jeans and black and white shoes to join the outfit together. His hair is kind of shirt and brushed to the right but covered by his black and white trainer hat.
    Pokémon(s): Plusle, Minun.
  10. You're more than welcome to! I think four people will be perfect.

    And yes, the thread will be created once we're good to go. Assuming everyone's OK with my idea for a beginning; I'd like to check to see if everyone's cool with a turn-based posting style, writing in order of which we applied to this RP. So Me > Azelfie > Senrova > Sedna.

    Sound good?

    NOTE: Making the thread Private/Closed now!
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  11. That sounds interesting but I work part time three days of the week (monday, wednesday, and friday) for eight hours a day so sometimes I'm not here to take my turn.
  12. Turn-based would be lovely. That way, no one gets left behind :D I'll try my best to post everyday (I have school on weekdays but that won't affect my activity much :p)
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  13. Hm... That might complicate things, Sedna. Naturally, the other option is to allow free replies, but from personal experience it rarely works. Someone always gets left behind, ignored, or whatnot. Any ideas?

    Or we could stick to turns and just accept it as a bit of a slower RP.
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  14. It's okay I won't worry about RPing here. Thanks for the option ^.^
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  15. Since we have few people, we could do free-based replies but not allow more than a few posts if someone is not online. We could warn each other if we go too far.

    @PKMN Trainer Sedna I hope you're not leaving? There's no need to if it's just slightly inactivity D:
  16. Well the problem is that I work 24 hours a week so I'm pretty busy a lot of the time.
  17. Oh ok that's understandable - real life is top priority ;D
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  18. ^^

    Sorry to sound kinda impatient, but is the RP thread going to be posted soon? (I got nothin else to do with my life expect RP lol.)
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  19. The RP thread will be up once we're on the same page.

    I hope you find another group to play with Sedna, take care!

    So! Turn-based... Me > Senrova > Azelfie

    All good?
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