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The Quest For The Twin Eggs

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Chadwyck, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. OoC: This is an open RP, therefore anyone interested may join. It is limited to three, however, and it's first come, first serve. Though, I do ask that you please have correct spelling, and fair sized posts. If that is the case then welcome.

    Chad was standing against the rail of the S.S. Anne, Omen, his Murkrow, was perched on his shoulder. Chad was 17 and about 5'9" and he wore a sleeveless green shirt that was torn at the bottom and black slacks, he had black boots that went up about half way up his shins and had a piece of metal on the toe of each boot, he wore a dark grey trench coat with a pad on his left shoulder specifically for Omen to perch there. Chad had a feeling of pure exhilaration, he had a mission and it was the most important thing he'd ever do in his life. He began remembering everything that he had done just to make it this far. All the things that he had to do.

    It all started about two years ago, Chad had been traveling the Kanto Region collecting the badges from all the gyms he visited. He was on his way to Viridian City, to collect the last of the eight badges. As he was passing through Mount Moon, there was a cave in and he fell through the floor and ended up landing in the center of a huge circular room. Omen fluttered down and looked at Chad concerned. Chad pushed himself up and rubbed his left arm, a bruise was forming, Omen hesitated and then perched on Chad's shoulder. Chad couldn't see anything in the suffocating darkness, so he reached on his belt and called out his Charizard, named Napalm. The great creatures tail flame set a dim light through the room, and Chad looked about to get his bearings. "Well, guys, doesn't look to bad," He said to his pokemon in reassurance, mostly for himself, "We can get out of here no problem." He looked around the room when something caught his eye, he walked over and examined a mark on the wall, it looked like a hieroglyphic but there was no sign of any others in the room. He took out a sketch pad and copied it down quickly, if it was a hieroglyph, then it must be important, somehow he just knew that it meant something of importance. "Well, that's done," He said putting the sketch pad away. He looked up at the hole that was blocked by the fallen rocks. He walked over to Napalm and climbed up on his back. "OK, Napalm, let's get us out of here." Napalm let out a roar and flew straight up with Omen fluttering behind him. When they grew nearer the blocked exit Chad called, "Alright, Napalm, dragon claw!" Napalm broke through the clutter of rocks and flew through the cave and out of the exit on the Pewter City side.

    "Good job, Napalm, you've earned a rest." He held out Napalm's pokeball and the Charizard disappeared, Chad hooked the pokeball back onto his belt, then held out his arm and Omen came and perched up on his shoulder again. He decided then that he would find the meaning of the Mark he'd found, and so he started going around to every scientific research center he could find, but no one knew what it meant. Chad was about to give up when he received a tip from a pokemon professor named Oak, he said that there was an expert of hieroglyphics named Professor Tiber, but he'd supposedly gone mad and went into hiding. So Chad set off around the world searching for any hint or clue and finally found out that there were rumors of a man who lived on Mount Mortar.

    So there Chad was climbing up the side of Mount Mortar looking for a cave that could be anywhere on the Mountain. When he spotted a hole on the mountain face and climbed to the opening of a moderately large cave. "Hello? I'm looking for Professor Tiber." He called into the cave and his call echoed back from out of the cave.

    "Who's looking for me? What do you want?" A stern but weak voice called from inside the cave, and Chad approached the cave and looked inside, he saw what looked very much like a small home, there was a bed and a table, a fire was glowing in the corner and book shelves filled with books about pokemon, science and ancient symbols.

    "I've found a hieroglyphic and I need to know what it means." He called into the cave looking for a sign of movement. Then the small, old man appeared from behind a book shelf, he looked confused and came over. Chad took out his sketch pad and opened it to the page with the strange mark on it. The Professor snatched it out of his hand and took it into the cave, beckoning Chad to follow. Hesitantly, Chad followed him into the back of the cave, he looked at the small, timid man, he couldn't be taller than 5'1" and his steps were shuffled, quick steps. Professor Tiber kept on glancing back to ensure that Chad had followed, and every time the professor glanced at him, Chad would feel a bit like he was being surveyed, like behind the beady black eyes he was just looking for Chad to have a flaw.

    "Well lad, keep up, come now we don't have all day, this isn't a tour after all." He walked over to a large stone, covered with notes about some sort of prophesy, from what Chad could read. Professor Tiber took out a piece of paper covered other markings and ripped the other mark out of the sketch pad and placed it with the others, "Now then, let's see what we have here..." Professor Tiber began reading the prophesy, Chad felt a little out of place standing aside idly while the professor read to himself. "Well, that can't be right," Professor Tiber scratched at his receding hairline.

    "What is it? What can't be right?" As Chad spoke the professor jumped, a little startled, then shook his head and started rumaging through the pile of papers, grabbing various papers and placing them to the side.

    "I'd almost forgotten you were there my boy." Professor Tiber looked at Chad with a scrutinizing look, "First of all, what is your name child?" Chad felt a little rush of irritation at being called a child, but he was forced to shake it of, after two years working towards finding the meaning of this mark, the last thing he wanted was to upset the person with the answers. "And whats more, how did you find me?"

    "Chadwyck, Chadwyck Myroen, but please call me Chad. As for how I found you, I heard about you from Professor Oak of the Kanto region, he said that you were the best researcher to go to for information about that symbol," He indicated the sketch of the mark as he spoke, "And for the last two years, I've been working toward finding the meaning of that mark, and doing so meant finding you. So I just sort of, hunted you down." Chad finished and looked to the professor for his response, in the mean time he took out some pokemon food and handed it up to Omen, who ate it greedily, and then hopped down on the ground and looked up at Chad, waiting for his approval to look around the cave, "Oh, alright, just don't go to far off." Chad smiled at Omen as he hopped off through the cave.

    The Professor hadn't even stopped searching the many notes to listen to Chad's answer to his questions, "You've got yourself a good looking Murkrow, you're a good trainer," He looked up briefly at Chad then to where Omen was settling down on his bed, "So, Oak told you about me, huh? Me and him go way back, at least before the incident, but that's not why you're here. Right then, back to business..." Professor Tiber picked up a stack of papers that he had made, "This, my boy, is the prophesy of the Elders, an ancient race of humans whose only purpose was to guard these," He held up drawings of what looked like identical pokemon eggs, "These are the eggs of life and death, and they are very, very dangerous." He looked so serious that Chad had trouble looking him in the eye.

    "They're only pokemon eggs, right? How dangerous can they be?" Chad couldn't help but think that this was just some sort of joke and Professor Tiber would tell him what he wanted to hear any minute, but the professor didn't exactly seem like the joking type, and the look in his eyes didn't help prove otherwise. "How exactly do you mean dangerous? I've never even heard of them."

    "Few people have, they hold a great but terrible power, for you see as their names suggest, these eggs hold the power over life and death." At Chad's look of disbelief, he picked up another piece of paper and handed it to him, "Look there, that is a photograph of some hieroglyphics found in the Hoenn region. The eggs are shown there," He pointed at the center of a huge circle of different drawings, "The eggs are protected by the Elders, as signified by the circle of markings around them," Then he picked up another picture, "But here, you see that the Elders have all gone and the eggs have grown darker, more ominous. These Elders slowly died out over the years, and left behind the only these hieroglyphics all around the world, but none have ever been as disturbing to find than what this piece of the puzzle you brought to me reveals." Professor Tiber took the paper that held the prophesy he spoke of out of the pile. Chad was still looking over the photographs, sizing them up, trying to make sense of things.

    "But, Professor, you can't believe in this, I mean they're only myths, legends, aren't they?" He lowered the picture to see the professor's glare piercing his disbelief. The professor looked at him with such seriousness that Chad took a few steps back.

    "Legends? Foolish child, look around you, everything you see in your life, couldn't they have ever just been considered legends? Look at the evidence that has already been unearthed," He turned and took a book out of it's place among the others in the book shelf, "Take, for example, Lugia and the Three Legendary Birds, have they not been proven to exist?" He flipped through the book and showed the photographs to Chad, who was feeling a bit ashamed of himself. The professor placed the book back amongst the others, "This is no mere legend, now are you going to listen to what this prophesy says, or are you going to leave?

    "I'm sorry professor, please continue, I won't interrupt again." Chad hung his head slightly and shrugged it off and looked to Professor Tiber as he continued.

    "Now then," The professor cleared his throat, feeling very pleased with himself for putting up a convincing argument, "This states that the eggs have a hundred year hibernation, at the end of which, the eggs hatch and two of the most beautiful pokemon in creation emerge from the shells and fly up into the sky, high up into the atmosphere, where they circle the entire world. It's called their 'Celestial Dance' and when they have run out of energy they crash back into the soil and return to their hibernation." Professor Tiber looked at Chad to make sure he was paying close attention, "These eggs must then be retrieved and brought back together before they next hatch or what emerges from these eggs will be the harbingers of destruction. The pokemon that emerge will destroy all life and everything."

    "Wait, I'm sorry to interupt, but, why would these pokemon destroy the world just because they weren't together when they hatched?" Chad scratched the back of his head and began mumbling different ideas to himself.

    "These pokemon, aren't normal pokemon, they are the very essence of life and death, one cannot survive without the other, without one the others power goes unchecked, leaving no limit on the power that these pokemon hold." Professor Tiber took another piece of paper from the seemingly endless pile of information, I've been studying this legend for most of my life, and the last Celestial Dance was..." He looked over the paper, it was covered in peoples names and different dates, "Ninety-nine years and roughly eight months, more or less, according to a family who had a relative witness the dance the last time it happened."

    "That would mean that there is only four months until the next Dance, and if no one else knows that prophesy then, no one would have brought the eggs back together at the end of the last one." Chad looked concerned, and the Professor only nodded at him as he was deep in thought himself. "What are you going to do, Professor?"

    Professor Tiber never looked up, he just stared at the same spot, thinking to himself. Finally he said, still staring blankly, "I'm not going to do anything, rather, I can't do anything," He finally looked up at Chad, who felt like he knew what Professor Tiber was thinking, "My boy, you must find these eggs, it falls on you to do so, this is your task, I'm sorry that it all rests on you." Chad shook his head in disbelief, he took a step back.

    "I can't, I've never done anything like this, I'm a pokemon trainer, I'm no hero." He tried to hand the Professor all the papers that he had handed Chad throughout the conversation, but Professor Tiber held his hand up and shook his head.

    "But, you must become one, or everything is lost. You are the last hope for this world, these powers must not come to pass on us, they must be brought together." He was packing up all the notes on the eggs he could, "You must take these with you, they might help you find what you are looking for."

    "Why can't someone else do it? Why does this task have to fall on me?" Chad stumbled back onto a flat rock and put his head in his hands, "What if I can't do it?"

    "Chad fate has chosen you, and you must realize that you are the only one who can do it, you found the symbol that finished the prophesy, you are the one who must now make the prophesy true. I may not know you well, but I know that you can do this, from the very moment I first saw you I could tell that you were not a normal trainer, this is your task, and your time." He came over and placed a hand on Chad's shoulder, "You must try, for all of us."

    Chad stood up and looked at Professor Tiber, he felt so helpless, he was certain of only one thing, the Professor was right, he must try or no one would, "Alright," His voice started weak, but then grew loud and powerful, "You're right, I have to try, if I don't, no one will!" His declaration woke Omen from his sleep and the pokemon hopped over to Chad's feet, "Omen, are you ready for an adventure?"

    "Murkrow!" It cried approvingly and fluttered up and perched on Chad's shoulder.

    "Don't worry, Professor, you can count on me, I'll find those eggs and I won't give up until they've been brought together!" He walked out of the cave, determined and ready for the challenge ahead.

    Chad was snapped back into reality by the sound of the intercom.

    "Docking at Snowpoint City ETA: Five Minutes. All passengers please prepare to disembark. I repeat...
  2. OOC: I would like to join, hope you don't mind. I need to get some more creativity coming out of me, school starts soon, and I have advanced placement literacy... I'm going to admit something as well, Kaitlyn is based on me.

    Kaitlyn rushed out to the deck of the S.S. Anne due to the intercom's announcement. A somewhat shiny Pachirisu, namely Cody, followed her, not far behind, with his pastel purple strip down his body, and his ears a pastel blue. Kaitlyn, 16 and 5'7", was a blonde, wearing a white shirt that left the shoulders uncovered, but still had sleeves covering her whole arms. The shirt ended right above her belly button, and at her waist started a celery green skirt, which went down to her knees. On her feet were black shoes, flat on the bottom, but still elevated her heels. On her right wrist was a glittering charm bracelet, a red heart in the center, a clock ticking away in the middle of the heart. She leaned foward on the rail on the side, folded her arms on the top rail, and gazed out at the ocean. Cody climbed up and held onto the top bar, his head just barely peeking over the rail. She saw Snowpoint City, and her destination there. The Snowpoint Temple, where she had gained access to after defeating Cynthia and gaining the title of Champion. She had long left the boring life of waiting for challengers, and set out studying myths like her sister did.
    "You should go, I'll just manage being champion again." Cynthia insisted.
    "But, I don't want to load that pressure on you. They changed the rules, now champions aren't allowed to leave for extended periods of time." Kaitlyn replied.
    "I'm well aware of that, but I've discovered all I would need to. It's your turn." Cynthia explained.
    Cynthia reached inside her black overcoat, and pulled out a somewhat thick, black book. It was latched closed with a key hole. Cynthia handed the book to Kaitlyn. Cynthia then pulled out a bracelet, with several sparkling charms.
    "This one is the key." Cynthia said, serene, pointing to a charm.
    Cynthia handed the bracelet to Kaitlyn, who then unlocked the book. She opened the book, and saw it was all notes, sketches, and photographs that had been taken by Cynthia.

    Kaitlyn returned to herself and reality after looking at a certain sketch, of which reminded her of Pokemon eggs. She thought about them again, and pondered why they were identical. She never got to ask her sister...
    "Now arriving at Snowpoint City. Please prepa--" the intercom blurted, but Kaitlyn's mind blocked it out. She had forgotten her bag. She and Cody dashed back into her cabin, and grabbed the small bag. She rushed back out to disembark.
  3. To: bagonandeggs@roasociety
    From: dcorley@roasociety
    Subject: Hey

    Jason. It is SO COLD I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE. I thought trekking through the Ice Path to Blackthorn was bad? I just stepped outside my cabin and it was freezing. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that a place where it snows all year round is cold, but it's still a pretty big change from what we're used to, y'know? I'm glad I brought a warm coat, at any rate. This isn't the kind of place that lets you get away with short sleeves. I bet you're having a lot more fun in the Orange Islands right now. I kinda wish I'd joined you--it's weird setting off on my own, and if the rest of Sinnoh is this cold, I may just lose my mind. I'm sure I'll warm up to it (har har, get it?) eventually, though. Keep me posted on how your travels are going, alright? Hazard wants to say hi now, so I'm gonna let him do his thing.

    sup jason were almost @ snopoint
    dan says hes cold but i dont feel any diff lol
    i no dart wont like it here
    r frogs cold blodded?
    rofl we should hit him with an ice beam and find out
    neway we just got the announcement that were gonna dock so g2g
    peace out
    (And Daniel too. Write soon, Jason.)

    Daniel Corley hastily sent the email, then closed up his laptop and shoved it into his bag. It took him a moment to pull on the thick winter jacket he'd brought just for the occassion. He wasn't used to cold climates; this time around, function was more important than fashion. Not that the thing looked too bad, anyway. Pretty dashing image he cut: five feet and nine inches of pasty white dork, practically drowning in the drab olive-green jacket. At the moment, the fur-lined hood was down, leaving his long, shaggy hair to shine it's usual corny-yellow-blond-ugh color. His eyes were still as brown as ever: the only thing dark about him, besides his sense of humour and his favourite pair of black jeans. And below said jeans...? A pair of sneakers. Maybe he ought to have brought some winter boots, too. Oh well. His seventeen years had given him plenty of knowledge, but apparently that didn't apply to things like common sense.

    "Porryy!" And there was Hazard's impatience once more. The Porygon Z was hovering by his face, giving Daniel a few pokes in the side of the head with one of his levitating fins. Dan waved his hand irritably, shooing the Pokemon like an irksome fly. "Yeah, yeah, Hazard, I know, we're disembarking. Keep your pants on for just five more seconds. It's not like the boat's gonna leave with us still on it." Not that he'd particularily mind it if that happened, anyway. If he was cold while he was still in his cabin, going outside was going to slaughter him. Hazard seemed to be utterly unfazed by the weather, and his impatience with Daniel seemed to imply that the stupid bugger wasn't going to be too sympathetic, either.

    With a sigh, Daniel slipped his bag over one shoulder and slumped his way over to the door. Hazard practically flew out the door the moment he opened it, whizzing around in pointless circles. Dan braced himself against the gust of cold wind that greeted him like a slap. Sinnoh had better be worth this effort. It hadn't even been his idea, anyway. If Jason was the one that had been so eager to learn about the place's deep and rich mythology, then why wasn't he the one planning to scale mountains and sneak into temples that were off-limits to the public and snoop around in ruins? He was too busy cruising the tropics, that was why. "Hmph... this wasn't even the assignment I wanted. Stupid Ruins of Alph Society. I don't care about haunted houses."

    "Poreeeeh." If Hazard had a tongue, he would have been sticking it out. This had to be the fortieth time he'd heard that line on this cruise.

    "Well, it's not! Don't pretend you didn't think the eggs sounded interesting, too. I don't even see what's so important over here, anyway. I think this is just a makework assignment. The Society's just looking for something to do ever since it figured out the whole Unown alphabet thing. It's not like anything I find will be that ground-breaking, anyway. The Society's about as credible as an organization as a Sudowoodo is as a tree. This is just a temporary step to get me started as a researcher."

    Hazard rolled his eyes at that one. If he'd heard Daniel's complaints forty times, then he'd heard the "this is only temporary" one a thousand and forty times. The sooner they were off this ship, the sooner Daniel would find something to distract himself with, and therefore, the sooner he would stop his endless whining. It was too bad that real conversations weren't like instant messenging programs, or Hazard probably would have blocked his trainer hours ago.
  4. OoC: Pokedemon, the three spots have been filled, I forgot to mention it was three including me, so my mistake, but I'm terribly sorry.

    Snowpoint City was growing closer with each passing minute, any minute now they'd be disembarking. "Well, Omen," Chad said with a sigh turning his head and looking at his Murkrow, who looked back at him with it's head tilted slightly, "We're in a little over our heads here."

    "Krow," Omen responded tilting it's head to the other side and repositioning itself on Chad's shoulder.

    "Alright, we're in way over our heads," Chad shrugged his free shoulder and picked up the bag that lay next to his feet, "What was I thinking? I have to save the world, by myself?" Omen turned its head away irritably, "Okay, not by myself, I've got you and the others, but I meant... Nevermind." Chad slipped the bag over his shoulder and started walking toward the center of the boat. It was getting a bit chilly, but it didn't bother him, he preferred the cold anyway. He closed his eyes and started thinking, "Well, if we're looking for a legend, the best place to start would be the Snowpoint Temple," He said opening his eyes and turning and looking towards the growing city, "The only problem is getting in." He had considered the possibility of just telling them what Professor Tiber had told him, but that didn't seem to be playing out well in his mind, he didn't expect anyone to believe that story. He did have the notes, but, it still just seemed like a bad idea to him. The Snowpoint Temple was impossible to enter unless you've received special permission which he didn't have, so he'd try something else, but what exactly he didn't know. Right now his plan consisted of getting off the boat and getting something to eat, "I think that we'd better try to come up with some ideas on a couple of full stomachs, sound good to you?" He said smiling as Omen jumped off his shoulder and walked beside him along the rail.

    "Murkrow!" It replied joyfully, Omen fluttered over and perched on Chad's shoulder, then climbed down his arm and began nudging the pokeballs on his belt.

    "Don't worry, of course the others will come out to get some much deserved fresh air and food." Omen climbed back up to his shoulder, looking very happy to be getting off the boat. Chad stopped when he'd reached the center of the ship, where they'd lower the ramp for everyone to get off. It was already getting pretty crammed full of people and everyone couldn't wait to set foot on solid ground again. "I guess quiet time for thinking alone is over, but look," He said pointing over the rail, "The dock is right there we'll be off this thing in no time."

    The crewman came and readied themselves to drop the ramp down into the snow. The city was beautiful, the houses, trees and everything else was covered in a thick blanket of snow that sparkled even though the sun was hidden behind thick, grey clouds. Everything looked so peaceful and many of the children of the city came to admire the ship and play in the snow.

    The ship came to a slow, steady stop and the ramp was lowered as the crewman had everyone form an orderly line and began shuffling them off the ship in controlled quantities.

    "Thank you for traveling on the S.S. Anne. We hope to see you again!" The voice over the intercom stated serenely.

    Chad brushed the hair out of his eyes and took a piece of bread out of his bag then handed it to Omen, who ate it hastily. He then patted Omen on the head and took his place at the back of the line.
  5. Everybody had already disembarked when Kaitlyn got back to the side of the boat, the ramp was removed. Luckily, she had brought her other Pokemon with her. But the S.S. Anne began to move! It was leaving Snowpoint, and all of Sinnoh. Kaitlyn had no worries, though, she had just the 2 Pokemon.
    "Make your entrance! Go, Wendy, Kendra!" Kaitlyn called in a coordinator style, throwing 2 seemingly glass coated Ultra Balls.
    A navy blue, red-winged dragon came out with a cloud of white smoke and some flames, and a long, red sea dragon with white whiskers appeared in the water alongside small blue bubbles, flames, rainbow coloured stars, and some lightning bolts. Kaitlyn hopped onto the Salamence, named Wendy, and called Cody back into it's glass coated Friend Ball. Wendy effortlessly lifted Kaitlyn over to her Gyarados, Kendra. Carefully Kaitlyn stepped onto the sea dragon's back, and sat down in relief.
    "Thanks Wendy. Were you wanting to fly along? It's not very far, but it'd be a nice time to strech your wings." Kaitlyn said.
    The dragon nodded, and Kaitlyn stowed the Ultra Ball with the Ball Capsule covered in smoke and flame seals.
    "Kendra, could you take us over there, to Snowpoint? I need to study the temple there." Kaitlyn asked, pointing to the still visable dock.
    Kendra nodded, and gave an assuring roar. The waves were quite harsh, not to mention chilling to the very bone, left Kaitlyn shivering. Yet, the Pokemon paid no attention, actually, to them, it was quite pleasant. Not more than 15 minutes later Kaitlyn and her 2 Pokemon arrived at Snowpoint dock. Cold and wet, Kaitlyn was at risk of hypothermia. Most of the people who were there minutes ago were gone. Kaitlyn saw why: a lodge-like diner was filled with shivering people. Smoke was coming out of a chimney, so Kaitlyn darted in.
    Inside, Kaitlyn saw an empty table by a fireplace, and darted to it. She sat down, and some people, those who'd been living in Sinnoh, or just people who were far into minor celebrities gazed at her, amazed that a former champion would pick such a place to eat. This was one of the reasons she took a break from Sinnoh, but came back to research all of the mythology rich to the region.

    OOC: I think it'd be best if Kaitlyn met Chad here, and Daniel trying to get into Snowpoint Temple. Or we could do all 3 here, or all 3 at the temple. Either way, Kaitlyn should at least see Chad at the diner.
  6. (OOC: Well, Daniel's going to the temple. I'm not sure what Chad has in mind, but we can roll with it from there.)

    Okay, the bad news was that standing on the shore was just as frigid as standing on the deck of a ship, except now there really was no turning back. The good news? Uh... well, there was no longer any risk of toppling overboard, being dragged down into the icy waters by his heavy coat, and dying a horrible death in the briny deep. Unless, of course, Daniel stood very close to the edge of the dock. So with that in mind, he readjusted his bag and plowed onward into the snowy depths of Snowpoint City. And he wasn't kidding when he called it snowy; even within the city limits, the snow was staggeringly deep. Ugh, how could people live like that? Daniel spared a wistful glance at the nice, warm-looking buildings lining the streets, but nevertheless didn't stop. As nice as it would be to get out of the cold, he didn't plan on wasting time. The sooner his first assignment was done, the sooner he could send his findings into the Society and move on to one of Sinnoh's warmer cities.

    "Okay, Hazard, let's review. There exists a temple in Snowpoint that has stood for countless ages. It's regarded as a sacred place that only a select few are deemed worthy to enter. As a result, very little is known about what lurks within. What the Society does know is that there's a very unusual statue inside, and there's supposedly some sort of link between that statue and the myths of the Hoenn region. Our job is to infiltrate the temple and examine its interior for anything that will prove these facts, and provide our speculations regarding the connection between the mythology of two very seperate cultures, and how the ancient civilzations could have related their beliefs to those of people who lived on another continent."


    "Yeah, I know. There are two big obstacles that we'll need to bear in mind. First, the temple entrance is guarded day and night. We'll need to find a way to bypass that. Second, the Society has confirmed that the interior of the temple is home to extremely powerful Pokemon. I have my doubts as to whether or not we'll be able to force our way through. Stealth may be the way to go this time around." Daniel shoved his hands into the warmth of his pockets and drew to a halt. Before him was Snowpoint Temple, in all its majesty. And the guard...? A single girl who looked more bored than intimidating. Well, okay. Force wouldn't be necessary, but anybody who was willing to stand out in the cold all day to guard the entrance wasn't likely to be all that easily bribed. Breaking in through another way wasn't an option; causing damage to an ancient relic like this by busting down a wall was not only unforgivable, but dangerous.

    "Okay, so we need this guard out of the picture if we're gonna set foot in that temple. I think we can leave this to Ein, hey?" A subtle grin came to Daniel's face as he withdrew a pokeball from his pocket and dropped it to the ground. A red burst of light erupted from the ball, revealing a very sleepy looking Slowking. He raised an eyeridge at Daniel, silently awaiting a command. "We need some help, Ein. See that guard over there? She needs to be doing a little less guarding, if you get my drift. Think this is something you can handle?" A sigh, a nod, an unenthused hand rubbing an eyelid. Slowly, slowly, Ein shuffled his way up to the path where the girl stood. Once he'd reached his destination, the Slowking halted. Seconds stretched by silently.

    "Um... excuse me. Are you lost?" The girl finally ventured, fixing Ein with a vaguely suspicious stare. She had never seen a Slowking before; Slowpokes were pretty rare in the Sinnoh area, and evolved ones even moreso. Ein didn't speak. Instead, he lifted both arms in an impressive stretch and yawned. Not just a gesture to point out his sleepiness, this: Ein was employing a Yawn attack. The guard just continued standing there, waiting for an answer, then strangely enough... she yawned too. Ein waited patiently as she slowly slumped to the ground and curled up on the snow, fast asleep.

    Once she was asleep, Daniel and Hazard made their approach. Dan spared a swift glance around, checking that nobody had seen them. Not a soul, good. "Great work, Ein. We owe you one." He mumbled quietly as he returned the Slowking, then motioned for Hazard to stay close. "Alright, we'll have to be quick. We're going to have a lot of explaining to do if she wakes up before we're out of the temple. I guess if all else fails, Dart can just Poison Jab her in the kidneys, but I'd rather not resort to that. We'll figure it out when the time comes. For now, let's just get going before anyone sees us."

    "Geeeh!" Hazard spun his head around in a full circle, likewise checking for any witnesses, then followed his trainer into the darkness of Snowpoint Temple. This was pretty sketchy stuff, what they were doing; if anybody had seen then standing around a body lying on the ground, then strolling into sacred ground, then the title of Official Member of the Ruins of Alph Society Exploration Team wasn't going to offer much protection from the beatdown they'd face.
  7. OOC: Sorry for me not posting in awhile, only 2 days so far and I'm already swamped with homework. [sub]Why'd I sign up for those advanced placement classes...?[/sub] And I guess it's been long enough that I should just move on.

    Kaitlyn had stayed for just about 30 minutes, then decided to leave. She ran over to the PokeMart, and bought a dark blue coat, hooded with that faux brown fur surrounding the hood. She also picked up a pair of matching gloves, and an Escape Rope, for just-in-case purposes. Luckily, the cold climate of Sinnoh was something she had lived with for most of her life. Kaitlyn ventured outside, put the coat on one sleeve, then the other, and zipped up the middle. She stuck her hands in the new gloves, and began walking to the Snowpoint Temple.
    Upon arrival, Kaitlyn was in for a shock: the guard was laying on the ground, hopefully asleep and not dead. Kaitlyn approached the girl, and tried to wake her up. Nothing would really work.
    "OK, Cody, you can come back out now." Kaitlyn said, lightly tossing the ball in the air.
    With some rather large golden stars, the Pachirisu appeared next to Kaitlyn.
    "Cody, please use Discharge to wake her up. But, don't use very much power." Kaitlyn said.
    Cody had a slight blue glow around him, and the glow sent a zap to the girl. She got up in a flash, and noticed Kaitlyn and Cody.
    "Thanks for waking me up, but why shock me?" the girl asked.
    "You were obviously put to sleep by a Pokemon. It was the only way, sorry." Kaitlyn replied, "Anyways, may I enter?"
    "I need to see your Trainer Card, and see if it's marked with a certain star first." the girl answered.
    "OK then." Kaitlyn said, digging in her bag she had hidden in the coat.
    She showed the card to the girl, who then moved out of her way. Kaitlyn went inside, and amazingly it was a tad bit more chilly in here. She went inwards more, and saw a statue, and somebody investigating it.
    "Cody, use Flash." Kaitlyn whispered, as not to alert the person of her presence.
    A burst of light erupted from the squirrel, and Kaitlyn could see clearly. And this person was obviously not really allowed in here, and maybe the one who put the guard to sleep.
    "Well, who are you? Don't make me want to battle you, it'd be quite the mistake!" Kaitlyn yelled to the person.
  8. It had taken some doing to reach the statue at the heart of the temple, especially with the icy conditions. Once Daniel had reached his destination, though, it was smooth sailing. He'd taken pictures of the inscription at the statue's base already, along with a few of the building's interior itself, and made himself comfy on the floor, laptop resting in his lap. It took only a second to get Hazard.exe up and running, and even less time than that to get the Porygon Z himself working his magic.

    Initilaizing Hazard.exe...
    Starting wireless communications, please wait...
    Wireless link established.

    sup d00d
    this is 1 ugly statue lol
    >It's certainly no Mew, I'll concede that much. Scan it for me and tell me what you get.
    k fine
    locking on
    beginnin scan
    hey dan
    dis thing is kinda freaky
    >Find something weird, Hazard?
    its not stone
    its organic or wutevr
    im detectin a faint pulse and it shows up on infared
    touch it dan

    Daniel stared at the words on the screen for a moment, then shot Hazard a puzzled look. The Porygon waved his fins at the statue impatiently. Daniel set the laptop to the side and reached out. The statue... was warm. Surprisingly so, on his freezing fingers. Why would something that was below the frost line in an icy stone chamber in Sinnoh's northernmost city... be warm? It wasn't really something Daniel had much time to ponder, though; no sooner had he laid his hand on the statue than a bright flash of light behind him caught his attention.

    Okaaay... so he'd been found. That was... really quick, even for a ROA member's standards. At least it was just one girl. Armed with a Pachirisu, no less. They may as well have sent a Bidoof after him. Daniel glanced at his laptop out of the corner of his eye. The computer was still lying open and ready, with Hazard's latest messages neatly displayed.

    rofl look at that pachirisu its got purple on it
    not quite shiny not quite normal i bet its inbred

    Yeah, Hazard. Riotous. Clearly there was no better occasion for comedy than when a girl with a squirrel had appeared out of nowhere to yell at him and also make vague threats. Daniel had a feeling that the whole ROA society thing wouldn't go over so well with her. Eh... not like she had any proof he'd done anything illegal, anyway. "My name? I'm Guybrush Threepwood." Daniel responded calmly, bending down to pick up his laptop. He noticed a "lol she wont get that joke dan" from Hazard before he closed the computer up and returned it to his bag.

    "And if it's all the same to you, I'm not going to be doing any battling. I have no idea why you would come here of all places to look for challenges, but I'm not interested in picking on defenseless little woodland creatures."
  9. OOC: Holy sh**, way too much homework for a weekend. An essay, quite a bit of math, some science (which I don't mind too much, in fact, I rather like science), and a tad of social science. Oh well, I finished most of it.
    "Ugh... Grrr... YOU!" Kaitlyn boomed, pulling out a glass coated Heavy Ball.
    It would really take a lot to anger Kaitlyn this much, but insulting her Pokemon, sneaking into an ancient relic, and possibly lying was enough to piss her off good.
    "And what do I look like, a bloody fool like that Ketchum boy who can't even remember Ghosts are immune to Normal attacks! NO! I understand completely that you, whether that was a fake name or not, do not have permission to be here! And you totally underestimated me. I don't normally do important battles with Cody, I do them with my effing Steelix!" Kaitlyn exploded, "So here you go. Join me, Drake!"
    She gave the Heavy Ball a hard toss into the air. A gigantic snake that seemed like rough balls joined together erupted from the ball, with a golden colour that almost matched Kaitlyn's hair. Some lines joined the great snake, of the yellow colour. Drake blocked the exit with it's tail.
    "Come clean, or face Drake. Try to escape, and get Iron Tail'd right in your arse." Kaitlyn bellowed.
    Of course, and even with all of the rage, Kaitlyn knew that she had to be careful with her Steelix. One false move, and she could cause major damage to the place. Even knowing the fact wild Steelix did roam free here, and cause damage occasionally, Kaitlyn was still not going to try anything risky.
    Meanwhile, Cody seemed to have been communicating, unnoticed. A rivalry seemed to emerge in Cody. It could just barely hold in the urge to zap the thing to death.

    OOC: My current reading influenced my post. Can anyone figure out what book I'm reading? Snapdragon, I am planning on Kaitlyn eventually getting along with Daniel, just not yet. Chadwyck, you still in this?
  10. OoC: Yes, I'm sorry about not responding very quickly, I've been rather busy and my schedule doesn't look like it'll be clearing up so, if I take a while to respond, I apologize, but I ask you to please have some patience as I will work my fastest.

    Chad peered out from behind some bushes at the entrance of the Snowpoint Temple. The site of a guard didn't surprise him, in fact he imagined a little more security. "Well, no matter if there's only one guard, I still can't just get in without the proper permission." Chad hung his head to think, there must be another way in, a back door was out of the question, of course, and he couldn't just break into an ancient structure, "I might as well go give Tethys some exercise," He looked at Omen perched a little ways up on a tree branch, "Come on, I saw signs pointing to a lake, we might as well go let her out for a while."

    "Krow," Omen agreed, and Chad began walking just outside of the city, to Lake Acuity, the lake wasn't exceptionally large and had a strange looking cave out in the middle of the water, but it was as good a place as ever to give his Lapras a little bit of well needed fresh air. He tossed the pokeball containing Tethys up into the air, the pokemon emerged with much grace and lowered it's head next to Chad.

    "Now, now, go get some exercise, you haven't been out of that ball for a few days," Chad reached up and patted the Lapras on it's face, Tethys submerged and soon all Chad could see was it's shadow moving under the water. Tethys started heading towards the side of the lake that was in the same direction as the city and wasn't slowing down. "Hey! Tethys what're you doing?!" As Chad called out the pokemons shadow disappeared from sight, as though it vanished when it hit the side, but seconds later it was back swimming over to him. Tethys lifted it's head out of the water and waited for Chad to pet it again, "Tethys, is there something over there?" Chad pointed to the spot where the Lapras had disappeared. Tethys lowered it's head and then raised it back up again like a nod, "Can you show me?" Tethys turned and waited for Chad to get on. "Omen, you have to go back in your pokeball for a while, we have to go through the water." Omen hopped down on the ground in front of Chad and he called it back into it's pokeball, he then jumped onto Tethys' back and the Lapras moved through the water towards where it was when Chad had called it back.

    When they reached the edge of the lake Chad took a deep breath and patted Tethys on the back of the neck as a signal to go down. As it submerged, the icy water pierced Chad's flesh and he cringed in the freezing water, but as they approached the bottom of the lake he saw an underwater cave that moved under ground, straight back toward the city, Tethys turned it's head and looked at him and he gave an approving nod and it swam through the water and through the cave. He began feeling light headed, he was running out of air, did he make a mistake in thinking this tunnel went back to Snowpoint? He began to wonder if it actually went farther, but as he began losing his grip on Tethys' back, they broke the surface of a pond, just a little bit bigger than Tethys and it was a good thing too, Chad had almost passed out from the freezing water and lack of fresh oxygen. He stumbled onto the floor and took a look around, they were obviously inside a large building, then Chad's eyes adjusted and he saw the interior of the Snowpoint Temple surrounding them. The ground was covered in ice, making it possible for Tethys to maneuver outside of the water so long as it slid on the icy floor. He looked around for something that might indicate the eggs but realized that they had surfaced in the darkest corner of the Temple, and from the temperature, he could tell that they were someways underground, meaning that the temple was larger than he'd thought. His Lapras had just pulled itself out of the small pull of water and positioned itself next to him when he'd heard shouting, he wasn't the only one here and whoever else was here wasn't too happy. He noticed a small area of light near the center of the room and climbed onto Tethys' back, "Alright, Tethys, take it slow, we don't know who that is."

    The Lapras moved along the ice glazed floor toward the center of the room at a cautious pace, Chad then noticed an enormous statue and two people standing near it, he saw a trainer, obviously upset, standing beside a Steelix and another person who had nothing but a laptop and a Porygon Z. The trainer with the Steelix, she was threatening the other, unfortunately he didn't know why, all he knew was that he didn't need this place falling down on him, "Tethys, use mist," He whispered to his Lapras. A thick mist filled the air around the room and he could hardly see in front of his face, but he hoped that no one would risk an attack in this mist, lest they miss and his a pillar. Chad spoke loudly so that both of them could hear him clearly, "Now that I have your attention, I'd like to point out that any differences you two may have, it might be better to settle it a little less violently. Unless, of course, you want to be crushed as this place collapses on top of us." Tethys and him slid into the range of the light and the mist began to clear, just enough to see the shapes of the others.
  11. ((OOC: Yeah, Daniel's not that easy to get along with. XD And yeah. Don't sweat it, Chad, life happens. I know how it is.))

    Oh, for crying out loud. Did everyone always have to resort to waving their pokeballs around the minute things didn't go their way? Like Daniel was going to be intimidated by a Steelix--he'd already dealt with tons of them on the way down. Of course, by "dealt with" he meant "snuck past," but that was a mere technicality. That wasn't the point, anyways. The point was that this girl was shaping up to be more and more stupid by the second. Hey, they were hanging out near the foundations of a very old and possibly unstable ruin. Of course the best course of action would be to unleash a gigantic brute of a Pokemon and start screeching threats like a murderous banshee. Her ranting didn't even make sense. Ketchum? Who was that?

    Daniel heaved a sigh and brought a hand up to rub the side of his head, as if he had a headache coming on. "Look... lady. I'll repeat myself, since you didn't seem to hear me the first time around. I have absolutely nothing to gain by fighting you. In fact, if I were to allow you to drag me into a childish match, then your Steelix would probably bring the entire place down trying to 'Iron Tail my arse,' as you so eloquently put it. I don't even know what you think I've done wrong--" There was no way she could have seen Ein take out the guard. In all of her harpylike wailing, she hadn't said one thing about him putting that girl to sleep and sneaking in. Just stuff about fighting her almighty Steelix. Daniel had a feeling she would be pretty easy to outsmart, so he decided it was safe to bluff. "--but whatever it is, it can't be worse than making Snowpoint Temple collapse on us."

    Of course, talk didn't make a difference so long as that Steelix had his tail blocking the exit. It wasn't like Daniel could really move all that quickly on the slippery ice that covered most of the floor, either. He didn't have any Pokemon capable of Teleporting him out, and Digging would take too long, especially with the ice.

    And then the mist came in. Which was very much not natural, considering they were inside an underground chamber. Nor was it something that Steelixes were very famous for doing--generating fog, that is. It couldn't have been that Pachirisu, either, and it definitely wasn't Hazard. Nor was it a ghost; Snowpoint Temple wasn't habitat to any ghost-type Pokemon. Daniel was pretty confused, until he heard a voice, slightly muffled by the thick fog. There was somebody else in here? Since when? "Hazard," Daniel whispered to the Porygon Z at his side, "Lock On." No sooner had he given the command than Hazard's eyes lit up like dim little night-lights, scanning through the room.

    Daniel knew better than to try and pierce the fog with his own eyes, so he instead glanced down at the Poketch on his wrist. Porygons were capable of interacting with electronics... and that included more than just his laptop. Crude little images flashed one by one on the tiny screen. Steelix, Pachirisu, wonky looking stickman, Lapras, wonky looking stickman 2.0. Okay, that verified that there was, in fact, somebody else in the room, but how did a dude hide a Lapras without Daniel noticing that before? Unless they'd slipped in somehow... well, if he was with a Lapras, chances were that they didn't exactly fly in or anything. Daniel's gaze drifted down to the ice that covered most of the floor.

    Well, if this crazy lady didn't want to budge without a fight, there was one potential escape route.

    At least this new intruder seemed to be on his side. (Team "let's not have an epic war against some stranger who likes to shout at me," for the record.) Daniel still struggled against the fog, unable to see more than the silhouette of their new friend. "Yeah, what he said," Daniel muttered. "This guy's got a point, miss. Why don't we do this rationally? I'll start. I'm Daniel Corley, a researcher for the Ruins of Alph Society of Johto. I was conducting a study of this temple and the statue you see over there... or you would, anyway, barring the fog. I'm not entirely sure what your trouble with me is, but I'm sure everyone will be happier if you just tell me."

    "Poreeeh!" Hazard couldn't resist throwing in his two cents. Daniel was just lucky that the Porygon Z wasn't laughing his tail off. Had his laptop been open at the moment, he could just image the messages that would be waiting for him on the screen. "Oooh, look who's a smooth criminal now, Daniel. Think you can talk your way out of this one?" Something like that, only minus all the punctuation and spelling. Daniel failed to share in Hazard's attitude, though. He might have had a chance against one none-too-bright girl, but now that there were two of them there... Things could get a little delicate.

    If only the Society had let him research the eggs like he wanted, he wouldn't have to be putting up with this right now. Sigh.
  12. OOC: I know how you feel about not having much time, my damned schoolwork is Iron Tailing my arse.

    Kaitlyn was awaiting an answer as a mist rose in the temple.
    "What the hell? Mist in Snowpoint Temple... Must be a Pokem--" Kaitlyn whispered to herself, interupted by a voice coming from the obvious culprit of the Mist attack.
    After the mist and this person's words, and this Daniel Corley's words, she decided to settle down. She called back her Steelix without word, and Cody climbed up her back, and hung onto her shoulders with it's tiny arms, ashamed of making the same assumption Kaitlyn had.
    "Sorry for my outburst... I just thought, maybe, you'd come in her to take some of the artifacts, or perhaps something worse. And I thought it quite possible you were the one to put the guard to sleep." Kaitlyn said, now serene.
    After explaining, Kaitlyn blushed, and called Cody back into its ball as a sign of no harm. But something else was on her mind: how the hell did this new guy come in? Surely he didn't use the passage from Lake Acuity, that only a select few of the select few of the people allowed in knew of? Then again, he did have a Lapras, and if it was just called out, she would've seen the red light.
    "Sorry again, and my name's Kaitlyn. I was here for the same reason, to study these ruins. After the thought of illegal activity, though, I lost it, and half my brain too." Kaitlyn said.
    She paused for a moment, and another thought came to mind. She thought it couldn't be possible, but felt it necessary to ask anyways.
    "By the way, neither of you happen to have a Slowking, correct? On the way to the PokeMart I just went to, I saw one and thought I saw it use Yawn attack. Then when arriving here, I saw the guard asleep. Knowing that: A; Slowking don't appear here often, or really much at all, B; It used Yawn, or appeared to have, and near this temple, and C; the guard was asleep, and all of a sudden 2 random people are here, somebody might've broken in. Sorry Daniel, I automatically assumed it was you..." Kaitlyn explained.
  13. Chad listened as the trainer who introduced himself as Daniel used a few choice words to calm down the other trainer. At least Daniel agreed with him and didn't press the matter of the battle. Why Daniel had been conducting a search on a statue,however, he didn't know, but he didn't particularly need to find out, he was only here for the eggs.

    Chad watched as the trainer that was doing the shouting called back her Steelix, followed by her Pachirisu. "Heh, a gesture of good faith," He thought to himself, "Well, at least now I don't have to worry about her causing this place to collapse on me." Chad hopped down off of Tethys' back, slipping a bit on the slippery ground, as the Lapras kept cautious eyes toward the other two trainers.

    After Kaitlyn's introduction, he walked forward so that he was an even distance from both trainers, his hands in his pants pockets as he approached them, "Well, seeing as you two have finished your introductions, I suppose I should go next," He said coolly as he removed his right hand from his pocket and brushed the hair out of his eyes, and then let it fall to his side, "My name is Chadwyck Myroen, but please call me Chad." Chad pointed his thumb over his right shoulder towards Tethys, "This is my Lapras, her name is Tethys, and before you ask how I managed a way in here, I may as well save you the time and just tell you," He walked a few more steps forward and cleared his throat, "I was giving Tethys here some fresh air over in Lake Acuity, when she found an underwater passage that led from the lake bed to that corner over there," He nodded to the direction of the corner with a jerk of his head, "Rather long way too, I'd nearly miscalculated and run out of breath, good thing I got here when I did though, you two looked like you were about ready to kill each other." He then turned and looked directly at Kaitlyn, "Now, to answer your question, no, I haven't got a Slowking, and by the time I had gotten to the door of the temple the guard was already back up and on alert, hence my detour to Lake Acuity."

    He then looked around trying to make out the runes on the walls through the mist, he was looking for anything that might be a reference to the eggs. The mist was now beginning to clear up enough to see the statue that Daniel had been studying clearly, the statue was huge, and it looked a little strange, unlike any statue he'd ever seen before. He then walked over and patted Tethys' neck and returned her to her pokeball. He thought that he should ask, he didn't want to be forward, but there wasn't much time to spare on idle chit chat, "Now I'm the one who needs to ask a question, have either of you seen anything in this Temple that had to do with The Twin Eggs?" He asked as he glanced from Kaitlyn, to Daniel, and then to the statue again.

    ((OoC: Sorry it's a little bit shorter than usual, I'm going to be gone tomorrow and I wanted to get the post in before I left))
  14. Wait... this girl had seen Ein? But they'd been so careful. Ugh... great. No point in hiding the truth, since Kaitlyn had apparently revived the guard. He wouldn't be able to talk his way out of that. Daniel sighed, then spoke up. "Yeah, that technically was me. The Slowking's mine. I happen to lack the qualifications to enter the temple, and though my intentions are purely for the sake of scientific research, they really don't take too kindly to that. So I took matters into my own hands, and here I am." Hazard was still trying to keep the giggles down. Daniel rolled his eyes at the Porygon Z and continued with a shrug. "Since you never actually make any accusations towards me of doing anything to the guard, I didn't think it was worth mentioning."

    And chances were, this would set Kaitlyn off all over again, so Daniel was glad when Chad decided that it was a good idea to explain how he'd arrived. Interesting... an undersea passage. Was that a natural occurrance, or had somebody intentionally created a way to reach Snowpoint Temple without having to deal with the guard? He couldn't see much of a point in those who could already access the temple making such a passage, nor could he see much benefit in them knowing about it--they'd probably station a guard there too if they did. Maybe it had been the work of looters? Though Daniel wasn't too sure what there would be in here that was both easy to transport underwater and worth a lot on the black market.

    Of course, Daniel didn't linger on the passage for very long. Chad spoke up shortly afterwards, bringing up the subject of Twin Eggs, of all things. Now that raised a few flags with Daniel. "You mean you're investigating the Twin Eggs? You mean the ones from that legend, right? With the life and death and the Celestial Dance? Why are you looking here, of all places? You don't really think... I mean, I never would have..." Was there something in Sinnoh relating to the eggs? If there was actually a chance... even a small one! He had been assigned to investigate Sinnoh, after all. Maybe there was a chance he could research the myth he'd wanted to after all.

    Hazard, seeing that Daniel was getting himself all flustered with the very idea, tugged on his bag impatiently. That snapped Daniel out of it, and he pulled his laptop out and opened it on pure instinct. The screen had been wiped, and a new set of messages had taken the place of their scan results:
    dan i sent the research logs to roa k?
    just in case kaitlyn gets mad + tries to erase everything
    let me talk now ok
    show them the laptop

    "Uh... hold on. Hazard's got something to say." Daniel flipped the laptop in his hands so that the screen faced outwards, then showed it to the others. "That's my Porygon Z's name, by the way. I don't think I mentioned it earlier. I apologize for the way he types, please bear with him." As Daniel had been speaking, Hazard had been busy too. Several messages popped up on the screen, all in rapid succession.

    sup chad
    im hazard
    we havnt seen nething on the twin eggs but dans real interested in them too
    the roa society sent him here but he doesnt care about regigigigigas
    he wants to study the eggs
    hes looked into the legend in his spare time but info is scarce
    dans a good researcher n he knows lots of stuff about lots of stuff to
    let him help you out k?
    i no he wants to
    if you do us this favor ill pay you back
    i can h4x0rz sumthin for u lol
  15. So, Chad's suspicions were correct, it had been Daniel who put the guard to sleep. Kaitlyn's suspicions were right as well, though, she cared much more than Chad did, he had thought of using a pokemon to get into the Temple too. He looked at Kaitlyn hoping that her reaction wouldn't be more threats of violence and yelling.

    Daniel was the first to make a response to his question about the eggs. Chad was glad to see that he wasn't the only one who'd heard of them before, though the stream of questions that this caused to start flowing from Daniels mouth were a little hard to understand with so little time between them to think. "Well, I wouldn't really say 'investigating' really," He said looking down a little embarrassed, "I'm not some researcher or specialist or anything, I'm just a normal trainer who happened to stumble upon some ancient symbol while collecting gym badges." He opened his coat showing a rather unimpressive collection of five gym badges from the Kanto region, "Yes, the eggs from the legend, the eggs of life and death, that hatch and do their Celestial Dance, the whole story I'm sure you know. I'm looking here," He paused to look around at the surroundings hidden away in the shadows, "Because I thought that this would be a promising spot, nothing more, I heard about this Temple from a friend," He thought it better not to mention Professor Tiber unless it was necessary, the good professor had a reputation for not being all together, though he was perfectly fine, "And I set off to come here right away, it is a rather good place to search for mythology." Chad was hoping that he didn't sound like he chose this place on a whim, "Don't get me wrong, Sinnoh is the most likely location of the eggs, and I just thought to search here first rather than any other place in Sinnoh."

    Hazard wanted to say something now? How was his Porygon Z going to do that, was it really using the computer? Chad had never actually seen a Porygon Z, he'd never seen a Porygon at all as a matter of fact, then he read the laptop screen. Regigigigigas? What in heavens name was that? Chad didn't linger on the subject too long though, Daniel wanted to help him, and that sounded better to him than going around blindly with no second opinion, "You've heard of these eggs before, obviously, and that's good enough for me, I suppose that you could help me out. Bear in mind, however, we have got to keep moving, we don't have much time to find these eggs," He turned and looked at Hazard, "And I'll hold you to your word, we may have need of you to pay off that favor before you know it." Chad reached down for his bag, but then remembered he'd set it down on the island in the center of the lake, so that the notes wouldn't get wet and ruined, "I have some information on these eggs but I left them at the lake, we should go get it back as soon as we get out of here."

    Chad turned toward Kaitlyn, "How about you? Have you ever heard anything on these before?"
  16. OOC: Sorry for no posts in awhile, homework.
    Anyone realize where I got that quote?
    "Actually, I have a bit of research on them too. It's in a notebook my sister gave me, along with some symbol. I was quite interested in them, as with all mythology." Kaitlyn said, pulling out the book coated in black leather, turning around to unlock it, then flipping to the page, "But it's not much. By the way, nice computer programming, Daniel. Allowing a Porygon-Z to talk to humans by means of a computer."
    Kaitlyn read over it again, but still had hardly any real meaning to her. Another reason why she needed to get Cynthia out of the position of Champion again.
    "I've been wanting to know more, but never could find an exact source of new information. All I know is that they have some control over life and death, do something you guys mentioned, called the 'Celestial Dance', and without the other, life is doomed." Kaitlyn explained, "But I hardly believe it. I only do because most myths you hear are true to some extent. Anyways, I'd be glad to help. I've had a lead on one egg, it's supposed to be in someplace considered 'Ancient Sinnoh', so I thought immediately some form of ruins or something would hold it. Of course, my first choice was here, one of Sinnoh's oldest relics."
    Kaitlyn returned her gaze to Daniel's computer, and noticed Regigigigigas on the screen. So the Porygon-Z wasn't exactly fluent in English, or spelling for that matter. Oh well.
    "So, searching for Regigigas? It's supposedly in one of this temple's deepest chambers, only to awake at the arrival of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. It's also in my sister's book," Kaitlyn explained, "yet I have no idea how to get all 4 together. Regirock is in a desert, Regice on an island, and Registeel's whereabouts are unknown. Not to mention, all are supposed to be in Hoenn. Taming the things would be an incredible challenge as well."
  17. Satisfied that Hazard was finished talking, Daniel flipped the laptop screen back towards him in hopes of seeing what the Porygon Z had said. Hazard had wiped the screen again, though, leaving only a single message behind.

    u owe me dan =)

    Well, Chad's response was enough for Dan to guess what his Pokemon had managed to do. Leave it to Hazard to rescue Daniel from an assignment he'd rather not bother with. It looked like Chad could benefit from a scientific mind, too, since he had openly confessed that he didn't really specialize in research. Well, no matter. One didn't have to be a researcher to be smart, and having somebody with Pokemon trained for battle couldn't hurt, either. Kaitlyn... he wasn't too sure what her field was. Considering how her first reaction to seeing him was to threaten a battle, he'd started off thinking she was a trainer. The fact that she'd been looking into the eggs too almost had him reconsider that, but she was quick to confess that her source was just a notebook from a family member, so he wasn't entirely sure how to take that.

    Daniel looked a little surprised when Kaitlyn complemented him on his computer program. "It's not all that special, really. Hazard could probably manipulate my laptop so he could communicate with me even without the program. This just makes it easier for him to do so, that's all." Of course, it wasn't like it had been easy to get a computer program to sync up with a sentient being, even if said being had been built from data. Daniel's poor, abused hard drive could attest to that. Well, trial and error. Story of Daniel's life.

    Not like Hazard.exe was really the important thing here. Kaitlyn and the surprising amount of knowledge she seemed to possess were. Daniel hadn't even known that bringing the three Regi's together was supposed to awaken Regigigas, and he was the one who'd been assigned to investigate the stupid temple. "Believe me, the ROA Society has no interest in trying to capture legendaries. We know better than to meddle in that much; our only interest is in acquiring knowledge, not power." Daniel was well versed in mythology, after all, and many stories spoke of the might of legendaries. It took more than an average human to tame such strong Pokemon, and there was the whole issue of whether or not a single person had the right to rope such a rare and important creature into battling for their own gain. But that was a whole other can of worms, one that Daniel had absolutely no interest in opening. Trainer battles weren't his forte, so he tended to leave that realm well enough alone.

    And speaking of trainers... another fact had occurred to Daniel. Kaitlyn had mentioned that she had revived the guard Ein had taken out, yet she was still able to enter the temple through the front door. Just who was she, that she'd be important enough to just stroll in? If she was a trainer, Daniel had been under the impression she wasn't all that experienced. For one thing, she had threatened to use her Steelix in a confined and potentially fragile space. For another, she had a Pachirisu. Any serious trainer would have chosen a stronger electric type; it was a little bit like challenging the Elite Four with a Raticate. Sure, it wasn't terrible, and it might last a round or two, but there were far better things out there. It was possible that the Pachirisu was just intended as a trophy of sorts, thanks to the purple on its body, but that would more suggest a breeder or coordinator than a battler. Maybe she was just the relative of somebody important? That book had come from her sister after all...

    Daniel closed his laptop and put it away once again. "Chad has the right idea. If we don't have much time to find these eggs, then there's no point standing around. I don't have much to offer by way of concrete fact at the moment, but I may be able to pull some strings with the ROA Society. They won't be happy that I'm abandoning my assignment, but at least I got them something that the Regi Team in Hoenn can use. I say we head to Lake Acuity, and we can pool our knowledge there. The more the three of us know, the better our chances of finding these eggs. And if it's all the same to you, Kaitlyn, I'm especially interested in what's written in this book of yours. It's not really any of my business, but who is your sister and how did she come to possess that book?"

    While Daniel might have been all about curiosity, Hazard was more about action. As soon as he'd heard they were moving out, he was zipping around like a crazed hummingbird. Levitating meant that he didn't have to worry about the icy floor, so it was no big deal for him to dash over to the stairs, wait for all of nine seconds, then zip back and start trying to shove Daniel towards the exit. Communication was a lot tricker without Daniel's laptop open and waiting--if he could only talk like humans could! Of course, it was probably a mercy that he couldn't; he'd probably be driving Daniel crazy right about then with eager chatter about how if there were eggs in the temple, they probably would have noticed it by then, and anyways they could always come back through Chad's secret passageway and if Dan was so crazy about those eggs, why was he standing there talking about books?
  18. OoC: I'm planning on adding antagonists to the RP. I will probably work them into the next post.

    So Kaitlyn had a bit of research on the eggs, Chad was glad to hear it, any and all information he could get the better, but what was her story? Chad had automatically assumed she was a trainer, with that sort of 'solve everything with a battle' attitude, but she had information on the eggs which meant she may be more than he originally thought. Any common trainer wouldn't even know that there was even a legend, he, himself, was proof enough of that, he had just recently learned all the facts himself. Then there was the fact that she'd strolled into the Temple, if she had the proper clearance then that meant she might be someone of significant importance, "It's not easy, from what I hear, to make it into the Snowpoint Temple at all, I was lucky and found a different way in and Daniel slipped passed by knocking out the guard," He thought, "The fact that Kaitlyn revived the guard and the guard stood aside isn't something you'd expect to happen to a normal, run-of-the-mill trainer." If the guard had been revived maybe the guard let her in to repay her for her kindness, "Not likely," He answered in his mind, "Even if the guard did feel gratitude, odds are she wouldn't have let anyone in exchange for a favor." The only conclusion he could come to was that she was someone significant. He turned his attention to the book, she had information on the eggs, or rather, her sister's book had information, but that would mean her sister knew a fair deal about the mythology of numerous regions, since the eggs weren't a region specific legend. Not to mention, she had a lead to the location of one of the eggs, even if it wasn't very specific.

    Turning his attention away from Kaitlyn's identity her turned toward the Regigigas information. He felt a little embarrassed that he'd not been able to put two and two together and realize that Regirock, Regice and Registeel were connected to Regigigas, even though in his defense, the Porygon Z hadn't been the best at spelling the pokemons name. Even so, he found it intriguing that the pokemon would not awaken without the others present, sort of interesting in a ceremonial kind of way. He spent a good while in the Hoenn region when he was searching for the meaning of the mark he'd found in Mt. Moon, he found much information about the other various legends of Hoenn at the same time. If Regigigas couldn't awaken without the help of the others, then it didn't seem likely that it'd be happening anytime soon. Not so long as the Regi's stayed hidden and unobtainable.

    Daniel's response to Chad's acceptance of his help at least made him feel a little better, at least Daniel had a whole society of legend seekers to ask for information, even if they didn't know any more than Chad did, he'd at least know that he knew all he could. Once they got to Lake Acuity, he'd be able to show them Professor Tibers notes and they'd all know the same amount of information, then maybe that tip that Kaitlyn had might click, maybe. Lake Acuity was a good idea for a location to share what they knew, he'd be glad to get out of the Temple's dark underground chamber and be in the fresh air. Chad saw the Porygon Z whizzing about the chamber at the first thought of getting out of the Temple, and he couldn't help but crack a smile at the pokemon's impatience, Hazard seemed just as excited at new information about the eggs than Daniel did.

    Chad remembered that Omen was still sitting in his pokeball and he knew that Omen would give him a stern look for making him wait so long, with all the excitement of meeting the others Chad had forgotten to let him go. He reached down and grabbed Omen's pokeball, hoping to avoid the others thinking he was about to attack he said, "I'd like you two to meet my faithful friend, Omen" He threw the ball up into the air and Omen popped out and landed on Chad's shoulder pad, he looked irritated with Chad, "Sorry, I got a little side tracked, but look I want you to meet some new friends," Omen gave Chad one last annoyed look and then looked from Kaitlyn to Daniel and Hazard, "Daniel, Hazard, Kaitlyn, I'd like you to meet Omen, Omen, this is Kaitlyn, Daniel and Hazard." Omen gave a scrutinizing look then flew over and landed on the ground between the two of them, "He's been my friend through many trials, he was my first pokemon." Omen flew back over and perched on Chad's head looking very proud, Chad then took a few steps toward the stairs, then when he was a few feet away, he turned around and looked back at the others and asked, "So shall we get going?"
  19. OOC: Antagonists? Sounds great, more of a challenge! Btw, should we have control over each other's Pokemon? You 2 can have control over mine, if needed.
    "My sister? She's Cynthia... She's stuck being champion, she kindly took the title from me, for me, as to achieve my own dreams. She has way more knowledge than me, so she gave me her book and this charm bracelet ((reveals the charm bracelet from under sleeve, and points to it)) to unlock it. And she composed the book herself, with notes, sketches, photos, and anything else she could get into the book. It's all mythology, from any and all regions." Kaitlyn replied to Daniel.
    Kaitlyn giggled beneath her breath at the apparently impatient Porygon-Z buzzing around. Then, randomly, Chad introduced one of his Pokemon, a Murkrow named Omen, with the same significance of her beloved Cody, being a long time partner. It seemed this Porygon-Z and Daniel had a similar relationship, but in a more comedic way.
    "Enchantée, Omen." Kaitlyn greeted the Murkrow after its release, "And yes, it'd be quite the pleasure to leave this place. We should take the Aqua Passage, the one you found, Chad. It was made for accepted people to bring their guests through, without the hassle of getting those guests registered for entrance with somebody allowed in. Only those who have skilled Water types that passed a few challenges, and were allowed in the first place, were supposed to know about it. Amazing luck you have, finding the passage, Chad."
    Kaitlyn walked near the cave's pond that lead to Lake Acuity. She pulled out a glass-coated Ultra Ball, and gave it a light toss towards the pond. Kendra erupted from the ball, along with her normal Seal effects, and Kaitlyn carefully stepped onto the great sea dragon's back. She carefully sat down.
    "This is my Water type that passed the tests. Meet Kendra, my Gyarados. Don't be shy, you can come along on her if you wish." Kaitlyn explained, the red sea dragon nodding as in a greeting, "She's quite tame for a Gyarados, and a skilled swimmer. Just hold on tight, she does swim by 'doing the worm', as you may want to call it. But she's speedy, it'll all be over quickly. Unless, of course, you 2 have your own Water types you're more comfortable with?"
    OOC: Yeah, I got the idea of passes that let you in with somebody able came from military bases. What? I've grown alongside with going in them, and know how it works.
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  20. ((OOC: The plot thickens. Heh. If it's all the same, I'd prefer to control my own Pokemon. I'm cool if you need to do small things for the sake of advancement, but otherwise... eh. XD))


    So not only was this Kaitlyn incredibly knowledgeable about Snowpoint temple and the Regigigas myth--along with other myths, apparently--but she was the younger sister of the current champion of Sinnoh's Pokemon league. On top of that, Kaitlyn had mentioned Cynthia taking the title from her, which meant that at one point Kaitlyn herself had been champion. So far, Daniel knew she was in possession of a partially-shiny Pokemon and a full-blown red Gyarados. The last recorded sighting of one had been back when he was just a kid, and there had been trouble with Team Rocket trying to make a comeback in Johto. Daniel waited until Hazard finally buzzed over his way and grabbed the hyperactive Porygon Z. "I guess it's a good thing we didn't end up battling her, huh?" He muttered under his breath to the data Pokemon. Daniel's team could hold their own against a regular trainer, but against somebody like this... his entire roster would probably get one-shotted.

    He probably owed Chad for stepping in when he did, then. Speaking of... still maintaining his grip on Hazard, Daniel nodded at the boy's newly-unveiled Murkrow. It was nice to see a species common to Johto, even if this one in particular had probably been born right here in Sinnoh. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Omen--and Kendra as well." Although he had to admit that Omen looked a hell of a lot friendlier. But then, that was probably just because Daniel had never watched any news reports regarding damage caused by rampaging Murkrows.

    "I do have a water type with me, but I don't really trust a Slowking to get me through that passage before I drown." Nor, admittedly, did Daniel trust a Gyarados, but no need to broadcast that fact. "If it's all the same to you, Kaitlyn, I'm going to take the long way out. I'm unused to such a cold climate as it is, and I'd much rather take my chances with the guard than with hypothermia." Both Chad and Kaitlyn may have been nervy enough to brave the icy depths, but Daniel... another story. That was probably what separated the trainers from the researchers: a lack of willingness to risk his neck unnecessarily.

    Hazard wormed out of Daniel's grip about then and shot him a look. It was pretty obvious that Hazard thought he was being a pansy about the whole affair--if the underwater tunnel was faster, then why not go the fast route?--but what did he know, anyway? Hazard was artificial; he didn't feel cold, or need to worry about breathing. That much kind of went without saying, though. The whole reason that the Porygon 2 upgrade had been programmed was to enable the species to work in space. Compared to that, a little lakeside trip was bound to be nothing. Hazard had been pretty fearless ever since the last upgrade, anyways. Were it not for Daniel being a big fat fun-sucking coward about the whole thing, he probably would have zipped into that water without a second thought.

    He'd never be so reckless if he were still his old self.

    "If you're set on taking the tunnel, Kaitlyn, then I can hold on to your book for you. Unless your bag is waterproof, you probably don't want any harm coming to that." Not, admittedly, that Daniel was too willing to accept a Pokemon trainer as a credible scientific source, even if it was a champion. Being good at battling didn't mean you were good at research. But then again... who was he to judge? He was a member of the Ruins of Alph Society. That was a step above "school newspaper" on the credibility ladder.

    Which was really inspiring, the more Daniel thought about it. He was probably the most qualified for the task of studying and locating the eggs. In theory, anyway--he was a full-time researcher, whereas the other two were trainers. Even so, Daniel seemed to know the least of the three about the eggs, and he couldn't really call himself a researcher when he was just a ROA Society peon. Combine that with the fact that his Pokemon were probably the weakest and he wasn't even willing to take a cold swim on a big scary Gyarados' back, and he could very well end up being a burden to the group and their egg-hunt.

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