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Ask to Join The quest for stones!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kageyama, Jun 10, 2016.

    Erm, hi.
    Since I haven't done a Pokémon Roleplay in a while, it figures I should do one now!
    o(`ω´ )o
    Main Idea: You are a trainer who has been selected for a quest. The goal is to find the five rare stones, bringing them back to Professor Oak. On this quest, you will be accompanied by six others. Once you arrive, you each choose a stone. You will then have to travel back to the lab, retrieving them to Oak. First, you have to go to the lab and receive instructions. Clear? Clear.
    o(`ω´ )o
    1. Limited cursing (nothing too harsh)
    2. No controlling anybody else
    3. Write at least two detailed paragraphs (thanking @Storms for the idea :))
    4. There's an order!
    5. Have fun!
    o(`ω´ )o
    Order: @Slytherin @Storms @EspeonTheBest @EmotionSenser @Emeraldstaff @Chrono~ @_Umbreon_
    o(`ω´ )o
    Name: Kay Hitsuki
    Age: 16
    E/C: Pale blue
    H/C: Light pink
    H/L: Mid back
    Height: 5'5"
    Additional features: Freckles
    o(`ω´ )o
    Pokémon: Fawn (Leafeon), Maple (Furret), Luna (Zorua), Fusion (Reuniclus, Echo (Noivern)

    “And the crowd goes nuts for Kay Hitsuki! Just look at her stunning Pokémon!” The announcer yelled. The whole stadium cheered and screamed for Kay and each of her pampered companions.

    “Aw,” she giggled into the microphone on her jaw. “Thanks everybody!” She shot her hand up into a peace sign, her frilly sleeve bouncing as she did so. However, a loud ringing noise interrupted her.

    Beep! BEEP! BEEP!

    The noise seemed to taunt her before she smacked it with her fist. Her alarm clock let out a dying beep before turning off. Kay groaned and shot an eye open. Above her, a pair of dark brown eyes stared down at her. “Gah!” Kay sat up to see what was watching her. “Fur, Furret?” Kay sighed before laughing and scratching Maple's forehead. The ferret let out a satisfied trill before hopping off of Kay. “You,” she turned her head at the alarm clock. “Let me dream in peace for once!” If looks could kill and alarm clocks could breath, Kay's would have stopped in an instant. Sighing, Kay groggily rolled out of bed.

    She practically fell down the stairs into the kitchen, her eyes darting to the counter. On it was an envelope. Kay walked over to the letter, picking it up and studying it. On it was her name and address. She cocked an eyebrow before ripping it open.

    To Miss Hitsuki,
    You are one of the six children to receive this letter. In it states exactly what my request is.
    If it doesn't trouble you, I would be very pleased if you came to my lab in Pallet Town. I have vital information for the five of you.
    Thank you,
    Professor Oak.

    Kay furrowed her eyebrows. Why me? Wait, Pallet Town? Great. Since Kay lived in Snowbelle City, there would a ton of traveling for her. But, since Kay also had nothing better to do, she figured she'd do it anyways. Clothes first, she thought before disappearing back upstairs.

    Tossing off her yellow and pink nightgown, she grabbed a white t-shirt and threw it on. Then, she grabbed her black zip up jacket, putting that on as well. She rummaged through her dresser before pulling out jean shorts. Finally, she grabbed her black long socks and pulled them on.

    Grabbing a nearby brush and hair tie, she combed her soft hair into a long braid. She attached each of her Pokéballs to her short's waistband, but returned everyone first. She had also put her Pokétch on her wrist.

    “Hey, uh, mum?” Kay had left a voicemail to her mother. “I know you aren't going to like this, but I'm going on...a journey. I don't know when I'll be back, but I promise I'll keep in contact with you. I've packed my essentials, and I've brought all my money. I've got my Pokémon, too. Tell Brodie I'll miss him, and I love you. Bye.” Kay felt like crying for a second, but wiped her eyes before tears could flow.

    Sighing, she went back downstairs to pack. She had grabbed food, water, clothes, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Kay had also pulled on fingerless gloves. After she had finished, she looked around her empty house. Her mother and little brother were on a trip, visiting their grandmother. Kay had refused to go along, because she had a bad history with her grandma. Taking a breath, Kay grabbed her sneakers and pulled them on. Although it was snowy in Snowbelle, it was more like average.

    She had started walking, but then stopped. “Ah, I got it!” Kay whispered to herself. “Echo!” She said whilst tossing the ball into the air. The monster ball opened out, revealing a rather fluffy Noivern. Because they lived in a cold area, The fur on Noivern had grown out. Echo let out a screech before letting Kay climb on. Since Echo was her best Pokémon, they had done a lot of training together. Echo had learned out to fly two regions at a time before needing a long break. So, Echo could fly all the way to the Sinnoh region, but would need a rest afterwards.

    “Onward! To Sinnoh!” Kay giggled, and Echo leaped into the air, her wings spread out as cold wind burst at them. Kay lowered herself into Echo's long fluff, blinking the cold tears out of her eyes. The wind was certainly freezing, making Kay's nose red at the tip. She sighed, knowing she would miss her mother and brother. Burying her face further into Echo's neck, they sped faster and faster through the air.
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  2. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    ( No need for thanking )

    Key took a deep breath in, his chest inflated upwards, the cool crisp air of the mountains tickled his nose hair and cleared his sinuses. His heart begun to slow down; relaxed, he could feel as his mind become blank. His hands climbed up his torso, and matched up with his Inhale. Then he exhaled, simultaneously he pushed his hands outwards; away from him. His arms extended and his back flexed with his chest. Key could hear the distant murr of his Tauros that had grazed the pasture behind his house since sun up very clearly, and crisp when his eyes were shut tight. The gentle morning breeze brushed his short black and blue gradient hair and wrapped itself around Key's body as if it had embraced him like his mother did when he was sick as a young child. A satisfying smirk crept up on his face, it spread from ear to ear. When he opened his eyes, they would be the color of an azure blue, almost like the oceans that surround his region or the color of Regice's body. Even though he was 16 years of age, Key was tall for his age, he stood at 6 feet exactly.
    "TAUROS! time to eat" Key shouted, his hands were cupped around his mouth to amplify the sound outwards.
    hey jumped down from his balcony onto the lush grassy floor. Thank the sky that grass was soft, enough that the sharp pain of the land was small. He made his way to Tauros's stable and pull out the freshly made Poke-Hay he had prepared for him the night before.

    "Keey! Key! You have a letter for you son" a soft feminine voice approached him from the back. Key turned around slowly, he caught the glimpse of his mother behind him. She radiated in the summer morning sun, Her lavender hair vibrated in Key's eyes. He rubbed them softly, then looked back at his mother who had stopped in front of him and held a letter up to his chest. She was shorter then Key, and she would always tease him at how tall he was just like his father, who was barley around and who Key missed dearly.
    "Who's it from mother?" he asked her. He took hold of the letter in his two fingers, he ripped the edges and pulled it out.

    To Key,
    You are one of the five children to receive this letter. In it states exactly what my request is.
    If it doesn't trouble you, I would be very pleased if you came to my lab in Pallet Town. I have vital information for the five of you.
    Thank you,
    Professor Oak

    Key smiled slightly, but then shook his head. He folded the letter back into a rectangle and slid it back into the still in contact envelope. He patted Tauros on his back and bent down to look him in the eye. "You ready for another journey big guy?" he said to the Pokemon soft and and gently. Tauros lifted his head, "MUUUURRR!" he replied with a soft tint of pink to his cheeks, he proceeded to nuzzle Key under his hand and Key returned with a gentle stroke of his head. Key's mother, Winona, smiled up at the boy and returned into the house.

    Key after an hour or when the rest of his Pokemon team had awoken, made his way back into the house and begun to pack for his journey. His Dewott, energetic little water Pokemon, made his way on top of Key's head and folded his legs. Key chuckled to himself and closed his bag after he had all the necessary items and change of under garments. His head panned his room, it was dirty and unorganized but he knew were everything was. Key searched for the little orange stone chain necklace he had received from his Uncle Sai before he passed away not to long ago. Key pulled out his cloths from the closet. He pulled on his light brown jeans with the tape wrap around his left thigh, and it had small holes in random spots. He pulled on his plain black shirt and put on his black, red and white ranger boots and grabbed his bag, hat and the rest of his Pokemon. He made his way to the back and called back Tauros into his ball grabbed his letter and some toast from the dinner table and made his way out the door to Pallet Town.
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  3. Name: Bailey Lynn
    Age: 16
    Eyes: Bright Blue
    Hair: Light brown- Caramel
    Highlights: Blonde
    Height: 5'7"
    Identifying marks: Bailey has a birthmark in the rough shape of a flower on the back of her neck.
    Pokemon: Cosmo (Serperior), Yarrow (Zoroark), Lavender (Meinshao), Amaryllis (Froslass), Valor (Braviary), Sunny (Helioptile)

    The small, comforting sound of the ancient pen scribbling over fresh, pure white paper emanated across the room. A large, green snake slithered across the room, her bright red eyes gleaming with trouble mixed with a small bit of concern. She was silent; her target hadn't the slightest idea that she was behind her. The snake was about to finally tag her victim, but before that she quickly read what the girl was writing.

    'Dear Summer,

    It's been a while, yes? Again, as much as I would love to come, mother is quite against me when it comes to heading to Johto. For whatever reason she argues that it would be bad for my brain considering that I've only left Aspertia for vacations, and let's be real, there's a population of 26, most of which are elderly. You're all the way out there in Goldenrod- one of the biggest cities in Johto. For whatever reason, Castelia is ok, but Goldenrod? No-o-o-o. I guess she's still mad at father for chasing his dreams rather than worrying about his daughters, but isn't he doing well? Making money from his Mega Accessories? I....'

    Then came the strike. Bailey screamed as her Serperior wound her tail around her waist and lifted her up out of her chair. The young adult twisted her head around to face Cosmo's; laughing profusely. "Cosmo! Why'd you do that? I was in such the perfect mindset for writing- and now you messed it up!" She asked as she placed her hands gently on the tail that was wrapped around her waist in a silent plea to be let down. Cosmo turned her nose up into the air, smiling widely while tightening her grip on the girl. Bailey looked at the Pokemon before returning the smile and pressing down on the tail more, and finally, her massive grass snake complied and released the girl, allowing her to massage her wrists and waist.

    "Oh, morning Cosmo. Did I wake you up?" Bailey asked as she pushed her chair back into its place inside the hollow part of her room's desk. Cosmo hissed in a happy way as she thrusted the alarm clock into her trainer's face. It read 6:38am. The teenager guiltily put her hand on her head and laughed apologetically. "I've told you over and over that if you don't want to be woken up by my ideas, you could go sleep with mom- she misses her Pokemon days and I bet she'd be thrilled to have you in her room." She pointed out, smiling at the thought. Cosmo wouldn't ever leave Bailey, and both of them in that duo knew that.

    Bailey ushered Cosmo out of the room to go and check the mail, get breakfast, whatever, just until she got dressed. She neatly folded her pajamas before yawning and lazily moseying to her closet. Without much thought, Bailey threw on a blue camisole and jean shorts, along with a navy blue 'long shirt'. She wants to call it a cardigan, but in all honesty she has no idea as to what it is. With a sudden sense of urgency to get up and make her mother breakfast before Cosmo's scuttling made too much racket, Bailey quickly brushed out her hair and laid it over her shoulders.

    Her footsteps on the carpeted stairs were muffled, and Bailey thanked Arceus for it. Cosmo peeked her head around the corner, mail in mouth, her eyes as thankful as Bailey was feeling at the result of all their commotion. The Serperior knew as well as her trainer that Bailey's mom could be quite irritable when woken before her alarm, and it just so happened that the teenager wakes long before her mom, especially on the weekend. As Bailey stealthily went about her morning commute, Cosmo leafed her way through all the advertisements and junk mail that they received. She paused for a moment, her vine holding a particularly important looking letter.

    Cosmo cooed softly to regain Bailey's attention, and that she did. The young adult was in the process of making herself and her mother a warm cup of Moo Moo milk- as per weekend tradition. "Hmm? Cosmo, don't tell me you found another letter from the Pokemon League. I know I gave up after six badges, and I know they're looking for a replacement for Draydon, but honesty, I've said no about a thousand times now. I'm not even eighteen! Geez." She walked over to the grass snake, dreading the newest letter. Cosmo shook her head no quickly and met her trainer halfway. The Serperior shoved the letter into Bailey's hands, urging her to read it. Bailey grinned and began to dramatically, slowly open the letter. Cosmo sighed and stole the letter from her hands and ripped it open herself, giving the actual note to Bailey.

    Dear Ms. Lynn,
    You are one of the five children to receive this letter. In it states exactly what my request is.
    If it doesn't trouble you, I would be very pleased if you came to my lab in Pallet Town. I have vital information for the five of you.
    Thank you,
    Professor Oak

    It was one thing to be wanted by the Unova Pokemon League, but now the infamous Professor Oak? Not to mention that only five people got this letter, and she was one of those five! An odd mixture of confusion and excitement coursed through her veins as she repeated the note aloud to Cosmo, who had a similar reaction of dropping her jaw in disbelief and stealing the note back, reading the parts of the letter that she could read. The Serperior was extremely intelligent, but there is a limit to how well a Pokemon could learn its language, all its moves, how to communicate with their trainer, and learn the human language, both in text and in speech. So, to sum it up, Bailey expected Cosmo to only understand parts of it, but the Serperior's overall understanding manifested in her face quite clearly.

    "Morning Honey! Bailey, how are you?" A sweet voice caught Bailey's attention and the young adult quickly turned around. 'Holy cow. Is she mad? Did I wake her up?' She thought in panic, but her heart stopped racing as she studied her mother's face. There was no sign of displeasure, the only emotions displayed were that of happiness and refreshed. "Morning mom. I'm feeling, sort of excited. Want some Moo Moo Milk? I warmed it up." Bailey offered, handing the mug to her aging mother, sipping from her own mug. Her mother accepted it graciously, her wrinkled face smiling in content as she too sipped carefully from the mug. "Ah, so I see you're dressed. Bailey, it's only about Seven, why the rush to get ready? Ooh, and you're excited? How come?" Then she noticed the letter in Bailey's possession. "What's that letter? The origin of all you're excitement? Honey, I can feel the anticipation buzzing in here." Her mother walked over in her pajamas, gently tugging the letter out of her daughter's hands.

    "Professor Oak? Honey, that's marvelous! Pallet Town, it's so quiet there." Her mother exclaimed, and Bailey laughed nervously. "Haha, yeah, isn't it? It's so far away through..." "Eh? Bailey, I have a honest question, and I want you to answer truthfully, as if the future didn't even matter. Do you want to go." Her mother asked the question in the same greeting tone that she used only moments before. It was frightening somehow, and it made the teenager doubt the authenticity of the letter. It was almost as if her mother knew about it.

    "Well, you see mom, I..."
    "No. Stop there. It's yes or no."
    "Yes or no."

    Her mother narrowed her eyes. "Bailey. I know what you're going to say. You don't want to leave me without anyone to take care of me. Stop there. I've already thought of something, I can manage with Mrs. And Mr. Sirilli's help."
    "Damien's parents!?" Bailey exclaimed at the comment. Damien was her absolute best friend and rival. They have been friends for a very long time, ever since they were five to be exact. They had been through a lot together, but their relationship had gotten particularly awkward as of late, due to both, unbeknownst to the other, liking one another. Her mother smiled and laughed softly. "Haha, yes. Bailey, calm yourself. Go outside, assemble your team, and go. Please? You'll be closer to Summer this way." Her mom choked out the last part, knowing how much her daughters missed one another.

    It was much more protesting before Bailey finally agreed to go; she was outside her home. "Yarrow, Amaryllis, come on. We're leaving." She called to the Zoroark and Froslass who were looking at their reflections in the water. "Sunny! Quite messing with Mr. Lombard's flowers!" Bailey called to her Helioptile a few meters away at her neighbors house. In one fluid motion, she finished calling her team over with Valor and Lavender, flying and running respectively, towards their trainer at her call to the other Pokemon. "Hey, so we're going to Pallet Town. I'll explain once we get there- but it'll be a long journey." Bailey briefed as she returned all her Pokemon, including Cosmo, except for Valor, her Braviary. The large bird fluffed his feathers once his trainer was on his back, and began to fly, soaring across the winds at dazzling speeds towards their destination.
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  4. Name: Willow Laker
    Age: 19
    Eyes: Emerald green with a glint of danger and mischief.
    Hair: Firey red
    Height: 5'11"
    Identifying marks: An odd scar that starts a bit under her lip and extends diagonally to the edge of her face
    Pokemon: Vivillon (Mosiac), Aerodactyl (Arrow), Pyroar (Huntress), Scolipede (Terror), Sableye (Platinum), and Weavile (Shard)

    "And the newbie hits a HOME RUN!" the announcer shouted excitedly into his microphone. Said newbie, a nineteen-year-old redhead, ran around the field in no time flat, with her ponytail streaming behind her. She felt the wind on her face, evaporating the sweat that had broken, she heard the crowd cheering... And a baseball hit her squarely in the face.

    Willow Laker was rudely awakened from her slumber by a wild Scatterbug falling on her face. The redheaded teenager shook herself awake, somewhat careful to not fall off of the branch she had been sleeping. She'd been sleeping in the trees that lined the exterior of Santalune Forest ever since she was able to climb trees. Her Vivillon, Mosiac, came fluttering over with the mail, as per usual. Willow rubbed the drowsiness out of her emerald eyes, then read who the letter was sent from. Her mind became fully functional once she saw the name. Professor Oak. Willow was confused for a moment as she ogled at the name. Sure, her father was a known Fossil enthustiast and researcher, but that was only within Kalos. How would Professor Oak, a researcher from Kanto, know her father, let alone Willow herself? Ignoring her questions, Willow ripped the envelope open, and hungrily read the letter within.

    To Miss Laker,
    You are one of the five children to receive this letter. In it, it states exactly what the request is.
    If it doesn't trouble you, I would be very pleased if you came to my lab in Pallet Town. I have vital information for the five of you.
    -Professor Oak

    If Willow's eyes were the size of Joltiks before, they were dinner-plate sized now. She looked over at Mosiac with a disbelieving expression on her face. The redhead pinched her cheeks to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She jumped from her tree, then dashed all the way to her apartment in Santalune City. Willow looked over her closet, and decided to go with her usual traveling outift: a white T-shirt, tattered blue jeans, black and green sneakers, fingerless black gloves, and her usual white and blue bag. She ran a brush through her unruly, firey mane, and tied it into a messy ponytail with a blue ribbon. She grabbed Mosiac's Great Ball, the rest of her Pokemon, and dashed back outside. Knowing that the Marine Pattern Vivillon couldn't carry her to Pallet Town, she let Arrow, her Aerodactyl, out of his Dusk Ball. Arrow picked his trainer up, and started flying to the Kanto region on orders from his trainer.
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  5. Name: Rory Lund
    Age: 17
    Eyes: grey- blue
    Hair: short, shaggy, Dark brown
    Height: 5'6"
    Additional features: always wearing a hat
    Pokémon: Freya (snover), Jade (Flygon), Crystal (Glaceon), Blitz (rapidash), Cheeky (Chatot)

    "Knock, knock, knock, knock."
    "Knock, knock, knock, knock."
    Instinctively, Rory took one of his pillows and covered his exposed ear, hoping for the annoying sound to go away. Then, there was silence, with a flooding relief, his lungs let out a large sigh. After a few more minutes, the sound came again," knock, knock, knock, knock." Annoyed, Rory's eyes shot open to see a shape pecking at his bedroom nightstand. It didn't take long for Rory to realize that the unknown shape was his Chatot. Simultaneously, all of his negative feelings escaped him as he reached out to his Chatot, "good morning cheeky," Rory said exoustedly.

    "Good morning," the Chatot replied, attempting to mimic Rory's northern speech Patten. Achingly, Rory sat up, his blanket sliding down and wrinkling up. He knew his Chatot wouldn't wake him up without a reason. Using the small amount of energy Rory has, he moved is feet over the side of the bed and looked around his decorated room.

    There were pokemon tournament posters decorating his walls, a small, simple dresser. On top of that, a photo of his first tournament win with some of his old pals. The walls were painted a sky blue color like the sky after using the move sunny day. Next to his bed, there was a desk, with his laptop and a unopened letter with his name on it. Cirious, Rory stood up and walked over it. He grabbed the letter, and opened it with haste.

    To Mr Lund,
    You are one of the five children to receive this letter. In it, it states exactly what the request is.
    If it doesn't trouble you, I would be very pleased if you came to my lab in Pallet Town. I have vital information for the five of you.
    -Professor Oak

    Rory smiled with excitement and immediately stated to get his things together. He grabbed his computer bag, put in his computer, his used and extra pokeballs, potions, and snacks. Rory then held out the pokeball to his Chatot on his nightstand, "time for another adventure Cheeky." suddenly, a red light came out, engulfed the Chatot and went back into the pokeball.

    Rory went out of his room excitedly with his computer bag on his side and walked down the hallway to his kitchen. Rory's mom was making breakfast for herself and his partner gardevoir was helping her. "Hey mom," Rory said getting her attention," I'm heading out, for pallet town so I'll see you in no more then a year from now." Rory quickly put his gardevoir back in his pokeball and left in a rush, leaving his mom speechless as she took in what he just said.

    Rory rushed outside and to his city's docks with his gardevoir by his side. The boat to Vermilion City was leaving so they were really booking it. Just as the boat was leaving, they ran up the ramp and jumped onto the boat.

    Out of breath, Rory fell over from exhaustion. He stred at the sky in front of him. It was the color of his bedroom walls. Rory looked at his gardevoir," this is going to be fun Freya, it always is." Rory passes out on the warm wood as their next journey begins a new chapter in his life.

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