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The PS3

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Doctor Oak

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    Discuss. ^^
  2. It'll provide some competition for the Revolution, sure, but if the price isn't lowered from its rumoured $900 CAD, I wouldn't even look at it. I bought a PS2 because it was cheap and now, at the end of its life, it's got a small selection of worthwhile titles. Why buy a PS3 for what will be a meager selection of good games for a few years when I can get the games I want now on a system that's a third the cost? I'll hold off on the PS3 for a few years until it gets at least past the $200 mark.
  3. Linkachu

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    Pretty much agree in every way. If the final price of PS3 ends up being even close to the rumors, a lot of gamers won't be able to get it right away. It's one thing for parents to buy their children a $300-400 console for Christmas, but how many of them are going to buy one at double the price? Even teenagers and young adults who do have the money are going to be struggling to pay for a beast like that. Then there's the games...

    But I've ranted about that before, and I'm hopeful that these rumored prices are much higher than they will be. If the rumors end up being true... *shrugs* no PS3 for me for probably two years then, or at least until it drops below $400. There's always the chance that I'll miss out on certain PS3 games, but I'd rather take that risk than buy something I can't afford.

    Now, about Rev. I'm not going to worry about the competition from PS3 because, in the end, if Rev can't even survive something like that it's probably not going to. As I said on the E3 topic, Nintendo needs to show us how Rev is going to survive against PS3 and 360, especially in the case that either of them decide to use a few of the same aspects as Rev (which, surprise there, PSP is already attempting). If you truly believe Rev is in a class of its own then there's nothing to worry about, but by this point most of us realize that's never 100% true. Even if Rev will be different, it's still a gaming console. It has to do something to make sure people buy its games first and the others second, may it be for the price, content, or both (hopefully both).

    And I'm just rambling here... The PSP downloable thing sounds interesting, but there really aren't that many Playstation games I'm interested in that I don't already own. None that I'd pay for anyways. Even if they were only $10 a download, that's $10 I could be spending on a new DS game or something used for PS2/Cube (something I actually want). But still... at least it's giving PSP owners something to fill the void of average games. Someday down the road I may finally get a PSP of my own, but that day is still far off.

    About why I wouldn't download Playstation games... You can say the same for Nintendo's downloadable catalogue really (why buy an old game when you can get something new?), but my SNES doesn't really work anymore and I don't even know where the cords for my NES are. Then there's the fact that there are MANY SNES games that I'm interested in, as well as a few choice N64/NES titles (ones that I do and don't own) ^^

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