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Ask to Join The "Program"

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. "When you are a trainer, you and your Pokemon do amazing things. But your bond, your friendship with them, it is a strange thing. I am Professor Zyor, and I have studied a group of individuals using my Pokemon, to watch them and their pokemon. I feel like they are the perfect candidates for my ......program. If you receive a letter, please, join me at the Lilycove Research center. It truly is a experience to remember." That was a commercial played while Tyler was watching the Pokemon Battle Network on his Television.

    "So basicly, he is a stalker? Creepy. But, I do would want a better bond with Pokemon." He shrugged. He looked at the time. It was pretty late, so he went to lay in bed.

    Next morning, his mother woke him up. She had given him a letter.

    Dear Trainer,
    You are one of the trainers I have chosen for my program. Please, meet me at the new Lilycove Research center. I promise you won't regret it. Bring your choice of Pokemon, no more than six, no less then two.

    Prof. Zyor

    He knew he had to. Him and his Pokemon didn't always get along. He told his mother that he would go, she had no worry. He had already been a trainer but never got a gym badge, he just traveled. He looked in his bag. He chose his four Pokemon. "Gengar, Pikachu, Butterfree, and Eevee. I'm all set." And he was on his way.
  2. Dear Trainer,
    You are one of the trainers I have chosen for my program. Please, meet me at the new Lilycove Research center. I promise you won't regret it. Bring your choice of Pokemon, no more than six, no less then two.

    Prof. Zyor

    Veronica read the letter she had just taken out of her mailbox carefully. "Lilycove, huh?" she asked her partner, who sat on her shoulder, helping with her chore.
    "Jol-Joltik!" he replied, happily, as if telling her to go.
    "What do you think, Joey?"
    "Alright, if you say so. Let's go get the others."
    They both walked back into the rather small house. "Pixie, Ruffles, Toby, Benji, I have news for you all!" Veronica called for her other Pokémon partners. The Phantump, who shined a dazzeling silver, Rufflet, Togetic, and Beldum all hurried over, excited to hear the news. "We're going to Lilycove!"
    After packing and putting everyone in their corresponding Pokéballs, except for Joey, who stayed on her shoulder, Veronica walked out of her Slateport home, breathing in the air she didn't think would be very fresh, before walking off towards her destination.
  3. He arrived at the Lilycove Research Center and stood there. "Woah." It was pretty big. But he realized something, it was where the Space Center used to be. As he entered, he looked at the room he walked into? It was large and white, with a small lady at the desk. He walked up to her, but all she did was point at a group of chairs. There was also a small book. It talked about training with simulations, and bonds.
  4. Haimi opened her eyes slowly to find her cheerful Chikorita standing right sbove her body, her leaf swinging from side to side as she smiled to her trainer. "Good morning Selene" she greeted, right before a great yawn would take her breath away. It seemed to be so early and all she wanted to do was closing her eyes ang going back to sleep, but it looked like her partner didn't want it that way. Right in that moment she noticed the letter Selene was carrying with her, obviously wanting her to read it.

    "To the pokemon trainer Miss Haimi June" she slowly read, with her eye lids still heavy due the sleepynes "You are one of the trainers I have chosen for my program..."

    She looked at Chikorita confused, looking back to the letter and then to her once again. "I don't get it. Why me? What program? I don't get it! I don't even have more than two pokemon and one of them is... well, I think you understand what I'm talking about." her cheeks turned pink as she remembered the pokemon that rested in the pokeball she saved on her bag. It was huge Gyarados named Bubbles. Unlike the most of the trainers, she didn't want her pokemon to evolve: she liked her little clumsy Magikarp without caring if he was powerful or not, not like she wanted to participate in fights anyways. Bubbles, Selene and her used to be great friends, until that summer day when they decided to go to the beach...

    Chikorita was resting on the sand as Haimi and Bubbles had some fun in the water. At first, he didn't like it, because the tide was too strong for him to swim against. But as the summer had passed, he had become strong enough to swim in the sea without any help, he was even able to go through the waves without any troubles. She didn't thought that Bubble had become strong enough until that day, when all of a sudden he began to shina and became a Gyarados.

    Now her pokemon was totally diferent. He had become more violent, and so powerful Selene couldn't stop him, the worst part was that he wouldn't listen to her anymore!

    "Do you think we sould go?" asked Haimi to her partner, who nodded joyfully to her "Well... maybe they wouel be able to help us."


    When Haimi arrived the cave, she discovered a white laboratory. There, he saw a lady sitting on a desk and some other guy that had arrived a little earlier. "Hum... hello." she greeted with a little smile "I guess you were invited to the program too..." she looked to her feets a little embarrased, her light brown hair caressing her cheeks. Selene looked at her in an attempt to cheer her up, she knew how nervous she was because of the fact she wasn't used to fightings... maybe if Haimi was she would be able to control Bubbles.
  5. "Oh, um....hey." He said, started by the voice. He was focused so much on the book, he forgot about it. "Yeah, I got a letter." Tyler closed the book. "You might want this." He held it out to her. His Eevee was the only Pokemon out, and she was sleeping away. She would constantly move and make noises that would sometimes be irritating, annoying, be he got used to it.
  6. "Huh?" Haimi took the book in her hands, quite confused about it "Trainer and pokemon bonding...?" Selene's amber eyes went up to meet the guy's face. He was way taller than she was but... well, everyone was way taller than she was "Hum... thanks." she murmured as she fastly read some of the book paragraphs "Pokemon battle may have diferent effects in the pokemon and it's relationship with the trainer, it's been probed several times that pokemon would respect more a human if they show their... quality as a trainer..." an awkward feeling began growing in her chest as she read those words, she decided to leave the book aside and get to know more about the program at some other time. "So... I guess you are a pokemon trainer, right? What's your name?" she asked changing the subject.
  7. "Yeah, I'm a trainer. My name is Tyler. Yours?" Tyler took off his hood in which he had messy dark brown hair underneath. "It's kinda creepy. The commercial says they watched us."
  8. "I'm Haimi." she said, a smile making it's way through her lips "There was a commercial? I haven't watched the TV in a while but that sounds... disturbing. But, if they watched me... why would they pick me? I'm such a mess with all this training stuff..."
  9. "No television? You haven't missed much." He looked at the window. " I remember a space station being here. Wonder why they changed it." Eevee woke up and jumped at the sight of a person. Eevee ran into the bag Tyler had in the floor. "Get out of there, you shed too much!" He facepalmed.
  10. "Eh? That's your pokemon?" asked Heimi as she got to the Eevee's height "It's super cute!" the girl pet a little the pokemon's head before standing up again "I wanted to have one of these, but I haven't got one still..." Selene looked a little bit angry at Haimi as she talked. She didn't like it when she talked about other pokemon. She was her partner, no one else (even though she could make exceptions for Bubbles sometimes). "Chiko..." complained the Chikorita. "Oh, but of course," Haimi fastly regreted "I have this Chikorita, and she's the best starter I could've had."

    "Chiko!" supported Selene.
  11. "I got eevee from an old man. So you could say She wasa starter. My true starter was a charmander, but I released him. He was too dangerous." He stared off into space until Eevee knocked his bag over. "Hey, that's my sandwich!"

    A lady walked out and sat a group of packages, one for each trainer. "Change." She said. She walked away. "This place is too strict." Tyler muttered. He looked at the packages. Inside of them, were white shirts and pants, and a white suit for the Pokemon. There was also a review, it looked like a smart watch. "How did they know outfits for pokemon?"
  12. "They're my exact size..." murmured Haimi thoughtful looking quietly at the clothes when, all of a sudden, her face became completely red "How... how did they know my size?" she asked nervously "Did they get into my house or something... why did they...".
  13. "Creepy." He put the watch on, and it clamped down. "Ow!" He yelled, but shut up as he realized how awkward it was yelling in a public place. "I can't get it off."
  14. At that moment, Veronica walked in to hear a slight yell. She looked around the room, confused, before seeing the source of the sound- a boy, who looked about her age, sitting in front of a girl. "They must be the others," Veronica quietly told her Joltik partner, who still sat on her shoulders. Before she could walk over to them, though, a woman shoved a package into her hands, telling her to "change". Veronica didn't question it, thinking that it was just part of the protocol, and walked into the bathroom to put on her new clothes. A few minutes later, she walked back out, Joey and herself in matching outfits, her other Pokémon also changed but still in their Pokéballs. It was then when she finally walked over to the other two. "Are you both Trainers?" she asked, politely. "Did you get a letter from a 'Professor Zyor'?"
  15. "Well... sort of." answered Haimi to the girl that had just arrived and had already dresses in the place's clothes "I have pokemon, but I don't know if I could refer to myself as a trainer...". That was when she noticed Tyler trying to take off the watch he had just put himself on, but refused to leave his hand "What?! That thing isn't going out?" she asked getting closer to him "Well now I know I don't have to put it on... Ah!" she had just taken the watch, when it suddenly jumped to her wrist to stay there god knows for how long "Selene! Take it off!" she asked to her pokemon, who began bitting the watch without any results. "This place is creepy..."
  16. Veronica's eyes widened as she watched the events with the watch unfold. "There was a watch...?" she asked quietly, looking back into her package, where a small lump could be seen underneath the extra suit she didn't have to use, since she only has five Pokémon. She didn't dare move it or even shake it, since she didn't want it flying onto her wrist and not coming off. Veronica set the now closed package on a nearby chair, turning back to the others. "Yeah, I'm not really a trainer, either." She scratched the back of her neck sheepishly before continuing. "I compete in battle contests against other competitors from around the Pokéverse, but I never really train. I assume your story is different, though. I don't want to seem pushy- don't feel like you have to tell me."
  17. "Oh, no! I don't have a tragic past if that's what you think." Haimi gently answered "I just got two pokemon and I spend some fun time with them. We've battled a couple of times, of course, but I don't battle enough to call myself a trainer."
  18. "That's creepy." He said, still looking at the watch. Then, the doors opened. A man, not too old, walked out. "Hello,I am Professor Zyor. You must be the trainers. May I get your names?" Zyor said. "Tyler, Sir. Um, these watches..." Tyler said, stuttering a bit. "Oh, They'll come off eventually,don't be frightened."
  19. "I'm Haimi, professor." she answered making a little reverence with her head.
  20. "Well, that is good to know."
    After hearing a new voice, she turned her head, looking over at the entering man. She bowed slightly before saying, "my name is Veronica, sir."
    Joey also bowed, adding, "Joltik-Jolt!"
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  21. "All right. If anyone comes later, they will be sent to me in my office. You guys, follow me."

    The place was filled with rooms, all with different symbols. "Those are the Dormitory's, where you and your Pokemon will stay." He walked into a room the size of a large backyard. "This is the simulation room. How bout your first one?"
  22. "First one...?" Veronica repeated his words, confusedly. "Our first simulation already? Will we all be going in together, or just us and our Pokémon? How many Pokémon can we have out with us in a simulation?" More questions whirred in her head, but she kept them to herself. She had already asked enough.
  23. "It's just a simple battle. You vs...." He ran into a room, and with a few presses of buttons, the place changed. It was a forest. But the ground shook as three Machamps ran in. Tyler looked in awe. "How do we battle it? Wouldn't it be a hologram? Eevee, use take down." The Eevee ran at one of the large Pokemon, but was grabbed and thrown at Tyler, knocking him down.
  24. Veronica watched, eyes wide, as the Eevee was thrown down. She then looked over at the Machamp, narrowed her eyes, and whispered something to her partner, so their opposer wouldn't hear it. "Sneak over to that Machamp and use Bug Bite," she whispered. Joey nodded, jumping off her shoulder and landing soundlessly on the artificial forest floor. Without the Machamp noticing, he jumped up onto his arm and latched on, biting down as hard as he could.
    It barely did anything.
    "Alright," Veronica shouted, defeated. "Since that didn't do anything, use Electroweb!"
    Joey hopped off of the Machamp and, in midair, shot a spider web made of electricity at it. The Machamp moved slightly slower from the attack. Joey hid in a large bush in a corner, waiting for his next command.
  25. Tyler stood up. "You could've told me!" Tyler yelled at the door Zyor went through. "Lets do this Gengar." A pokeball opened and a large purple figure rolled out. "Hypnosis!"

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