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Ask to Join The Pokemon World Contest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by AnonymousTrainer, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Sam slowly walked to the big, wide window in his apartment where he overlooked the city of Wanshall city. "This is it, our big break..." Sam whispered to the curious Zorua perched on his shoulder. "The chance to show everyone what we're made of." Sam, like many trainers in Wanshall city, were in town to either watch or participate in the Pokemon World Contest in 3 days, where trainers would show the beauty of their Pokemon in a dazzling showcase.

    Sam remembered seeing the poster like it was yesterday. "Come one and all, to the Pokemon World Contest taking place in Wanshall City. This is the contest to determine the King or Queen of Pokemon performing throughout the Pokemon Regions! 8 participants will be allowed 3 Pokemon (Pokemon from all regions are allowed) to create different 5 minute routines of dazzling performing! Rounds will be one on one and 3 judges will decide on winners of each round. Have fun!"

    Sam had made it through qualifiers, and made it to the finals in Wanshall city. He had participated in contests all his life, and this was his time to prove himself as the best of the best. His team of 3 Pokemon consisted of his Zorua, Monferno, and Blissey. Feeling the need to explore, Sam went down to the Pokemon Center.
  2. Steve walked throughout town. He was mapping out were everything is and if he would need to go there. "Who is he?" Someone muttered. "He seems so cool!" Another person said. "I want to be like him when I grow up mommy!" A kid said. The mother looked at the kid and said "He bought his yellow eyes, and is cosplaying as a wizard dear." The mom was basically right. He did buy the yellow eyes, they were contacts. But he was not cosplaying as a wizard. Apparently the clothes got stuck on during a Renaissance Fair, or he just doesn't take it off when he showers. He walked into the Pokemon Center with a loud entrance. "THE GREAT STAN IS HERE, OR IS HE?" He yelled. No one was impressed and went back to what they were doing. He walked over to a table and sat down, looking for rivals.
  3. Sam looked around the town with curiosity, having never been to a town as big and filled as this. He thought about how different every city he had been to for contest's were compared to the small Hoenn town he grew up in, and was still mind blown about the fact to this day. His Zorua seemed to be just as curious and excited as Sam was, seeming ready to jump off Sam's shoulder and sprint around the city at any moment. He didn't though, as Zorua had always been a tiny bit shy around new people, and felt safe on Sam's shoulder. "Wow..." Sam said to himself as he walked into the towns large Pokémon center. He saw a man wearing a mysterious looking orange hat, and walked up to him slowly. "Hello!" Sam said to the man in as confident a voice as possible.
  4. Stan turned his head without saying a word. He stared at Sam for a moment. He then sent out Accelagor. He came out of the poke ball and gave a glance at the trainer and his Pokemon. Accelagor grabbed Stan and ran very fast to the farthest table, and sat Stan down. Stan patted him on the back. Stan toke out a Burger and started to eat it.
  5. "Wahhh..." Sam said, very confused about what just happened. "I guess he's just.. a bit shy." Sam, wanting to forget what just happened, saw that Zorua was looking a bit hungry. "Don't worry buddy, I'm feeling the same way," Sam said to his Zorua as he made his way out of the Pokemon Center to go to the park in the center of town, where he remembered seeing a food stand.
  6. "Plusle, Honchkrow, spezzacuore!"

    A plusle shot a wave of shimmering pink hearts into the air as she twirled around, and then came to an abrupt stop as she released the final one. The hearts swirled around a shiny honchkrow, boxing him in from all sides.

    "Now, Honchkrow!"

    The Honchkrow beat his wings, scattering the hearts as popping purple payback sparks erupted from his beak, which turned the hearts purple as they hit. The delicate hearts then burst, causing a sparkling shower of heart shards and purple glitter to rain down on the park. The Honchkrow then landed, on the ground next to his plusle partner, and the two pokemon bowed before their master.

    "Excellent job, you two," Daniel praised as Plusle jumped into his lap, and Honchkrow roosted on one of the handlebars of his wheelchair.

    The boy scanned the park, checking to see if anyone had seen the performance, or was at all impressed by the payback and attract combination. No one seemed to have even noticed.
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  7. Sam made his way into the gates of the city park, where there were tons of trainers of every sort with their Pokemon in the park. Some were having battles, some were playing with their Pokemon, and some were even practicing Concert routines. "Okay, after we eat, we should practice a bit," Sam explained to his Zorua as he realized how late it was getting outside. After they ate food from the truck Sam saw, they made their way to the park center to do some routine training, and he saw a boy finishing some routine training himself in a wheelchair. Impressed by the boys skills, he walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder to start a conversation.
  8. Daniel scratched Plusle's head as he got Mightyena's pokeball out, ready to practice his latest idea. Though he didn't have a name for it yet, the combination move was bound to impress, if it worked.

    Mightyena, under Daniel's instruction, used secret power, sending pearlescent sparks flying towards Plusle and Honchkrow. Honchkrow then used payback, and the two blasts combined into a flurry of pearlescent and purple sparks, which the three pokemon danced around in.

    "Now Plusle, use thunderpunch!" the boy ordered.

    Plusle's tiny fists started to glow red as she charged through the spark storm, punching each and every one of the sparks. They exploded like fireworks around the three pokemon, as they took their bows.

    "Wonderful," Daniel praised, "Now, let's do that again!"
  9. Sam, suddenly realizing the boy in the wheelchair he tapped the shoulder of was very focused on his routine practice, was in awe after seeing the brilliant combination put together by the boys Pokémon. Slowly, Sam started clapping when the three Pokémon finished bowing, partly for appreciation of the brilliant routine and partly to try and get the boys attention. His Zorua barked in applause, and all Sam could say was "Wow, nice one."
  10. With the last of the bangs from Plusle's thunderpunches finally dying down, Daniel managed to catch the voice of someone behind him, along with the barks of what sounded like a zorua.

    "It still needs some work, I think," Daniel replied as he wheeled around to face the stranger, "I'm Daniel, one of the coordinators who's entering the world contest. Nice to meet you."
  11. Akron explored Wanshall City. After all, he would need to know where to go since his next Pokemon Contest was being held here. He decided to go to the local field to practice with his Pokemon. However, to his dismay, he saw two trainers conversing in the middle. "Hey," he called politely, making sure not to anger them. "Sorry to be intrusive, but could you take the conversation somewhere else? I need to practice for the Pokemon Contest today."
  12. Meanwhile, Steve was practicing his performance behind the Pokemon Center so he will not be interrupted. Gengar used Shadow Ball and made them platforms for Accelegor, and Cacturne made big roots make an arch over Stan, Accelgor landed on it, Gengar teleported on him, Cacturne rode a Root to get on top of them, and Steve backfliped on all three of them.
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  13. "Oh, yeah sorry," Sam tried to say politely to the unknown trainer who asked them to move away. "Maybe we could go take our conversation somewhere else Daniel, my names Sam, I'm a coordinator for the Contest to!" Sam walked over to he gate with his Zorua, gesturing for Daniel to come walk with him. Sam felt like it would be nice to make at least one friend while he was in town.
  14. Daniel let his pokemon stay out of their balls as he accompanied the stranger, wheeling to his side with Mightyena behind the chair, Honchkrow sat on one of the handlebars, and Plusle in his lap, sharing the wheelchair's seatbelt with her master.

    "That guy seems so entitled," the boy commented, wheeling at a steady speed beside Sam, "The park's not his personal training ground!"
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  15. Akron breathed deeply. Then, he sent out his three Pokemon, Absol, Infernape, and Haxorus.
    "Alright, guys," He called. "Let's get this started, shall we? Infernape, Fire Blast!"
    Infernape launched 5 arcs of fire encasing themselves around Absol and Haxorus.
    "Absol, use Night Shade!" Absol intensified the inferno with an ominous shadow.
    "Haxorus, finish it off with Dragon Pulse!"
    Haxorus roared and spun swiftly while letting out a powerful blast of energy going out in all directions. The flames mixed with Night Shade glowed brightly, then exploded in a shower of bright red and purple sparks.
    "Nice one, guys!" Akron praised as the three landed on the ground. "This is gonna be the best performance the audience has never seen!"
    He beamed his Pokemon back and decided to look for those people he had met earlier.
  16. "I know right," Sam replied to Daniel, suddenly realizing how much space there was back at the park. "He doesn't need ALL that space." Sam suddenly remembered he needed to train also. "Hey, there's a place behind my apartment where we can practice until it gets dark," Sam exclaimed to Daniel. "Maybe we could show each other some routines?"
  17. "Sounds like a plan," Daniel agreed, "I still need a name for the combination I just performed, plus, I want to do something with Mightyena's ice fang."

    Plusle nuzzled her master's stomach, eager to receive more attention from him, "I need a name for a battle combination I've been working on, too. I always give my attacks Italian names, so that my opponent won't know what's coming. Unless they speak Italian, of course."
  18. "Ha, nice strategy," Sam said to Daniel in a cringeworthy italian accent. "My name choices are kind of different, becuase they aren't really names." For the longest time Sam had used a technique for naming combinations that were different from everyone else's, because they were actually movements. "I kind of use movements and gestures to name my combinations. Sort of like those Z-Move things, except a bit less exotic. And it works, doesn't it Zorua?" Zorua purred and nodded excitedly. Sam had been preparing some special combinations for the Contest, but he didn't have time to think about them, because they had made it to the yard Sam told Daniel about. "This is it, pretty big eh?"
  19. Daniel had heard of Z-moves before, having recently visited the Alola region, but he'd never tried them out himself. He never did the island trials, so he couldn't get the crystals, for one, and he wasn't exactly able to do the dances, either...

    "It'll do," he answered, "And I suppose that using movements and gestures is far more cryptic. I just use Italian names, because that's what my uncle used to do. He's been my mentor, and basically, my father for all my life. He stepped in and helped raise me when my dad walked out."
  20. "Oh, you must be very close to him." Shortly after Sam was born in the Hoenn region his parents divorced and Sam lived with his Father, although Sam still was very close to her Mother and visits her to this day. His father was a fighting gym leader, and unlike his mother his father never approved of his coordinating hobby. But he grew up, and soon joined Contests and became a skilled coordinator. "Let me show you some of my routines!" Sam exclaimed as he made his way to the center of the field. "Monferno! Blissey!" Sam's two Pokemon came out of their Pokeballs and looked excited and ready to start.

    "Ready!" Sam exclaimed as he started a movement involving his arms twisting in a circular motion and then waving through the air. Zorua started the combination with a shadow ball sent directly to the sky, and his Blissey powerfully sent out a heal pulse at the shadow ball, turning it pink and sending it into 6 pieces into different directions at the ground. Sam pulled his arm back, queuing his Zorua to use double team, and send doubles jumping of the shadow balls while his Monferno sent out a flamethrower, erasing out all the fake Zoruas in the middle of the pink shadow balls. Zorua then did a flip, and swiftly landed on Blissey's head while Monferno sat on Blissey's shoulder. "Very good."
  21. "Impressive," Daniel responded, "I can see that you've earned your spot in the contest. But it's my turn now. Plusle, use swift. Honchkrow, you use psychic!"

    The tiny red pokemon spun around on the ground as she shot forth a wave of golden stars, which Honchkrow arranged into one big star pattern with his psychic. The stars gave off a pinkish tint as Honchkrow spun the pattern around in the sky, causing sparks to rain down on the ground.

    "Now, Mightena and Plusle!"

    Mightyena and Plusle took turns jumping through the star, as Honchkrow hovered in the air.

    "Mightyena, use ice fang! And after that, Plusle, use thunderbolt!"

    Mightyena's teeth grew to become frozen fangs as she bit down on the star pattern, freezing it solid into a pinkish, star shaped lantern. Plusle then used thunderbolt to light it up, and then cause it to explode, making swift stars rain down on the pokemon as they took their bows.
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  22. Giro walked into the entrance to a place where some of the grandest battles are held. His feraligatr who had been there all his life, his tyranitar, and a steelix. He went to the front and registered, and walked into the lobby where he watched a battle going on at the moment.
  23. "Nice," Sam said, enjoying watching Daniel's Pokemons charisma and flare. "It's getting pretty dark out, I may have to get some rest. But maybe we can try training together tomorrow? There's only 2 days until the tournament."
  24. "Yeah, I really should hit the sack too," Daniel agreed, yawning as his pokemon took their positions; Plusle in his lap, Honchkrow on the handlebar of his wheelchair, and Mightyena at his side, "Staying out late can aggravate my condition. I'd hate to have a flare-up, and be too unwell to perform on the day of the contest."

    Plusle held onto the boy as he reached for his wheels, preparing to turn himself away to the hotel he'd booked in at, "Same time tomorrow, then. Adieu."
  25. "Yep, see ya!" Sam said to Daniel as he rolled away with his Pokemon. Sam had felt that the day had been quite productive, exploring the city, doing some training, and making a friend in the process. Sam yawned with his Zorua, and he made his way into the building were he was staying, got to his room, and fell on his bed into a deep sleep.
  26. "Oh? It's the boy from tv." Giro thought to himself. He pulled out his tyranitars pokeball, which had a Little Rock sticker on it. "Soon, friend. Quite soon we'll get to fight these trainers from other regions." He thought, smirking at himself.
  27. Booking a king-sized room on the ground floor had proved costly for Daniel, but it provided enough space for him to move around it in his wheelchair, so, the extra cost couldn't be helped.

    The boy swallowed his medication, snuggled up with his pokemon, and fell asleep quickly, thanks to their warmth, and overall, quite comforting presence. Mightyena was like a living hit water bottle, draped over his stomach.
  28. "Brand new day!" Sam exclaimed as he slowly got out of bed, realizing that he was sill in all the clothes he wore yesterday. Sam went and showered, changed, and did anything else to get himself ready for the day. When he was ready, his Zorua hopped on his shoulder from the back of the bed where he slept, and they made their way downstairs to the park.
  29. Daniel's pokemon ate while their master got ready for the day, showering, throwing some clothes on, and then heaving himself into his chair as he grabbed his bag and returned his pokemon.

    He clipped his pokeballs to his belt as he made his way out to the park, inhaling the crisp early morning air as he greeted Sam with a cordial, "Good morning."
  30. "Hi!" Sam said to Daniel as he let his Blissey and Monferno out of their Pokeballs. His Monferno crawled up on Sam, and his Blissey started to inspect Daniel with great curiosity, as she did with many new humans. "Excuse my Blissey, she's very curious. I got a Happiny from a daycare many years ago, they offered it to me because she was left there after the daycare found her abused by her owner. Ever since she has been very curious around humans." Sam had thought about how long he had owned each of his Pokemon. "If you don't mind me asking, where did you find your Pokemon?"
  31. "Oh, no, she's alright," Daniel assured him, "I guess she's not used to seeing people like me, eh?"

    The boy looked down at the pokeballs on his belt at Sam's request. A dusk ball, an ultra ball, and a pokeball hung from the thick leather, secured firmly around the notches with silver chains.

    "Long stories for each and every one of these guys," Daniel began sheepishly, turning back up to face him, "I came across Mightyena on my way out of Littleroot Town, in Hoenn, when she was a poochyena. She was severely injured, so I took her to a pokemon centre, and after that, she just wouldn't leave me, so I put her on my team. While out searching for a murkrow, I by chance, found a shiny one, so I had to have it, of course. I rode on Mightyena's back so that the squeak of my wheels wouldn't frighten him away. And then I found an abandoned egg on my way to Shalour City, in Kalos, and Plusle was what I got when it hatched. She's been with me since the day she was born."
  32. "Oh? It looks like they're telling backstories." Giros mind said to itself. "I might as well listen in, they look like ally's."
  33. "Cool," Sam said, listening in great detail to Daniels stories. "I really need something different for the Contest, it's like ever since I qualified I've had writers block, except you know, for routines." Sam had always seen the beauty in Pokemon, ever since he was little. Everyone else seemed to always like battling, but Sam always thought that there could be more to it. "I'm getting pretty hungry, wanna come to the cafe with me?"
  34. In his hurry to get down to the park, Daniel had completely forgotten to get breakfast for himself, and truth be told, he was pretty hungry...

    His stomach growled loudly, as he sheepishly answered, "Yeah, that sounds pretty good right about now. I'm starving."

    The boy reached for his wheels, as he prepared to turn himself in the direction of the cafe. "Maybe we can discuss combinations over breakfast!"
  35. "Sure, sounds good!" Sam replied. He started walking over to the cafe, his stomach grumbling along with his Zorua's along the way. They walked into the crowded cafe, and went to an open table.
  36. Daniel shunted one of the chairs off to the side, and wheeled right up to the table as he let his pokemon out of their balls. There didn't seem to be any point in transitioning from a mobile chair to a stationary one, after all, he'd still be sitting either way.

    "So, battle combinations," the boy began, "I've thought of one involving my Honchkrow's dark pulse, and Mightyena's hyper beam. I don't know if it will work or not, but if it did, it'd do heaps if damage, and look pretty..."
  37. (Oh, they're going. I actually haven't ate either. I might as well follow them, not like there's an abundance of resturuants here to begin with.) giro stood up, and walked towards the cafe. He dodged quite a few people, and went for a seat at the bar.

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