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Ask to Join The Pokemon World Contest Disscusion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by AnonymousTrainer, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Hello all! For everyone wishing to join this RP, first read my intro on the actual RP and then use this criteria and if you are accepted into the RP I will respond to your post saying you made it. You are playing the part of either one of the lucky 8 to make it to the World Competition or one of the three judges. This thread will become private along with the RP once all character slots are filled. I will use my character as an example.

    Role: Competitor
    Appearance: Red hair, medium height
    Pokemon: Zorua, Monferno, Blissey

    RP Rules
    1. No swearing or excessive violence
    2. No godmodding
    3. Have fun!
    1. Sam
    2. Steve
    3. Penelope
    4. Melody
    5. Daniel
    6. Akron
    7. Giro
    8. Josh
    1. N/A
    2. N/A
    3. N/A
    Also use this thread for any questions or comments related to the RP.

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. Name: Steve
    Role: Competitor
    Appearance: His face is mostly covered in shadow and is very mysterious of he looks. He always wears a Orange hat and is believed to have brown hair. The only thing that his for certain is that he has bright yellow eyes from contacts, due to being found holding a price tag for them.
    Personality: Not much is known about him, he rarely talks, and seems to enjoy fantasy. Most people say that what he is wearing is from a Renaissance Fair, which is true. For some reason puts 'The Great Steve?' as his name. He also seems to enjoy Question marks, ending most sentences with one.
    Pokemon: Gengar, Cacturne, and his main Pokemon, A Shiny Accelgor.

    Card: http://pokecharms.com/data/attachment-files/2016/12/427672_trainercard-Steve.png
  3. Name: Penelope
    Role: Competitor
    Appearance: Penelope has dark brown hair that is shoulder length and brown eyes. She usually wears a graphic tee and jeans on a normal day. Her contest outfit is a simple white dress with a black belt.
    Pokemon: Qwilfish, Shuckle, Ninjask
    What is the name of the region and do the competitors need any special items or requirements? Also, are Pokeblocks and Poffins allowed? What style will the contest format be? Will it be like the TV show or the games?
  4. You're accepted, thanks!
  5. Trainers don't need any requirements, and the style will be like the games with an introduction round and the second round will be 1 on 1 with the trainers using there 3 Pokemon in a routine at the same time. The judges will then judge who was best. Your accepted! Thanks!
  6. Name: Melody
    Role: Competitor
    Appearance: Melody has Messy, Long Black Hair. Her eyes are a light Honey Brown (Golden yellow mixed with Light brown). She is quite short and hates how small she is. Her Normal outfit is a knee length, Long Sleeved Blue and White Striped Dress with White leggings and Black Flats. Her contest Outfit Is a Knee Length, Red Dress with No Leggings and White Flats. Her hair is in a Bun With a Small White Headband with a Bow.
    Personality: I'll Do that later....
    = Her Main Pokemon is a Shiny Weavile She also has a Lilligant and a Small Quilava.
  7. Name: Daniel

    Role: Competitor

    Appearance: Daniel is a willowy young man, with auburn hair and olive skin. He would be quite tall, if he didn't need to use a wheelchair, because of a connective tissue disability. For contests, he either wears shiny honchkrow gijinka, or a long sleeved white dress shirt, with a tie and black trousers. His streetwear consists of a black jacket, with a white shirt underneath, and loose blue jeans.

    Personality: Daniel is a proud, independent and capable young man, who tends to treat others as they do him. Be rude to him, and he'll be rude back. He is not completely unable to walk, but it is difficult for him to do without hurting himself, and due to the fact that people have seen him get up from his wheelchair, some assume that he is not really disabled, and that he fakes it to get attention, much to his chagrin.

    Pokémon: Mightyena, Plusle, and Honchkrow
  8. Cool character, your in!
  9. Your in, thanks!
  10. Name: Akron
    Role: Competitor
    Appearance: Black dress shirt, slacks, belt, and polished dress shoes, short black hair, amber eyes
    Pokemon: Absol, Infernape, Haxorus
  11. Okay, your accepted!
  12. NewName: Giro
    Appearance: just like his father silver, except he has purple eyes.
    Pokemon: feraligatr, steelix, skarmory, umbreon, tyranitar
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  13. Read the rules and the intro to the actual RP again, then we'll talk.
  14. sorry, auto correct.
  15. No, I mean you have 5 Pokemon. Not 3. READ.
  16. Ok, I'll just drop skarmory and umbreon then.
  17. Mmmm, okay, fine. You're in.
  18. Mind if I join?

    Name: Joshua Middleton (Likes being called Josh)
    Role: Competitor
    Appearence: A red Polo Shirt with Blue skinny jeans and Red shoes. Also has a Red watch so he never forgets what time it is. He has Brown eyes and Purple hair. He usually carries a Nintendo 3ds because he plays games like Pokémon sun and moon and Super smash bros.
    Pokémon: Blaziken (Main), Umbreon, Aegislash
  19. Cool, your in! You just snuck in as the last competitor.

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