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Ask to Join The Pokemon War

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. "Thank you," Hester said, quietly. She then overheard the general and stood up, running back to her hut and coming back out with a backpack, which she stored the Rare Candies in. Slinging the bag over her shoulders, she looked up at the others. "If anyone needs any food, I have plenty now."
  2. Charcoal ran through the field pushing large logs with his head and front legs. He accumulated a large pile over time. He then dug a circle in the ground that had a 5 feet radius and was 1 and a half feet deep. He then slowly knocked the timber into place in the trench, until a full wall -except for one part which wood serve as a door- had been made. He then ran back across the field and grabbed palm tree branches with his mouth. After much tedious labor he had put together a roofed hut that was stable and stood at around five feet tall, which was suitable for him being a houndour and all. He set up a fire pit and made a fire, whose smoke went out of a hole he had left on top. Relaxed, Charcoal went to find some food. On the way he ran into a Fenniken, a torkoal, and a Litwick who all looked a little uncomfortable next their fire. Knowing it would be cold that night, Charcoal decided to invite them to his improvised hut, as he figured there would be enough room and that they might share with him some food. " Hey! You guys not want to sleep out in the open? If you want I made a hut not to far away that you three can stay in!"
  3. Koal overheard the Houndour and said "Sure,Finally I Can Sleep Inside This Is Awesome Yet Awkward At The Same Time," Said Koal to the Houndour while walking with his Kettle and Teacups With Him "I'm Koal By The Way," What's Your Name?" Koal Asked the Houndour
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  4. Hester turned to the Houndour. "No, thank you. I wouldn't want to crowd the place. Besides, I have a home of my own." She gestured to her hut.
    {You are a Houndour, right? I don't see what Poké you are in your post.}
  5. {Yea I am a houndour it was casually slipped into my first comment lol}
    "Sweet, the names Charcoal, nice to meet you!" Charcoal said as he turned to the Litwick. " You sure? It would be great to have more company, as I do live alone at the time being, and there is a lot of space when you live alone."
  6. {Whoops, I see it now. xD Sorry.}
    Hester looked down at the ground, thinking about what she should do. After a minute or two, she looked back up. "Well, if you don't mind, I guess I could stay over as well. I'm Hester, by the way. It's a pleasure."
  7. "Oh and I'm Lily!" Lily said putting out her small yellow paw.
  8. Koal went to Charcoal's Home Made Hut And Started To Make Tea While Inside He Then Said "Who Wants Some Of My Favorite Special Tea ?" Asked Koal to Everyone
  9. "Sure!" Lily said happily has she kneaded her paws back and forth.
  10. "I'll take some as well", Charcoal said.
  11. (Guys You Need To Make Longer Sentences Or Else The RP Will Be Shutting Down)
    Koal Got a his Kettle Off The Fire And Started To Pour It Into Four Teacups And Served Them All Out To His Friends He Then Said "Enjoy It I Made It With Extra Cinnamon Than What I Normally Use," Said Koal To Everyone As He Served Their Tea
  12. (Hmm.. Ok sure)
    Charcoal sat down next to the fire drinking the warm Tea, happy that he was finally with other Pokémon. The last few years had been tough as he had been living alone, struggling to stay alive day by day. It's the reason why he joined the army in the first place. "So why are you guys joining the army?", Charcoal asked the other Pokémon.
  13. Koal stopped sipping his tea and said "Well My Ninetails,Braixen And Ponyta Sisters Forced Me Too Save Their Lives I'd Jump Off A Cliff,Risk My Life Even Kill Myself for them and they won't do the same for me," Said Koal to Charcoal Then Continued To Sip His Tea
  14. Hester sat down with the others, sipping her tea. "The generals are forcing me to fight," she replied, casually. She then explained her story, about how her parents had died in the previous war, and about what had happened to cause this. A lone tear trickled down her wax face, and her candlelight faltered, but soon burned brightly once again.

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