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Ask to Join The Pokemon War

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Deep in the world of Pokemon, a mysterious Pokemon is taking over the region of ARUGABUGALA, this region is unknown to mankind, and is only inhabited by Pokemon. You are a young Pokemon being forced to join this war and save your tribe. All Pokemon live in a tribe, you live in the Flame Tribe, and you have just turned 1 year old (in human years, which is like 12 in Pokemon years) you have to fight in this terrible war, and save ARUGABUGALA, you can only be a fire type Pokemon, and no shinies. You also can be up to 3 Pokemon

    Lily the Fennikin danced around her nest that was right next to grumpy old Pepper's nest, Pepper was a shy Growlithe that happened to be her sister, Lily was the middle one of her sisters, and she hated that Pepper got to boss her around! At least she got to boss around their younger sister, Star, who was a Vulpix. Suddenly their mother called and Lily ran to their parent's nests which were in the adult Pokemon side of the den that the whole tribe shared!

    Pepper groaned, she hated family meetings, her little sister were stupid, and she was the only Pokemon with wit around here! She put down her paws firmly and waited for her sisters.

    Star ran to the den, she sat down next to Pepper looking at her with her big eyes, being the youngest in the tribe she could bend almost anyone to her will, she liked it that way.
  2. Hester's flame burned a bright blue-purple color as she walked out of her hut. Sure, being a fire-type and living in a wooden hut maybe wasn't the safest thing in the world, but there wasn't much to build it out of in the first place. Anyway, the young Litwick yawned, walking out into the clearing her home was located in, in the heart of the Flame tribe. She picked a Ginema berry off of a nearby tree and took a bite, waiting for someone else to wake up.
  3. Lily burst out of the den in tears, "I can't join a war!" she said and huddled up in a ball sadly, her fluffy ears drooped as she sat down.
  4. Hester looked over at the Fennekin before walking over. "Hey, I'm in the same boat, too," she started, finishing her berry. "I'm being forced into this war. It's really idiotic. Why don't we get any say?" She sat down next to her and put her stubby hand on her head, rubbing it lightly. "I'm Hester, by the way. I wouldn't like to be seen as a creep, because I'm not," she introduced, a bit awkwardly. She really wasn't a creep, she just wasn't very good at the whole 'social' thing. "Anyway, let's hope, at least, the war's against Grass, Bug, Ice, or Steel-types... give us the advantage. That's the least it can do."
  5. "I hope so, I'm Lily, my parents are really upset about this thing, but I guess we have to, my sisters and I are going in this too" Lily said to Hester.
  6. "It's nice to meet you, Lily," Hester replied, smiling slightly. She then looked down at the dirt ground. "If only there was a way to get out of this...?"
  7. Koal Slowly Boarded A Boat And Stood Beside A Fenniken And Litwick And Said Out Of Breath "Do... You Know How Long It Takes To Get All The Way From My Parent's Hut All The Way To This Boat ?" The Torkoal Asked Both The Fenniken ,Litwick and The Fenniken's Sisters "I'm Kole By The Way," Said Kole To All Of His New Companions
  8. "Hi, I'm Lily." Lily said smiling, she missed her parents already, and she was only lvl 5, that was not even close to the lvl 100 generals!
  9. Kole Smiled And Said "Wanna Know A Secret I'm Level 50 And I'm Only 12 Well In Pokemon Years To Be Exact," Noted Kole To Lily "Anyways Why Are You On This Boat For The war, I'm Going Because My Stupid Family Is Making Me Do It They Always Treat Me Like Dirt!" Explained Koal To Lily
  10. "Hello there. I'm Hester," the Litwick introduced. "I don't really have a family... they fought in a previous war and lost their lives..." she looked back down at the ground, before shaking her wax head and looking back up at the Torkoal. "It's amazing that you're already a level 50, it truly is. I'd love your power for whatever the war may bring. I'm only a level 12... Anyway, the generals are the ones making me fight in the war. Again, very idiotic. They're apparently very low on soldiers, though, so that's probably why we have to fight."
  11. Koal smiled and said "Do you want to know another secret, I know the move Fissure even if I'm a fire type,This means I can easily fight in this war but I can't really Run So don't expect me to catch up with you," Said Koal to Hester then sat down "would you like some of my favorite tea ?" Asked Koal to Hester
  12. "Yes, please," Hester happily accepted the drink. "The only moves I know are Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Fire Spin, and Smog. It's not much, but it's a start."
  13. Koal drank his tea and said "Do you know what it's like to live in a hut with no parents and 10 Sisters?" Koal asked to Hester "It's like keeping a flame lit for 9 Hours straight,Also with out my parents they like to bully me just because I'm the youngest out of everyone Do you know how it feels like?" Asked Koal to Hester
  14. "No, I don't, and I'd rather not. That must be horrible! I'm very sorry," Hester replied, sipping her tea. "Well, at least they take care of you... right?"
  15. "That's the worst part,They only make breakfast, lunch and dinner for themselves and they make me do all the cooking making me make my own food Which is mostly Slowpoke Tail, And my sisters are not just Torkoal some are braixen some are Ninetails And Also they make me sleep outside," Said Koal to Hester
  16. Hester's tiny eyes widened. "Whoa... that's horrible! I'm terribly sorry!" she replied, a frown forming on her face.
  17. Koal finished his tea and frowned then said "It's ok I Ran away from home anyway when I heard about this war I decided it would be a way I can toughen up and talk. Back to my Stupid Sisters," Said Koal to Hester He took out some slowpoke tails and said "Would you Like Any Slowpoke Tails?" Asked Koal to Hester
  18. "No, thank you," Hester replied, shaking her head. "But where will you go? We're deep in a forest!"
    {We are in a forest, right?}
  19. (yes, we are fighting against an angry arceus, he is angry with the world)
    "Well I'll go where you go."Lily said to Hester.
  20. Koal Said "Well I'm Going Wherever This Ship Is Going So I Have No Choice Of Where I'm Going Looks Like I'm Going To Travel With You," Said Koal to his companions
  21. "I'm not really sure about where we can go," Hester replied, honestly. "I've lived in that hut over there my entire life." She pointed at her small home. "I don't know what's around the forest. Once I evolve, though, I'll be able to float over the trees and get my bearings, but that won't happen for a long time... I'm too young!"
  22. "Me neither, I'm litteraly lvl 5, thats the age most starting trainers would get me at!" Lily said.
  23. "Mmm," Hester hummed in reply. "Well, at least you evolve at around level 16; I have to wait for level 41! You have it easy!" She then turned to Kole. "And you don't evolve at all! It's so unfair!"
  24. Koal then said looking at Hester "That Is Unfair I Evolve At No Level And What's Worse It Takes Me Forever To Learn New Moves,You Two Can Just Learn Moves Licitly Split Also It Takes Me Forever To Get To One Place!" Said Koal While His Steam Grew Stronger
  25. "I know it's unfair, but my evoloution line isn't the best of all, I mean look at my face, can you see a huge witch fox out of this? At least you get to be a cool ghost chandelier!" Lily said, she didn't wanna evolve she wanted to stay a fennikin!
  26. "..." Hester didn't know how to reply, so she stayed quiet for a while. Then, she drew in a deep breath and replied with, "my not evolving for another 40-ish levels won't help in the war. Kole, your shell can at least protect you from attacks. Lily, if you don't want to evolve, then at least you'll be a smaller and faster target- you'll be harder to hit. I don't have either of those on my side- I may be small, but I'm not protected. My speed will get me killed before you can say 'goodbye'." Tears began to form in her eyes. She added, shakily, "I'm scared."
  27. "Well don't be, I have something for you." Lily said pulling out about 20 blue things from her little pouch. "My parents sent me these so I could evolve, but that aint happening so you can have them, they are rare candies." Lily said.
  28. Hester rubbed her eyes in an attempt to clear them of her tears. "A-are you sure? I m-mean, your parents ga-gave these to you-u..."
    {I'm actually gonna be offline for a while. Sorry!}
  29. (that's fine)
    "My parents have given me plenty of stuff, such as the scarf I'm wearing now, I'm sure, my parents would want them to be used." Lily said pushing the basket of rare candies toward Hester.
  30. Koal started to use Sunny Day then the Entire Forest Illuminated By The Sun But Kole Just Used It Just So he Could Lighten Up The Mood He Then Said "Man This is Boring When Are We Going," Complained Koal To Lily
  31. "Look the generals are coming now, shall we go to them?" Lily asked Koal.
  32. Koal looked at Lily and said "Of Course I'm Bored Lets Just Talk To The General About When We Will Kick Some Butt," Said Koal to Lily
  33. "Ok!" Lily said dashing up to a big machamp.
  34. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Friendly reminder that the use of any legendary in an RP plot requires the approval of staff, and I most certainly did not approve an angry Arceus. Adjust your plot to something rule compliant.

    Also remember that Levels mean absolutely nothing outside of an in-game context, and that Pokemon ages and Human ages will not necessarily correlate according to an arbitrary number - Some species, okay. Other species? not so much (especially not 1 human year = 12 Pokemon years, jegus eff, most Pokemon species can outlive humans by quite a bit).
  35. Oh ok sorry @StellarWind Elsydeon sometimes I forget, I'll try to keep it out of the RP from now on.
  36. Koal followed Lily to the General and Said "Attention Sir I Would Just Like To Ask One Question When Are We Departing To Go Where The War Is Taking Place," Koal Asked The General
  37. "Well torkoal, we will be departing at noon, we only have one tent for the generals so you will have to survive out here in the wilderness on your own until noon tommorow." the machamp said.

    "Oh no!" Lily said as she sat down worriedly.
  38. Koal sighed and said "We have to survive a night in the wilderness!?, I can relate to that Since my stupid sisters make me sleep outside in the cold chilling Wilderness," Said Koal To Lily then turned around and started a fire
  39. "I feel ya, thanks for the fire, I'll go find some twigs, it's kind of my specailty if you look at my parents." Lily said collecting some twigs and sticking them into her tail.
  40. Koal Hung His Kettle Above The Fire And Waited For It To Get Hot So He Can Make His Tea, When it got hot he took it off the fire and poured it into some of his cups he then said "Hey Lily do you want any Of My Special Tea?" Asked Koal to Lily

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