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Open The Pokemon Quest: Clashing Ambitions

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Red_The_Champion, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. This thread is for any type of person who owns Pokemon: trainer, coordinator, professor, performer, ranger, ninja, etc. You can travel to any region BUT you must start off in the Kanto region. From there, you ca go whichever region you want to whenever you want to. It would be nice for you to receive a Pokemon at the beginning and not have a whole entire team from the beginning, but I can't stop you! Plus, post a form like the one I'll show below:

    Name: Kyle
    Age: 15
    Ambition: Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Team: None as of now
    Appearance: Tall, brown hair, buff
    Town of Origin: Pewter City

    RP: After he finished his daily jogging session with his best friend Brock, Kyle headed home to find that a package that was labeled with his name was here. It had arrived! He opened the package and found a PokeDex, a gym badge case, a Town Map, but most importantly, a PokeBall with his starter in there! He threw the PokeBall in the air and out came a Charmander! The Pokemon landed on Kyle's shoulder as they walked out of the house, leaving a note for his parents saying that he was out training with his new Pokemon partner, preparing to fight against the current gym leader, Brock. Things were about to get serious!
  2. Name: Michael
    Age: 16
    Ambition: Not sure yet
    Pokemon team: Abra and five eggs (dratini,larvitar,feebas, gastly,litten)
    Appearance: average height, black hair, a little bit scrawny
    Town of origin: Saffron City

    Michael was heading into the pokemon daycare we he volunteered at in his spare time. The job came with perks. He was able to see new pokemon and learn how to take care of different types of pokemon. Plus, his Abra was not really social and it helped it get out of its comfort zone. The owner of the daycare also let Michael hold onto unclaimed pokemon eggs at the daycare. He would carry them with him everywhere he and Abra went. Today he was going to tell the daycare owner that he would no longer be able to help anymore because he was going to head out and train with Abra and hopefully his pokemon that were yet to hatch.
  3. "10 more pushups!" exclaimed Kyle as he and Charmander were training together. He got up, wiped the sweat from his brow, and said, "That was a nice workout, huh, Charmander?" The Pokemon looked at him and squealed with joy. "Alright, now, let's go face Brock!"
  4. "Hey Michael. How are you doing this morning?" greeted the daycare owner when Michael walked inside. "I am doing wonderful but I have some bad news," Michael said "I won't be able to help around anymore. You see me and Abra and my other pokemon," he pats his bag with the pokemon eggs, "are going to travel and train." A joyful smile grew on the daycare owners face. "Boy you have nothing to apologize for. You go out there and be the strongest trainer ever." he said as he had reached under the counter. "Here you will need these." He hands Michael a PokeDex, a gym badge case, and a town map. "The professor in Pallet town gave me some supplies for young trainers like you. Now go get out of here." The owner said gesturing for Michael to leave. "Head to Pewter city. Brock the gym leader is a good start for young trainers." Michael left the building with Abra in his arms and was headed for his first gym battle.
  5. Name: Jason
    Age: 16
    Ambition: Pokemon gym leader
    Pokemon Team: Voulpix, Pidgeotto
    Appearance: Tall, brown hair, likes to wear a hoodie
    Town of Origin: Lavender town

    (OCC: can I have Pokemon from different generation)
    RP: Jason looking in an empty space "I still wonder if I can become the gym leader, but that's for another time" Jason looking at his Pokeball holding Voulpix "hey you ready to come out" Jason threw his Pokeball in the air and came out Voulpix "look today we are going to train" Volpix looking at Jason with exciting emotion "so what are you waiting for, lets go" Jason walked out of his mother's home to the Pokemon center and he gazed at the Pokemon tower as he walked into the Pokemon center. He greeted nurse joy with a joy full smile." so nurse joy where can I go to become stonger" nurse joy pulled out a map of the Kanto region from under her desk and pointed to the Pokemon daycare. "thank you nurse joy" he said while leaving the Pokemon center. Jason looking into a great ball " go Pidgeotto!" he said in a flash of light the bird was there "he buddy can you take me here" Jason pointing to a small map. Pedgeotto nodding yes to Jason. Jason got on Pidgeotto and flew into the air. Headed for the Pokemon Daycare
  6. Name: Kevin
    Age: 17
    Ambition: Pokemon Colector
    Pokemon Team: Pigiot Gengar Snorlax Laparas
    Appearance: Tall, Black hair, Skinny Very Strong
    Town of Origin: Lavender Town

    Rp: As Kevin Trained With Sabrina He Waited For the Day He Could Rechallange His Old Rival Jack Monoc "Sabrina How Much More Time Till I Can Go" Kevin Said "Not Till You Can Beat Me With One Hit Ko's She Yelled At Him" "Alakazma" Her Alakazam Agreed
  7. "All right, then!" grunted Kyle as he stood up, wiping his forehead. Suddenly, as he went to the lake, he found a Poliwag in the water! "Charmander, use Scratch now!" Charmander leaped at it and used Scratch, and Poliwag shot out a Water Gun. Charmander dodged it and used its attack, giving Kyle the opportunity to throw a PokeBall and catch it. "All right!" he exclaimed.
  8. Psst! Hey! Mind if I join?

    : Narancia
    Age: 17
    Ambition: To be an infamous Gangster
    Pokemon team: Tailow, Weezing, Kadabra
    Appearance: 5'1, thinner than most people his age, wears a purple t-shirt, purple pants, and an orange head bandanna. His hair is black, and so are his eyes.
    Town of origin: Vermillion City

    Narancia was walking out of the route 4 gate, having just delivered a package to a man that lived there for his part time job. "Geez, that guy was stupid. I'm gonna be late to the boss." He thought out loud. He started to run back, until he eventually got back to the pokemart in vermillion, where he worked during the day. "Oh, welcome back Narancia." The owner of the shop greeted him as he walked in. "Oh, hey boss. I delivered the merch for that guy like you said." Narancia responded, closing the door as he walked in. "Oh, great here's your pay." The boss said, handing Narancia 1,000 pokedollars. "Great. I gotta go." Narancia said as he walked out heading off to train his tailow for the next few hours.
  9. (Yeah, that's cool!)

    As they entered the gym, Brock pulled him aside really quick. "Are you sure you're ready to battle me?" Kyle nodded. They both stood on opposite sides of the field and started the battle. Kyle sent out Poliwag, while Brock sent out his Geodude. The first battle was very easy for Poliwag, whose Water type moves were super effective against Geodude's Rock and Ground typing. Although it took a Tackle attack, it swiftly recovered and used a series of Water Guns and knocked Geodude out. Things were starting to heat up!
  10. Name: brownie
    Age: 14
    TOWN: Celadon city
    Ambition: to be a great ninja
    pokemon Team: litten brionne raichu greninja
    Appearance: pink skin blonde hair kinda brawny

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