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The Pokemon Mysteries Series: 1

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by sparkling_palkia, May 6, 2007.

  1. Prologue:
    In the world of creatures called Pokemon trainers live side by side with them they are used in battles and contests but mostly its about the bond that trainer and Pokemon share. But some Pokemon are used for evil are story begins with a girl named Taylor about to step into a wild adventure which will teach her more about Pokemon and move her closer and closer to hers.

    PITTER PATTER, PITTER PATTER the rain hit against her window making that annoying sound: PITTER PATTER. Taylor didn't have much against the rain besides that it annoyed her constantly! She lay on her bed looking at a picture of her father. She loved the way her father had slightly blue and white hair and deep blue eyes that stared back with a glimmer and happiness, they had been really close. When the picture had been taken he had been wearing a red and black striped open neck shirt and some black trousers. He was holding a small bundle wrapped in a white blanket with little pichus on it. That was her, Taylor, Then she remembered the very night he had left. It was pouring just like this day. But it was night it was about 12:00 at night when Taylor had come downstairs rubbing the sleep away from her eyes as she glanced quikley at the clock on the wall in the kitchen and met her mom in the living room where she was crying her face in her hands. Taylor was curious and asked
    "Whats wrong Mom?"
    Her mom didn't look up but point to the window where a car with its lights on waited for a man in a dark raincoat who was walking to the car slowly with the suitcase Taylor had given him one christmas (mostly because he had traveled a bunch for work). Taylor couldn't believe her eyes but she wasn't going to cry she had to be strong for her mother. She ran to the door pulled on some shoes and grabbed her raincoat and put it quikley over her pajamas (a t-shirt and pajama pants with pokeballs on them) and pushed open the kitchen door with much more force then it had to be openend with and ran outside splashing in the deep puddles her father suddenly seemed to be aware that she was there and turned around. And to her surprise he said
    "Go back Taylor"
    Taylor stood there shocked her eyes filling with tears she shook her head and ran towards her father her took her in and held her closley she looked up and through her tear stained eyes her fathers eyes were sorrowful and teary as well.
    "Daddy! Dont go! We were gonna go catch wild pokemon tomorrow remember?!"
    Taylor begged and even though she was only seven her father believed she should have her own pokemon. Her father let her go and shook his head
    "Daddy! No! Wait!!!!"
    Taylor called as her father got into the car and drove away. Without thinking she started running after the car her boots kicking up water as she went. She was sobbing now and crying
    "Daddy! Come back!!!"
    But it was too late the car had gathered speed and it was off down the hill and into the dark night.
  2. But that had been seven years ago Taylor was now fourteen but she still missed her Father. But for some strange reason she forgot about him sometimes she was a trainer and needed to concentrate on her training and such but she still missed him...a lot. Suddenly her mom called up the stairs
    "Taylor! Prof. Rowan just called he wants to see you at his lab....its urgent!"
    Taylor suddenly jolted up she always liked doing things for Prof. Rowan! She pulled on some shoes and a hoodie with a pokeball on it and ran downstairs said good-bye to her mom and ran out into the rain.
    She took a pokeball from her belt and threw it and called
    "Empoleon come on out!"
    At this a hansome and powerful looking Empoleon came out of the ball and chirped a hello and smiled a bit.
    "Come on Em we gotta go to Prof. Rowans!"
    Taylor told him Em chirped happily he loved Prof. Rowans (mostly because he could get some good poffins or blocks out of it) But none the less he still liked it. Taylor and Em ran to the lab already soaked by the time they got there. Taylor was about to knock when Prof. Rowan opened the door and beckond her inside. She hustled in with Em and followed Rowan to the back room where he pulled out a tan envelope (it had some rain drops on it) and showed it too Taylor. Taylor shrugged and said
    Rowan looked annoyed he replied
    "Its from your father."
  3. Taylor almost fell over. From her father? He had left seven years ago. This was some kind of sick joke!
    "Stop joking around! You knew I was close to my father!"
    Taylor almost yelled. Anger was begining to boil in her. Rowan answered calmy
    "Why would I be kidding? Your father and I were very close as well."
    This time Taylor knew he wasn't joking so she calmed herself down and muttered
    Rowan shoved the enevelope into her hands he nodded as she looked up at him and hastily opened it.
    Without noticing a picture fell out of the letter she picked up it and smiled it was the same picture she had been looking at before she arrived at the lab. She tucked it into her pocket and read aloud

    Dear, Taylor
    I know this may seem very weird as in I left seven years ago. You might've thought I was dead or have married someone else by now. But no. Your mother probebly hasn't told you this but I have been keeping in contact with her. The reason why I left I cannot say but I am conducting work on space right now. I can't return home thats probebly what your hoping but maybe you could come up here.
    My HQ is in Velistone City we could meet up here as soon as possible. Look I know this is a bit shocking and a bit rude to be talking to you seven years from when I left but I just couldn't forget about you. So please come to Velistone? In case you want too theres a pass for you to get into the HQ in the envelope. I'll see you whenever!
    Please come ~ Dad

    Taylor looked up tears in her eyes. She grinned and so did Em Rowan then said
    "So are you going?"
    Taylor answered in a second
    "Of course!"
  4. Taylor ran home clutching the letter. When she got into the house her mother asked
    "What did Rowan need dear?"
    Taylor didn't say anything but thrust the letter into her mothers hands with a grin and ran upstairs to pack her bag. When she got to her room she opened her drawer and took out a shoulder bag that was orange and had pichus on it (her father had given it to her) she took out all the repels escape ropes
    potions etc she had and stuffed them into the medicine compartments. She filled the bag with all her and Em's needs and ran back downstairs. Her mom was grinning and had tears in her eyes.
    "Mom I'm ready to take on my Pokemon dreams and Dad can help me."
    Taylor said before her mom said she couldn't go. Her mom nodded and replied
    "You've always been ready dear. Now go to your father but be careful! Oh and before you go I want to give you something!"
    Taylor was in a hurry but wondered what it was her mother wanted to give her. Then her mom brought a box out from the cupboard and opened it. She pulled out what looked like a HM and gave it too Taylor.
    "It contains fly."
    Her mother said. Taylor had been needing fly so she could fly back to all the places she needed too.
    "Thanks mom!"
    Taylor said and gave her mother a hug then ran outside. Then she pulled out the HM and booted it up she then chose to teach it too her flygon. After that she began her journy to Velistone City...
  5. Chapter 2: Velistone

    It had taken her a while to get to Velistone but finally she was here! (she had had to stop at a inn along the way) Although it was still raining she smiled and ignored the pouring droplets as she ran to the building where her father was too meet her. She took out her pass and walked inside. It was amazing and high-tech inside. But of course it was a science building. She walked over to the main desk and asked the women at the counter
    "Exscuse me do you know where I could find Cyrus Jubili?"
    The women slightly looked up and replied cooly
    "Sorry we dont take visitors."
    Taylor sighed and put her pass on the counter. The women looked back and picked it up.
    "Floor eight use the elevator on your left."
    Taylor smiled and nodded then walked quikley to the left elevator. She got inside and pished F.8
    she waited as it rose to the eighth floor then got out and looked around. There were scientist's everywhere she couldn't tell which one was her father until a tall man in a lab coat and a red and black open neck shirt tapped her on the shoulder. She whirled around and looked into the same face she had looked at the day her father had left. She leaped into his arms hugging him tightly. She grinned widley. Her father set her down said
    "How are you?"
    Taylor replied
    Her father then scanned his eyes over her pokeball and said
    "I see you caught a pokemon without me"
    Her father grinned feeling proud of his daughter.
    "Lets say we go to lunch and catch up on what we've missed!"
    Her father said walking with her to the elevator
    "I know a good place!"
  6. They had a great lunch at a nice resteraunt not far from the HQ. After lunch Taylor and her father
    Walked around when finally he got a call from one of his colleges. Taylor stood staring out over the bay as her father spoke quietly into his phone.
    "Yes....Lake Valor....Lake Acucity....And Lake Verity...Yes, Yes"
    Taylor didn't really want to listen in but it sounded intresting.
    "I want Mesprit first....I'll meet you at the HQ get the grunts ready."
    Cyrus closed his phone and smiled a slightly fake smile. Taylor said
    "What is a Mesprit??"
    Cyrus looked at her then hastily replied
    "Nothing. We have to get back to the HQ."

    It seemed like a long walk but it was really only 10 minutes back to the HQ but Taylor was thinking about Mesprit and the lakes her father had mentioned. Her father hadn't kept anything really from her. She looked at his face. It as pale and souless not like the father she knew. Once back at the HQ
    Cyrus told her he had to go somewhere and that she should stay here and wait for him. Taylor nodded and sat down the lounge. Cyrus smiled at his daughters obidience and ran downstairs to meet his Admins, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.....
  7. "Finally..."
    Mars said turning around and looking at Cyrus her face in a dark evil smirk. Cyrus just gave her the cold stare and looked at Jupiter who smiled slightly and turned to the window and seeing it was about to rain turned her face into another evil smirk. Saturn walked over to Cyrus and took out a peice of ancient stone he had held in a velvet cloth. It was a faded picture of the legendary pokemon Mesprit. Cyrus nodded and took it from him.
    "Lets go."
    Cyrus said cluthing the stone with determinination in his eyes.

    Taylor hated sitting she looked about the place it was cold and it had marble floors and walls everywhere. No taste. Taylor thought. She saw a scientist come out of two metal sliding doors. They quikley shut after him. He looked at Taylor then shook his head as he went down in the elevator. Taylor was curiouse so she ran to the doors but alas there was a code to type in....Thinking randomly she typed in her name and actually the doors slid open for her. She guessed her father had made the code. Inside she almost was blasted away with fright for standing before her with about were 4 dozen tanks of pokemon floating in acid flued. They had there eyes closed but didn't seem to be enjoying it.
    What was her father conducting in here??? She was too scared so she jolted out of the room and ran down the stairs (didn't want to take the elevator) and ran outside almost shreiking. She wasn't looking and soon found herself falling to the ground. She looked up and a boy about her age stood there with a glimmer in his eyes. He had sort of dark blonde hair and wore a blue jacket ad blue pants with black boots that clung tightly too his legs.
    "Oh....I'm sorry."
    Taylor said blushing and getting to her feet. The boy smiled and replied with a light tone to his voice
    "Its fine...The fault was mine completley."
    Before Taylor could answer he stuck out his hand and said
    "My names Ares and you are?"
    Taylor quikley said
    "Nice to meet you Taylor and may I ask what you are doing at the Team Galactic HQ?"
    Ares said looking at the cold and ruthless building. Taylor was almost blown away. TEAM GALACTIC??!!! She had heard TERRIBLE things about them. And then she thought her father the head of them?? Impossible! Or was it not? Taylor stutterd and let out
    "....My fathers the head..."
    She lowered her head to look at her shoes. Ares replied
    "Well from the looks of you, you do not look like a member so I'm safe."
    Taylor looked up and smiled
    "Do you know anything about the sacred lakes and the pokemon....Mesprit?"
    Taylor asked. Ares suddenly nodded his head and said
    "I am the guard of the three sacred pokemon and when I heard Team Galactic wanted to mess with them I had too step in. Then they took my Turtwig and I thought I would find it here."
    Ares said with a slightly sad tone to his voice now.
    "Well my fathers heading too Lake Verity I dont know why though..."
    Taylor replied. Ares eyes suddenly widened and he said
    "Thats where Mesprit is!!! I need to get there!!"
    Ares took out a Staravia and was about to use fly until Taylor cut in and said
    "I want to come with you...He's my father and we just met up after 7 years today."
    Ares looked up then after a short pause nodded and beckond her over. She hopped on Staravia and they flew to Lake Verity.
  8. Chapter 3: Cyrus revealed

    It was a long fly to Lake Verity about a hour and they hoped to get there soon. When they landed Ares advised her not to go yet they spied on them up up above a cliff top. Then after about 10 minutes of waiting they spied Cyrus and the gang. Taylor pointed at Cyrus and said to Ares
    "Thats my father...."
    Ares looked in hatred then nodded. Cyrus was smiling and clutching the stone. Cyrus sent out his WhaleLord and used surf. The admins didn this too when they were all in the cave Ares flew over too the entrance. Taylor and him went in together. They hid behind a rock. They listened in on the conversation and heard:
    "Boss Mesprit is right over there. Jupiter I want you to hit it first."
    Jupiter looked taken aback and said shrilly
    "No!! Let Mars do it!!"
    Mars looked at Jupiter wide eyed
    "No way!!! Saturn told you to do it!!!"
    All of a sudden they started getting into a whisper fight (as not to disturb Mesprit) Cyrus closed his eyes and broke them apart
    "Mars Jupiter we really don't need this right now!!!"
    Mars bowed her head and Jupiter looked away.
    "Now Jupiter Saturn told you to hit it first now go do it! N-"
    Cyrus was cut off because Ares started running at them. He took out a pokeball and shouted
    "Go! Raichu!!"
    A strong looking Raichu came out of the ball with lightning encircling it. Mars giggled and said
    "So...Its you your the one who had the Turwig right?"
    Jupiter smirked and said
    "I think he is the one."
    Jupiter took a ball from her belt and waved it around.
    "I got him right here."
    Ares fumed with anger and shouted
    "Give me back Turtwig you theifs!!!!!"
    Saturn came between Mars and Jupiter smiling.
    "Your too late, boy we're going to get Mesprit and you can't stop us."
    Ares shouted
    "Go! Raichu use spark!"
    Raichu's cheeks started flaming with electriciy but Mars sent out Golbat and Jupiter sent out Purugly.
    "Golbat dodge it!"
    "Purugly dodge it!"
    They shouted. And sure enough they're pokemon dodged the attack. Then Taylor had had enough she jumped out and sent out her Empoleon. Cyrus turned around from looking at Mesprit and looked at her in his eyes they were saying: Why Taylor...Why have you betrayed your father. Taylor ignored him and used surf which wiped out both Mars and Jupiter's pokemon. They gave up giving them looks of hatred but then Saturn stepped in.
    "I dont want a battle but I'll tell you to leave now."
    Ares laughed and said
    "Not a chance Pluto!"
    Saturn fumed with anger
    "MY NAMES SATURN!!!!!!!!"
    Ares laughed again. While they were doing this Taylor saw Cyrus's Bronzor attacking the poor Mesprit.
    "Empoleon tackle!"
    Empoleon tackled Cyrus to the ground he looked up confused and pushed Empoleon off him.
    "Taylor.....How could you?"
    Anger and sadness were both in his voice.
    "You work for Team Galactic! How could you?? I thought you loved pokemon!"
    Taylor had dispare and sorrow cracking in her voice. It was her father who had betrayed her.
    "Once we harnest Mesprit and Uxie and Azelf's power we can rule time and space!"
    Cyrus said unmovingly. Taylor shook her head and said
    "Your not my father. You've killed his true soul."
  9. Cyrus bowed his head sadly. then lifted it and shouted
    "So your against me??!!!"
    Taylor looked away then said.
    "I guess I am."

  10. "You've betrayed me Taylor...."
    Cyrus said his eyes filling with darkness. Taylor stared intently at her father and replied
    "You left us when I was seven and you never returned...Now I see what you've been doing these past years."
    Cyrus looked away then replied
    "Its for the better...Taylor Team Galactic will rise."
    Taylor looked at him her eyes filling with tears and replied
    "How is it for the better?!HOW?!"
    Taylor shouted her voice rising in anger what had happened to the father she thought she knew? Well
    the answer is simple. This demon has killed her father's true soul. Her father's real dream was to complete his pokedex and befriend pokemon around the world. Now all he was doing was hurting them.
    "Taylor...One day Team Galactic is going to rule space and you'll be by my side right...?"
    Cyrus said hopfully. Cyrus truly didn't want to lose his daughter but he couldn't give up on his long time dream for Team Galactic. Taylor backed away and shook her head. Never would be by the side of the man who was ONCE her father now only reduced to a monster.
  11. Chapter 4: Hearthrome

    Team Galactic left without a word. Taylor watched them go sadly wanting to run to her father like the way she had done the day he had left. Then just as Team Galactic was about to leave the cave Cyrus turned to her and said
    "Give your mother my best."
    He then headed out with Mars Jupiter and Saturn following the planets revolving around the sun. Taylor could only nod numbly. When they were gone Ares looked down and said
    "At least you HAVE a father I lost mine in a freak accident."
    He said playing with his thumbs. Taylor looked up and said
    "I'm so sorry."
    She reached slowly to put her hand on his but thought she shouldn't. Ares changed his exspression and said lighting up
    "Hey lets go back too Hearthrome and grab a bite to eat then we'll go from there."
    He got up and offered her his hand. She took it and stood up she was still numb from the encounter with Cyrus. They walked out of the cave Empoleon whimpering his sympathy to Taylor as they went. She pet his head and as they flew Hearthrome Taylor looked down to the skys wondering what lay beyond them. She had grown up until she was eight in the Hoenn region then they had made a big move to the Sinnoh region because of her father's "Business" he called it but now she knows what he had done all those years away.
  12. They arrived at Hearthrome around 7:30 at night. Empoleon was happy to stretch his legs. Ares looked around then said
    "I know a good restaraunt come with me."
    He beckoned with his hand and Taylor followed him through the streets of Hearthrome they got too a sort of big resteraunt filled with all sorts of people and there pokemon. A waitress led them too a booth seat and gave them menus. Taylor looked around
    She muttered and Ares smiled and nodded. The waitress came back moments later to take orders. Taylor looked up from her menu and said
    "I'll have a burger and fries."
    Ares ordered the same and soon they got to really talking about themselves. Taylor told Ares all about her life so far and Ares told her all about his. Apprently his father had died in a accident involving Deoxys he had worked with his father for years on finding rare pokemon and protecting them and studying them. Now he just moved on to becoming the best trainer he can be. When their food came they ate quickly and when they were finished Ares paid and they left. They walked on the streets for a bit and Taylor old more of her history. Ares listened intently and nodded as if he knew and had felt the same way about his father. Ares was about to say something when their was a sonic-like boom and they heard screaming coming from the Contest Hall they raced towards it to find half the wall blown off. There was a man with dark hair and a Blastoid there Ares and Taylor raced towards him and asked
    "Whats going on?"
    The man looked at them and said
    "Apprently from what i've heard someone has stolen the paintings of the contest champions who have won all of one or more ranks in the contest they get their picture made and hung there."
    Taylor looked wideyed at the empty walls where the great paintings of champions used to be. The man spoke again
    "They are worth millions if someone can sell em."
    Ares nodded and raced towards the place where the paintings hung. Taylor followed franticly the wall was crumbled into peices of millions Ares picked a peice up and rubbed it between his finger and thumb.
    "Hmm. Seems the person had bombs to blow this place up. But who would need the money?"
    He asked himself Taylor shrugged and looked inside the empty hall of fame.
  13. Taylor saw police cars approaching them. An officer got out he had a black mustache and curly black hair. He took out a pad and pen and said
    "Eh? You kids know anythin 'bout this here mess?"
    He asked. Taylor shook her head but Ares stood up and said
    "Actually officer I know. It has Team Galactic written all over it."
    The officer nodded and said
    "Thanks kid."
    Ares nodded and said
    "No problem....Officer."
    He nodded his head and started to walk away but the officer called back
    "Hey..Uhh kid you wanna... come back with us and..."
    Before he could finish Ares nodded eagerly
    "I'd love too officer."
    The officer nodded and said
    "Eh you want your....girlfriend to come along."
    Taylor nodded and said
    "I'm not his girlfriend...just a friend."
    Ares nodded and they followed the officer into his car. The officer seemed to pcik up mega speed after they had left the public area. He brought them to this dark warehouse it seemd creepy.
    "This isn't the police HQ."
    Taylor said suspicously. The officer looked up and said
    "I know. Team Galactic can't let some kids get in our way and you know about the portraits."
    Taylor almost screamed as Team Galactic grunts pulled them out of the car and through them into a room with one single light bulb to light the dark room.
    "Hey! You can't just leave us here!"
    Ares shouted angrily. The grunts laughed and said
    "Uhhhh yes we can!"
    They walked off and locked the door behind them.
    "Well great!"
    Taylor threw up her arms annoyed.
  14. They were trapped inside a small room but at least they had their pokemon with them.
    Ares had his face in his hands. Taylor slowly put her hand on his shoulder and said
    "Whats wrong?"
    Ares looked up his face flustered and angry
    Taylor almost jumped back at Ares out burst. Taylor shook her head and said
    "It's not your fault...We were both stupid to believe these grunts."
    Ares thought for a minute then said
    "Your right it was both our faults. Maybe we should concentrate on getting out of here."
    Taylor nodded She threw a pokeball and Empoleon waddled out.
    "Empoleon use drill peck on the wall!"
    Taylor said. Empoleon's beak began to sparkle then Empoleon ramped into the wall making a giant hole. Ares laughed and said
    "Those grunts forgot to take our pokemon what dorks!"
    Taylor grinned and followed Empoleon out of the room Ares behind her. They came out into the cool night breeze of Hearthrome city. Taylor looked back at Ares and said
    "Okay let's get going we need to go to the main galactic building and well...we're improvise from there!"
    Ares nodded and followed her. They darted behind barrels and boxes avoiding the grunts who were guarding the outside of the warehouse room. Ares almost burst out laughing but suppressed his laugh and said
    "Wow they must be deaf they didn't hear the wall blow up!"
    Taylor wondered why they hadn't heard then looked closer and saw they were listening to they iPods. Taylor almost fell down laughing but continued on.
  15. Chapter 5: Ares depart

    They finally came into the city where everything seemed fine. They sat on a bench together and began to talk

    Ares looked at Taylor and said
    "Look, Taylor we've come so far but I think it's time to go our separate ways."

    Taylor looked at him shocked and sad to hear this.

    "But why? We're doing so well."

    Ares looked at her and said

    "I have my own adventure to resume and Cyrus is your father. This is a mystery of your own to solve."

    Taylor slightly forced a nod not wanting to start a fight. She replied quietly

    "I guess your right. We couldn't travel together forever."

    Ares knew she looked hurt and quickly added

    "I just want to defeat the Elite Four and then continue on with my adventure. And Taylor you have things to solve didn't you say you studied legendary's and their mysteries?"

    Taylor nodded and said

    "Ok but you must right to me and contact me on my PokeNav ok?"

    Ares nodded happy that he thought she understood. Taylor looked at him and asked

    "What time will you be heading out?"

    "Probably tonight I want to get a early start on things. I'll be flying off."

    "I'll come to see you off."

    Ares nodded and stood up. They walked together hand in hand too a raised point too fly off from. Ares sent out his Staravia.

    "Well, This is good-bye for now Taylor."

    "You to, Ares."

    Ares was about to get on Staravia when Taylor quickly said

    "Oh wait! I have something for you before you go."

    Ares walked over to her and said


    Taylor took a step closer to him and before he knew it they were kissing romanticly as the sun was setting. Then it was over. Ares looked shocked but blown away. Taylor smiled a bit and whispered

    "Just a little something to remember me by."

    Ares looked at her then he kissed her back just as romantic as she did. Then they stopped and he smiled and said

    "I'll be back for you I promise."

    They hugged then Ares departed for his journey. He looked handsomly one last time at Taylor then shouted

    "Staravia use fly!"

    Staravia lifted up into the darkening sky whirling away Ares still staring at her. Taylor watched sadly back. When Ares was out of site Taylor sat down on the grassy area. She looked at the sun setting and tears began in her eyes then slowly creeping down her cheeks. He will be back.. She kept on telling herself on and on.

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