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Ask to Join The Pokemon Journey of Mystery Sign-Up

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by TheDiamondEevee, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Abilities: (one or two)
    Will/Won't Evolve:

    My Form:
    Username: TheDiamondEevee
    Name: Beauty
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: Sylveon
    Shiny?: No
    Abilities: Can sense things, can turn into different Eeveelutions
    Appearance: Not shiny, has a necklace.
    Fairy Wind
    Draining Kiss
    Quick Attack
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  2. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Username: Hungry Badass
    Name: Astra
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Lucario
    Shiny?: Yes
    Abilities: (one or two) Steadfast and Inner focus
    Appearance: a regular shiny Lucario
    Bone rush
    Extreme speed
    Aura sphere
    Dragon pulse
    Will/Won't Evolve: ....
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  3. My Form:

    Username: Lunar the Mew
    Name: Spark
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Jolteon
    Shiny?: No
    Abilities: Has very acute senses and lightning shoots from his paws and whenever he gets excited
    Appearance: He wears a leather bracelet on his left forearm with an infinite loop sign attached to it with a jagged scar over his right eye
    Moves: Thunderbolt, ThunderWave, ThunderShock, Thunder
    Will/Won't Evolve: Won't evolve anymore

    My Form:

    Username: Lunar the Mew
    Name: Lightning
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Luxray
    Shiny?: No
    Abilities: Can see through walls which helps when scouting out danger and can freeze any pokèmon in place with a fierce glare
    Appearance: Wears an identical leather bracelet on his right forearm with a silver metal infinity logo attached and a thin black necklace around his neck
    Moves: Electric Terrain, ThunderWave, ThunderFang, Discharge
    Will/Won't Evolve: Won't evolve
  4. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    My form:

    Username: MarcelGalliard790
    Name: Slicer
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Gallade
    Shiny?: No
    Abilities: Able to make a good song in his mind and it sounds even better in real life. Either than that he has very good reflexes.
    Appearence: Has a red scarf over his neck, and a scar across his left eye from a powerful battle.
    Moves: Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Ice Punch, Lead Blade
    Will/Won't evolve: Won't evolve
  5. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    I can't wait for this to start
  6. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

  7. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Hello, still waiting for this to start?
  8. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

  9. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

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