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Open The Pokemon Islands Signups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Montymike, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Most people do not know about the lives of Pokemon. Until One day, people discovered islands that have different types of Pokemon in them. Some scientists and trainers decided to set up camp there and study the Pokemon that live there.

    Once we get enough Humans and Pokemon the Roleplay will be created and will start.


    Livley Island is a island full of grass and plant life
    Sandy Island is filled with sand and water, it is very tropical
    Rocky Island is an island that is a very high underwater volcano.
    Deathly Island is an island filled with fog, and is known for its big ship wreck on the side of the island
    Misty Island is a very quiet calm island with a large lake in the middle of it


    Follow the Official Pokemon Roleplay rules.
    2. Do not curse.
    3. You can only have a max of 3 characters
    4. Humans can only have a max of four Pokemon
    5. No legendary Pokemon at all in this Roleplay

    Character Sign Up

    Anything with a * is not needed



    Name: Mike
    Species: Human
    Pokemon: Butterfree, and Hypno
    Backstory: Mike was chosen to lead the expedition to the islands.
  2. Name: Ann
    Nickname: The Queen/The Dragon Slayer
    Species: Sylveon
    Backstory: Her title, what everyone recognized that devilish grin and where had she earned it? Well It was just nights ago, She had saved a lot of the forest dwellers, and she had been one of the very few who could have done it. It was the middle of the night, everyone was sleeping, and a druddigon had swooped in for a midnight snack, Unfortunately the Noibat it had snuck up on was awake, and make a loud wail that led many people to find out the druddigon had attempted to eat it. Due to the crowd, it had attempted to fly away and eat the Noibat somewhere else, but Ann had knocked it out of the sky with a powerful Hyper voice, and her pixilate caused it to be super effective against it. It had crashed to the ground, and she finished it off with a Moon blast, ending the battle once and for all. In the morning, People had gathered around her "tent", and a Zigzagoon had handed her to what seemed to be a crown esc object. They all said it was special.. But it didn't feel special, But since then everyone has treated her like a queen of somesort.
    *Traits: Intimidating, Selfish, enjoys solitude.
  3. Accepted
  4. Name: (Yup, I'm finally giving this guy an actual name) Aurum
    dissimulato Pisces (roughly Latin for Golden Mask Fish)
    Nickname: King Karp
    Species: Magikarp
    Backstory: Born Shiny, Aurum always held himself above the other Magikarp in his colony. He would brush aside all others and think only of himself. Everyone tried to change him, but he blocked them out, even his own family. After a particularly nasty argument which caused the last of those willing to give him a chance to desert him, he decided that everyone was just jealous and ran away, changing his name to King Karp. Through his travels, he finally discovered what he was told for all those years, he was not above anyone else, nobody would listen to him if he acted like he did. Nobody cared about a Shiny Magikarp. He realised his mistake and began changing himself, transforming into something new, something better. He was a changed Karp. Eventually he built up the courage to return home, only to find the little colony he grew up in, abandoned. He learned from other Pokemon that the lake had been attacked by another group of Pokemon, however nobody knew if King Karp's parents were among those who escaped
    Now he wanders aimlessly from place to place, trying to help others and repent for his sins, searching desperately for those he abandoned years ago. He carries the name King Karp, not as glory but as a burden, a reminder as to what he once was.
    Traits: Is Shiny
  5. I totally forgot this existed. If another person joins I start the Rp.

    Also Accepted
  6. Oh wait this was november
    I feel stupid
  7. Name: Kinder
    Species: Wailord
    Backstory: Kinder was a large Pokemon, just likes other of his species. However, he was somewhat smaller then a normal wailord. Kinder stays near the islands as they are more protected then the dangerous Pokemon of the deep. He likes to travel in between islands and make friends with every Pokemon he can.
    Trait: He is friendly and hates it when he friends go to far inland. Particularity fond of jade.

    Name: Jade
    Species: human
    Pokemon: none
    Backstory: Jade is a journalist try to discover everything about these new islands. She hopes to find out more about the secretive lives of Pokemon unaffected by human nature.
    Trait: Likes Pokemon and plants.
  8. Accepted
  9. Name: Icicalia (Idc how you pronounce it)
    *Nickname: Ika
    Species: Glaceon
    Backstory: Ika used to be a small Eevee, hatched from a male Umbreon and a female Sylveon. Her mom and dad were very nice to her. After a few years, some trainers raided the family and caught some of the Eevees, including Ika. Ika grew and grew until she evolved into the Glaceon she is today.
    *Traits: Energetic, not trustworthy, cute, and mischievous.

    Name: Lila
    Species: A.. human.
    *Pokemon: Ika (^), Blitz, (Charizard), Kuku (Poliwhirl), and Mili (Braviary).
    Backstory: Lila became a trainer when she was only 10, getting Charmander as her starter. Her Charmander was very obedient. Eventually, when Blitz became a Charmeleon, she caught a Poliwag (Kuku). She caught a Rufflet, and caught an Eevee. Her pokemon evolved, and now that is where she is at.

    *Traits: Serious, sensitive, happy to help, and clumsy.

    Hope I make it!
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  10. I know! Feels good to be back~! :D
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  11. Name: Bastion
    Species: shiny Metagross
    Backstory: Bastion serves as a guardian of Rocky Island, helping to protect the Pokémon which live there, Bastion is immensely powerful and has been a resident of the islands for a long time, no onenot even he remembers how old he is

  12. Name: Ryu
    Species: Shiny Eevee
    Backstory: When he was kid (he is still a kid) his family was killed.After their death he became timid and scared of everything.
    *Traits: Timid,Cute,Scared,Cute,Cute(CUTEEEEE! :3)

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