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Open The Pokemon House Discussion (Pokemon RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Clunpsy, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-pokemon-house.21507/

    This is my first time hosting a rp so please forgive me if i make a mistake.
    This is basically about Pokemon living together making allies and enemies. Battles are pretty usual, but must be done with consent from Head of Dorm. The House can take 30 Pokemon, but I'm only expecting somewhere around 8.

    Crushes allowed, but keep it PG
    I like to have RP's where a lot of description is used, so at least two lines per post
    Thing is, I want this to start out pretty simple so...
    Only first Evolutions until later on
    All other RP rules are followed
    Please warn me if you are going away for at least two days so I know that you haven't just quit, other than that, have fun!

    Nickname (e.g. if you were called Timothy, Tim would be used here):
    Gender (Please remember which pokemon are genderless):
    Appearance (clothes and visible items):
    Side-Effect (Just to make it balanced):
    Moves (2 to 3 while you haven't evolved):

    First Floor:
    2: Saikuk (@Clunpsy )
    3: Jolty (@Sparkling Emolga )
    4: Tempo (@ScaldingPhoenix)
    5: Daze (@RenzFlintrock )
    6: Eve (@EeviumZ )
    7: Ariana (@RenzFlintrock )
    8: Mudd (@Clunpsy )
    9: Amanda (@Tudor21G )
    Dorm Leader/ Head of Dorm: Sol (Still could be taken @ThAtGuY101 )

    Name: Mudra
    Nickname: Mudd
    Species: Mudkip
    Gender: Female
    Appearance (clothes and visible items): Wears a plain, black satchel around her waist, with a small yellow love heart on it. She also wears a Purple Amulet around her neck
    Item: Mysterious Purple Amulet
    Effect: Makes her moves stronger while confused
    Side-Effect: Makes her confused for longer
    Moves: Water Gun and Mud Slap
    Allies: Saikuk

    Name: Saikuk
    Nickname: Syke
    Species: Espurr
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wears a blue belt around his waist, with three pockets. These contain a twig, a spoon, and a short staff
    Item: Short staff
    Effect: Increases Sp.Atk
    Side-Effect: Decreases Sp.Def
    Moves: Confusion, Dark Pulse (Only does 40 damage) and Hidden Power
    Allies: Mudd

    Battles will be done either A. Online or B. In the RP. These would be short, two sentence moves. I would only use the RP for battles, because, Special Items or Anime style battles techniques (Quick Attack into an Iron Tail ETC.) To make it fair effects will be decided by dice rolls, which I would do. However I will leave it to everyone to decide whether or not they like this idea.

    I added Saikuk
    If you have questions feel free to ask.

    @ThAtGuY101 @Crystal1302 @Cmeriwether @JayBird Joe @EeviumZ are people who I have been RPing with recently
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  2. V E E

    Name: Eve
    Nickname: Vee (she'll likely be infuriated if you call her that, though)
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Wears the Prism Crystal around her neck.
    Item: Prism Pendant
    Effect: She doesn't even know. (It gives her the ability to use elemental magic.)
    Side-Effect: She doesn't know that one either. (Removes the effect of Same Type Attack Bonus.)
    Moves: Glitzy Glow, Shadow Ball, Freezy Frost
    Allies: None yet
    Enemies: None yet
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  3. I got a some questions...

    - Are these pokehumans or regular pokemon?
    - the rules say base evolutions, do if I choose slowpoke I can later on become slowking again?
    - can I be a shiny slowpoke?
    - What about becoming a dorm leader? If I can, can I be #7? (Cause it's a lucky number.)
    - also what kind of story is this? Will there be a rival faction, multiple factions, notable NPCs?
    (I know it's a lot of questions, sorry!)
  4. @EeviumZ you are in

    Regular Pokemon
    Yes but you have to have it pretty late on
    Depends, if it is just because it looks nice, yes
    You can reserve dorm leader, but you have to have some sort of reason for it because others might want the place more
    This is the tricky part, It is a story of a house of Pokemon that move in all at the same time, but more come when the next two floors are introduced. I don't really know about this part, sorry, could you explain this more?

    also @EeviumZ can you give a specific dorm number?
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  5. Let's say #6.
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  6. Name: Sol
    Nickname: Solow. (slowpoke is a pokemon notorious for being oblivious, the fact that his scarf physically slows him down(slightly) doesn't help his reputation.)
    Species: slowpoke(shiny)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: purple and blue striped silk scarf around neck. (sometimes he wears it around his waist like a belt for giggles)
    Item: Sol's Scarf, it may have another name but Sol always just calls it his scarf (i couldn't think of a cool name for it)
    Effect: slightly raises elemental defense
    Side-Effect: slightly lowers speed
    Moves: Zen headbutt, water pulse, and headbutt. (he hits his head a lot. though funny enough he dosn't get dumber for it)
    Allies: Zolaf
    Enemies: none yet.
    personality: friendly, mild-mannered, clumsy, and occasionally oblivious.

    fair enough. as to the last part, im assuming your reffering to my last question. i mention this as the story seems to focus around the pokemon house and its dorms. my question is. what is beyond the house. will there be other houses with dorms similar or is this the only one?
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  7. That makes more sense. I don't think I will add another Pokemon house, but I will consider it. This Pokemon House was made for Pokemon that need training, care, or social skills. This is why when everyone first moves in they are all unevolved.

    @ThAtGuY101 are you going to make a character?
    @EeviumZ do you know anyone else who might be interested?
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  8. @Clunpsy how's my character? its in my previous post.
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  10. ok
    @ThAtGuY101 your in, but if you are dorm leader you have to be in the dorm leader room. Also, once again, you need a reason to be dorm leader
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  11. He likes to help out and be supportive of his fellow dorm members and Hope's to lead by example.
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  12. That is good enough. Others can still fight to get this spot though.
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  13. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Thanks for tagging me, it does look interesting.

    But before i join i want to ask something.

    How many characters can you make for this rp?
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  14. 2 for now but if there aren't many others maybe a couple of you can make another
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  15. I plan to submit a bio later, as soon as I have time. This looks really fun! Quick question though, what are dorms like, and are they shared?
  16. Single dorms, but you are free to visit other peoples dorms if they say so (unless its urgent)
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  17. how will the leader spot work? will there be multiple leaders(like a council) Or will it be one leader(competitive spot)?
    the council idea seems neat to be but ultimately its your call.
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  18. so as more pokemon move in the house, more floors will be added. Each floor has a leader spot on it. The leader is in charge of everything that happens on that floor and all of the activities they go on. (I mean like, in charge of taking everyone to activities) They are also the first to be questioned about any incidents, and always take for blame for things that happen on that floor (while they are there, at least). The leaders are going to have to post much more than everyone else. I think it is a bit like the Council, yeah.
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  19. I was hoping you'd say that.
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  20. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Just another question, is it okay to have an unevolved pokemon?
    Like Emolga for example.
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  21. Name: Ariana

    Nickname: Ana (or Ari)

    Species: Ralts

    Gender: Female

    Nature: Timid

    Characteristic: Often lost in thought

    Appearance: She is slightly smaller than the average Ralts. She wears a very small necklace with an amethyst in it.

    Personality: She is a bit timid, but makes a great friend once she gets to know you. She is very smart, but she is not good at using her powers and she has been picked on for that in the past. Like most Ralts, she can get a general impression of an individual’s feelings, so she tends to gravitate towards people with positive emotions.

    Item: Amethyst necklace

    Effect: It is very calming and comforting to her.

    Side Effect: She would be distraught if something happened to it. And you could probably also choke her if you grabbed it.

    Moves: Confusion(weak), Double Team, Teleport(only short distances), Disarming Voice(needs a lot of work), Misty Terrain (egg move)

    Enemies: None, yet.

    Moveset Note: on her Teleport, she can go farther or even take others along with her, but she will be completely tired out afterwards. Her Confusion Attack is basically a very small amount of swirling psychic energy which she shoots at the opponent. Double Team, she creates an illusory double. Disarming Voice, she sings a haunting song that physically hurts those she is facing, and Misty Terrain is an egg move which she has no idea how to use. At the moment she can only do a smaller area of terrain, and it has the normal effects.

    I would like Dorm #5, please.

    I think that our characters would get along well, Eevium.
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  22. @Sparkling Emolga yes, but may not be overpowered from the start
    @RenzFlintrock I think that's good, but can she learn one of those moves later, e.g. disarming voice she learns it pretty early on in the RP, but she always misses until the 1st week in.
    I think if Ralts knows confusion, when she learns psychic she forget confusion.
  23. I’d like to join but if I wanted to try and take the spot of the leader, when could I try and do that, not that I’m going to try to right away.
  24. there's a leaderspot for every floor.
  25. @Clunpsy
    Okay, sounds good as far as moveset goes. She probably won't learn Psychic for a while, though... and I do have another character, but I'll wait until later and see what else pops up before putting in another char.
  26. as soon as everyone here makes a character, the thread will be up.
    @ScaldingPhoenix you can make a protest for Leader anytime, but not necessarily now. Also, I think that you would have to roleplay, if you wanted, before trying (After a while, wanting to become Leader so you make a protest to the House Master, a NPC)
  27. Ok thanks, that’s all I needed to know.
  28. Name:Tempo




    Appearance: His ears are much smaller than normal Noibats, he has two glass metronomes on the back of his ears.

    Item:Glass metronome’s (They are hard to break)

    Effect: Allows him to hear and massively amplifies his sound attacks.

    Side-Effect: He won’t be able to hear and weaken his sound Attacks without them. They are easily able to be taken off. (It sounds like everyone is yelling)

    Moves:Echoed voice(builds up power twice as fast with his glass metronomes’s and twice as long without it.), Air cutter, Supersonic (It’s harder to shake off the confusion but he also confuses himself)

    Other: He likes to fly around a lot and hits the top of the doorway sometimes. He is reckless and tends to get himself hurt and break his metronome’s. He cares for others that he is close to but cares little about what happens to himself.

    Allies:none yet

    Enemies:none yet
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  29. @ScaldingPhoenix i like the supersonic thing, your in. What dorm would you like?
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  30. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sorry it took me some time.

    (Basically Jolty as a pure emolga)

    Name: Jolty

    Nickname: (doesn't have an official nickname)

    Species: emolga

    Gender: female

    Nature: timid

    Characteristic: highly curious

    Appearance: Jolty is shorter than an average emolga, but her tail is slightly longer and her ears are slightly bigger.
    Her eye color is purple.
    She has a violet flower on her ear and a big yellow bow on her tail.

    Height: 1'0"

    Weight: 11.02 pounds

    Personality: Jolty is extremely naive, she would believe almost everything she is told, she is also extremely timid. she is shy, a bit modest, not sure of herself and stressed out often, especially around new people.
    However, Jolty is polite, docile, highly curious and joyful.
    She is very honest, she may try to hide things but she would never lie to anyone.
    Jolty tends to get scared and confused very easily.

    Item: big yellow bow

    Effect: increase speed in a pinch

    Side-Effect: lowers attack and sp. Attack in a pinch

    Moves: nuzzle, thundershock, protect.

    Ability: static

    Allies: none currently

    Enemies: none currently

    -Jolty doesn't know about the effects of her bow, for her its just a pretty ribbon.
    -She has a huge luck of knowledge about stuff, such as items or moves.
    -Jolty as a weird habit of rubbing her arm when she is nervous
    -For some reason her voice is very soft and soothing.
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  31. @Sparkling Emolga you missed one thing, where are the moves? Other than that, your in
  32. The moves are already there, Helping Hand, Thundershock and Protect.
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  33. Sorry, I thought that was part of the item!
  34. When will the thread be put up?
  35. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Also, i think i will take dorm #3.

    If i am accepted of course...
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  36. Well, we could either start now, or wait until the first floor is finished. Whichever one. @Sparkling Emolga yes, you are in.

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