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Open THE POKEMON GAMES - league one

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ekatsu, Mar 30, 2017.

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  1. Welcome one and all to the Pokémon Games! My name is Typhlo.sion (call me Becca ;3) and today I will explain the rules and regulations and basically give ya the low down. Got it? Good.
    First things first, read the roleplay rules, and so on. If you violate the rules, well... my Typhlosion will burn you. Also, you'll be kicked. So, follow the rules, no one liners, paragraphs, no spam, no legends, AND NO CURSING!
    That is a big thing everyone, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who feels this way, people can be offended by your language so keep it clean. We don't want to scrub your mouth with soap. Seriously, that's gross. Brush your teeth or something. NEXT:
    Leagues: We are on league ONE. Starting out. You can have your partner pokemon and your team but you can only use your partner every once and awhile.
    THE GAMES: We will have relay races, contests, battles and more. Here's the catch. You get a random Pokémon. Heh.. When you lose, you can spectate but not get back in.
    Storyline: Becca is the champ from last year. ;D I'm not at a higher level, but I'm starting the same way as you guys. That does not mean that I'm an easy obstacle, I'll let you know. NOW LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!
    Admins are @Typhlo.sion and @Devan_Plays

    Name: Becca
    Partner: Typhlosion
    Experience: Has beaten Kanto and Johto
    Region: Johto
    Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, tall.
    Becca was pumped, no more than pumped. She was hyped! She was ready to win for the second time in a row. The Pokémon Games were starting today! This afternoon! She grabbed her 6 Pokeballs and practically flew out of her door. She swept past her mom and called "Bye mom!" as she ran to the Pokémon Games.
  2. Name: Piper
    Partner: Salamence
    Experience: Champion of Johto
    Region: Johto
    Appearance: Black hair, chocolate brown eyes, pale skin, about 5'4

    Piper was so excited, she finally got to leave the Elite 4 for a year, as soon as she hopped on the train she called her only rival and friend.
    "Becca! I am on my way now! Can't wait to see you again!" Piper left a message.
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  3. "Today, we will have our first event. It's time for role call! Contestants step up and state your name and show your partner!"
    Becca's chest heaved, she ran the whole way.
    "Be- Becca.." She wheezed and let out Typhlosion, leaning on his shoulder. She slumped.
  4. Piper was just on time with her usual confidence and spunk she stated her name.
    "Piper, and Salemence." She winked at Becca as she flew off the platform on her Dragon.
    "Whats up bro!" Piper said as she high-fived her bud.
  5. "Not.. much." She breathed.
    "Where's everyone else? I thought we'd have a big turnout like last year!" Becca frowned, looking at the few people in line for tryouts.
    "Now our first event will be handling trained Pokémon you don't know!" The announcer shouted. Becca jumped, and looked angrily at the man on the podium.
  6. "Yeah, I was kinda hoping we would have more of a challenge." Piper replied while scratching Salemeces' chin.
    "So, here is the crew." Piper smirked as she let her team out.
    "MEGANUIM!" The giant emerged and licked Typhlosion.
    "Mamoswine." He said quietly.
    "Gardevoir!" She blushed at the sight of the next team member.
    "Lucario!" He winked at Gardevoir.
    "Sableye." He said darkly with a grin.
    "You ready to face off again in the finals, assuming we beat these noobs." Piper snickered.
  7. "Eh, who knows. We could get some competition. Go!! You guys!" She laughed as she let out her team.
    "Typhlooooosion!!!" He roared, blasting fire to impress meganium.
    "Dragonite, Dra." What a flirt. Dragonite said to Typhlosion.
    "Raichu, rai raichu!" Are you ready to lose? Raichu had growled at Lucario, with a smirk and a wink to Gardevior.
    "Tyranitaaaaaaaaar!!" Stop playing around you two! Tyranitar rolled his eyes.
    "Poliwrath-Poli-Pol." Nice to see you all. He bowed.
    "SCREEEeeeEeECh!!" Hey there you land mammals! Fossil crowed happily, with a happy shove to Sableye.
    Becca laughed. "Hi there Piper's team! I'm Becca, this is Ty, my lovestruck partner, Dargon, my parent to all, Raichu, the competitor and flirt," She sighed as she watched him and Lucario fight over Gardevoir. Then she continued. "Tyrant, the tank and bodyguard, Fossil, my high flyer and boaster, and my newest team member, Poliwrath. He's a grand fellow." She smiled at them all. "Let me guess, Mamoswine, very gentle. Salamence, the high flyer as well. Meganium." She nodded to the old Pokémon with respect. "Gardevoir, and uh Lucario? Give raichu a little hint." Her eyes were playful. "Sableye. Heh." She nodded and grinned, her eyes suddenly dark and narrowed.
  8. Name: Joy
    Partner: Girafarig
    Experience: Five time Master rank contest champion (Sinnoh)
    Region: Sinnoh
    Appearance: Blue eyes, short dirty blond hair, light skin, skruffy

    Panting, a girl ran in the door. "Huff, Joy!" She sent a Girafarig, then looked around, surprised at all of the pokemon around.
    "Woah! Okay then, Everybody out!" She threw five Pokeballs into the air.
    "Maraaaac!" A Maractus came out, and immediately ran up to the Tyrannitar. Hiii!~
    The Beheeyem dragged the maractus back over to Joy's side. Sorry about her.
    "Alaah~" An Altaria came and wrapped it's wings around the two Calm down you two.
    "Glaycee." A glaceon looked over at them Why am i in a team of imbeciles...
    "NIDO!" One look at the Typhlosion and Nidoking was fired up! I'M GONNA TAKE YOU ALL DOWN!
    Gira!" Hi! The Girafarig nodded towards the other pokemon.
  9. "Hi! I'm Becca!" Becca announced, smiling broadly. She took out her hand and shook Joy's. She slumped suddenly and her eyes were dull.
    "I apologize, he thinks he's a ladies man." She grumbled, looking at Raichu and the rest.
    "Raichu rai! Rai.. rai." The Pokémon was with Glaceon. Typhlosion lumbered over to Nidoking and stared him in the eye. He growled slightly, his fur ruffled. Dragonite flew over and greeted them all, with a nod to his fellow dragon type.
    "Tyranitar." The large Pokémon rumbled. Hello!
    Aerodactyl let out a shattering screech to Beheeyem and Maractus, and Poliwrath bowed and murmured a silent greeting.
  10. "Hi Becca! I'm Joy." She gave a cheerful smile.
    "Glace Gla Ceon." Hello little electric pest. What do YOU want? (She's the sassy one)
    The Altaria nodded back.
    Girafarig smiled at Tyranitar.
    Beheeyem immidiatly colapsed to the floor, covering his ears, and made a loud ringing sound. MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!
    Maractus, on the other hand, just danced along with the screech. At least someone here appreciates music!
    (sidenote, do i need to actually battle? :p if i do then i'm doomed XD)
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  11. Name: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Partner: Charizard
    Experience: Defeated every league except the chamions
    Region: Kalos
    Appearance: Short ginger hair, hazel eyes, white skin, 6'10"
  12. Name: D.j
    Partner: Sceptile (Scaleo)
    Experience: Has beaten all the gyms in every region, but only beat the Unova and Kalos champion
    Region: Unova, Kalos, Hoenn
    Appearance: My avatar. Able to transform into a Hydreigon, but only in certain situations.

    Team: Sceptile (male), Feraligator (male), Druddigon (male), Absol (female) , Torracat (male), Wevile (female)
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  13. Name: Nathan
    Partner: Froslass
    Experience: Defeated the Sinnoh elite four
    Region: Johto
    Appearance: white hair with green hair and has a white shirt and black pants with two gloves colored black and white
  14. (OOC Dj, do you have permission to be using Mewtwo? And Joy, you can always just spectate, and help with making sure the games run smoothly.)
    Piper laughed at Becca's team... Mostly Raichu for making an attempt to flirt with every girl he sees.
    "I don't get the guy sometimes, one second he was heartbroken over Gardevoir, the next he is trying to make a move a Glaceon." Piper snickered.
    "Gardevoir!" She exlaimed as Lucario picked her up and gave her a peck.
    "Lucario!" Lucario was not going to let that Raichu steel his girl. (Hehe, get it, cause Lucario is a steel... I'm sorry.)
    "Guys, quit playing, we got to scope out everyone else." Piper's eyes narrowed and hopped on Mamoswine to get a better view.
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  15. (Hey guys, sorry for being late! :( I might use this as the basis for the Professor's Assistant or something in my Fakemon thing, like she was a battler before a Professor. I WON'T BE USING FAKEMON UNLESS I'M ALLOWED!!!)
    Name: Ashlynn Maple
    Partner: Chesnaught
    Experience: Defeated Kalos E4, acquainted with Ramos if that's relevant
    Region: Kalos
    Appearance: Long ginger hair that goes down a good bit past her shoulders, brown eyes, yellow tank top with a red and white zigzag pattern, brown shorts, tall orange and yellow sneakers.
    Team(in the color that corresponds w/ their gender): Aegislash, Trevenant, Goodra, Florges, Sylveon

    Ashlynn threw herself through the doors, landing flat on her face in front of everyone. Chesnaught lumbered behind her, used to its Trainer's clumsiness. "Oof," Ashlynn grunted as she got up. She dusted herself off and gave a large smile. "Hi! I'm Ashlynn!" she introduced herself, then brought out her Pokemon. An Aegislash, Trevenant, Goodra, Florges, and Sylveon materialized from the signature red beams that shot out from the Pokeballs. Aegislash, in its Shield Forme, floated in front of its Trainer in case another Pokemon decided to attack. Trevenant looked around at the others. It was the silent killer type of Pokemon. Goodra looked nervous; it was pretty shy unless the Dragon Type was engaged in battle. Florges rolled its eyes at Goodra. It was annoyed at the other Pokemon's shyness, it wasn't like someone was just going to jump out and attack randomly! And even if they did, Goodra was a pretty good fighter. Sylveon saw a Glaceon across the room and bounded over. It stopped right in front of its fellow Eeveelution and wagged its tail.
    "Eon Sylveon!"(Hi! How are you?) it greeted the Pokemon.
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  16. Becca was surprised to see them.
    "Well that's what I call a turnout!a" She exclaimed, nudging Typhlosion.
    "Alright team, let's go! Aerodactyl, shut up. Everyone line up and-" She sighed as Raichu tried to make a move on the females. "Raichu get your tail over HERE! The games are gonna begin! Everyone, around me, sit down!" She scolded them, as dragonite made sure everyone was in place.
    "The first part, everyone stand with your partners, your team can watch from the spectate area. Come to the podium and you can grab a random pokemon." The announcer said, gesturing to the pokeballs in front of him.
    @silenttreecko @AspenTR33 @FurywolfMI your in!
    @D.j The Hydreigon please change mewtwo, or get permission from admins.
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  17. I just changed it.
  18. Nathan was excited to participate in the Pokémon games,but at the same time he started to wonder about the other participants. As he was thinking of that he started to get excited to meet them and their Pokémon teams, but then smacked into the door and saw that everyone was looking. He opened the door and try to act like nothing happened, but started to turn red from embarrassment. He then said " Hi my name is Nathan. I hope we can have fun in these games." Nathan said which was barely audible.
  19. Ashlynn nodded to her team. Chesnaught picked Sylveon, who had been trying to make conversation with another Trainer's Glaceon, up and carried it to the spectating area. The others followed and watched as Ashlynn walked up to the podium. Aegislash changed to its Blade Forme, always alert and ready to protect its Trainer if something were to happen. Suppose the Pokemon she picked was insane and hostile and attacked? Ashlynn looked at the Pokeballs, indecision written clearly all over her face. "Umm...I'll take...Uh...This one!" she picked up a random one and stepped away from the podium.
  20. "Oh great! That's our cue Girafarig!" *They both moved over to the podium* Joy was actually quite nervous. Obviously, she could hold her own, but she would admit that she wasn't the best at battling. *She walked up to the Balls* "Okay Girafarig, which one looks good to you?" (Gira!) *It nudged one of the balls* "Okay, thanks Freckles!" *She picked up a ball*

    (Glae!) I'm not here to chat, i'm here to watch Joy win. Get away from me, Commoner! *to the sylveon*

  21. Becca took a deep breath, and grabbed a Pokeball. She took a moment to look at her team, who were cheering from the stands. Then she threw the pokeball.
    "GO! Pokeball!" She shouted, she had a Donphan. Not bad! She pumped her fist and ran over to the elephant. She started to explain that she was it's new partner. Then she eagerly waited to see what others would get.
    @Albienvikke no one lines please
    I went to a random generator and got 232. Yay!
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  22. Seeing what Becca did, Ashlynn threw the ball. She had a unique way of throwing it. The girl bent down so that the Pokeball went just below her knees, then threw it almost straight up. The Pokeball bounced off of the ground. It turned out that she had a Gogoat. The Pokemon turned to Ashlynn. Ashlynn, being from the Kalos Region, knew exactly what to do. She grabbed onto Gogoat's horns and thought about how much she wanted to win and have fun. A pale green glow emanated from Gogoat's horns for a few seconds. Ashlynn removed her hands and the glow faded. Gogoat looked up at the Trainer and nodded. Ashlynn didn't even need to say a word. She smiled, thinking of how Ramos had a Gogoat as well and did a similar thing.
  23. "Deep breath... Okay! Lets GO!" *She did her signature twirl-and-hop, Then threw her new friend strait up.* "K'mon k'mon k'mon! Please be great! i'll need it..."

    It was.....

    An Alakazam!
    "Phew! Okay new friend, Lets rock this!" *She walked over to the Alakazam and introduced herself. She also shook its hand.*
    (OOC: I did actually random gen that)
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  24. Piper walked up to the podium and had Gardevoir choose one.
    "Garedevoir!" She used her telekinetic power to give it to Piper.
    "Alright guys, let's see who the lucky winner is." Piper laughed.
    "Arcanine!" Piper was ecstatic!
    "A DOGGO!! AND HE IS A FIRE TYPE." Piper's eyes sparkled, she was a bit obsessed with Arcanine's and Houndooms.
    "Arcanine!" He licked Piper and walked around meeting the other team member's.
    (Okay, so I went to random.org, and generated a number 1-100, and got 59. I am so happy)
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  25. Becca smiled at the others and turned to the podium. The man started to speak.
    "You will go on a cross country course. It's not a race, but an obstacle course. Each Pokémon has special powers that will help you throughout the way." Becca glanced at Donphan, looking him over. His tusks could life heavy things, and he could dig under other things. He could swim, maybe? She scanned everyone else's Pokémon. Arcanine is fast, he can jump high, his weakness is water. Alakazam could use his Psychic powers to lift things. Gogoat was speedy as well, and could jump higher than arcanine. She was so excited, and ready to go. When the announcer started to count down, her Pokémon went to the stands, she hopped on Donphans back, and with the blank fire of a pistol, they were off!
  26. Piper hopped on Arcanine and ran, she felt the wind in her face.
    "Woah!" she came to a halt, a huge river was in her way.
    "Of course its a river." Piper scanned the distance of the gap to the other side.
    "Okay, Arcanine, run the other way to get speed, then jump at the last second!" Piper commanded.
    "Arcanine!" He started running.
    "We are gonna make it!" Piper jinxed herself.
    "Thats what I get don't I." Piper pulled the dog up to the shore.
    "We had one foot to go. Just one." Piper said still dripping.
    "Okay, lets go." She jumped back on and pretty soon Arcanine's heat dried her.
    "Jump!" Arcanine hurdled over the giant tree that was in their way, it wasn't long before they were neck in neck with Becca.
  27. "Donphan! Dig!" She cried out. The giant elephant Pokémon dug down, underground. She was in a hollow tunnel. They ran and the ground rumbled. Someone was over them. She commanded him to go to the surface, as they went up, they collided with Piper and Arcanine.
    "Augh! Scuse me, I've got a race to win!" She laughed, rumbling on with Donphan.
  28. "Oh it is on!" Arcanine, set this forest a blaze!" The forest was now completely in flames, the only way out was on fire.
    "Arcanine, speed up!" Piper braced herself for the heat.
    "Ouch!" Piper was very burnt.
    "Hopefully Nurse Joy can help with this." Piper grimaced with each stride, but ignored it her best.
    "Let the race continue." Piper said through her teeth.
  29. "Okay, Alakazam! Lets Go!" *the Alakazam pick up Joy and itself with Telekenisis, and they both started flying forward.* (Obviously, there were flying obstacles too.) *Several rings where around them as well as a few rocks coming up from below.* "Alakazam, Avoiding the obstacles is the top priority. Even if we go slowly, it's fine as long as we avoid everything." *He nods* "Alakazam." *They both fly between the rings gracefully, making sure not to hit anything. Quickly dodging between the rocks, they dip beneath the clouds to find that the forest is ablaze.* "That could be useful! Alakazam, get a little of that fire, would you?" *They come in close, in fact, almost too close, but Alakazam grabbed some fire with Psychic, and they flew back up above the clouds.*
  30. Piper could see the finish line, then fire landed on her.
    "Hey!" She looked up at the Alakazam.
    "Arcanine, use fire blast!" Arcanine blew a ring of fire towards their competitors.
    "Come on, we are so close!" Arcanine increased in speed.
  31. "DONPHAN!" She yelled, they burrowed under and were underground for a few minutes. Then she came up and tied with Devan and Joy.
    "NOOOOO!!" She shouted, then started laughing.
    "Course. Good game." She chuckled, shaking their hands. She returned Donphan.
  32. Piper came to a screeching halt when they past the finish line and immediately went to find a nurse.
    "Man, I really should be less competitive." Piper said rubbing her burns.
    "Arcanine, thank you so much for helping me!" She walked up to the big guy and he licked her face.
    "Hehe." The doggo's nose twitched and he looked behind Piper and saw a Blissey with it's hands extended to give Piper an egg to eat.
    "Thanks you!" Piper smiled at the pink Pokemon.
    "Okay, should we see who the winner is?" Piper asked the girls, and headed over to the photo finish booth.
  33. *Alakazam and Joy were swooping in from the finish, when she saw Piper and Becca were going for it too.* "Okay, now Alakazam! Faster! MUCH Faster!" *They were zooming towards the finish now, And quickly passed the line.* "Phew... Great job Alakazam!" *She shook it's hand once more, then turned and walked toward Piper and Becca* "I'm so excited to figure out who won!~ I mean, i'd like to think i did pretty good. but i probably lost."
  34. (OOC: Sorry about that! I was two hours away from my computer! :'| Guess I'll just have to write this from the beginning then XD)
    Ashlynn swung her leg over Gogoat's back and grabbed onto its horns again. They took off at the sound of the pistol, leaping over the river. They swerved through the trees, about to catch up with Becca, Piper and Joy. That is, until Arcanine set the trees on fire. A branch crashed to the ground in front of Gogoat, causing it to stop and almost fling Ashlynn off. More branches fell, enclosing the duo. Ashlynn became increasingly lightheaded from the smoke and rolled off of Gogoat. She looked at the terrified Grass type, then her vision became blurry. Within a few seconds, Ashlynn blacked out.

    Ashlynn woke on a cot. She hurt all over, from the combined burns and headache. She sat up, then immediately laid back down again. "Auuuugh..." Ashlynn moaned.
  35. Arcanine smelled someone in the fire and got Piper's attention.
    "Let's go!" Piper waved Gardevoir over.
    "Gardevoir, use psychic on the branch!" She pointed to the branch that Ashlynn was under.
    "Okay, Arcanine and Gardevoir get the Gogoat." Piper said as she carried Ashlynn to safety.
    "I need a nurse!" Piper shrieked.
    "I feel so bad, this is all my fault. Why am I so competitive?" Piper questioned angrily.
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  36. (Ooc: Is that last comment before or after the finish? I'm going to assume after and do this: )
    *Joy's eyes widened to the size of plates* "Oh my gosh!" *She ran over to Ashlynn* "Why is the the one time that i don't have a pokemon with Heal pulse? Oh my goodness, oh dear lordy, okay, okay, she'll be fine... nurse joy is a wonderful doctor, she'll be fine! Glaceon! Come over here." *Glaceon reluctantly walked over, and, assessing the situation, decided to help out and use Wish.*
  37. Piper put Ashlynn on the stretcher and collapsed from exhaustion.
    "Thank Areceaus for my strength." Piper laughed looking at her muscles.
    "Okay, Mamoswine, use powder snow on me please, only a little bit though!" Piper said who was sweating like crazy.
    "Man, she was way lighter than I would have thought, but im glad for it." Piper thought to herself.
  38. Becca gaped the the scene and quickly snapped into action.
    "POLIWRATH! Go take her to Nurse Joy, she's at the PokeCentre a few blocks away!" The Poliwrath jumped from the stands and ran to attend to Ashlynn. Bevca then ran to the others and helped up Piper.
    "How did that happen?" She breathed.
  39. "Nurse Joy, after you look at Ashlynn, can you take a look at my burns?" Piper asked rubbing her charred arms.
    "Of course!" Nurse Joy said with a smile.
    "And Becca... I caused this, I am such a dope. I only care about myself, that's why the forest it on FIRE. I wanted to win.." Piper said with a frown.
    "Sorry." She said Mareepishly. (Lol, the puns are real.)
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