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Ask to Join The Pokemon Evolution Grounds RP!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ~:Mist:~, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Please do not sign up here! This is the main role play thread. If you would like to join however, you can sign up here! http://pokecharms.com/threads/the-pokemon-evolution-grounds.13718/

    The role play shall begin at each town. From there, you can do what you want. Make journey friends, get supplies, or start on the path to evolution. :)
    "Come on mom, I have to go soon!" Cocoa tried to push away his mother as she groomed him with her ribbons.

    "It's finally your big day! Your going to go to the evolution grounds to evolve!" The Sylveon said with happiness and pride. "Make sure you stay safe okay?" Despite her excitement, there was worry in her eyes and a little bit of sadness.

    "Yeah yeah, can I go now?" Cocoa said, jumping up and running towards the door. He jumped up and down with his eyes shining with anticipation. A world was waiting for him and it no longer had a place to run. He was going to explore every corner and evolve at the Evolution Grounds.

    "Yes Cocoa, good luck on your journey!" Cocoa's mother said smiling before she listened to the wooden door open and shut as Cocoa left the house to his new adventure.

    Cocoa wandered Trevenant's Rest as he watched the town quietly. The fountain was spewing out water which ran down the stone pavement and into the vents. He breathed in the fresh air and shouted loudly, "I'M GOING TO GO ON A ADVENTURE!!" His head pointed to the sky with a smile on his face. He then blushed slightly when he realized, hey, this is the most clique possible beginning of some kind story. He shook his head lightly before he started to search for the supply store where he could buy some important items that could help him when he left this peaceful town.
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  2. Midnight walked outside of his Den. It was on the side of an Mountain, also known as Kyorgres Coral. He stretched and yawned before splashing his face with water. He looked around. He was in the middke of a battle between a Glameow and Purrloin. Midnight had set his home up between the two clans, not knowing about the rivalry between them. He tried sneaking past, before a large thud hit the ground. The Glameow remained victorious standing tall. Before Midnight could react he was spotted by the Glameow. She walked around Midnight, terror in his eyes. Before he knew it he was grabbed by a purrugly, as he was wishes away by the two cat Pokemon. He struggled but couldn't get free of the Purrugly's grip. He sighed giving up. "Thats what I get for getting up today." Midnight sighed.
  3. Ria sighed, looking around from just outside of her doorstep. Her parents had just finished giving her what she called "The Evolution Lecture", and she had a headache. All she wanted to do was head to the supply store and get this adventure underway as soon as possible. She couldn't wait to evolve, so she skipped merrily towards the supply store - until she heard a yell.


    Ria looked around for the source of the yell until she saw an Eevee, slightly darker in color than most, tilting his head up towards the sky. The Eevee looked around for a few moments, probably looking for the supply store as well. Deciding that he might need help finding it, she trotted along to him. "Hullo there, are you looking for the supply store as well? I believe I know where it is, if you want to join me," Ria asked, tilting her head and giving the Eevee a close-eyed smile.

    The Eevee looked like he was ready to run at any second, but not from fear, no. It was simply from sheer excitement, an excitement that Ria herself shared. She giggled a bit in thought, but when she realized that her giggling made no contextual sense in the situation that she was in, she blushed ever so slightly. After giving her head a couple of shakes, she looked back at the Eevee, waiting for a response. "Oh, by the way," she added with a polite tone of voice, "my name is Ria. What's yours?"
  4. Midnight looked around. He was a long way from his home. Midnight took a glance at the Glameow. "Where are we Going?" Midnight asked impatiently. "The Glameow stopped and gave a nasty look over at the Silver Eevee. "Listen here Shiny! We're taking you to our leader! She will decide what to do with you! In the meantime you're stuck with me and now your gonna shut up, before I cause another Red stain in your little!" The Glameow started making up words now, as she went into a frenzy. The Purrugly continued walking.

    In awhile they stopped at a large rock. Before Midnight could speak he was knocked out cold. He woke up strapped in a chair, along with a Purrloin. "Where am I!?" Midnight started to panic. The Purrloin sighed. She put her paw above the Eevees mouth. She frowned, letting her paw go. Midnight sighed, preparing for what would happen.
  5. Cocoa perked his ears up at the voice. He turned around to see a Skiddo. He smiled before he said, "Actually, that would be great.. I have no idea where the store actually is bu-." Cocoa realized he was rambling and shook his head. "Anyways, my names Cocoa! Nice to meet you Ria!" He said happily, bouncing up and down.
    "Are you going to the Evolution Grounds too?" The Eevee asked with curiosity. He tilted his head to side to see her milky white eyes. He looked carefully, thinking she was blind for a moment. Instead of asking the Skiddo directly, he decided to bring it up at a later time. A light breeze blew over the forest town, causing a small, invigorating shiver before Cocoa looked towards the brightly lit shops that were nearby.
  6. The shiny Charmander sighed.

    He walked away from his home, his blue eye blinked (ooc:the one with the scar cant really blink) his tail swaying back and forth. His small fire got a tiny bit bigger from the heat. He decided to grab some berries just in case. He climbs up the tree, grabbing five oran berries. The he climbed down.

    "Flame." He grunts. "Thats what my mom always said. That brat is blaming me for everything." He thought. "Its not my fault Tip is trying to get me to play with him." (Ooc: Tip is Flames brother. Tip always tries to play with him, but they both get into trouble. His mom blames him cuz she is always like "my sweet lil tippy wouldnt do a thing!")
  7. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest of them all..."

    Sun trailed over the still water of a small pool, a lonesome joining of raindrops within a small hollow in the vast stone floor of the getaway, a tear within the earth so subtle that it evaded all but the keenest of eyes and so thin that it shunned all but the sleekest of frame. A sneering mouth within the earth, the throat of the crevice fell a meter deep, narrow and steep, until it leveled quickly into a flat plain of a stomach, circular and smooth, a layer of stone that cooled the paws and hid beneath the capes of shadows, for the only light within the stomach of the crevice came from the sneering mouth, grown jagged by its stony teeth. True to the digestive system the crevice resembled, it was not long before the platform fell away into numerous caverns, as twisted and curled into each other as intestines. The cave was one of many edging between the beach and the small town known as Kyogre's Coral, snuggled into the layers of exposed stone, carved within them by the blades of the sea when it had been much greater, vast enough to cover even the town that now stood on its beaches. In the expanse of stone edging the beach, the crevice was likely to be overlooked, for it was thin and subtle among the numerous tunnels the waves had carved, but it made the perfect hiding place for such a batty, unruly cat as Jupiter.

    She traced a paw along the edges of the small pool of water, just high enough that she took no risk of chafing it's pearl like surface, and again the cat repeated those lines in her head, staring at her reflection among the shards of dawn light that sunk in from the sneering mouth and seemed to swim within the water itself.

    "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest of them all."

    And within the water was the cat's reflection, flickering lightly on its surface like a sheet of aluminum foil. There was the murky image of a Purrloin, with hair like a bed of snakes writhing, tangled, and tufted upon her skin, a smile as long and thin as a serpent, and ears that perked high upon her head with a show of majesty, great tufts of snake-like fur flaring from their tips in the manner of a Lynx cat. Completing the image was a dark red eye, a stain upon the picture, the color seeming to leak out of the iris as if it was some sort bleeding storm, always churning like a whirlpool of wind.

    The light began to slip out of the picture as the sun began its long climb into the sky and pulled its tendrils out of the sneering mouth in the earth, and Jupiter drew her paw back from the water, completing her circle around the edge of her liquid mirror. Her stormy eye seemed to wander apart from the other, lazily rolling in its socket, and, in a movement so swift it seemed to be done without thought of her own, she lashed her retreating paw back towards the pool and released a set of long, curved, stone white claws that tore apart the pearly stillness of the pool and shattered the reflection in a tidal wave of ripples, and as the pool, unsettled, licked at its confinements with an eerie swish, the cat snickered, a long, low sound that echoed throughout the stony stomach and escaped through the sneering mouth of the earth with a ghastly whisper, for quickly it grew faint on its journey out of the crevice.

    Jupiter, as she snickered, drew her lips back with a gleam of her pallid teeth and arched her back, hairs bristling along her spine and eyes glazed and darting, as if she feared the shadows themselves. A ghostly whisper of a sound slipped beneath her snicker as she sheathed her claws with a flick of her paw, and just as quickly as the actions began they stopped, the unruly cat straightening herself and licking the back of her paw with a graceful twist in her tail, stormy eye wandering aimlessly, staring at the shadows of the earth.

    The cat turned and leaped straight up from where she sat, snagging a claw into the cavern's throat and worming her way out of the sneering crevice, a single goal in her cobwebbed mind.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall.... to be the greatest of them all.

    It was time that she evolved.
  8. Flame kept walking, as he popped one of his oran berries in his mouth.The shiny Charmander's eye blazed in anger when he heard Tip. "Bye brother!" He yelled. Flame grunts, ignoring him. He kept walking. Flame sighed.
  9. Midnight looked down. There was a Glameow staring at him. "Are these the one you spoke of?" She asked. The Purrugly nodded. "So, you two are from the Shadow Clan?" The Glameow asked. "What! I'm not a part of any clan, not will I be!" Midnight grunted. The Glameow took a long stare at Midnight. "Let him Go!" She commanded. Two Glameow unstrapped the Eevee, but held him tight. The leader looked to her right. She asked the Purrloin a question. "No." She said firmly. "I don't believe you." She said. The Glameow made a signal with her tail. Two Glameow stacked upon each other. They jumped on the Purrloin, causing extra force.

    Midnight watched. A shiver went up his spine, as the two cat Pokemon stacked upon the Purrloin. "At least it could be worse." Midnight thought. The Purrloin was in a deep pain. "Did you come from the Shadow Clan?" She repeated herself. "Y-Yes!" The Purrloin yelled. The Glameow made another signal. Another Glameow jumped upon the stack, The Purrloin meowed in pain. Midnight turned away. The Glameow asked one final question. "Where is your base?" She asked. The Purrloin didn't respond. "Finish her." The Glameow signaled. A purrugly walked up to the Purrloin, terror in the cat pokemon's eyes. Midnight couldent take it. He broke free from the Glameow's grasp. He takes the Purrugly and unstrapped the Purrloin. "You owe me one!" Midnight yelled, dashing away. The Purrloin jumped up, following the Shiny.

    The two made it out of the base, running for their lives. The Purrlion knew the Glameow were relentless, so she dashed ahead having a greater speed than the Eevee. Midnight stopped running gasping for air near a tree. He looked around. He was safe for now. "Ahh." He sighed in relief. He collapsed, happily. "Thanks Shiny!" A voice was heard. Midnight looked around. There was no one to be seen. A Purrloin pounced at the Eevee from above. Midnight blushing. "Thanks for your help, the Purrloin smirked. Midnight blushed. "N-No Problem. J-Just do me a favor by getting off me." Midnight's face turned from silver to a bright red. The Purrloin ignored laying on him.

    "So where you heading?" The Purrloin asked.
    "What do you mean? I only left my Den to be Kidnapped." Midnight sighed.
    "Well it's obvious that those Glameow and Purrugly will track us down. You should come join the Shadow Clan. ;)"
    "No. I'm just going to go to my Den and that's it."
    "But they know where you live. That den is the first place thy would check. The next thing you know, you're living under a Purrugly." The Purrloin smiled.
    " Well, I don't know." Midnight sighed.
    "Well I do have an Idea." The Glameow snickered. Midnight perked up.
    "You could evolve. When you evolve you be able to hold up against them for a while then you'll have enough time to move your place." The Purrloin smiled. Midnight looked down. "I really don't have much of an Option do I?" He asked. The Purrloin smiled. "Fine. I know a place that we can evolve." Midnight smiled. Once he got up he heard screaming. It was the River Clan. "Quickly!" The cat yelled. And like that both Midnight and the Purrloin dashed off.
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  10. He heard something.
    "Hey goldy, why you on our territory huh?" Flame turned seeing a Riolu. "This is Kyorge Coral, you cannot claim anything. " Flame growled. "Goodie two shoes ay? This small part of Kyorgre Coral belongs to a small group of Riolus, led by a Lucario." The Riolu chuckled.

    Flame heard more pokemon. He saw 5 other Riolus come out. And finally, the Lucario. "We're a pack of seven, shorty."
  11. Midnight and Purrlion dashed through the forest, until they had made it back to Kyorgre's Coral. "Wait here!" Midnight said, dashing into his den. The Purrlion looked around. Thier was a fight going on between a Charm and we and a squad or Riolu with a Locario as leader. "She smiled as she watched. "Whoop! Go Riolu!" Purrlion yelled. Midnight dashed back out. He had a bag of items. He handed the Purrlion a Attack Band, before realizing that a fight was going on. "You voted for the Riolu's right?" Midnight asked. The Purrlion nodded. "Good, Good." Midnight smiled. He layed down, forgetting about the Humongous Clan following the two.
  12. The Riolu smiled. "If you wanna get past me, you must fight." The Riolu spoke. "Is tha okay, Spike?" She asked, turning to the Lucario. He nodde. The Shiny Charmander's eye widens.
    The Riolu jumped at Flame, grabbing him by the tail. She twirled and threw Flame into the tree. "Ow!"
    Flame got up, and uses flamethrower on Riolu. Riolu dodged and used force palm. Flame got back up, using quick attack. Riolu was sent flying into a tree. She got up in pain. But she didnt give up. Flame was in pain as well. Flame then uses Ember.

    Riolu dodged, using scratch. Flame used growl. "Just let me pass!" Flame shouted. "No thank you. Not unless you win." Riolu grinned. Flame uses growl again. She tries to use scratch again, but Flame bit her arm and used Ember. Riolu uses protect to stop him. She broke free as Flame stumbled back.
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  13. Torch woke up and stretched. "Ugh, maybe make some friends before I go." (Trevenant's Rest)
    She looked for others.
    "Hello? Anyone there???"
  14. (Ooc yay someones on, too bad im in kyorgres coral)

    Flame fell on his belly, giving up. "I won." Riolu said. The leader, Spike the Lucario then spoke. "Grab him. We're taking him to our tree." He orders. 2 Riolus grabbed Flame, as the group of seven walked away with him.
  15. (OOC: Sorry guys, I was asleep. Apparently our time zones are drastically different.)

    Zara, admittedly, had gotten a late start.

    Her own home wasn't anything special. Unlike the glorious, endlessly winding caverns and the majestic abodes Pokémon had made themselves by the sea, Zara's was bleak in comparison. About halfway up the mountain near the beach known as Kyogre's Coral sat a ledge, behind it a small dip about ten feet in that could barely be called a cave. This, however, was the best she could get, as many others had already been claimed, not to mention the four clans that rested below.

    Truth be told, she'd tried to get a better one, but that didn't end so well for her, fighting a Rhydon head on. Instead, she'd settled for the ledge, startling away a flock of Pidgey that probably lived there.
    Heck, the lion Pokémon didn't care.

    At least not until the first gust hit her.

    Zara awoke with a start, eyes slowly scanning upwards from the large, claw like talons to meet with a Pidgeot's angered face.

    "H-Hey, pal, why don't we just talk this out and-," she cut herself off, dropping the act as she threw him an Ember straight to the eyes, singeing his feathers and giving the lion Pokémon an oppurtunity to run away, not to flee, but to position for another shot.

    The Pideot's scowl deepened as he spotted the culprit. Luckily for him, she hadn't gone far, but unluckily for the lion cub…


    Clawed talons grabbed the ruff of Zara's neck, startling her and causing her to "fall", though she was clearly unable to as the Pidgeot's grasp tightened. He opened his beak to speak, practically blowing smoke. Thanks to the ember, however, he was literally blowing smoke as well.

    "Listen here, punk," he practically growled, something that would seem impossible for a bird to do, his grip tightening to the point where it had began to hurt. "This is the nest of my family, an' I'm not lettin' a little kitten change that!" With that, not even giving Zara a chance to respond, he dropped the lion from the ledge, a death wish for most.

    The Pokémon bit her tounge to keep herself from screaming, giving herself a chance to flip over midair, ensuring she'd land on all four paws. Unfortunately, as soon as the first one made contact, the sand had other ideas, leaving her to tip over as soon as the other paws touched ground.

    Peering into a familiar mouth-like cave for a moment, she decided it wasn't worth it. Instead, she had something else to do. That insult had sent her over the edge… literally and figuratively.

    "That's it. I'm evolving. Then we'll see who's a little kitten."
  16. "Do you think we should help him?" Midnight asked. The Purrlion shrugged. "Eh, he'll find his was out eventually." The two stood up. Before they could start walking a burst if sand was sent in the air. Midnight looked around. He saw a Little in the sand. "Um, are you ok?" Midnight asked. "Of course she isn't!" The Purrlion yelled.
  17. (OOC: I was asleep, too... :p)

    "Ugh! How am I supposed to do thi- ACK!" Kaos attempted to yell out to the oasis of Regirock Desert, but wound up with a mouthful of sand. Spitting it out onto the ground, he grumbled. "This should be fun," he said to himself, sarcastically, earning another mouthful of flying sand. Choking, the Oshawott tried to empty his mouth yet again, remembering not to say anything until he got out of town. With his play glasses on the bridge of his nose as a sort of shield for his eyes, he trudged through the sand, heading out of town, a scowl on his face. What a perfect day to go out exploring.

    Why did he have to start his evolution journey on such a windy day, anyway? The sand created tiny sandstorms everywhere he looked! Poor Kaos wished he could've been cold as he walked, but he was burning hot from hat-covered head to toe. His plaid shirt wasn't helping much, either. Pulling an arm out of its sleeve, he grabbed the shell that resided on his chest, put his arm back through, and fanned himself. "Ew," he breathed out, mouth filling with- well, you know.

    Making sure he did not speak as he slowly walked through the sand, the Oshawott continued on his way through Regirock Desert, hatred for the place filling every inch of his body.

    Kaos thought of it this way, though: Once he evolves, there will be more body to fill with hate! But not just hate, oh no: love. Love for the pretty things in life, like Vulpix, Wigglytuff, Dragonair, Flaaffy, and the like. Mood lightening at the thought, the corner of his mouth perked up in a sort-of smile as he imagined how many females would fall for him once he became a Dewott, or even a Samurott!

    Now fairly far from the town, the still-Oshawott could see a set of silhouettes in the distance. Blue eyes widening, his pace quickened as he walked over. As he got closer and closer, though, he wasn't sure if he should've regretted his decision or not.

    For standing in front of him was a trio of Maractus.

    Making sure his shirt wasn't wrinkled or his glasses were about to fall off, Kaos approached the group of Cactus Pokemon, a seductive smile plastered on his face. Sure, the folks back in town might've warned him of these types of Pokemon, but the lust he felt was too great for him to remember or care at the moment.

    He could now see the Maractus clearly. One of the three was more purple/pink than green, like the others. Lord Arceus, she's pretty...

    "Hello, ladies," Kaos spoke, arms crossed over his chest, smile still on his face. "What might your names be, hm? I'm sure they're beautiful, like yourselves."

    The Maractus looked at each other, making sure the Oshawott couldn't see their smirks. Turning back to face Kaos, one spoke in a fairly high-pitched voice. "Oh, you're such a gentleman!" All three giggled in unison.

    Then they told him their names, in their actual voices.


    "Garland," said the shiny.


    Kaos's expression was priceless. He looked mortified. See, this wasn't the first time he mistook male Pokemon for females, but it was embarrassing nonetheless. With a sliver of hope still in him, he chuckled awkwardly, replied:

    "Ora's a pretty name."

    Huffing, the Maractus named Ora leaned closer to Cassius and Garland. "May I?"

    "Yup," both Maractus replied.

    "Thanks," said Ora, as he turned back towards Kaos, inching closer to him with his lack of limbs. A smile the Oshawott would've thought as pretty any other time spread over the Maractus's face as the spikes on his arms seemed to get sharper and pointier by the second.

    Then, before Kaos could do anything, Ora used Needle Arm in a fit of anger. Like the Oshawott, this was not the first time he was mistaken for a female, but it would surely be the last.

    It hit him like a truck, sent him flying into a sand dune head first. Garland, Ora, and Cassius laughed as they headed off. "That's the last time you'll ever make assumptions, cutie!"

    Pulling his head out of the sand that he hated oh-so-much, Kaos fumed, shaking the specks off his glasses and out of his shirt. "Cutie!" his face flushed at the name. With a new hatred, the Oshawott headed in the direction opposite that of the Maractus.

    Cutie! The nerve of some Pokemon! He was not cute! He was tough, and handsome, and not cute! Ooh, I better find this evolution place soon! Then I can show them who's cute! I won't forget your names, Ora... Who were the others, again?

    (OOC: I'm not the only one starting in the desert, am I? Forever alone... i cri)
  18. Shira walked in Kyogre's Coral, and she sighed. She didn't she anyone near her. She saw a lot of water types ahead. "OH COME ON!! WATER TYPES! THIS IS JUST GREAT!" She yelled. She really is afraid of water types ahead, so she went on the ground to just attempt to surrender. She didn't all have fire type moves to use, that is a very good thing. A Wartortle ran after her. "Oh no you don't Take this." as she shot a Hidden Power, and it hit the Wartortle.

    The Ponyta had a dirty look at the Wartortle, and she attacked with Tackle. The Wartorle used Water Pulse. "Ouch.." Shira said, gasping in horror.
  19. (OOC: I would've started in the desert, but I didn't think anyone else was there, cri.)

    Spitting out a mouthful of beachy sand, the Litleo turned to the shiny Eevee and scowled, "I'm. Fine," she said defiantly.

    Then she noticed the Purrloin.

    "Alrighty then, you two are more of those freakin' clan cats, aren'tcha. If you are, can you tell your brethren to SHUT UP? Seriously, is yowling all you do at night?" Understandably, she was a lot crankier than usual, partially because she'd been rudely woken up, partially due to the grit in her fur.

    Taking a deep breath and shaking some of the sand out of her fur (unfortunately, most of it stayed stuck in the matted hairs), the Litleo recollected herself. "Apologies, but what the heck are you doing out here anyway?"

    While she saw the Wartortle out of the corner of her eye, she'd figured whoever was fighting it had it handled. Plus, it wasn't like she was a mind reader.
  20. "I'm not a clan member. I'm neutral. But I know who is. Midnight said turning his head. "The Purrlion blushed. "Ok I'm a Clan Member. And plus don't complain to me about the Thunder Clans yelling. Thier cats not Wolf's." She yelled. Midnight looked up, the sun was setting. "Man, you must of overslept." Midnight smiled.
  21. "I do realize that you're cats, not Mightyena, doesn't mean you aren't loud as such," she said matter-of-factly. "Still doesn't explain why you're here."

    She let out a groan at the Eevee's comment, thinking of multiple things she could snap back, amoung them being 'you're one to talk', 'fight me, Helen', and 'does this look like a joke to you?' Instead, she went with the first thing she could get herself to say…

    "I can't help it, what's your excuse?"

    Internally, this earned herself a facepaw. It made little to no sense in this context, but heck, at least she tried. Zara let herself grin, hoping he wouldn't be able to think of a comeback for that in the first two to three seconds.

    "Oh, and what did you say your names were?"
  22. "Hey I didnt say anything was wrong with it. I oversleep all the time." He smirked. "And My name is Midnight." The Silver Eevee loom. "I don't have one." The Purrlion replyed. "What!!!" You dont have a name!" Midnight said in shock. The Purrlion shrugged.
  23. The Litleo couldn't help but snigger at the Eevee. To be perfectly honest, she could tell, but didn't want to say anything.

    Okay, that was a lie, she absolutely wanted to say something, but some fiber of her self-conscious was preventing that.

    "I'm Zara, by the way," she said afterwards. After all, they'd given her their names. And if you call me 'Sarah,' I swear to Arceus, she thought afterwards, figuring she'd rather keep these temporary allies. While they looked rather pathetic, Liepard were known to be rather strong and cunning and Eevee could evolve into all types… though he could just as easily backstab her by evolving into Vaporeon and, Arceus forbid, Espeon.

    But hey, at least everything was moving relatively smoothly… discounting the fact that she just got shoved out of her home by an overgrown pigeon.

    Zara, for once, was honestly surprised at the fact that the Purrloin was nameless. "Huh, I could'a sworn that the clan cats had hybrid names… or something like that," she ran a paw through the sand, thinking. "Like Oranrose, or Flowertom or something like that." Somehow, she'd managed to keep herself from saying 'Runningnose' and 'Flowertounge,' with the fact that an entire clan of cats could be siced on her at any moment.

    "Or, y'know, Runningnose."

  24. The ocean roared in the Purrloin's lynx like ears, the howling wind attempting to tug the ears off of their high perch, all the while tugging and flicking the cat's snake-like fur until it writhed upon her skin, particles of salt water lodging themselves whenever possible into the soft swathes of fur, forming fragile crusts along its tips. This was to be her payment for residing so near to the ocean, where no right minded creature would settle down, what with the peril of the fickle tides and the sand that clogged her fur laden paws and caused every pace she made to be accompanied by a swift flick in attempt to rid them of such clingy debris as this sand. Disgusting, if she did say so herself. Still, such a place had merits. It was close enough to the ocean to ward off any rogue clans, for there wasn't room enough even in the vast expanse of caverns to house such an order of creatures, nor space enough above them to hunt or even a raise a family in good health, such was the brutality of prolonged exposure to the wind and the waves. In addition, the bed of rocks lay right near the collection of woven mats and poorly structured houses that seemed to call itself a town, and despite how flimsy it appeared, it was in the hands of a few particularly strong and right minded creatures that made it clear that anyone was welcome, provided they didn't try to claim the town for themselves. The storm eyed Purrloin had been surprised to find such morality on this blasted beach, but, she supposed, Pokemon were civil creatures after all.

    Kind of.

    Ah, but the Purrloin loved this excuse for a home, because everywhere she slinked along that sand filled shore was shrouded in early morning mist, and every paw step that sunk into the sand was swept away by the wind so that the batty cat felt giddy with the secret of her existence, so few traces did she leave behind that it was as if she hadn't even been there at all.

    Jupiter slinked out of the turmoil of the wind and into the outskirts of the town, placing herself beside the wall of a shop and sitting with a sort of dignity, ears perched high upon her head, their tips swooping like ribbons in the wind. She underwent her morning ritual of cleansing herself of the ocean's touch, combing the sand and salt out of her fur with tongue and teeth in the manner that a cat does, fastidiously grooming her fur until it appeared as soft as the velvet upon a rabbit pokemon's ears. Satisfied, the dark cat strolled through the town with a long, regal gait upon all four of her paws, for the cat never felt safe on just two, head high in the air, ears perched upon her head, scythe like tail swinging subtley and red eye rolling lazily in its socket.

    She'd need supplies for such a journey, but not only that, she would need a bag to carry them in, and it was for this that she searched. The batty cat certainly wasn't going to be able to carry anything worthwhile without one.

    After all, Pokemon were civil beings.

    Kind of.
  25. "Ok Zara. Where are you going?" Midnight asked. He turned over to the Purrlion. "Eh. You seem be like the Lion type." Midnight shrugged. "My Name is not a Lion!" She sighed, walking away. "Uh sorry Zara! I have to go!" He yelled, following the Purrlion.
  26. Soon they arrived at a large tree. "We shall ask questions." Spike tells them. "Tie him up so he won't run away." The two Riolus heald the shiny charmander tight. Then 2 other Riolus grabbed vines. They tide Flame up. "Question time, goldy. Im in charge of questions. Same with Flow. Flow, get yo butt over here." The same Riolu that apparently fought Flame spoke. "The name's Twig by the way."

    As soon Flow got there, they started "Why were you on our territory." Was the first question. "I'm going somewhere that's none of your business" Flame replies
    "Where are you going?" They ask.
    "I said none of your business!"
    "Strike one. If at strike three, your tail fire goes out. Tell us where you are going."
    "Fine, the evolution grounds!"
    "Hmmm. Alright."
    "Thats it. Let him free." Spike spoke. "But dont come back on our territory, shorty."
    Fine. Lets see about that when Im Charizard. He thought walking away.
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  27. "Well, I'm going to-" she was cut off as the pair discussed how fitting the name "Lion" would be on the Purrloin, though Zara didn't see the resemblance at all. Their conversation was cut off fully as the Purrloin walked away, Eevee in tow.

    Zara still found it ironic that a starch-white eevee's name was "Midnight," but didn't comment. Instead, she said her own farewell. "Goodbye then, I guess."

    The Litleo finally decided to wonder about the journey ahead. She could just rush in, but there were clan cats. What she needed were Oran berries, or really any sort of supplies at all.

    Unfortunately, they were all in 'her' alcove, which now had a new, feathered resident.

    Truth be told, Zara just wanting to move ahead and into clan territory already. She could take the cats… right?


    She sat down, remembering what had happened last time she'd tried to make it to the evolution grounds. The poor Litleo's butt had been kicked the moment she set paw into Shadowclan territory. Today it seemed she'd have to try… she sighed. "Strategy," the word felt sharp in her mouth, unnatural, even, but it seemed she'd have to take a crack at it if she wanted to evolve.


    There was but one place to find goods in the area, and that one place was the town of Kyogre's Coral.

    It was pathetic, really. The town itself was nearly in shambles, battered by the ocean winds and moved by the sands of time. The streets were always covered in sand and the wet footprints of something indeterminable, and everything smelled of salt and brine.

    However, Zara was one to talk, she fit that description just as well. Her own fur was matted with sand and the salty air, her appearance in shambles.

    She'd clean herself up later, but for now, she had a job to do.
  28. Flame grunts as the shiny charmander was walking back to the beach. He stared at the water type pokemon. He hopes not to get in much trouble.
  29. The Purrlion climbed up a tree, laying on a branch. "Aww come on. What about Leon?" Midnight teased. The Purrlion smiled. "Leave me alone. Besides it Night Time." She said, looking at the moon. Midnight sighed. "Fine." He smirked, falling asleep.
  30. Wind played with Jupiter's fur, less aggressive than it was at the beach, subdued by the houses and distance from the sea. Still, it held power, worming under the cat's fur and lashing the long, lynx like ears, their ribbons of fur twirling out behind the cat, then to left, then right as the fickle breeze shifted, slithering between the crudely created houses, coaxing the cat's coat into a writhing bed of snakes, and Jupiter fleetingly wondered whether it would ever die, whether its ghostly whistle would ever be banished from the ears that stood tall upon her head.

    The Purrloin's wonderings fell trapped into the cobwebs of her brain, and she wondered no more, stormy eye lazily turning away from the other and seeming to follow the ramshackle streets. Feeling sand start to cling to her fur clogged paws, the cat Pokemon turned higher into the street, where the wind was more furious, brushing away the sand from the stony surface in short, ragged breaths that sprang out of the sky and caused the cat to stop and brace herself, lest it push her over all together. Murmurs and footsteps swelled with the wind as the town awoke and drifted out into the streets, and the cat, without warning, leaped straight from where she stood just as she had done in the stomach of the earth, releasing four sets of stony white claws to snag the overhanging roof that loomed five feet or so above her head, as any cat worth their while should be able to do. Pushing herself up with her back feet, the batty creature tested her platform with one paw before sitting as if she were queen of the world, curling her scythe like tail about her feet, ears high atop her perfectly groomed head.

    Up there, the noises of the town faded to the swell of the wind and she felt the sting of salt as it lodged again into the swathes of purple fur and slipped into her ajar mouth to clash with her pearly fangs and graze her tongue with an unmistakable tang. With a small snicker, the cat settled down to watch the scene, looking for just one absentminded traveler to wander down the street.

    There. On the other side of the building, a large Granbull that was gazing slovenly upon the wares of a Dewott that, as the batty Purrloin knew, undoubtedly sold the finest pastries in town. She spotted the gleam of a coin pass between paws, flashing a beam of sun with a blinding wink, and watched as the Granbull picked up a rather large pie with a satisfied grin before strutting down the street and out onto the rocks of the beach, where, if she craned her neck, she could just catch him seat himself and begin to dig into his treat without a second thought. The Purrloin leaped silently down from her perch and, grand demeanor lost, slinked through the shadows of the town and weaved around Pokemon as they went about their morning business, long, scythe-like tail swinging wide from side to side as she followed the Fairy Pokemon.


    ''I do hope you know how dangerous is it out on these rocks.'' Came the voice of the Purrloin, sweet as the pie the Granbull held, the cat's eyes wide and truthful. The Granbull paused his eating, one paw covered in a mass of pie, voice gruff and curious, for every other cat like creature he'd met along the way had taken no time to chat before they attacked. And none of them had been this... queer, either, for the cat that he spoke with had a red eye that rolled apart from the other and long, ribbon like fur upon the tips of her ears.

    ''Well, I spoke to that Dewott, and he jus' said that the rocks were all afine to eat on, safe and such.'' The Granbull scratched his ear, confused by the conflicting information he'd received.

    ''That Dewott's a right big liar, he is. A merchant to his core. I bet he even cheated you out of your money for that pie, bet he did. You did count your money, didn't you?'' responded the cat, sweet as ever, with a small, piping voice, her tail beginning to wave in the air. The Granbull paused, scratching his head. He hadn't, now that he thought about it. He was just so hungry to get to eating that pie- the journey over was long and arduous and those cat Pokemon just wouldn't give him a break. Again, he doubted the cat's trustworthiness, but hunger gnawed at his stomach and caused him to react in careless haste. After all, he hadn't seen any other cats with this queer creature, and he supposed that was safety enough.

    ''Well, no, I guess I didn't. You don't think he...?''

    ''Oh, I'm sure he did. You always have to count the change you get from that Dewott. As sly as a Ninetales, that one.'' She paused, thoughtfully. Her tail waved faster. ''Tell you what, you look like a decent fellow, and I'd hate for that pie to get cold while you're checking to see if you've got all your money, so how about I check it for you, real quick like?''

    The Granbull paused, salivating over the pie's aroma, its juices dripping from his jaws from the few bites he had taken just minutes before.

    ''Well, alright, I suppose,'' he muttered cheerily, preparing to wolf down the pie after tossing his fist full of change towards her. This was just too easy, the Purrloin thought with an inward chuckle, cheeking a coin quickly while he was distracted and pawing the rest, as if counting, her tail waving faster and faster behind her.

    ''50, 75, four dollars..'' she muttered around the coin in her mouth. ''It looks like you're missing two 50 cent coins, if I remember the cost of that pie correctly.'' One in her mouth, one in the greedy paw of the Dewott. Best pastries in town always came with a price, but also made it especially easy for the Purrloin to make some quick change. Just enough for a bag and a few supplies.

    ''Oh, well, thanks little cat,'' came the grunted reply of the Granbull around a mouth full of pie.

    ''My pleasure.''

    Oh, she loved to lie.


    The Purrloin pranced back into town, rolling the coin in her mouth so that it hung between her front teeth, sticking out from her muzzle, the Granbull waving happily behind her as she disappeared from sight. She picked through the sandy street towards a woven mat where a Lucario sat, a well known cloth weaver among the town and a rather peaceful creature. Placing the coin down on the mat, the Purrloin sat down with it and spoke, her voice acquiring a sort of lonesome, gravelly tone, its natural, undisguised color.

    ''One quadruped travel bag please.''

    And her tail waved, ribbon-like, in the air, ears straight atop her head, red eye lazily rolling in its socket.
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  31. "Argh! You'll pay for the hit!" Shira said, growled at the Wartortle. She used tackle again, and she was in anger still. She used Hidden Power on the Wartortle, and the Wartortle got hit very bad." Ah hah!" The Wartorle growled fiercely in anger. Now it was anger vs. anger. The Ponyta did a Flamecharge, despite the weaknesses. The Wartortle almost fainted, but was alive and still in. The Wartortle was very weak, but attacked with Water Pulse. Shira got hit bad and critically, but she was aiming for a faint. She used Hidden Power, and it fainted.
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  32. The Eevee had introduced himself as Cocoa, and from the sound of it, he was going to the Evolution Grounds soon as well. "Well, Cocoa, it is nice to meet you as well. I'll have you know that I'm going there as well. C'mon, let's go to the supply store. I hope you have money on you!" Ria jested as she turned to face the direction of the supply store.

    This kid's got a lot of energy, bouncing around and stuff. This'll be fun. Maybe he wants to... I'll ask after we get to the store. Ria wondered to herself, happily trotting along the way to the store. Buying things always felt like a task for her, but she didn't really mind doing it for this particular reason. If it was for her evolution, she would go to the store alone. This time, though, Ria wasn't alone. She had Cocoa now, sort of. Ria grew impatient with herself with every step, wanting to ask Cocoa the question more and more. Deciding not to wait any longer to ask him, she turned swiftly around to face the Eevee. "Say, do you want to travel with me to the Evolution Grounds? It would be way easier than going alone, and probably more fun!" Ria asked with a quick giggle and close-eyed smile at the end.
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  33. "WOW! Incredible! I didn't know I can do that!" Shira excitedly said, galloping down the river, to the cat clans. "A lot of Pokemon here, most of them are cats. She saw a eevee and another Pokemon. "They look like they are going to the--" she said before she stopped to hear about one Pokemon asking to join the Pokemon to join them. "Wait. Are you guys going to the Evolution Grounds? If so, I am coming there too!" she asked them.
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  34. Midnight was already asleep, the Purrlion wasn't. "Well yes, if you need to know." She whispered looking at the Pokemon then back at Midnight. "We're heading to the Evolution Grounds to help Midnight here evolve. Then he can take his home back from the River Clan. Me? I don't plan to evolve." The Purrlion sighed, looking down on Midnight.
  35. "Hey! Wait for me!" Cocoa followed quickly, but it seemed like he was jumping as he walked beside the friendly Skiddo. He hummed happily as he ran between stores, staring at the items with a small 'oooo' and 'ahhh.' However, the Skiddo's question took him by surprise.

    "That would be awesome! It would make things a lot easier too! Plus,.." Cocoa shifted his voice into a scary and mischievous voice.
    "I've heard that there's ghosts that will jump out of caves and drag you down into the darkness!!" Cocoa said before he smiled once more. He then saw a sign that pointed towards the supply store. He squealed in excitement before nearly running inside and stopping in his tracks.

    "This place is h-huuuuugggeeee!" Cocoa gasped staring at the large supply store. It seemed to have everything you would need, from berries to canteens to all kinds of accessories. He scampered up to one of the tables before he lost himself into the large piles of bracelets, tools, and hats.
  36. "For your informations, I've thought of actually evolving since I made a water-type faint. You would not believe how I did it. I still am a bit bothered about the weakness." she said. "Want to come with me? Wait your a cat-- I've heard there are cat clans. I'm very aware they'll harm us." Shira said, preparing to attack, if the cat was going to attack for her safety. "Are you non-evil?" she asked.
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  37. The Litleo scratched around in the sand for anything useful. North of the beach, nothing. South, more nothing. A single shimmer shined underneath the elevated (shoddy) Boardwalk-like roads of the town, only to be revealed as some sort of common mineral, Quartz, maybe. Zara was really striking out left and right.

    Until about an hour later, anyway.

    A single Pokédollar, though it could've been worth about 40 of such, was laying on the ground before her. However, as soon as she reached to pick it up, a flash of black darted in front of her, snatching it just out of her reach. Zara shouted at no one in particular, "Hey! Who do ya think you are?!"

    From a nearby tree, the figure turned around, revealing a Murkrow with a cunning smile. "Heya, pal, I gotta say, it's called 'fair game'," the Murkrow sneered.

    Zara had known the Murkrow for about two seconds and had already decided she was done with his antics. "Well, see here, mate, if ya wanna keep it, fight me for it!"

    The bird Pokémon laughed, amused. "Sure, pal, why not?" He was definitely a higher level, and plus, it was what, 40G? 50G? If anything, it was free EXP. What did he have to lose?

    With the rickety boardwalks and the concerned shopkeepers gently polishing their wares whilst seeing how this would go down (summoned to their attention by the naturally aggressive tone of Zara's voice), one could only hope that everything didn't go up like a torch.
  38. "Well the thing is I'm not Neutral. I'm part of the Shadow Clan, but I have to be Neutral, considering I owe h-" She was cut off, as she fell off the branch onto Midnight, forcing him to wake up. He blushed again, watching the Purrlion atop of him. Hi grunted and pushed her off. He immediately looked at the other Pokemon. His face turned a brighter Red. He slowly walked back behind a tree, he turned completely red embarrassed. "Well that was awkward." The Purrlion sighed.
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  39. Flame yawned, as he sat down near a tree from all that walking. He bit into a Oran Berry. The Shiny Charmander's golden body was very easy to see. Especially in Kyorgres Coral.
  40. "Umm... No offense, but that was pathetic. I've really known a lot of people who do that. And yeah, you are in a clan. I'm almost ready for something." Shira said, strolling away to the nearby camps. She saw a lot of cat pokemon nearby, and she a bit blinked at them. She didn't want to get into much trouble, so she scooted away and never looked back. She saw some berries on the ground. "I'm not going to fall for it, kitty cats!" she yelled when she saw some red eyes appeared out of here. She growled in strength. "Whoever you are, be scared, because I fainted a water type!" she said while being brave and strong.

    "You did?" a random voice said. "Well, I fainted a fire type!" Shira saw a Persian ahead. "Ehh.. I don't care. It seems like you only fainted one of them. With me, it's harder!" she said, attacking the Persian. It looked like a The ponyta used a Hidden Power on the Persian, while the Persian used Bite.

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