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The Pokemon Battle Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Electabuzz_65, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Rules:
    1: Someone would choose a poke, you would reply choosing a pokemon with a type that that poke has weakness to
    2: You must pick a move that would be super effective (must use fire, or poison, etc. on grass, etc.).
    3: You must stick with the pokemon you first used, so if you pick charizard, you can't reply sending out a blastoise.
    4: You can use an unlimited number of moves, as long as they are obeying above 3 rules.
    5: Have fun, and the game goes on foreever!

    Example sent out Venusaur!
    You reply:
    Replyer sent out Charizard, Charizard use flamethrower!
    Someone else replies:
    Other guy sent out Blastoise, Blastoise used Water Pulse!


    So, without further ado, i will start:

    Electabuzz sent out Gallade!
  2. Louie sent out Shinbora! Shinbora used Aerial Ace!
  3. Uberfish sent out Denchura!
    Denchura used its 90% accurate thunder to blast Shinpora outta the sky!
  4. Louie sends his SHINY Hihidaruma onto the stage! Denchura goes up in flames!
  5. Uberfish's ubermazing Uberchomg (garchomp) uberquakes to uberkill uberdarumada! (Uber invasion XD)
  6. Elctabuzz's Tsunbeaa used ice beam to take down garchomp
  7. Uberfishes Scarf'd Typhlosion comes out nd nukes that tsunbeaa with an ERUPTIONNNNN!!!!
  8. Louie's Hiyakki trapped Typhlosion in a bubble!
  9. Uberfish's Electivire Hulk-Smashed Hiyakkie into oblivion with thundah pawnch!!!
  10. Sir Winter's Golem threw rocks at Electivire!
  11. flutter shy's pliplup used whirlpool!with a blast of water!
  12. Louie's Jumpluff throws a bucket of leaves at the Jumpluff!
  13. Electabuzz's Tsunbeaa used ice beam and knocked jumpluff into the north pole....yes
  14. *sends out magikarp*

    magikarp used splash to send electabuzz's Tsunbeaa to the 999th galaxy
  15. Kirby sent out a Typhlosion that used a SolarBeam+Sunny Day Combo to obliterate that Magikarp!
  16. DarkMist sent out a feraligatr and used waterfall too destroy typhlosion
  17. Oops! I think I misinterpreted the first rule.

    Kirby sent out a Tangrowth with a Power Vine attack that is sure to KO that Feraligatr!
  18. DrSuperfox

    DrSuperfox Guest

    PuRpLe sends out a [glow=green,2,900] shiny [/glow] caterpie who uses bug bite!
  19. Kirby sent out Infernape which roasted that Caterpie with Flare Blitz!
  20. Electabuzz sent his new and improved swampert! he used waterfall and sent infernape into oblivion
  21. Louie's Doredia started dancing and Swampert died. Fail.
  22. Louie, you need to use an actual attack that is super-effective against the previous Pokemon.

    Kirby sent out a Mantine who used Fly to KO the Doredia.
  23. (I think Louie ment the move Petal Dance.)

    Toad sent out Jolteon! Jolteon used Thunderbolt! It's Super Effective!
  24. Kirby sent out Dugtrio who used Earthquake on Jolteon. Jolteon faints.
  25. Go! Empoleon! Use Hydro Pump! It's Super Effective!
  26. Kirby sent out Primeape! Primeape used Focus Punch and completely owned the Empoleon.
  27. Go! Mewtwo! Show that Primeape the power of Psychic! *BOOM!* ISE.
  28. Kirby's Houndoom used a Nasty Plot+Dark Pulse combination to take down that Mewtwo!
  29. (ooh.) Piplup used Bubble! It's super Effective!
  30. Go Pichu! Use Volt Tackle! It's Super-Effective! Piplup fainted.
  31. I choose you! Golem! EARTHQUAKE. Yeeeeeeaah. Pichu fainted.
  32. Go, my awesome Sceptile! Use Leaf Blade and make a tasty sandwich out of that rock.
  33. Blaziken used peck! Its super effective!
  34. go skitty!skitty used sing pichu is asleep.

    ~flutter shy~
    #34 flutter shy, Dec 29, 2010
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  35. First of all, Pichu was KO'd several posts ago. Secondly, you have to use an offensive attack. Also, Skitty doesn't have a type advantage over Pichu! Please read the rules.

    My Blaziken is still in play...
  36. Blaziken loses to my [​IMG]
    #36 Rolly, Dec 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2017
  37. Poliwhirl loses to Cacturne's needle arm!
  38. Arcanine! Use Flamethrower!
  39. Wailord, use Hydro Pump!
  40. Electabuzz sent out an Electabuzz :3 Electabuzz used Thunder and took out wailord :D
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