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The PokeCharms Triple Battle Tournament

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dark Soul, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. (OOC: This is a private RP between me and Rex, and the first Charm’s-based RP since the Fallout~)

    The sound of his alarm clock woke Dark Soul from his short sleep. He had been up for way longer then healthy the evening before, strolling trough the darker streets of the rebuild city of PokeCharms.

    He groaned and tried to hit the snooze button, but the clock rolled away on his two wheels, fell from the table and drove to the center of the bedroom, still beeping. The bedroom in question had white walls and a simple wooden floor, with his bed, a wooden desk with a simple chair, two bookcases and one closet, all three of them painted black. He disliked waking up in messy enviroments; He’d become disorientated.

    He cursed himself for buying that stupid gadget and went out of bed, stretching his arms. After a huge yawn and removing the alarm clock’s batteries, he went over to the kitchen for some breakfast…

    …To find that he had none. Unless ramen noodles and hot chocolate counted. He closed the cupboard and shrugged. ‘I was in the mood for Yui’s anyway.’ He mumbled to himself, and left the kitchen, that was, like most of the house, similar to the bedroom in style and color.

    He decided to drop transforming into Black Rock Shooter today, and it was too warm today for his normal armor, so he simply put on a fresh black cotton t-shirt and baggy jeans of the same color. He turned to the wall for his weapons, where they hung as always.

    His heart always skipped a beat when he saw his fantastic weapons; A powerfull katana that could be set ablaze with Light magic, in a shiny black scabbard. A dark chrome Colt, with a long barrel, in a leather holster. And lastly, a sparkling diamond staff in the form of a lightning strike. All of those weapons had been forged by The Master of Magic and Art himself, the grand Reynald, for which he still gave eternal gratitude.

    He strapped his katana and Colt to a black leather belt and absorbed his lightning staff trough his right hand- It was a weapon hidden for non-PokeCharms enemies, that he could call upon to focus his lightning powers.

    He checked his hair in the mirror of his bathroom after brushing his teeth. His brown hair was messy as always, and the comb didn‘t help either. Oh well, people were used to seeing his hair like that.

    He strolled out of his apartment into the main hall of the building. The sun was shining trough the windows and the white hall looked quite sterile in it’s brilliant, simple white. Like a hospital.

    Just as Dark Soul was about to step into the elevator, he heard a door creaking and turned around to see Indie coming out of her apartment. He gave a yawn and stretched a little (The muscle movement made for a couple of sparks to fly around her shoulders) before seeing him. ‘O, hey Dark.’ The friendly boy with the Mareep horns said to him. ‘Dark’ was usually the name the other Charmsians indicated him with, as he had no real name.

    ‘Hey Indie.’ Dark Soul greeted back as Indie joined him in the elevator. ‘Where are you headed?’ He asked. ‘I have to do some groceries. I’ve run out of milk, so I can’t do cornflakes. How about you?’ He said. ‘Groceries, too. But I’m doing breakfast at Yui’s today.’ Indie smiled. ‘Yeah, Brendan is no longer the only cook here. Have you tried the sushi yet?’

    As they talked, the elevator reached the first floor. Over at the mailboxes, Rayn Shyu was checking her mail, probably for art requests. She was in Shyu form, because to reach the mailbox you had to be bipedal. Dark Soul and Indie greeted her and she greeted them back, showing her lovely smile, and they left the building.

    ‘Well, I’m going to the market. See you later, Dark!’ Indie said and he smiled and waved as he went the other way, to the main square of PokeCharms.

    The beauty of the plain never ceased to amaze him. In the middle was a grand fountain that was covered in a special paint that glittered in all colours of the rainbow, made by Tangrelle. At the top of the fountain was a green clover with a lightning strike, the symbol of PokeCharms. The fountain spat out water in a gorgeous twirling fashion, making it look like pure art.

    However, it had a serious touch too. At night, the rainbows stopped, leaving only the statue with the symbol left, and the water would start giving of a beautifull golden light and stop twirling, simply streaming instead. Golden plaques would form on the fountain. On the statue itself, plaques would appear with names of the people PokeCharms would never see again- The Fallout Victims.

    PokeCharms was pretty much restored; The radioactive waste was gone, most of the buildings had been restored, but the pain of the lost would always stay.

    In bright daylight though, the fountain was fabulous as always. The sunshine rays made the water sparkle in a fantastic manner and rainbows were everywhere you looked. To his surprise, he saw Reynald sitting in front of the fountain, standing behind a painting easel. Dark looked over his shoulder to see what he was painting. It was an alternate version of the fountain’s surroundings; On the painting, the daylight fountain was standing on a beautiful meadow full of healthy grass and flowers in all colours.

    ‘Amazing as always, Rey!’ Dark Soul said. Reynald, who was in his regular form that could be best described as a humanoid wolf, smiled. ‘Thanks, Dark. I’m doing the night version tonight.’ He said. ‘Where will the nighttime fountain be located?’ He asked Reynald, who scratched his chin. ‘Not sure. I was thinking of a forest at night, or maybe the same meadow but during nighttime.’ He shrugged. ‘We’ll see.’ Dark nodded. ‘I can’t wait to see the works when they’re finished. Good luck, Rey!’ He said, and walked towards Yui’s restaurant.

    The restaurant was located on the first floor of Tunduli’s atelier building. The building was coated with a beautiful kind of shadow purple paint, the same colour as Tunduli’s regular, furry form. Yui was, in fact, a PokeMon that existed away from an artificial PRP dimension. A Froslass, to be precise; A floating, petite humanoid with crystal-like horns and cyrokinetic powers that made for excellent iced cappuccino’s.

    He went over to a table at the terrace and sat down in the warm morning sun. The light revitalized him, as he was a Light elemental himself. Yui floated over, with a white sheet over her arm and a note block with a pen. ‘Hello, Dark. How can I help you?’ The friendly creature said, her wise eyes looking into his golden irises. ‘Just a breakfast, Yui. I’d like some scrambled eggs with bacon, a couple of American pancakes and some green tea, please.’ Yui nodded, scribbled it down and smiled before she went over to the kitchen.

    He looked around the square from his comfortable chair. At the opposite side, he saw Dwayna DragonFire, who was pretty much a member of the PokeCharms royal family, trying on a nice necklace, trough the shopping window. Outside the door stood a Wartortle, unmoving and with a sword at his side. Dark Soul recognized him as Sir Red, Lady Dwayna’s knight.

    In the shadows of the corner of the plain, was Toru, with his sword resting against the wall where he was leaning against too. He didn’t seem to be doing anything in particular, standing against the wall with his eyes closed and his hands behind his head. He was probably just enjoying the shadow for a moment, resting, before going his way.

    Psychic powers brought the platters of food and the thermo full of green tea, plus one glass, down onto his table. Dark Soul gave a friendly nod to Yui, behind the counter, who smiled back.

    Nothing like a good meal at Yui’s.

    When his stomach was full, he brought back the platters and paid the check to Yui. ‘Is Tunduli still asleep?’ He asked Yui. Before the ice-type PokeMon could react, he caught a purple flash in the corner of his eyes and he was tackled immediately, falling over with his friend on top of him, in Tunduli form. She stepped off, giggling, and Dark Soul brushed off his clothes with his hands. ‘Geez, Tun, it’s not like I just returned from a world cruise.’ He tried to say it seriously, but broke into a smile halfway the sentence. ‘Why should I need a good reason to tackleglomp someone? Tee-hee~’ She replied.

    Yui gave her master a canister of chocolate milk, while Tunduli hadn’t said anything. Dark Soul guessed that it was either Tun’s everyday drink or they had communicated telepathically. Both were a possibility. ‘What are you going to do today, Dark?’ Tunduli asked him as she sat down on the countertop that he was leaning against.

    ‘I have to go to the market for groceries, I’ve got nothing left at home.’ He answered. ‘And I might take a stroll trough town, too. I’ve got nothing to do anyway.’ He continued. ‘Oh, I’ll join you. Sounds nice.’ Tunduli said. Dark nodded. ‘I’ve been bored lately. I’d like something fun to do, y’know, other then an Rp dimension or going to The Playground.’ He shrugged. ‘Like a battle, perhaps. The last battle I fought was against the monsters.’ Tun’s eyes grew wide just as she took the first sip of chocolate milk, so he didn’t know for sure if she wanted to react or if it was a high sugar concentration kicking in. Yui took out a scroll of paper from a drawer under the counter and gave it to Dark Soul. Telepathy it was.

    He unrolled the paper and read:

    The PokeCharms Triple Battle Tournament

    Tonight at 9:30 PM, a tournament will be held in the PokeCharms Grand Arena.

    A single 1-on-1 battle, consisting out of three stages:

    -Weapons Only; No magic or hand-to-hand combat.

    -Magic Only; No Weapons or hand-to-hand combat.

    -Weapons & Magic; No hand-to-hand combat.

    At least ten people are needed, for five triple battles. The prize for the five winners is a special super-luxury meal at Yui’s Restaurant! We hope to see you there!


    -The PokeCharms Staff

    ‘I’m sponsoring this battle~’ Tunduli said. ‘The papers have been distributed this morning. If you hurry, you might still get a place!’ Dark Soul nodded enthiousastic. ‘Awesome! I’ll be right back, Tun, you go get your stuff for the market!’ He stuffed the paper in his pocket and started running. He couldn’t miss something like this- He would have to take drastic measures.

    With a theatrical BOOM that scared the crap out of everybody on the streets, Dark Soul turned into beam of light.

    Going with the speed of light was actually really close to teleporting, apart from that this actually took time. Well, like, a millionth of a nanosecond, but still. It was very tiring though, and when Dark Soul arrived at the Grand Arena’s entrance, he felt like he had just done a marathon. Panting, he went over to the desk. Dark recognized the person behind the desk as Cody, PokeCharms’ professional photographer. ‘Cody?’ Dark asked, wondering why Cody would do something like administrative work. Cody smiled at him. ‘Yeah, I know. I was actually setting up my camera’s for tonight’s show, but the regular receptionist had called in sick. So I volunteered.’ Dark smiled. ‘I’ll make sure the my lightning’s intensity is not too harsh for your camera’s.’ He said. ‘Well, you’re lucky, you’re filling up the tenth spot.’ Cody said, and Dark Soul gave him his ID card to swipe trough. The computer beeped. ‘Perfect.’ Cody said, and gave the card back. ‘You’re in.’ ‘Who are the others?’ Dark Soul asked, as he put the card back into his wallet. ‘Sorry, I’m not allowed to tell.’ Cody answered. ‘You’ll see it tonight.’

    When Dark Soul came back, Tunduli was ready to go shopping. All her stuff was in a cute, little purple purse. ‘Ehm, I don’t think a lot of things are going to fit inside that purse, Tun.’ Dark Soul said. ‘If you’re gonna buy a lot of things, you’d be better off carrying them in human form.’ ‘Oh, silly~’ Tunduli said, laughing. ‘I’m not going to carry them. That’s what I’ve got you for.’

    They decided to go to the market later on, and go shopping first. Their first stop in the main street was PokeCharms’ main clothing shop, owned by Yoshimitsu: El’s Fabulous Fashion Emporium.

    Tunduli and Dark Soul worked their way trough racks of stylish clothes. Dark Soul showed Tunduli a black satin vest. ‘Would this look good on me?’ He asked her. ‘Ugh. What’s with all this black, Dark?’ Tunduli answered, and hung the vest back. ‘You need a makeover~’ She continued. ‘You stay right here, I’ll go find some nice new clothes for you. Kya kya~’

    Twenty minutes later, they left the shop. Dark Soul was now wearing an icy blue T-shirt with vague, white cloud patterns, pants that were rather like Reynald’s character Vincent Avery’s, but sand-colored. To top it off, he had a satin shawl in a deep lavender colour. ‘Doesn’t that feel much better, Dark?’ Tun purred. He shifted his neck a little. ‘Well, it’s better for this weather I guess. The shawl is a little uncomfortable though…’ Deep inside, he quite liked it tough.

    They kept walking, occasionally seeing someone they knew or interesting stuff. Dark Soul bought a nice necklace, consisting out of a leather strap with a round amulet connected to it that had blue and purple colours with milky white lines crossing them. ‘Give this to Yui, as a gift from me for all the good meals.’ He said, and gave the necklace to Tun. He didn’t want to risk Yui having taken over her master’s characterizations and tackleglomping him, with her icy, rock-hard skin and horns.

    They also walked past the PokeCharms’ School. The windows were open, and as they walked by they saw Katie in her Linkachu form, who was giving lessons to a group of newbie’s who were sitting behind tables. ‘…to summarize: At the beginning of every sentence is a capital letter, and at the end is a dot. Comma’s are used between the capital letter and the dot. Everybody understands that?’ The class nodded. ‘Good. Now, we will discuss the overuse of smilies…’

    They also walked past the dojo, which was currently owned by Blarg, a big fan of combat. Inside, they could see StellarWind Elsydeon, simply know as Stel, hacking up dummy’s with his extendable armblades. In a swift flurry of arm movement, dummy after dummy was reduced to piles of hay. Blarg glanced at him with an expression that emanated: You’re going to pay the costs.

    They reached the market soon after. Dark Soul made a list in his mind of things he needed and bought it: Milk, grapes, pears, vegetables, and other things like canned soup, cheese, meat, a load of milk chocolate, buns, peanut butter, orange juice and over at the medicine stand, some insomnia pills. ‘Dark~’ Tun said. ‘You do know that those are not good for you, right?’ He nodded. ‘Yeah, I do. But I’m nocturnal, and lately I’ve been trying to switch over to regular sleep times like the rest of you, but it’s not really working out.’ ‘As long as you don’t get addicted~’ Tun said.

    The rest of the day, he spent with Tun and Indie caught up too. They had a great time together, but when it was six o’ clock, Dark Soul decided that it was time to go home and get prepared. They said goodbye and Dark Soul went back to his apartment.

    In the hallway, he met Blazikid, who grinned at him happily like always. ‘Are you in tonight’s battle, Dark?’ He asked. Dark Soul considered if it was OK to tell, but decided it was probably OK; With ten people, some of them probably knew if they might have to fight friends by now. ‘Yeah, I am. How about you?’ Although he knew that the Blaziken humanoid never let down a chance to fight. ‘You bet your ass. I hope I get to fight you, that would become one fiery battle.’ ‘I agree, Blazi. See you tonight.’ ‘See ya, Turtle Slayer!’ Dark Soul smiled and shook his head. During the fallout, he, Tun and Toru had been attacked by a variety of monsters, including giant fire-spewing turtles. One turtle had been defeated by him and Toru; Toru had punctured the shield with his sword and he had electrified the sword, frying the turtle from the inside.

    When they had saved Tun from a flying monster and returned to camp to tell the story, Toru and himself were called Turtle Slayers. It was no insult or compliment, really, just a joke.

    After a good meal of vegetable soup and fruit as dessert, Dark Soul used the remaining time to rest and perform some simple meditation techniques to focus. He had no idea who he was up against- Maybe Blazikid, or Toru, or Secad, or Dwayna DragonFire… He shuddered at the thought. If transformations were allowed, Dwayna would crush him under her dragon foot. Secad would bring Fi, meaning fire like Blazikid, and Dark Soul knew what Toru could do. He took a deep breath to relax. The best thing he could do know is try to be in his best condition for the fight.

    The big moment was there. Even in this tunnel under the ground, he could hear the jeering and yelling of hundreds of people waiting for another grand tournament that would shake the earth, darken the sky with thunderclouds (that was his job) and defy the laws of physics.

    Dark Soul was the first combatant, meaning that he would be the first to enter the arena. The other nine warriors were standing in the other tunnel, knowing that one of them would have to fight them, but not who. He would’ve given everything to hear what they were saying right now. Would they laugh, say that he was easy? Would warn each other for the unexpected lightning blasts they knew he could fire? Were they eager to fight him because they never had before? He didn’t know.

    Cody joined him in the half-lit tunnel. ‘Things are ready to go upstairs. You’ll hear the host announce you, and when the door opens, you walk out in the best way you can, alright? You can wave or bow to the audience if you want.’ Dark Soul smiled nervously. ‘Aye, Cap’n.’ He said and sighed. ‘Now I know what a Roman gladiator must’ve felt like.’ He said. Cody smiled and patted him in the back. ‘Things never get extreme here, Dark. There’s never been a permanent wound or death.’ ‘Thanks, Cody.’ He said, and straightened his posture. ‘Tell them I’m ready.’ He said, and took a sharp breath. Cody left and a voice that Dark Soul recognized as Katie’s echoed trough the arena, making the people hush.

    ‘Ladies and gentlemen!’ Katie said. ‘I am proud to introduce to you: Tonight’s host!’ The cheers started once again and he heard a giggle that he recognized instantly; Tun.

    Tun was tonight’s host? She hadn’t said anything about that- She must’ve thought it was a nice surprise. Well, it really was.

    ‘Thank you, all~’ Tun’s voice sounded. ‘I think tonight will be a spectacular night full of hot-blooded action and elemental effects, fufufu~’ She said. ‘You probably already read it on the paper, but from thirty battles, five winners will come and they will be given a luxury meal with yummy food, made with the best ingredients, at Yui’s Restaurant!’

    The thought of so much good food- for free, too- strengthened Dark Soul even more.

    ‘I will now announce the first warrior, the chosen one for this round!’ Tunduli continued. ‘This guy is known as The Turtle Slayer, and his powers are simply electrifying~’ Tun said. He took another sharp breath. ‘A great applause for The Wielder of Lightning, DARK SOUL!’

    The massive doors opened and Dark Soul walked out with firm steps. The cheering and shouting deafened him and Cody’s camera’s flashed. He smiled and walked over to the edge of the painted circle that formed the middle of the arena, as he had been told to do. He turned to the staff and raised his katana to them in a gesture of honour. Most of the staff was there- El, Stel, Linkachu, Data, Sem, KoL. Tun smiled at him, and looked down on a clover green PDA.

    ‘Our computer will now randomly choose one of the other warriors standing in the opposite tunnel. The chosen person will battle Dark Soul~’ She pressed a button on the PDA and for five seconds, there was silence as everybody waited excitedly. A sharp ping broke the silence and Tun looked at the PDA’s screen with a pokerface so nobody could guess who it was.

    She then looked up to face the audience. ‘An opponent has been selected~’ Dark Soul held his breath as he waited for Tun’s announcement.
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  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    At around noon, the Otter Halfer named Rex jolted awake at his computer desk. He had passed out there last night after climbing out of bed to do some late night writing. Of course, now his document on Word was filled with the letter G, the one the computer had selected out of the several his muzzle had been pressing down on. After removing the thousands of Gs from the document, he saved it and closed it, shutting down his laptop. He should probably drag himself around town for a while, look for a few RPs, check his sprite thread, then journey over to GTS+.

    First, though, he needed breakfast. Rex tiredly shuffled out to his kitchen, putting two Pop-tarts into the toaster, and pouring a glass of milk. However, before his breakfast could finish toasting, there was a knock at his door. That was a bit odd, he lived on the edge of the city, and no one ever came to visit. Forgetting his breakfast entirely, he went to the front door, opening it and revealing an old friend, Tailon.

    "Hey," Tailon grinned, "You just get up? You do realize how late it is right? Oh well, get dressed and meet me in the kitchen."

    With that, the teen pushed him aside, and disappeared into his kitchen. Rex frowned, wondering what that was all about, then looked down at himself. He had stripped down to his black jeans the night before, as he usually did during the summer. Shaking his head in an attempt to clear it, the Otter Halfer went back to his room, putting on the rest of his usual outfit of a gray t-shirt and black long coat, sneakers, pants, ski hat, scarf, gloves, and ski goggles. After checking his jacket pockets to make sure his Browning Hi-Power handgun and collapsible police baton were still inside, he returned to the kitchen.

    "You check your mail?" Tailon asked while Rex grabbed his cooling Pop-tarts and milk.

    "No, why?" the Otter questioned.

    To answer, Tailon fished a paper out of his pocket and handed it to him. The Otter Halfer quickly unfolded the paper, and read it.

    The PokeCharms Triple Battle Tournament

    Tonight at 9:30 PM, a tournament will be held in the PokeCharms Grand Arena.

    A single 1-on-1 battle, consisting out of three stages:

    -Weapons Only; No magic or hand-to-hand combat.

    -Magic Only; No Weapons or hand-to-hand combat.

    -Weapons & Magic; No hand-to-hand combat.

    At least ten people are needed, for five triple battles. The prize for the five winners is a special super-luxury meal at Yui’s Restaurant! We hope to see you there!


    -The PokeCharms Staff

    "If we get going now, we can probably make it before sign-ups close," Tailon grinned.

    "You know I don't like Yui's food," Rex frowned.

    "More for me when I win then," Tailon replied, "now lets go!"

    Rex sighed, before quickly finishing his breakfast and getting dragged out of his home. Tailon quickly had the two of them signed up, then dragged him off to talk strategy. This was common for the teen, and about the time Rex stopped paying attention to him. After wandering around for a while, the two decided to relax in the chat lounge for a bit. Inside they found Shiny, working on a laptop. As soon as she noticed them she waved.

    "Hai Tono, Tailon!"

    "Hey Shiny," the two replied.

    "Sorry if I don't pay attention, working on an example sprite for Tun's sprite contest," she smiled, before returning to what ever she was working on.

    After a few hours of the three talking, others popping in and out during the time, Tailon dragged him away again, this time back to the building. It was time for the challenge to start, and they had to get ready. By the sound of it, Tun was the host, and Dark Soul was the first challenger. Neither of the teens knew who they would be battling here, though Tailon probably hoped he would get to fight Rex. Finally, he heard Tun yell out that an opponent for Dark had been selected.

    "Next we have one of Charms' very own wielders of the dark," she shouted, "put your hands together for The Shadow Otter, Rex!"

    The doors swung open, and Rex wandered out, hands buried in his pockets. So he had to fight Dark Soul, wonderful. The first round was a weapons only round, which meant he couldn't use his Umbrakinetic abilities, including his Dark Blade. The Otter Halfer opened a pair of Dark Portals, one to either side of him. From the one on the right, he pulled out his favorite firearm, a Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun. From the left came a weapon he hadn't used in some time, a Gunblade. The hilt was based off of the Benelli M3 Super 90, another Shotgun. The blade that extended from the weapon was about the length of an average longsword, though Rex still hand to hold it with two hands. It was a heavy weapon, and a bit unwieldy, but it was his only viable option for close combat in the first round.
  3. (OOC: Shorter then I thought it was >_< This is where the epic begins. *sunglasses*)

    Tun looked around the arena. 'Next~' She said trough the microphone- Dark Soul's pulse raced- 'We have one of 'Charm's very own wielders of the dark!' Wait, that meant- was- 'Put your hands together for The Shadow Otter, Rex!~'

    The doors of the other tunnel swung open and revealed the otter-humanoid that was Rex. Dark Soul knew him best from being his companion in the new Things of Myth and Legend RP, but he wasn't really a friend of his, nor an enemy. Actually, apart from ToMaL, he didn't ever have anything to do with him.

    He calculated his chances- It seemed like he didn't even have armor, but he probably had some veil of shadow magic around him as protection. Rex was very skilled with guns, but on the other hand he could handle his own Colt pretty well too. Lightning attacks were fast and unexpected, but shadow attacks were dangerous to a Light elemental like him. Overall, they seemed about even, but this would become a heavy fight anyway.

    Two portals opened on either side of Rex, and from one he pulled out an impressive-looking gun and from the other a blade that had a gun as hilt- Rex's Gunblade. It was a longsword, meaning it was on the heavy side probably. This would give him a little speed advantage. His main danger was that gun though.

    He took his own Colt from its leather holster, made sure it was fully loaded and took his katana from its scabbard with his other.

    ‘Weapons only! No magic is allowed, not even to power up the weapons~’ Tun said. ‘One special feature of this round is the clash-and-retreat maneuver. This means the opponents will move back at least one step between every five sword clashes, to make it even more difficult, tee-hee~’ She continued. ‘Guns can be reloaded troughout the battle.’
    Dark Soul felt his belt pockets to make sure the extra bullets were still there.

    ‘Fighters ready?’ Tun asked, and looked both of them in the eyes. Dark Soul wasn’t sure if she was sending him a telepathic message or not- He wasn’t very sensitive to that, not in humanoid form at least- He could reincarnate into a thundercloud when he was killed, and from there back into a human. In cloud form, only his sixths sense was active and he could pick them up perfectly. Dark Soul nodded and after Tun gained approval from Rex. She lifted her hand and a loud DING sounded, perfectly imitating a wrestling bell.

    ‘Guess it’s shadow versus light now.’ Dark Soul shouted, and sped towards Rex with his katana raised.
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Tun quickly laid out the rules. No magic this round, not even to strengthen the weapons. Every five times their swords crossed, they had to retreat a bit. That would be an annoyance, though it would quickly get him out of range of Dark's Katana, though his Gunblade wouldn't reach much farther either. After getting a confirmation that both of them were ready, Tun started the match, and Dark rushed him, spouting something about light fighting dark. Bad move on his part, it gave Rex the early advantage.

    The Otter Halfer quickly stabbed his Gunblade into the ground, drawing the Browning Hi-Power from his coat pocket. He quickly aimed the weapon, making sure to turn off the safety, and fired, emptying the clip. Thirteen 9x19 Parabellum rounds quickly flew towards his opponent. Hoping that the gun gave him a moments reprieve, Rex quickly reloaded and flicked the safety back on, returning the gun to his pocket. Then he pulled the SPAS-12 from his back, carefully aimed and fired, sending a shotgun slug after the teen. Then he holstered combat shotgun again, and pulled the Gunblade out of the ground, bringing it to a waiting position. If all went well, the handgun rounds would distract Dark long enough for the slug to do some damage. If not, he was ready for the teen's attack.
  5. Dark Soul heard Rex fire the gunshots, and dived to the left. Not quite fast enough though; Three bullets struck, colliding with his shoulder armor and one made a very thin cut on his arm. The impact still made him stumble back though and the louder bang was followed by a series of small bullets zipping past his ear. One hit his cheek and a gash appeared, making him wince in pain. He quickly resumed his trail though, and ran towards the Otter Halfer.

    When he was less then ten metres away, he shot three bullets from his Colt before lifting his lightweight katana above his head to attack.

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