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The Pokecharms Skype Thread

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Toru, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. All right, Skype is slowly increasing in popularity here on Charms, so me and Dark Soul have decided to make this handy thread for those of you who have (or are considerig getting it) Skype. Just reply with your Skype username, so fellow Charmsians can add one another. If you don't happen to have Skype, be sure to download it here. Here are our usernames to get us started:

    Toru - tobiasaurelio
    Dark Soul - darksoul357
  2. Skype is indeed a lot of fun~ So far, I know what Tun, Toru, and Indie look like- and what they sound like too, including El's very manly voice xD

    I could recommend Skyping. As long as you have Internet, a microphone (Most laptops have them build in) and a webcam, you can do entirely free calls with other members of 'Charms. I believe it would be good for our community- As long as everybody keeps it clean. Although no Charmsian would do something weird during Skyping, I think.

    Have fun!~
  3. Whowhat I have Skype o:

    Look up Tunduli on Skype and my name shalt be there ♥

    I've spoken to Dark a lot, Toru lots (moe moe kyun~ ♥) and El some (who firmly believes that my voice is from an anime). c: So yeah add me and all that jazz ♥

    Plus I only speak if I'm spoken to so I'm not like Toru in the way that I talk a lot *shot*
  4. Your advertisements are working guys. I have just set up my Skype and am now gathering contacts. If you want to find out what I sound like/what I look like in motion/what my guitar playing sounds like, then the contact you need is brendsav (don't I have imagination?).
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I use Skype, but I'm gonna be a jerk and admit that I don't like giving it out to many people. It's one thing to Skype at someone when we're playing co-op video games like HG/SS/Plat Battle Frontier or StarCraft II, but I find simply chatting with most people on Skype awkward. I need to really know you well - as in, talk to you on a regular basis - before adding you on Skype. Otherwise, I honestly prefer text. Awkward silences aren't as noticeable then. :X

    If anyone's ever doing a large group Skype session, tho, feel free to drop me a PM about it and I might join in. At least then if I don't have much to say everyone else can just talk over me. XD
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator


    It's not something I'll do often (for similar reasons as Katie). However, I don't mind showing my face occasionally ♥
  7. silentdre on Skype.

    I guess I'll get back into using it if Charms people are using it too.
  8. ShocariDarkwolf

    Add at own risk. Extreme whiteness may cause temporary to permanent blindness.
  9. I'm like Katie in that I don't like to give out my skype name. I love Skype though, it lets me talk with my family (who are now far away) and talk to my friends while playing WoW. We're usually in Vent at the same time and thus we can talk smack about the other people we're WoWing with. Muahaha!
  10. crosstobys. Go forth, and meet the pwnster!

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