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The PokeCharms Skype Room

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Dark Soul, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Hello, everyone ^^

    Following LoN's advice, I'm setting this thread up to get some more people into the 'Charms Skype Room that was set up.. a couple of months ago, I think. If you're a frequent visitor of chat, or just a forum regular, you may have been wondering what we all sound like IRL. That's what this room is for, alongside general chit-chat and the occasional soothing ukelele tunes (Made possible by Tunduli!) and/or guitar strumming (by Brendan!).

    Getting a Skype account is really easy, just go to the website, register an account and download Skype itself. It's completely free and easy to use ^^

    Once you've made an account, or already have one, please post your Skype name here, and I will add you to the list. General chat rules apply here as well, so don't be annoying or you'll be kicked anyway!

    Have fun and buy a mic if you haven't got one ^^
  2. My ... my name's pretty obvious. It's Tunduli. Add me y'all <33

    (keep in mind I hardly speak; all you'll ever really hear is me sneezing and playing ukulele. er-hem |D)
  3. People might not want their skype names open to the public, DS, just saying... I never suggested that >>;

    Yeah, we'll (Well, I, seeing as the rest of you guys have no clue how to use skype well AND as I seem to be the only one in the room ever) moderate this just as well as the rest of Charms. If you come in with your mic blaring and disrupt the conversation in idiotic manners... you'll be dealt with >>;
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    are you kidding LoN? I'm there all the time too XD
    But yeah, I do like this idea. I was hoping that more people would be able to use skype and stuff, but school started and I couldn't talk to you guys anymore. D:

    And by the by my skype name is shinylyni14~ :3
  5. Nope, I rarely see anyone in there at all.
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    That's cause I sometimes sign in as invisible. Or I get on when you're asleep. I never actually speak in there because nobody uses it nowadays <<
  7. Guraena262. I'd love to be part. B3
  8. colorado360 's the name, skype's my game! *shot* and sure, add me too~
  9. My username on Skype is ricobullet
  10. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    UppityTeapot, but I rarely use Skype. I will try and pop in sometime to say hello, though.
  11. LoN is right, of course. If you're not comfortable with openly declaring your Skype name, please send me or LoN a PM and it'll happen like that ^^
  12. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    elliotjoy though my visible name is Yoshi.
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm already a member of the room (at least I think I am XD), but I probably won't be using it too often and I don't give my Skype address out publicly. I'm generally always on ninja-mode when Skype is open, so don't be surprised if I randomly pop up out of nowhere. :x

    If you guys are getting a big group chat going and see me on the official Pokecharms chat, drop me a line and I might poke my head in. Just don't expect me to say much. I find mass voice chats confusing. XD
  14. My Skype name is pokegirlpraure, visible name is Praure ; D . I'd be more than happy to join the room ^^ But don't bother adding me to your contacts. If you want to, you can, but eh.
  15. ShocariDarkwolf. Visible name is Shocari...or something >>
  16. I do declare IN MY MANLY VOICE my Skype name is Indie-reeper. Or something. I'm in the Charms conversation, so you can add me there. I'll be on very fleetingly for the next two to three months, seeing as I'm mooching off any Wi-Fi I can find, rather than my router. But add me anyway, so that I don't feel so lonely c:
  17. Screw you. :<

    I've sent out friend requests to those who posted here. All you need to do is accept, and you'll be added. I start up Skype at least once a day, so the delay will be under 24 hours at the very least.
  18. My Skype name is mraxelotl. I'm almost always on, but I rarely ever use it... Oh well |D I will pop in to the room every now and then though :3 Oh, and also no webcam, so you still won't see my handsome face.

    I am... ExtremelySlow! Which also happens to be my Youtube and Minecraft name! Add me anytime! I'll be popping in and out fairly often, so expect to see a lot of me. :D
  20. I think I should just say that I've left this room for about a month now - I found it super annoying how it always beeped with EVERY message even if I closed the window etc.

    If people still want skype help or have a big call, by all means let me know and I'll join in - but I'd rather not be in the room permanently >>; So annoying with constant beeps.
  21. Are you sure you've checked all your Skype options? You can probably turn the beeps off somewhere. But nonetheless, that's fine- If you're in chat and we're planning a call, we'll notify you. We've had a couple of calls lately, with subjects ranging from best videogame-related dubstep songs to Toru's warm and toasty baguetto. Our sheer randomness never fails to humour me xD

    Submissions are still open to everyone, provided you're not annoying and have some degree of common sense. Remember, just PM me/LoN or post your name here and we'll add you to the room ^^
  22. Fairly certain that I've been added into the chat already, but in case I wasn't, I'll go ahead and post here. Just know that I hardly ever sign into Skype mostly because I don't think about it XD but if I am online, feel free to let me know and I'll jump on.

    My Skype name is ChadwyckOfTheAzureSky, isn't it awesome nerdy? :3
  23. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    My Skype is obvious, as always. Feel free to add dwaynadragonfire.

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