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Ask to Join The Pokecharms Convention

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Il Fantasma, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. ((Wanna join? Come on over to the discussion page! Everyone's welcome!
    People that are allowed to post here (not including me): @Cerol47103, @Eevee E, @Stormursa, @*that* guy, @AspenTR33, @Charlespark, @Fraseandchico, @StevenUniverseDiamond, @Ry_Burst, @EmperorBumpaDump, @Tsu, @Roi De La Nuit Sans Fin~, @Asriel Hydreigon-murr, @Trainer_Zander, and @Riverrunner.))

    She was early.

    She thought she'd be there by the time it was open, but she was too early.

    Lights could be seen shining through the closed glass doors of the massive building that almost reminded her of the Colosseum in Rome. The doors were unopenable, no matter how hard she tried. There seemed to be some last-minute decorating and setting up going on inside, but the poor high school freshman wanted nothing more than to be allowed in. Mechanical Ampharos mascot mask sitting on the side of her head, the cinnamon-haired girl hugged her arms to her chest, hunched over slightly in a vain attempt to stay warm in the wind and snow that pulled her around.

    What a great day for a convention.

    Looking back to the busy road she stood on the sidewalk of, Argo puffed out a long breath, watching as it sailed away in the air like she was robotic herself, letting off steam. She couldn't help but groan quietly as she impatiently waited for the doors to open. Due to her odd fear of there being something behind her, she backed up to the wall beside the rightmost door, tugging her striped beanie tighter on her head.

    At least this is all free, she reasoned, smirking at the thought, not to mention the fact that I get to meet all my Internet friends! Yeah, this is gonna be great! There's no doubt in my mind about that! Weather, shmether, amirite? Audibly chuckling at her thoughts, she positioned her mask over her face in an attempt to keep it warm, waiting for either someone to show up or the doors to open.

    (OOC: Sorry this is so short. I'm a bit rushed right now...)
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  2. Storm whistled as she walked to the convention area. She fixed her universe sweater and bear ears before stuffing her hands into her pockets as she picked up her pace. The girl wondering what type of sweets would be there, not to mention the wares that could be bought.
  3. Ace was sleeping in, mostly due to no school for probably the rest of the week, he wanted to enjoy it, sleeping that is. Soon his wrist watch started vibrating, rudely awaking him. "Grr, I thought I turned off Vibrate?" Ace sighed. He then looked to his watch, a Pokecharms notification going off. "Can't wait till the Convention today!" a fellow charmer posted. Ace realizing today was the day of the annual Pokecharms Convention, he quickly fell out of bed, and rushed to get Ready. He quickly switched out of his pajamas, and into his regular clothes which were Jeans and a plain red shirt most of the time. He then grabbed a headband with two red lucario ears, made himself, and put it on, giving others the impression that he was a Jjinka or Jjinka fan to say the least. He quickly wrapped his Pouch around his waist, and placed his brown AOT Jacket on. Once he did that, he quickly rushed out the door, his family members questioning his strange actions.

    Ace quickly ran down the streets, the Convention not too far off of where he lived. It was unbearably cold, and all he had to use was a Red Scarf and his AOT jacket for protection. He simply dismissed it, wanting to be one of the first people to the convention asap.

    It was a matter of time before he made it to the holding place for the Convention. A smile and a sigh of relief lit his face as he collapsed in front of the stadium. He lifted his head out of the snow just to see the Doors closed. He frowned before yelling "WHAT!" He quickly turned to his watch, to see that he was early. He then groaned, and faceplanted into the snow. "I knew I should of checked the time before I left." Ace sighed.

    Ace pulled his head out of the snow, brushing some snow that stuck to his Jeans. He then noticed someone else was waiting for the doors to open. He had no idea which Charms member it was. He only recognized a few Charmers who did face reveals, but he had no idea who the Charmer was, due to the obvious Ampharos Mask on her face.
  4. Diamond walked towards the Pokecharms Convention. He was humming what seemed to be an old fashioned song. He was tapping his foot. Diamond spotted charmers in front of the building. One had an Ampharos mask. He was intriugued. Who was this charmer? Diamond shrugged and walked up. He started to, very quietly, recite lyrics to his song. "...To cure our dirty needs..." Diamond mumbled. He smiled.
  5. Em had no idea how to react to the person who arrived at the convention hall after her, faceplanting onto the ground more than once. Her ocean green eyes widened, and she visibly jumped. "Uhm..." she murmured under her breath, stiffening as the other Charmer noticed her existence. "You here for the con, too?" Emily asked, trying to start a conversation. "I thought the doors would be open by now... Figures I got here too early..." She looked down to the snowy sidewalk for a moment, once again pulling her beanie over her ears as the wind began to pick it up. "Do you, uh, mind me asking who you a-?"

    She was unable to finish her question as yet another Charmer made an appearance, a familiar song being quietly sung by them. A wide grin spread across her face, but it was shielded from the views of the others by her mask. "They sent you a letter, to initiate the pain," she sang almost silently, wondering if this Charmer would catch on.
  6. Diamond looked at the charmer who started to sing the song. He continued. "To come back home to play," He responded. Diamond knew the lyrics by heart. He was humming the tune. Diamond smiled.
  7. Ace was a bit surprised when the Masked Woman asked him a question. "You here for the Con too?" The Woman asked. Ace answered her question but he hesitated before saying "U-Um Yea. I am here for the Convention." Ace replied to the masked Woman.

    The woman also confessed she was here a bit too early. "Well, then I guess that makes too of us." Ace sighed, his hand on the back of his head. He didn't want to get too familiar, considering it could probably be someone on charms he didnt know. Ace simply hoped for the best, then turning slightly. Ace wasnt able to respond to the Woman's question, the woman cutting off her sentence. He then frowned. He heard a familiar tune coming from the Charmer, which he obviously knew was '????? ??? ??? ??? ???????' (Lol, Who can guess this?) Something then came to mind. He quickly came to his wrist watch, where he pulled up a Charmer's profile page, 'The Argonoaut'. He then posted a link, along with 'You're going to love this' pastered to the side. The link lead to Bendy, a fictional character playing a kazoo, along with his friend Borris. He snickered as he posted this to her page, then waiting for a response from her.
  8. (OOC: This is the best thing already. xD)

    "But to your dismay, this isn't your day, for the happy fun time has begun to fade," Argo sang, hidden smile widening as she upped the volume of her voice. She wasn't sure who this Charmer was, but she assumed it was someone she knew, due to the connection they obviously had involving the horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine.

    The other guy tapped away at his watch for a moment, and the masked Charmer turned to look at him for a second, brow furrowed, wondering just what he was doing. Not long after he finished, though, the phone that was tucked away in her baby blue sling bag vibrated, causing her to perk a brow up and take it out. She read the post Lucky Ace had written on her profile page, turning the phone's volume up a bit so she could listen to the sent video while she watched it. The sight of Bendy playing the kazoo put a smile on her face, and Argo couldn't help but look up at the Charmer that had fallen, wondering if he was the one who sent it to her. Tapping on the reply box, she wrote back to him, saying, 'That... That was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. xDD', then tucked her phone back into the bag, chuckling at the reference that popped into her head as she did so.
  9. Ace was a bit frightened when the woman next to her played the song he had sent to 'The Argonaut'. It was probably just mere coincidence, causing him to look away. It wasnt too long before 'The Argonout' replied to his post. He smiled, then writing back, explaining how he found the slightly amusing video meme. He then liked her post. He smiled, then turning off his wrist watch.
  10. Storm got to the convention building and stretched to the sky. She checked her phone and replied back to some conversations, fixing her bear ears. She threw on her hood and slipped headphones into her ears as she listened to some electro swing.
  11. Riley Burst, a 16 year old kid, woke up hungry. Instead of an alarm clock waking him up, it was his stomach. "Ugh," he mumbled rolling around the soft hotel bed he was sleeping on. Then he fell off and crashed onto the floor. "I'm hungry," he said standing up to get dressed, shower and his other morning activities. He placed his duel disk onto his arm and hurried down to indulge himself with an all he could eat hotel breakfast.

    Within about 10 minutes, he finished and rushed over to The convention place only to learn he was too early. Well not before he ran into a tree, just left of the Charmers already there. He fell on his butt and rubbed his head. "Ouch," he mumbled to himself.
  12. "Watch as we reanimate, our corpses you abandend," Diamond sung. He smiled. He guessed who this charmer was: The Argonaut. Diamond and The Argonaut had something for the game Bendy and the Ink machine. Diamond brought out his phone. He posted on the Argonaut's account, 'Hey. You like Build our machine? Listen to this!' With a 1 hour loop of Build our Machine that was Nightcore. Diamond Chuckled.
  13. Felix got up "aaaahh crud i slept in" he threw on his cloths witch was his hufflepuff robes and his wand "I love this" he said as he walked to the convention "this is gonna be amazing" he said happily
  14. Lucas was pumped for the Convention, and was walking down the road towards it, a wide grin plastered on his face. He reached the convention, although not many people had arrived. Lucas sighed, and entered, swaying around, and spinning while using his phone to play "If I Were a Rich Man." He danced his way into a group of two people, one looking suspiciously like a giant humanoid purple diamond, and the other had a Mecha Ampharos mask. Lucas looked to the pair, adjusting his crown, and smirked. He quickly typed "'Ello Govna." on each of their profiles, and looked up, still smirking.
  15. Diamond pulled out his phone. He chuckled nervously. He responded, 'Hey Sticks. Hey, are you coming to the convention?" Diamond asked. Diamond was hoping to see his friend.
  16. "We're dismantled, we're mishandled, but we won't be skipped and swayed~."

    Her phone buzzed a couple different times, but while she read the reply from Lucky Ace and the post from StevenUniverseDiamond, a bump and new voice caused her to whip her head up in the direction of yet another Charmer, hidden face looking alarmed. "You okay...?" Argo tried to ask, but her voice was too quiet for the guy to hear. Awkwardly, she looked from the boy to the screen of her phone and back again, finishing the loop by looking down and replying to the posts she had pulled up before.

    To Ace, she merely liked the post. To Diamond, she wrote back with, 'It's an hour long now? I bet it all, at some point, I'm gonna listen to this entire video. xD'.

    As she typed, her phone buzzed yet again, showing a message from EmperorBumpaDump on her profile. She assumed the guy that had just walked over was, in fact, the emperor, due to his costume and Dalek head, which Argo began to quietly laugh at, since she was a huge fan of Doctor Who. As a reply to BumpaDump's post, she typed, 'Loving the costume, man! Especially the head. ;)' and sent it along.

    The sounds inside the convention hall seemed to get quiet for a moment, before rising, louder than they had been for the gist of the time the group stood there. Argo looked around to hear it more, adjusting the mask that sat on her face, wide smile growing even more at the prospect of going inside and getting out of the cold.
  17. Daimond looked at his phone. He chuckled. He typed in return on his post, 'And I swear, I've seen a 10 hour version of the original! What the heck?!' Diamond chuckled. Diamond payed no attention to the louder noises.
  18. Ace smiled as 'The Argonaut' liked his post. He left it at that, as he turned off his watch. He then smiled as it got quiter, but was forced to hold his hands over his ears when the convention became louder. He then groaned. "Rude." He sighed. He then pulled out some headphones. He placed them on his head, before plugging them in on his watch. He then plugged a song in. Though he wasnt expecting a full blast of music, his volume settings were at max. He quickly threw the Headphones off, and started breathing heavily as if he was having a heart attack. He was lucky his ears weren't bleeding due to the loud sounds. He then shivered, before placing his hands over his ears again, this time not worrying about the contruction sounds.
  19. Storm smiled as she noticed the others. She walked toward the doors and checked them. She looked at her phone and messaged a few people to ask if they were showi. Up to the convention. She adjusted her hood and blew a peice of red hair out of her eyes.
  20. Lucas wrote back, "You know it!" he then looked up to the diamond person. "You're a bit slow, Diamond. Then again... I remember that time in the basement...." He said casually as he poked Diamond in the forehead. Lucas then looked to the Argonaut, and nodded, acknowledging her.
  21. A brown-haired girl was running down the streets, the ears of her Eevee hat bouncing up and down as she hurried. Despite it being rather chilly outside and her wearing a Pikachu tee-shirt, the teenager wasn't too terribly cold. She adjusted her glasses as she ran, then stopped once she reached a sea of people. The girl looked around for someone she might know, but couldn't recognize anyone. She whipped out her phone, which had a 'Choose One' case, and pulled up the good 'ol 'Charms. A smile crept onto the youth's face as she logged into her account, AspenTR33, and tapped a friend's profile. Aspen left a message on her friend 'The Argonaut's profile. 'Hey, you at the convention? Meet me at the Iced Pikachu stand if you are! :)'
  22. Diamond eyes Lucas. Diamond the realized; This was Sticks. "Yeah, Yeah. Veery funny," Diamonnd prompted. Diamond chuckled. "When will they open the doors? I'm freezing!" Diamond exclaimed. Diamond tapped his foot.
  23. After a few minutes of recovering from hitting the tree, Riley stood on his feet. He looked at the other Charmers gathered, all on their phones, messaging each other. Riley scratched his head, They seemed to be hard at work talking to one another. He gave a grin, before pulling out his own phone, and searching the recent posts to see them all chatting with each other on their profile page. So he left a message on all of their profiles that said the same thing, "Why are we using this when we're right next to one another?"
  24. Aspen got a notification. She grinned, seeing that it was from a fellow author and roleplayer that she knew online somewhat well, and posted back. 'Not sure, actually! XD Guess we just don't want to wind up coming off as awkward? :?'
  25. Diamond replied to the post on his profile. 'I have no idea. Maybe too keep our fingers warm? It's freezing!' Diamond chuckled. He was glad more and more people were arriving. Diamond smiled.
  26. Storm smiled and leaned back against a wall. She tapped on her phone and switched to another swing song. Her eyes went to her alerts as she checked her notifications. She glared when some random person that had nothing to with the convention bumped into her and made her headphones unhook from her phone. Her electro swing blared and she glared silently at the persons back.
  27. Lucas shrugged, and smirked. "Well, I'm not cold. I've got this cloak. Keeps me warm." He said, holding his cloak up. Lucas saw Aspen's post. Lucas quickly typed, "Well........ I actually have no idea." He chuckled, and scanned the area with his eyes. More 'Charmers were arriving. This was going to be fun. In the meanwhile, Lucas began to play "Spooky Scary Skeletons," looking up to Diamond. "Ever heard this?" He asked.
  28. "It's not awkward, cause I'm a adrokable," he messaged back to Aspen's profile. Then he switched to Diamond's profile and responded with, "Wouldn't it have been easier to just bring gloves, oh wait, I don't have any! Jriohfruoffjrewkdwhihiof! I'm typing to keep warm! xD." He updated his status with, "I'm the guy with the TFS hat, and the duel disk. Beware!"
  29. "Way to many times," Diamond replied. Diamond looked down at his phone. He replied to Ry_Burst. "Everyone on this site is crazy! I need to get to my bunker! XD" He typed. Diamond chuckled.
  30. Storm fixed her headphones back and her phone. She plopped into the ground and messaged back to a few people that weren't coming. She jumped onto Aspen's profile, smiling, 'hey! You coming to the convention'?
  31. Aspen looked at her profile and grinned. 'Yep! I'm here right now, just look for the idiot in the short-sleeved Pikachu shirt and Eevee baseball hat! That would be me XD'
  32. Storm laughed at that and looked up. Her eyes scanning the crowd around as she waited for the doors to open. She stuck her tongue out before lookin down, 'universe pattern hoody, red streak in hair and bear ears for me. Also sitting near the doors at one of the entrances".
  33. Tsu looked around as he walked in the room and he smiled , he wonder what kind of amazing stuff could be in this place, the short red haired boy walked around slowly as he looked around, he moved his ninetales Ears and he smiled.
  34. Cerol woke up. He looked around, at the chaos in his room, and then at the clock. "Convention today..." He replied, and stand up. He put on himself his clothes, eevee ears, and tail. He looked at himself in the mirror. "I think looks good..." Cerol replied, and put scarf on himself. He closed the door after himself, and ran to stadium. At least he lives near it. He walked inside.

    "Am i late? Or early?" Cerol asked everyone.
  35. Riley liked Diamond's post and got an idea. He climbed the tree, in which had caused him problems earlier. He reached the top branch and shouted in a loud voice, "Ladies and Gentleman! Here I am, the amazing and masterful, Ry_Burst. So hello, and welcome fellow Pokecharmers." Riley flashed an award winning smile and waved his arms around.
  36. Storm looked up from her phone and tilted her head when she heard the proclamation. Her lips turned up in a grin and she laughed when she found the source of the yelling. She jumped onto Ry_Burst's profile, 'nice going. You have just scared all pigeons in a fifty mile radius".
  37. While balancing with his feet, he received an alert on his phone and looked at it. "It could be worst. I could have upset the neighborhood dogs. Then I'd be in trouble," he messaged back before putting his phone away, and focusing more on balancing. To raise the stakes he lifted his left lg to his knee, making him waver a bit.
  38. Argo simply laughed at all the shenanigans the other Charmers got into, unable to muster up the courage to actually talk to any of them. She awkwardly scratched the back of her head, looking off to the side. With Ry climbed a tree to introduce himself, however, she shot a thumbs up at him, smiling brightly behind her Ampharos mask. "Hi, Ry! It's me, The Argonaut!" she called over to him, feeling a bit insecure about the way she introduced herself.

    Thankfully, this feeling was quickly swept away as the doors to the convention finally opened, letting not only the Charmers in, but the chilling winds as well. Slipping into the building, Emily whipped her ticket out of her pocket, handing it over to a security guard, who scanned it and allowed her in. Before she was allowed to explore what the con had to offer, though, another security check had to be gone through. Walking up to the booth, Argo signed in to her Pokecharms account, letting the desk lady know that she was the real deal and everyone else know that she was here, since all the names of the present Charmers were announced and shown on a massive screen on a side wall.

    "You're free to go! Have fun at PokeCon!" the desk lady told her, clicking a button that allowed a door to open.

    "Thanks so much!" Argo replied, politely, giggling giddily as she walked in, marveling at the scene of what had to have been at least a hundred different booths. "Where to start...?"
  39. Riley gave a confident smile and thumbs up towards the Argonaut's statement. However, him doing this, more or less caused him to get distracted and loose his balance. "Wagh!" He exclaimed as he crashed to the ground, legs up. "I need to work on not doing that. Ouch," he mumbled standing back up. He looked as the other kids began to enter the building. "It's open," he exclaimed rushing into the building, only to be lost in the crowd. He signed in and his stomach gave a rumble. "I guess it's time to eat," he said, walking off looking for some grub.
  40. Storm slipped in once the door. She went through the security checks and signed into her account before stepping into the convention hall. The girl immediately went to a snack stall and looked through it for interesting things to try. She got a lollipop shaped like a slurpuff and started looking around.

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