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The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP, Take II

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LaenVulpix, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. ((OOC - Because the first one basically imploded upon itself, what with The Destroyer of Enthusiasm, Shiden. I hoped to have his attitude shift gears before it was to late, but...er....needless to say, it didn't. x.X

    So here's another attempt at it, with a character that should be both easier to interact with, and easier for me to use. For any potential n00bs reading this, I say unto you, I do not wish for Cruddy Quality RPing. Please. If you join, try to keep sentences complete, and legible. An abundance of Pokémon-turned-humans isn't likely either, as anyone can imagine. This isn't a simple reenactment of the game, so NONE of this:
    So help me, I will nuke myself a n00b if some version of that is posted. Nuke 'em with a spork. >=o
    Because ten babies, my dog, and a newborn lamb just died as I typed that.

    Really. O.O

    Erm...before my OOC dwarfs my acctual post, I'm gonna cut it short. Questions can be PMed to me, unless they are retard-questions, like "Do you have a bed?" or "Can u hlp me plz? I r new and 2 incompitnt 2 find th3 rul3z."

    No. Just no. Please. ;_;

    -Firefox- ))


    The day was young and bleary, with only a fleck of sunlight peeking over the snatches of forestland grazing around the skirts of the barren terrain. Thin, loose plates of rock littered the lightly-dusted cliff, and feeble attempts at vegetation grew in between the unyielding faults on the jutting plateau-like surface. The stone was currently damp, brushed with a hint of dew from the lowered temperatures of midnight until the blazing sphere of a sun reclaimed the spoils, accumulating the water vapor into thin wisps of clouds to slink by during the highlighted daylight hours. Drops of water beaded at the tips of the harsh, weed-like plants, slaking their thirst marginally until the pounding, hammering heat tore even that comfort away with white, hot rays of shifting sunlight.

    But as for now, the scene could be shunted into the category of "peaceful", with the cool stone of bleached white-grey cloaked in a delicate touch of light. The awkward, misplaced trees broke and distorted the rising sun's rays, forcing it to sift through the plants' leaves and branches to alight on the broken, eroded, and cracked rock. The cool morning air danced with the murmuring gusts that blew through such wastelands, no shields to cushion the speed or ferocity of the wind. Winding through the low-strung, drooping green weeds, the breeze eventually found its way towards the protruding cliff's edge, and the creature it bore.

    The Zangoose's large, golden-orange eyes blinked open almost instinctively as a soft, comforting breath of air ruffled through his silky white fur. They relayed only a sense of disorientation and innocence as they struggled to focus on something, and eventually latched onto a crumbling slate of thin rock. After that a fleck of confusion appeared to mingle with the other emotions, as he blinked continuously in a way that said he was striving to shed some light on this predicament. The gusting of wind wound itself around him, sending the fluffy, snow-white tuft of fur adorning his head into his soulful, credulous eyes.

    After a few more seconds of silence, disrupted only by the moaning wind as it creaked through the fogged air, the scrawny Pokémon sat upright, bracing himself with what appeared to be three blue-coated digits, two of which appeared to contain extendable claws. A shocked expression had materialized on his face, matched by the way he fumbled to stand up, gazing at his combat-capable paws. Clearly disconcerted, there was no time to expound on the nature of his frantic bewilderment before a malice-tinged voice slid slyly through the air.

    "What in the world issss a Zangoosssse doing in Ssssseviper country? And ssssuch a ssssmall one, too!"

    The small, lean Zangoose turned around clumsily, naive golden eyes widening at the presence of a huge snake-like Pokémon. A set of elongated, blood-red fangs were bared at him, despite the mocking grin etched across the Seviper's scaled mouth. It's crimson eyes were narrowed in scrutiny of the white, mongoose-resembling creature, as if realizing just how defenseless this foe-by-blood was.

    The gold-plated snake's words seemed to kick-start the Zangoose's lost brain, and one word lodged itself into his mind. Z-zangoose....it called me a Zangoose...

    "W-wait," he stuttered uncertainly, holding out his paws defensively. "I'm not...not..."

    I can't tell it I'm not a Zangoose....it'll think I'm mocking it! the blue-patched Pokémon realized.

    "You're not what? Battle-ready? Trusssst me, Zangoosssse, I noticed that." the Seviper interjected into the Zangoose's pause, swordlike tail flashing as it maneuvered closer to the discolored normal-type.

    "N-no....I just...didn't know this was...was...Seviper territory..." The Zangoose winced away from the approaching poison-type, a chill running up his spine.

    Nothing like that was going to stop the fierce, eternal hatred that normal Zangoose and Seviper harbored for one another. And the cliff edge was an unlucky placing for him to find himself at. The lush, emerald-green canopy of the forest lying far below them, a scene that would've seemed beautiful at any other time, now suggested death to any non-flying Pokémon from such a height.

    The Seviper's tantalizing grin evaporated, as it closed in on the shaken Zangoose.
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  2. [OOC - Alrighty, I'm jumping on board! Just to let everyone know, I'm using Kazan from the previous RP, but of course - it's a new Kazan. And as for the psyduck - I'm not being super creative with it's name (it means yellow), but it sounds nice anyway :p]

    BIC -
    Two sets of paws carefully dashed through the undergrowth. They were as quiet as it was possible for them to be while scurrying around amongst fallen leaves and branches. Tactically, they dashed from tree to tree, trying to avoid detection. Finally, the two creatures sought shelter behind a large rock. An orange head, and a pair of blue eyes looked up from the stone and scanned the forest for any dangers.
    "Alright, I think we're ok... Let's keep going." said the Charmander. It began to move away from the rock, but was stopped by the firm grip of his companion; a Psyduck who wanted nothing less than to be in that forest.
    "Are you sure?" said the yellow pokémon, "This isn't that important, Kazan; why don't we go back..."

    The Charmander leered at his friend.
    "Oh no you don't!" said Kazan, "We're going to see it, and you're not going to turn yellow on me again - no pun intended..." The Charmander smiled mischievously and dragged his companion deeper into the woods, "Come on Gosai! It'll be fun!" Hesitantly, the Psyduck followed the energetic lizard even though it wished it was still back home, in bed. Ever since Kazan had gotten the crazy idea that he was going to start a rescue team, he had dragged poor Gosai on completely pointless and often dangerous expeditions, trying to prepare them for the challenges of being in a real rescue team.

    They both continued to move stealthily through the forest; Gosai, out of fear of being caught and Kazan, because it was more fun that way. He wasn't afraid of the Seviper around in the area at all! So they controlled these woods - big deal! All the real rescue teams moved through this area when they needed to pass... As if on command, Gosai pulled the Charmander closer, to once more try to convince Kazan to turn around.
    "You know... the rescue teams are much better trained than we are. If they run into a Seviper, they could battle it - we can only hope to outrun it."
    "Oh yeah?" replied Kazan teasingly, "Well, I bet I could take on every Seviper in this forest! At once!" The psyduck sighed heavily - there was simply no hope for that Charmander.

    As the trees grew thinner and the pine-scented air became more and more replaced with the crisper air near the edge of the forest, Kazan grew giddy; almost to the point of it being unbearable for Gosai. Then, suddenly they were there - overlooking the grand landscape below as they rested against the tree-line, taking in the vast hugeness that presented itself past the edge of the sun drenched cliff.
    "Isn't it beautiful?" asked Kazan in a daze, "I told you we'd see the sunrise one way or another!" Regularly, Gosai would have started an argument at this point (probably complaining about how dangerous the trip had been), but for once, the yellow duck was speechless. It really was that beautiful.

    The two pokémon stared at the bright orange disc rising in the distance for almost ten minutes straight, before something finally caught Kazan's attention. It sounded like a snake. More specifically, a Seviper. It was arguing with someone. Kazan looked around, trying to identify the location of the hissing creature, and eventually rested his eyes on an area several yards ahead, by the very edge of the cliff. The plateau they were on was pretty large, but Kazan was still quite surprised that they hadn't been spotted by the Seviper already - perhaps this was due to the argument it was having. There was another Pokémon there... it looked like... a Zangoose?

    Kazan squinted to get a better look. Yes, it was definitely a Zangoose, but it seemed rather small ...and was blue and white, instead of the regular red and white. Not only that, it also seemed mysteriously docile. The Charmander recalled having been told of the ever lasting hatred the Zangoose and Seviper had of each other. But this Zangoose didn't seem like it wanted to fight at all - in fact, it looked scared. The Seviper however, looked about ready to rip the Zangoose's head off. The strange Zangoose was in way over it's head. Kazan didn't know what to do, but he had to act. He approached the Seviper with Gosai tagging along right behind him, and stopped right in back of it, where he cleared his throat loudly to attract attention from the snake.
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  3. [[OOC - Hoorah, welcome backsz, Daxx0r! Glad to see you still using Kazan; I luffles him muchly. I need to find out how to get a hold of some screentones....and how to integrate them into a picture, also. Then I'll be ready to draw the first page of PMD, Chapter One: Where the Wind Blows. Cheesy as hell, but sue me. -sticks out tongue-]]


    Two sets of eyes alighted on the new arrivals to the hostile scene, the Seviper craning his neck around and settling its piercing crimson stare on the bold Charmander behind him. The large snake's tongue darted out, tasting the scent of the young Pokémon that had joined them on the dusty cliff's edge. Unperturbed by this interruption, the Seviper's malicious smirk crossed his face once more at the fire-type's actions, and he offered the scrawny, golden-eyed Zangoose an acknowledging glance.

    "Sssso you brought along sssssome friendsss assss backup, Zangoossssse?" he asked in his silky, malevolent tone.


    The undersized Pokémon bore an expression of bewilderment, eyes wide and shifting between the large, intimidating Seviper and the two apparitions behind the poison-type. A keen intelligence reflected behind his golden-orange irises, though, and he quickly flushed and took another complimentary, shuffling step backwards. Gentle winds spiraled around the tense figures, enthusiastic with the promise of another glorious day, complete with pounding heat, and the rising sun's stray rays of light filtered more fluidly through the upper branches of the faraway horizon. Despite the increasing warmth, the small, velvety-furred Zangoose felt that the dry, lightheaded sensation in his body was unconnected to the environment.

    What...what's going on? his lethargic mind asked itself, entangled in the mystery of his new position.

    "Friends? N-no...I mean...I'm new here. It's an accident that I'm even here, in Seviper country..." he interjected, catching wind of the fiery fighting spirit rising within the large, single Seviper.

    The liquid-black Pokémon reared up at the opposing species, red-edged tail blade flashing with what he saw as an insult.

    "Ssstop with thisss cowardice, Zangoossse!" the Seviper snarled, baring its dagger-like fangs at the soft-spoken normal-type. "Fight!"

    Cowardice? Oh...

    "B-but...I prefer...that is...I don't fight," The golden-eyed Zangoose murmured shyly, "...sorry."

    "You will be." the Seviper hissed, red eyes narrowing as it studied the awkward mongoose.

    So small...like a kit. Definitely not the size of a normal Zangoose male, he thought appraisingly, casting one eye upon the other figures upon the cliff edge.

    "Ssso if you are not acquainted with thisss pitiful excussse for a Pokémon, what bringsss outsssidersss like yourssselvesss here? And more importantly, why do you feel it necesssssary to challenge me, Charmander?" the Seviper inquired, satisfied with its prey's immobility.

    The Seviper's golden plates flashed in the developing sunrise, gleaming in a way that benefited the snake's tantalizing nature. The scrawny Zangoose ducked frantically onto all fours in an effort to evade the Seviper's lashing tail, eyes welded silently to his rescuers in mingled gratitude and benevolent disappointment. What if one of them got injured due to his ill-fated alternation into a Pokémon - a Zangoose in Seviper country, no less?

    [[OOC - Sowwy, test after test this week, so I hafta study lots. More reliable RPing after things settle down, though. ^^;]]
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  4. ((Mrrr...I wanna join, but I don't know who to use. -_- Ayumu was a stupid, stupid character, and I can't bring myself to like her "partner in crime", Kasuga (I'd typed out Kasuga's entrance, and it was really horrible, so I deleted it). So what sort of character should I use? ;_; If you don't want me to be in the RP, that's okay, too...this post might be breaking the rules, after all. -_-;;

    If I think up a good character, I'll delete this and put in the entrance. But I'm phailing here...))
  5. I loved Ayumu. ^^ *points to her icon thingum* I should get a new one. . . :-\

    I. . . think I'll bring Tallen back. A completely different Tallen, but while I'm making my character a ninetails again, I might as well keep the name, eh? Ninetails give me access to a few little things I otherwise wouldn't be able to use. . .they are able to understand hoomun speach! wh00t. so I'm thinking, maybe that'll come in somewhere? I'm also giving her a companion that'll prolly be sent off sometime later.

    [size=8pt]Tallen woke up and was confzed cause she was soppsd 2 be a hoomun but she wsn't any more and so she lookd arownd and she seen a Chikorita. "R u okey Ninetails?" the Chikorita askd "WHA-why r u talking u r a pokemanz!11!" Tallen yelled. "So r u!" yelled Chikaritta!11!!!11!!2!!1!!(one)1!"

    *Tallen l00ks at herslf and c's tht chikrita was write*

    "U're rite1! Wl my nam 1s Tallen, & I whas a persn![/size]

    *CLEARS THROAT* Okay, for serious.

    Hearing some form of altercation, the smooth Arbok slid through the brush. His skin against the undergrowth made a dry, rasping sound that almost sounded as if a fire was quietly crackling. The sunlight lanced off of his patterened scales, making him even less identifiable in the woody brush.

    A Seviper seemed to be facing off against a Zangoose. But the Zangoose flinched away. A charmander and a Psyduck crashed through the undergrowth, and they briefly exchanged words. The Zangoose seemed to have a strange accent. The Seviper went into a rage about the Zangoose being in his territory. The Arbok frowned. But that wasn't right. This was. . .

    He reared up, rising out of the leaf litter where he had lain in thick coils, hidden from sight.

    "Excuse me," He drawled, in a dry, rasping voice. It could have been mistaken for the noise he made as he slunk across the ground. "I believe no one is correct in this situation. The high country has always traditionally been Arbok territory. I only wish you to have your story straight. I don't mean to mettle, and I have no intent to stop any battle or trouble that may start here." A Howl rose from on top of the cliffs, and the Arbok glanced up briefly. "My companion, however, does."

    Then he waited, to see how the quartet would react to his declaration. He was a pacifist, and really had no intention of fighting, but he was also practical, and would fight if it came to it.

    Too many paws/claws/tails in the soup pot? Here comes Tallen, guys! RUN!!!
  6. ((Yeah, but she was a useless character. All she did was act stupid...she never brought down any foes, she never won any battles, her single good attack never actually made anybody but (maybe) somebody on her team go to sleep...she kind of got ignored by the other characters when it actually mattered, and...she...was...so stupidly useless, I didn't have fun writing her anymore. >_
  7. [OOC - Nice to see this thing kicking back into gear!]


    Kazan stared into the eyes of the black serpent.
    "The reason we're here is not of your concern, really... we just wanted to see the sunrise," said Kazan, trying to be as courageous as possible, despite facing an enemy many times it's own size. "But just now, the situation changed a bit. That Zangoose isn't posing any threat, and it doesn't seem as if it wants or is even able to fight. I think you should back off a bit."
    Kazan took a step forward, keeping steady eye contact with the snake, whilst Gosai kept himself slightly behind the Charmander, trying to avoid the confrontation he had already gotten himself into.

    Suddenly, the situation took a turn for what seemed to be the worse. An Arbok had appeared behind them. Kazan turned his head, just a bit, so that he could see both of the snakes simultaneously. The words emanating from the purple pokémon seemed to just drift by Kazan - he was too tense about the current situation to listen to what it was saying, but four words managed to grab a hold of his ears: "My companion, however, does."

    Kazan didn't like the sound of that... More and more pokémon were getting mixed up into this, and more and more of them seemed to be willing to fight about it.

    [OOC - Yeah, I know it's short, but there's not too much more for me to do before Tallen appears and some of the others say some stuff...]
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  8. Geeze I know sorry, it was like, what, 2 in the morning and I was waiting for a download to finnish. I could have done a better job with it, I'll admit. ^^;;;; I just thought I'd give anyone who wanted to freak an opportunity to. And I'll be sending the Arbok away soon enough, no worries. ^^ It'll just be Tallen again, so we don't have too many pokemon hanging around. I just love Arboks and the way I wrote it. . . blah. I suck. *stabs self in head*

    With a crash like an avalanche, Tallen lept through the brush. She let out another howl of pure delight, sliding down the steep hill, flat rocks skittering in all directions. The sun was turning everything a rosy pink tinged with gold. She laughed, jumping lightly off of an old tree trunk when it got in her way and continuing her decent.

    "Kareki!" She called, crashing into the clearing. Her heart was full of the golden light that was reflected in her short silky coat, her lungs exploded with the high, fresh mountain air. Kareki was an old friend of hers, and she was always glad to stay with him for a week or two, alone on the top of the mountain in the near wilderness.

    She tumbled over herself, grinning with delight, coming to a halt next to Kareki. It was then she noticed the tension of the situation. She put on a light face and quirked what passed as an eyebrow.

    "What seems to be the trouble?" Tallen asked casually. Kareki fell behind her. He was reluctant to get into anything. He was the best when they slid through the forest together, racing falling leaves and shadows. She smiled peacefully, seemingly blissfully unawares of the peril of the situation.
  9. [[OOC - I dun't see anything wrong at all with your stuffs,MSDL - or Persian either. Stop bein' all sadlyfull! -determined nod- After all, look how booming the RP is becoming...so quickly, too! -clenches fist with tears of happiness in place-



    Katsu, his mind laboring to discern the meaning of this catastrophe so promptly after awakening, rose shakily onto his back claws once more. The early morning scene, dusted sparingly with dew, was rapidly becoming a setting for the actions of several Pokémon. All of which, notably and erringly enough, were speaking fluently in a language the Zangoose would have classified as English. Except...since when did a Seviper, Charmander, Arbok, or Ninetales ever speak any human dialect? The soft-spirited white Pokémon beheld the unfolding events with perplexed, tangerine-gold eyes; one thing he could quickly understand, and that was the likelihood of a fight rising by the second.

    Bracing his sharp hind claws on the jagged, broken brown cliff, the blue-coded Zangoose centered the focus of his attention on the most recent arrival. The confident Ninetales that had come to an elegant rest in front of the seemingly-pacifistic Arbok had asked a question after all; maybe it was a chance to prevent anyone from having to combat a territorial Seviper over such a menial case of bad luck.

    "T-there's really no problem here, everyone..." he announced benignly, oversized golden eyes shifting to each Pokémon surrounding him and the black-scaled snake in turn. "I shouldn't be here to begin with, so the only one at fault is myself."

    The plumate, obscenely undersized Pokémon managed a sheepish smile, strikingly aware of the sly-voiced Seviper's piercing glare drilling into him once more. The questions circled each other in his mind, wondering Why? Why? Why? with a persistence that was sheerly distracting at the time.

    The Seviper whipped its powerful, gold-plated body around flauntingly. "You heard it! There isss no problem here, only a conflict between a sssimple Zangoossse and mysssself. None of your bussssinessss, unlesss you feel inclined to nossse about in a ssstranger'ssss affairsss." he declared.

    Had his fur not already held a shade of impassable whiteness, Katsu would have paled considerably. Even through his mind's fog he felt an inkling of memory handing him information like an old library book. It was always like this, he remembered. He always drew in the affection of those around him - and he always absorbed an unhealthy dose of bad luck along with it. Wherever this conflict was headed, it promised an unfriendly conclusion.

    "S-so....you can go back to what you were doing." he suggested benevolently, glancing back over his shoulder once more to confirm that one of his hind legs was braced awkwardly on the very edge of the eroded plateau.
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  10. ((Blergh. Might as well delete Asa's post and put in Ayumu...I designed Asa, had it all written out...and got writer's block on her. ^_^;; I may join later with Ayumu, I think. Maybe I'll use Asa somewhere else. -_-;; ))
  11. Awww, No, Persian! I liked Asa. ^^ Auto on the Seviper! Hope you don't mind, but the whole "edge of the cliff" comment inspired me. I rashly assumed this was the direction it was going in.

    Tallen wished that Kareki hadn't backed off (he was to her left and slightly behind her now). The odds would be stacked against the Seviper and it would feel pressured into standing down against not one undersized Zangoose, but two pairs of formidable pokemon and an undersized Zangoose. Of course, she had no idea as to the skills of the Charmander and the Psyduck standing off to one side, but then again, neither did the Seviper. The Zangoose seemed to be stammering out what seemed to be an apology. Tallen frowned.

    "No need, little one," she said softly, before turning to the Seviper. "And what are you doing this far up the plateau? This is Arbok territory." The Seviper's dark eyes met her own, and she read murder in them. "If this Zangoose belongs to anyone here, it should be Kareki." She whiped her tails around, and he slowly drew himself up beside her. He had thought she was encouraging a battle! She was his guest, he should have known better then. . .

    The Seviper suddenly struck out, faster then a whip, venemous fangs and glittering eyes trained on the Zangoose. He was right on the edge! Time seemed to slow down as she watched the situation unfold helplessly.
  12. ((Hmmm...should I use them both, then, and just introduce Ayumu in a later instance? @_@))

    Asa winced a bit. She hadn't seen much, but her hearing was just fine. That, and the fact that everybody had drastically different colors helped a lot.

    The black long thing lunged at the small white-and-blue thing (she assumed these were the two sparring seviper/zangoose pair members), and the tan thing could do nothing to stop it.

    Suddenly, and without much thought for any sort of consequence, the small bug lunged out with a cry of "don't hurt him!" She then skittered along the edge of the cliff, slamming her hard shelled body into that of the seviper.

    Of course, she was on the edge of a cliff...

    So she promptly tumbled over the edge.

    A shriek gasped out of her mouth, but then her claws...found some small weeds hanging onto the side of the rock. Whimpering, she grasped the little plants with her front legs, then used her back legs to push herself up the rock. She was used to walking around and climbing a bit, but this was a little harder.

    Neverthless, she'd fallen all but a few centimeters, and was back up with everybody else in no time at all. Panting, the nincada looked at the zangoose (or, at least, the blue-and-white thing). "Um...hi?"
  13. Katsu felt his muscles, fundamentally different from what he was accustomed to, tense as he watched a small, unnoticed Nincada deflect what had previously promised to be a fatal attack. His breath hitched somewhere in his lungs, and the frantic Zangoose was standing at the point where the brave bug-type had fallen before he so much as ordered his body to move. As the courageous little Pokémon scrabbled back onto the safe, horizontal part of the plateau, the golden-eyed white mongoose's hind legs seemed insufficient to hold his weight; they wobbled unsteadily with the effort.

    The rash Seviper, for his part, had recovered from the unforeseen tackle. His cleaver of a tail-blade slashed threateningly through the cool, damp morning air as he arched his whip of a body around to observe the uneven odds against him. His cold, dew-ridden scales flexed and he reveled in the defense his gold, metallic plates offered. No matter the dubious chances that he would be able to victoriously rid his territory of one meddling, weak Zangoose...so long as he could sink his bloody-red fangs into a vital point in the scrawny, soft excuse for a predator...

    "H...hi there..." Katsu murmured weakly, eyes glued to his unexpected rescuer.

    Just as he had feared initially, his bad luck had followed him into this new form, plaguing him wherever he went. And an ominous sensation was sending chills up and down his spine, as if there was an all-important, crucial piece of basic information that he was forgetting in this wild, spontaneous fray.

    "You shouldn't have done that, you nearly fell!" he insisted, maneuvering shakily in between the newest arrival and the bloodthirsty Seviper. "I honestly don't want anyone placing themselves in harm's way - you don't even know the situation...what if I was the one at a fault?"

    And I am...If I knew what was going on, this could've been avoided. But, how do I adapt so quickly to...to...becoming a Pokémon? he wondered, failing to grasp a hold of this dreamlike reality.

    His blue-tipped front paws quaked, sheerly out of fear; what of was a difficult and complex question - albeit revolving solely around the issue of his confrontation with the determined Seviper.

    "Of courssse you were, Zangoosssse! No matter what an Arbok sssayssss, thisss area isss my home; how dare a mangy, filthy-blue Zangoosssse ssssuch asss yoursssself intrude here?" the subject himself commented fiercely, casting a disgusted glare at each Pokémon around him and the easy prey.

    And the Zangoose had so conveniently situated himself where none of the defending species could easily block him once more. Not without suffering a direct hit themselves - and risking a flight from the cliff's towering height.

    The Seviper, blind with a fiery, unmanageable need to slaughter this blood rival, rounded on Katsu's small figure.
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  14. Asa frowned. She hadn't thought about that...what if it was all a misunderstanding? Oh great - what if the Zangoose was going to eat-and-or-step on her? He seemed a lot more able in the stepping-on department than the legless snake...

    The little bug thought for a moment. "Um...that's okay...maybe...we should...leave. Yeah. Let's leave. If the black thing - Seviper, right? wants you gone, then maybe...um...you know...problem avoidance...and...stuff..."

    Asa inwardly cursed at her inability to articulate her thoughts and her constant spoken-ellipses-ness. It always annoyed her...why, oh why couldn't she be better at talking to large groups of Pokemon? One-on-one or even with two Pokemon usually gave her words better diction, but throw in a few more...

    She stared up at the Zangoose. "So...yeah. Um...hi?"

    ((Asa may not be Ayumu, but her synapses don't fire that quickly. ^_^))
  15. Tallen glanced at Kareki. Their eyes met, and she didn't like what she saw in them. Tallen shook her head slowly, but it was not her choice.

    With a hiss, the Arbok launched himself at the Seviper. "My teritory!" he spat, but Tallen was not fooled. He would sacrifice himself to save the rest of them from doing some violence. . . He was pacifist to the core. And he was not a bad fighter. The Seviper was in for some battle.

    Firefox! You decide what the Seviper does about this situation. does he dodge? does he fight? Do they go over the cliff edge? (personally that's what i'm pulling for. . .) ^^
  16. Regardless of his pleading for everyone to disperse, avoiding a complex brawl at such an elevated height, Katsu recognized a fierce battlecry fling itself from the previously-reserved Arbok's mouth. The large violet snake was launching himself swiftly at the Seviper's tensed form. The opposing cobra-like snake poised himself, upper half of his body erect, with his dual crimson fangs bared in a silent, low hiss as he focused instead on the incoming Arbok.

    Katsu was still struggling with a sort of mental barricade in his mind, separating logical thought from logical action. The intelligible choice in this terse, escalating battle of territorial poison-types would be to retreat towards the veil of the forest, where a mind could have supple opportunity to grasp hold of the reality of its predicament. Instead, the scrawny white mongoose's thoughts were paralyzed in numb confusion as the Arbok's hood spread, revealing the symbol emblazoned there. His body, however, reacted on its own. With a headlong dive, the blue-coded Zangoose intercepted the pacifistic Arbok's powerful tackle.

    Both of them veered off from the Seviper's course, eventually separating enough to send Katsu's smaller figure tumbling in the cliff's dust. Dazed by the pure difference in weight between himself and the Arbok, Katsu huffed for breath, dimly aware of the scritching sounds as several loose rocks clattered down the cliff behind him. Now collapsed on the edge of the eroded cliff, the golden-eyed Zangoose braced himself on his front two paws, barely able to support the upper portion of his weight after impacting on the ground. Nonetheless he looked weakly through bleared eyes, searching for where the Arbok had fallen - more specifically, if the cobra had avoided a plunge from the plateau's fatal edge.

    The Seviper swung his armored head in the prone Zangoose's direction, eyes glittering in mirth. Sitting prey for a well-aimed bite to the throat, and then there would be one less self-serving, white-furred demon roaming the Pokémon world.

    [[In short, Katsu tried to keep the two from fighting by blocking said Arbok's attack, and was knocked aside to the cliff edge...and I dunno what happened to Mr.Arbok. Your call, I suppose. Katsu's out for the count now, so no more interruptions from him - Ah, and Mr.Seviper's still going for meh white pacifist. Still. A bit daft, you could say. :p~]]
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  17. [OOC- OMG I am sooooo sorry for not being active here! It's just recently I've had a huge amount of tests piling up, and I've only finished them just now. But I'm back!]

    Seeing the Seviper lunge for the blue and white Zangoose, Kazan did the only thing he could; he tackled it. Kazan was too weak to really push the Seviper out of the way, but his attack did make the giant snake miss it's intended target. The black serpent struck out at bare ground, and let out an evil hiss. It laid there, almost still for a fraction of a second, before whipping it's head back to look at it's attacker.

    The Seviper arched up to appear as intimidating as possible. Kazan got a really bad feeling about this; That Seviper looked ready to strike, and Kazan wouldn't last long against something that seemed so viscous and angry. Kazan took a step back and stood with his legs a good distance apart. That way, he'd be able to get out of the way quickly if he needed to.

    Suddenly, the black snake did exactly what Kazan thought it was going to do. As it whipped itself forward to bury it's fangs in him, Kazan jumped back. He began to back up further, but as he did, his foot got snagged on a stray root and he fell over. There was no way Kazan could get away from the Seviper now. He braced himself as best possible, and shut his eyes as he saw the serpent set out for another attack.

    At this moment, Gosai did something unexpected. He knew that if nothing was done, his friend would surely be killed. Thus, he lunged at the attacker, screaming in an attempt to startle it before it managed to complete it's move towards Kazan's neck. The Seviper however, wouldn't be fooled, especially after Kazan himself had tried virtually the same thing. Instead, the snake simply jumped slightly to the side, in order to dodge the attack. The Psyduck, having missed it's target, and in total surprise, stumbled right over to the very edge of the cliff, before he managed to stop himself. The Seviper then promptly pushed Gosai the last bit over the edge.

    The yellow pokémon just managed to grab on to a branch sticking out of the side of the cliff and thus prevented himself from falling. But the branch seemed old and dried up. The least bit of movement might have been enough to snap it.

    [OOC- I've got something special planned out for Gosai, so leave him hanging there for the moment, guys :p]
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  18. Will do. *doesn't touch Gosai*

    I had a wonderful post all worked out before your, Daxx, but the "user account suspended" warning ate it. ^^'

    *attempts to re-create it*

    I eventually want to send Kareki away. Over the cliff edge sounds nice. If anyone feels the need to have him make some rash moves, by all means, go ahead.

    Kareki slid across the ground, thrown by the small Zangoose's attack. For something so small, it had a startling amount of power, to throw the Arbok, twice it's size, sprawling.

    But the move had set the small white-and-blue pokemon out onto the fragile cliff edge. Thinking fast, while it was still dazed, Kareki coiled around the little mongoose pokemon and situated the pair of them on more solid ground.

    "No woriess, Little one," He said, barely a hint of hiss in his soft voice. "I don't want a fight any more then you do. But the Seviper, he does not think like us."

    Kareki left the Zangoose where he sat and made his way back to Tallen, who was watching the fight, but doing nothing.

    "Why don't you help?" Kareki asked the large, sleek fox pokemon.

    "We are in your territory," she replied " No matter what the Seviper says. Out of respect for you, I hold my position."

    Tallen could see Kareki was impressed, but he shook his head. "It's too late for that, Tallen. Do what you will."

    Now she was impressed, a softness had entered his voice, and was a tear twinkling in his eye?

    Tallen eyed the situation. They'd have to draw the Seviper off the Charmander. . . and the little Zangoose would have to be taken care of, as well. It still seemed dazed, almost paralyzed.

    "You take care of the Seviper, I'll look after the Zangoose." In a flash, Tallen was away in the forest and back with a mouthful of berries. As she offered them to the Zangoose and watched it to see how it was doing, Kareki set off slowly towards the dueling pair.

    Wow, I gave you guys so much to work with, didn't I. :p
  19. "Let's see," Athena the Gardevoir mused as she turned the map around in her hands. "If I'm here... and I'm trying to get there... and there's a mountain over there... That means... This map is totally useless!"

    Athena wadded up the map and tossed it over her shoulder.

    "Well, that's what I get for buying a map off a shifty-eyed Linoone. Again. Guess I might as well head off in any random direction. I'm bound to find a town or a path of some kind sooner or later. Let's see..."

    She reached into the satchel hanging by her side and pulled out an Amulet Coin. She flipped in the air, spun around, and caught it as it came down.

    "That way!" she declared, pointing at a sheer rock wall a few yards away. She stared at it for a moment with a stupified expression, then confidently shoved the Amulet Coin back into her satchel and marched toward the cliff. Without so much as breaking stride, she put one foot on the wall, then the other, and was soon briskly strolling up the wall humming a jaunty tune. Lovely thing, telekinesis.

    As she continued up the wall, she noticed something yellow hanging from a branch in the distance. She couldn't quite make out what it was, but it was definitely yellow and hanging. Since she was heading that way anyway, she decided to investigate. It would be a while before she could reach the branch, but she was bound to reach the yellow, hanging thing sooner or later.
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