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Open The Phantoms Strike - An Evil team Story!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Generation Sect, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. This thread takes place in the Kanto region, but not as we know it. A small island, found in the seas near Mount Silver has been recently adapted into a Battle Fronteir, where many trainers go to test their skills. The sweltering jungle island, however, was actually the home of some Legendary-worshipping natives from deep in the jungle, who are not too happy about the changes to their island, and decided to create a dangerous group, known to outsiders only as the Phantoms. In this RP you will be either a member of the Phantoms or a trainer traveling or working at the newly built Battle Frontier.
    These are the bios:

    Name: Zeth Zuin
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Leader of the Phantoms.
    Appearance: Zeth is tall and skinny, with short black hair and dark brown eyes, but wears a ragged black cloak with a hood as a costume. He wears special goggles, almost mechanical in nature, alongside a small piece of black cloth from the hood that covers the bottom part of his face.
    Personality: Zeth tends not to talk, not spouting his big plans like most team leaders, but instead only speaks when it has to be done. He prefers to keep as many secrets as possible, and has a rather snarky attitude.
    History: As a child of the tribe, Zeth was blessed with the double Z naming, in honour of one of the tribes many deities. He was told he would be a saviour and protect the island, and after a few years of sitting around doing nothing that time has finally come.

    Zeth sat impatiently, perched atop a rock just on the edge of a majestic waterfall, reflecting a rainbow light, looking out to the monstrosity below. They were still working on the frontier park, and it would hopefully stay that way. Trainers were starting to flock in, the facilities were complete enough to use and most of the Frontier Brains had been found.

    His goggles stretched as he zoomed in his sight, a useful upgrade, to see a teen in a yellow and black uniform. He was the problem with this island, the first Frontier Brain Isaac Flast. His parents were explorers, having found the island and promising to tell no-one but family, and then this impudent fool had barged in with the idea to turn the whole island into a Battle Frontier. He had betrayed the trust of the Phantoms, and by extent his parents had betrayed them too. Today he would challenge his nemesis and end this project once and for all. He felt almost giddy.
  2. Name: Mike
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Frontier Brain
    Appearance: A small kid with sunglasses. He wears a purple shirt with a blue jacket. He has Brown Eyes and dyed blue hair
    Personality: A good listener. Laid back most of the time.
    History: At first, he was just a normal kid who loved the sandy beaches. Until one day when he received a Slowking, he started to train on the beaches to become the best trainer. Until one day he beat an Elite 4 member. He was just accepted as a new Frontier Brain at the newly built Frontier Park.

    Mike was walking to the new park, with his Slowking behind him. Mike was happy to be there so he can become stronger, and one day beat the champion. When he reached the park, he noticed a tall black haired man on a rock looking down at the park, he shrugged it off and went to his facility, the Sea Dome. The Sea dome was 4 connected underwater domes with trainers in each, and the biggest, and final dome contained Mike. As he was in the room he sent out his Pokemon to look around the dome with him.
  3. Zeth noticed one of the new Frontier Brains walk past. He wasn't sure if he had noticed him, but Flast was the main target, and he didn't want to cause too much of a stir until the exact right time. Then it struck him. He was always planning to just jump Flast in the streets right now, as the crowd of trainers got of the ferry, with his Shades (the Phantom version of grunts) backing him up, and after he defeated Flast, with the Shades terrorising the trainers and stealing their Pokemon, he would announce their existence and cause. But another Fronteir Brain would mean he would have to recalculate his plans.

    Zeth had entered the first Sea Dome. He had two Shades with him, and a Trainer had challenged him and been quickly dealt with by the Shades. He had more Shades coming in through the water outside of the domes, planning for them to burst through the glass when he entered the room and stopping any trainers so he had a clear path, and as the plan was working. He walked into the final dome, the Fronteir Brain and his Pokemon inspecting the place. He was clearly not ready for an attack. There were Shades waiting outside the glass in case of trouble, but this was his battle. They knew the island well, that was their advantage. He produced an Ultra Ball from his cloak as he made his grand entrance. "So you're the new Fronteir Brain huh? What a joke. This entire facility is a joke. I will see these domes fall and this entire project."
  4. "What?" He asked and he turned around to see Zeth. "So you must be a trainer wanting to challenge me? Huh? Well it won't be easy!" He then looked behind Zeth to the trainers yelling he is a bad guy. "Oh, OK. So you must be that guy I saw up that cliff then? Well, I won't let you beat me!" Mike said whilst sending out Poliwrath. "Go! Poliwrath!"
  5. Zeth remained unnervingly motionless, as he held the Ultra ball in his hand and weighed up his options. The Pokemon he had was going to be able to do the best against the obvious Water-type trainer, and he softly clicked the button, releasing Shiftry. "Shiftry, use Leaf Blade." The Pokemon spread it's fans wide behind it's back, then dashed forwards in a rapid motion that made him appear as a green blur towards the stockier Pokemon he was facing.

    Water was rapidly starting to file into the sea dome through the holes in the dome left by the Phantom's entrance. The incident would slow down the project, and most likely draw the attention of Flast himself. He was probably already on his way here, but the Shades would hold him off until he was done.
  6. As the water started to flood in, Mike put on his scuba gear on so he can breathe if the water floods the whole dome floods. Poliwrath was on the ground and was hurt bad. He got up slowly. "You OK?" Mike asked. "OK! Use Ice Punch!" Poliwrarh used Ice Punch on Shiftry's chest.
  7. Name: Daniel
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Tactician of the Phantoms
    Appearance: Tall, thin and wears a black cloak. Hood is always pulled up, covering his eyes. His hair is white and always has a quick ball attached to the belt around his waist.
    Personality: Tries to act tough, but is really only good at thinking about battle strategies. Seems nice, but only so that he can earn people's trust.
    History: Most is a secret, but his parents died when trying to catch a legendary. Daniel swears to destroy the Pokémon that killed his parents.
    Pokémon: NidoKing, Pidgeot, Ditto and Lucario.

    Daniel sat on rock, watching the fight from a distance. It was interesting. Zeth seemed to be winning, but it was tight. He clutched his quickball in his hand, resisting the urge to end the fight with Lucario. Other people were walking by, and Daniel wished they would challenge him. But no. He decided he would scare some people, just for fun. "Ditto, transform into that girl walking by." A flash of light, and a big purple blob of goo appeared. But not for long. His features started changing, until he was a short girl with brown hair.
  8. Name: Fendall Xaven
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Battlemaster of the Phantoms
    Appearance: Short spiky auburn hair, blue eyes, wears a short reddish brown leather tunic with metal fitted onto it, and wears a red face mask with horns on it.
    Mask: Ninja Mask.jpg
    Personality: A bold person, who gets right to the point when speaking, Fendall is confident of his skill in combat, and looks down on those he deems "inferior."
    History: Born on the island, Fendall was blessed with amazing fighting skills. He was rewarded for this by, when he was old enough, he became the island's battlemaster, and trained warriors. When the island was converted into a Battle Frontier, Fendall was outraged, so he joined the Phantoms and became their battlemaster.
    Ability: No Guard
    Moveset: Close Combat, Low Kick, Mega Punch, Swagger
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Moveset: Belly Drum, Close Combat, Heavy Slam, Iron Head
    Ability: Scrappy
    Moveset: Hammer Arm, Grass Knot, Earthquake, Fire Punch
    Ability: Poison Touch
    Moveset: Brick Break, Fake Out, Gunk Shot, Poison Jab
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Moveset: Dual Chop, Zen Headbutt, Thunder Punch, Retaliate
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Moveset: Circle Throw, Revenge, Seismic Toss, Taunt

    Fendall had been prowling around the Sea Dome, when he saw a commotion going on in one of the Sea Domes. He rushed over and saw a boy challenging Zeth. "Hmph, amateur." He said as he entered the Sea Dome. He saw water leaking in through holes in the dome. "Go, Machamp, and seal up the holes!" He said as he threw out a Machamp. The Machamp used its four arms to block up the four holes in the wall. He then rushed over to Zeth and the trainer. He assessed the situation and determined that a little help wouldn't hurt. "Go, Pangoro!" He said as a Pangoro came out of a Pokeball. "Use Grass Knot!"
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  9. Suddenly A Dewong blocked the blow, due to being part Ice type it did not take a lot of damage. Dewong was ready to protect mike from Team Eclipse. Mike turned around to see Dewong. "OK Dewong take care of it!" Mike said still focused on the battle.
  10. "Hmph, not a problem. Pangoro, use Fire Punch!" He said confidently.
  11. Dewgong used Hydro Pump straight towards Pangoro to take out the Fire Punch. Dewong then jumped up in the air and prepared to land an Aqua Tail on Pangoro.
  12. Pangoro crossed its arms and took the Aqua Tail with not even a flinch, and immediately followed up with another Fire Punch. Fendall was visibly annoyed at how long this was taking.
  13. Dewgong saw the incoming attack and used protect. Dewgong realized it will be hard to beat him. Dewgong used Aqua Ring and used hail, which caused a hail storm to kick up above Dewgong and Pangoro.
  14. Pangoro used Earthquake to try to trap Dewgong in a crack in the ground, then leaped into the air and came crashing down on Dewgong with Hammer Arm.
    (Also, off topic, are we gonna have our Pokemon have a set moveset?)
  15. Dewgong was stuck in the crack. Dewgong saw Pangoro jump up in the air. Dewgong thought very quickly and used Hydro Pump right before he hit. Dewgong jumped out of the crack and looked back to see if Hydro Pump hit.
  16. Pangoro was drenched in water, and looked furious. He charged at Dewgong, Fire Punchs in both hands, while Fendall ran over to Mike, to try to sabotage him.
  17. Mike turned around and saw Fendall running at him. Dewgong then hit Fendall into Pangoro with Aqua Tail. "Fighting blindly is the worst strategy. You need to practice your fighting skills." Mike told him.
  18. "Funny you would say that, child." He said as Machamp put Mike into a headlock. "I just so happen to these men's trainer." He said as he gestured to the Shades.
  19. "Well you may not have realized this." Mike said. "But we have a gimic here." Suddenly the room flooded with water. Mike put on his scuba gear. "Put on your scuba gear now." Mike said. Slowing used psychic on the shade's and threw them out of the dome. "So dude, no tricks now." He told Fendall.
  20. "Well, this is interesting. But you may not have realized that you are, well... indisposed at the moment." He said as he gestured to the Machamp with two of its arms wrapped around Mike's neck.
  21. Zeth retracted Shiftry into it'a pokeball after it suddenly stopped moving, ice spreading up it's body as a result of the Ice Punch. He gestured to Xaven. "Let the kid go. He's not our problem. Flast is probably here by now." He started to leave the underwater domes, the group of Shades following him.
  22. The water drained from the dome. Mike healed his Pokemon at a healing station in the dome. Dewgong used Ice Beam to cover up the hole. "I really need to find out their motives soon." Mike said to himself.
  23. "Fine." Fendall said as he threw down a smoke pellet after retracting his Pokemon. "That child will be a nuisance, though." Fendall said, frustrated as he disappeared out of the dome.
  24. Name: Kelvin Cry
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Occupation: ground type Frontier Brain
    Appearance: wears a fedora, has a red t-shirt and brown shorts
    Personality: act cool but is really kind to others
    History: he was a really skilled trainer ever since he started his journey with his Wooper, defeating the 8 gym leaders in just 6 months, when this Battle Frontier came up, he was offered a position that he gladly accepted
    main: Quagsire
    Others: sandslash, steelix, flygon, piloswine (this one's new) and golurk
    Other: he doesn't feel the cold very much

    Kelvin arrived on the island, he looks around the place to enjoy the scenery of an exotic isolated island then head to his battle area with Quagsire behind him impatient to just settle down for awhile and waited for challengers to start appearing in his area until he notices a couple of shady men walking off. he decide to go see where they were going
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