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The Person Below You Game

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by gzh11121, May 6, 2009.

  1. Ok, so the object is to say something random like:

    I'll bet the person below me hasn't washed their socks in a while.

    'The person below me' is substituted with 'V'. So it would go

    I'll bet V hasn't washed their socks in a while.

    The person who comes along next (it can be anyone... whoever gets their post in first) can reply, and then put a 'I'll bet V....' of their own.

    I'll start.

    I'll bet V has never heard of this game.
  2. You have failed the test...

    I bet V knows that there is already a game just like this
  3. No, I don't.
    I'll bet V wants me to not post here?
  4. Couldn't care less.

    I think V is wondering if gzh11121 has asked a forum mod if he could post this here. 'tis in the rules, after all.
  5. That might be a thought, but I'm really thinking if he read this

    I bet V is gzh11121
  6. Yes, and I have read it. Never came to mind it was likve this really. Oh, well might as well get any punishment needed.

    I'll bet V is a mod.
  7. Your bet fails.

    I'll bet V is going to light me on fire >
  8. GET IN THE OVEN!! *pushes Tangrow into an oven of fire*

    I bet V likes roasted Tangrow(th)
  9. Mmm... You can be my breakfast!

    I'll bet V likes Venasaur grill. *pushes self on grill and screams in pain as the flames devour my body*
  10. Yum...I'll get a fork!

    I'll bet V likes chocolate syrup on POH!kemon.
  11. Yes, I like to pour it all over your face and tie you to a washing line and put dirty diapers on you every day (never said I had to eat you)

    I bet V is someone that hasn't tried to destroy me yet
  12. I haven't tried to destroy you... yet. *evil laugh*

    I bet V love Pokecharms.
  13. Why do you think I'm here everyday making RPs, crushing wishes, and getting my arse kicked in chat?

    I bet V has been kicked from chat by Dr. Oak the most
  14. Not really. Last time it was only because of the genocide button.

    I'm sure V has been in chat before.
  15. Yes, and I have messed with the chat many times before

    I bet V has put up something funny in the chat log
  16. I have before >>

    I'll bet V thinks this game is quite fun to use sarcasm in.
  17. Yup.
    I'll bet V has never eaten alligator meat.
  18. Got that right.

    I'll bet that V doesn't have my favorite ice cream. (Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake!!!)
  19. Yep. But I really want some now.

    I bet V can't guess my favorite ice cream.
  20. Sundae

    I bet V has some sort of special reasoning behind his/her screen name
  21. Yes. I do. Doesn't mean I'm telling you~

    I bet nothing that V needs a shower >>
  22. Nope.
    I'll bet V is psycho.
  23. I'm not psycho! I'm paranormal. :)
    I'll bet V doesn't know my real intentions. >:)
  24. I don't know them yet, but I'm working on it....slowly. >>

    I bet V doesn't know my third favorite pokemon. (First and second favorites are too obvious if you've seen me in chat, anyway.)
  25. Nope, I don't. Too bad though.

    I'll bet V has chocolate. I want it!!!!
  26. Okay! *Pours hot Chibi melted chocolate on Fallen Angel's face*

    I bet V is Fallen Angel complaining about the chocolate.
  27. nnnoooppe :3

    I bet V is allergic to chocolate
  28. Wrong.

    I bet V is not Brendan.
  29. Hey, you're right! *gives Lucario454 a cookie*

    I bet V likes root beer at Christmas.
  30. Meh, not really.

    I bet V isn't going to be somebody new to this game.
  31. Heh, you guessed right XD (BTW, my third favorite is Gliscor =3)

    I bet V doesn't like spicy food.
  32. Well, it depends on how spicy, really.

    I bet V knows the All-American Rejects. (Who doesn't?)
  33. Me.

    I'll bet V has lost their left eye recently. *Conveniently throws a small round object out the window*
  34. nope

    I'll bet V is a fan of Naruto and thinks Tobi is an ORANGE.
  35. wrong with Pooboko. And I don't know who Tobi is, but I probably painted him orange yesterday

    I bet V is a monkey
  36. Wrong!

    I bet V is someone who's posted here before.
  37. yes

    I bet V has a goofy avatar.
  38. I didn't make it...

    I bet V has eaten a flower (they use safflower to colour orange smarties)
  39. *continues munching on daisy* Yumm! Wait what?
    I'll bet V has never had Hand Sanitizer applied to their eye.
  40. Of course not O_O

    I'll make a wager V doesn't like Egg Drop soup.

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