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The Person Below Me

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Teapot, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Nope, have with cats before

    person below me likes hot chocolate
  2. It's ok... I usually don't like hot drinks though...

    The person below me feeds their dog/cat fruit...
    (My dog snowball loves mangoes...)
  3. Not usually.

    The person below me has a fish as a pet.
  4. I used to, not any more.

    The person below me almost broke a limb.
  5. long time ago, falling in the snow, only managed to twist ankle, luckily not worst

    person below has one given someone wrong directions or help, even by accident
    (I did that recently at work, I forgot, I was working at a different store, gave someone wrong aisle number, luckily I caught myself early and was able to find the customer on time)
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  6. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    yes, in 1st grade we were supposed to right a How to essay
    i said leave the macaroni boiling for 1 HOUR

    V taught a llama how to drive
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  7. Yes actually... four total. Not a lot of people do it because llamas are notorious for not using turning signals. Some instructors will outright refuse to teach them. But I won't! I won't stand idly by while these llamas stand by helplessly without drivers licenses.

    The person below me has never said the word "kumquat" in a sentence before.
    Bonus points if you've never even said the word outloud before this post...
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  8. never used it before in any kind of senstence

    person below me likes passionfruit, starfruits and dragonfruits
  9. passionfruit sounds cool but it doesn't look cool. star fruit looks cool but its straight up poisonous to dogs and I like to think of my little snowball so im probably never going to get that. dragonfruit looks cool and sounds cool. Ive never bothered to look it up yet as I have no intentions in getting anyways. I have had drinks with passion fruit written on it so i guess that means Ive already tasted it many times?

    the person below me has also had a drink with passion fruit as part of the flavor.
    bonus points if you have tasted one of the other two fruit flavors mentioned in the post. or just eaten one of the 3 fruit in general.

    [EDIT: I felt lazy for saying I didn't look up dragon fruit so I looked it up. Turns out dragon fruit is safe for dogs. I looked it up for cats too. while its safe for cats they should probably just avoid eating too much fruit all together cause they get stomach issues...]
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    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  10. yep I have
    Passionfruit Juice, loved it
    it was an import... store closed many years ago, I haven't found it anymore
    would love to have more

    person below me loves Halvah covered in Chocolate
  11. never heard of it... If I see it in the store I may try it.

    the person below me likes skor... (normally my favorite candy bar is butterfinger. always has been and always will be but this is pretty good too,)
  12. I never seen it before, I would try it

    person below me likes Pokemon based on their favorite animals
  13. I don't consider them my top favorite but I can appreciate them.

    the person below me has atleast one of the following pokémon cards as shown in the picture below...
    (at my parents house I got the eevee one, and the fossil ones sitting in a binder.)
  14. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    no, i don't collect the cards
    although i kinda want to

    V was actually the culprit the whole time!
  15. yep, I have the Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon
    they might have been expensive each, bought each one as individual cards - are now in my Eeveelution binder
    exception of Snorlax, the rest don't catch my attention

    I never seen "The Culprit"

    The person below me has lots of cards of their favorite Pokemon
    (I have about 68 Eevee cards)
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  16. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    i literally just said i don't have cards

    V has a pokeplush they really want to get
  17. I seen a very large sleeping Flareon plush in Japan
    at the moment I can't get it, do want it

    v - loves eating Bacon Bits
  18. (I don't have the pokémon cards of a lot of my favorite pokémon cards. I have some like the fossil ones mentioned earlier but there are some I never will as I no longer buy them)
    Im a little picky on my bacon bits. Im happy to pay a little more for real bacon bits (Ive added them to certain foods ive cooked)
    also im the culprit... but don't tell anyone this secret...

    the person below me likes to cook simple recipes
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  19. yep when I can I will

    person below me can bake cookies
    (even if they bough the pre-made dough, or made their own)
  20. I don't make cookies often but when I do I like to make my own dough. buying pre-made dough is when I want a certain type of cookie but don't want to go through the trouble of getting all the random ingridents needed)

    the person below me dislikes the fact that some pokémon need to be traded in order to obtain. (realistically you would think a machamp or a slowking could be obtained without handing someone else your machoke or slowpoke...)
  21. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    yes i hate trade evolutions
    what am i supposed to do if i want a gourgeist but i have no friends?

    V doesn't see the point in halloween
  22. there really isn't much point ,but I guess I kinda see some. It motivates people to go outside... also people have cool halloween parties. (halloween is basically just an excuse to party...)

    The person below me doesn't tuck their thumb into their fist. (I don't know why some people do it when they punch ,but it isn't smart.
    #2 is the proper way to make a fist.)
  23. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    i do, although i didn't when i was younger

    V randomly gets nostalgic
  24. I'm not a big fan of nostalgia. I like the original 150 pokemon as well as ash's journey through kanto that started it all ,but I'm not gonna go back and rewatch season one nor replay the old red and blue game. I can appreciate the good times I had ,but they are old memories and I'm fine leaving it that way... (sorry for lengthy no...)

    The person below me prefers waffles over pancakes...
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  25. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan


    The person below me doesn't like how chib types "V" instead of "the person below me".
  26. I prefer to write the person below me ,but I just overlook it...

    The person below me has leaned against an imaginary wall before...
  27. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    Yes...I fell...

    The person below me has lots of empty notebooks.
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  28. not empty, most of it is, but a page or two have stuff written on it

    person below me doesn't like school lunch
    (or never liked it like me if not in school anymore)
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  29. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    I'm homeschooled...

    The person below me used to watch Sesame Street when they were a kid ^^
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  30. I used to when I was about 4 or 5 years old
    I loved "Big Comfy Couch" and "Puzzle Place" more

    person below me discovered Pokemon via the anime
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  31. yeah... I had at one point planned on writing in them... the fact that I said yes to that means you know how that turned out...

    I did watch sesame street as a kid...

    (gosh! im really really slow today!)
    and yes... I did discover pokémon through the anime...

    The person below me is planning on watching the movie "a beautiful day in the neighborhood"
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  32. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    Maybe...I do like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood...

    The person below me likes the new gym leaders for Galar.
  33. their designs are cool ,but I have yet to actually care for them. There are so many of them! one for every type?! Im excited theres one for every type of my favorite pokémon. its a cool idea ,but im still just a little bit indifferent to the idea. (just a little)

    The person below me is excited their favorite type has a gym leader in galar too.
  34. I'm assuming a fairy gym leader is there
    I have the games, haven't played them... no Nintendo Switch yet

    Person below me like nature documentaries
  35. i've watched some... their okay... I wouldn't say I really like them cause they usually don't have much interesting discussions. plus there is always almost a monotone person describing everything. (no offense if you like it...

    The person below me has misspelled "the person below me" before...
  36. I have multiple times, at times strange 'auto corrects' as well

    person below me would love to try fugu one day
  37. I have never wanted to try fugu... mostly because I never heard of it. I looked it up and its a strange looking fish... I stand by my previous statement... no.

    The person below me has taught a pokémon poison jab before...
  38. None of the Pokemon I like and use don't learn the move
    haven't been able to try it

    person below me really loves the ability "Pixilate"
    Sylvee as Hidden ability and two Megas (Gardevoir and Altaria) have it - turns normal moves into Fairy types
  39. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    not really, kinda overdone

    oh no i'm sorry
    (i really don't care)
    V is tired
  40. Im not familiar with that ability as I don't use fairy type pokémon... my favorite pokémon ability is oblivious... cause slowpoke has it. and its pretty useful cause they don't get confused nor effected by the move attract which means they should be able to beat whitney a lot easier...

    nah! im not tired. far from it.

    the person below me has below me likes mawile... (my favorite fairy type... partially because its also steel type...)

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