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The Person Below Me

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Teapot, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    not really

    V doesn't like multiplayer games
  2. I have no interest in multiplayer games. I'm not competitive at video games. Real life is challenging, I don't need my video games to reflect the real world. I like my games simple and easy...

    The person below me likes character customization in pokémon... (this is one of the biggest reasons why I like X and Y so much...)
  3. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    yes very

    V doesn't like Sinnoh
  4. Sinnoh was one of my most favorite regions... two of the gym leaders had fossil pokémon... they were both super cool characters. maylene was also cool, she was a martial artist and a gym leader(as someone who likes practicing martial arts I approve of this gym leader...). sinnoh had all sorts of cool cities and locations like iron island, regigigas temple, flower elysium, and who could forget the battle resort?!
    (sorry for ranting... I really like sinnoh.)

    The person below me has had a good dream recently (maybe last night? or last week?)
  5. could have, many I can't remember them
    for some reason only nightmares I remember most

    person below me has younger brother or sister
  6. Yes.

    The person below me has threatened to slide someone before...
  7. chib

    chib Previously chibighost


    V likes ghost types
  8. heck yea I do! ghost types have the best pokédex entries! who doesn't love the ghosty bois!?

    The person below me has attempted a wheelie ad failed...
    bonus points if you did it successfully!
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  9. I can't even ride a bicycle or a motorcycle, never attempted it before

    the person below me likes Queen
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  10. they were pretty cool... I don't listen to them often but I like them.

    The person below me has successfully made an omelet.
    bonus points if it was actually good...
  11. omelettes can be easy or tricky
    I would say out of 8 attempts 3 turned out good - I liked them

    person below me still likes watching cartoons they liked as a very small young one
    (even if I'm going to be 34, I still love watching cartoons)
  12. chib

    chib Previously chibighost


    V doesn't like excersise (or however you spell it; I can't spell)
  13. I like cartoons I could watch them. For now I don't but maybe in the future... like next week? I like anime so I'm pretty sure that counts so yes...

    I practice martial arts... I love exercise!

    The person below me has tried to dig for buried treasure in their back yard before...
  14. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    yes, when I was 5

    V loves reading
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  15. noooooo!!! well... yes? the book has to be interesting if i'm going to invest myself... I read the hardy boys growing up.

    The person below me has had a dog fall asleep on their lap before... mine is sleeping on my lap right now as I type this...
  16. chib

    chib Previously chibighost


    V's birthday is tomorrow
  17. nope, this year until Friday the 13th
    this December

    v - likes eating seafood
  18. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    no, hate it.

    V has a younger sibling or cousin
  19. yes, but they all moved out, living in other places

    v - thinks that sodas taste way too sweet
  20. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    i don't like soda... at all.
    (except Kazuichi from SDR2 of course)

    V has over 10 pokemon plushes
  21. I have almost 88 of them
    all over my room

    person below me is watching a movie
  22. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    V is watching youtube
  23. about to, just trying to decide which video to watch

    person below me has trouble at times deciding which YouTube video to watch
  24. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo


    The person below me thinks its weird how dog's can't have chocolate.
  25. *I is eating chocolate - nomz*
    it sure is strange, well, more for us

    person below me likes extra meat on their plate
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    The Person Below Me has watched or is watching Stranger Things on Netflix.
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  27. never heard of it, not seeing it
    and don't have Netflix either

    person below me loves lemonade
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  28. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo


    The person below me has annoying neighbors.
  29. not at all, they are very nice, the ones near me

    person below me had some potato chips to eat
  30. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    last night? yes. today? no. ;_;

    V has a car
  31. yep, - 2002 VW Jetta

    person below me gets sleepy at random times
    (yawning mostly)
  32. no. no sleepy. well... a little ,but I hate naps. there are too many cool things to do to take naps or let my sleepy get the best of me. Hobbies are great!

    The person below me has tried to dig for dinosaur bones in their backyard...
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  33. Actually, yes. When I was young I wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up.

    The person below me doesn’t have a plan for their career.
  34. actually I do...

    The person below me likes to sit in really tall chairs and kick their feet back and forth...
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  35. Kinda? It’s gotta be like a barstool or something cause I have pretty long legs.

    The person below me has been to a Rainforest Café.
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  36. its great. love it.

    The person below me has threw on sandels to get the mail before... cause the ground was too cold/hot to go barefooted. (or maybe you just didn't want to go barefooted.)
  37. chib

    chib Previously chibighost


    V likes banging on tables randomly
  38. Sorta? Not really? I'm not random. There is logic and reason behind the madness. Everything is done arithmetically and precisely...

    The person below me occasionally uses metaphors to explain concepts...
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  39. Occasionally.

    The person below me doesn’t use emojis very often.
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  40. I hated emojis when they first came out. I don't hate them anymore but I still don't really like them much...

    The person below me has said "go big or go home" before...
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