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The Person Below Me

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Teapot, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. nope never seen it before

    person below me has seen "Kimba the White Lion"
  2. Retarded Otaku

    Retarded Otaku Previously Retarded pokémonfanboy

    Yes. Well, I did read the manga.

    TPBM is bored.
  3. nope, just trying to get to sleep for work
    but... not sleepy at the moment

    the person below me is watching a movie
  4. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Not right now

    Person bellow me can continue lyrics
    Creeper... Aw man...
  5. So we back in the mine
    Got our pickaxe swingin' from side to side
    side side to side.

    The person below me has played Death Road To Canada.
  6. Never played it, but I've seen gameplay of it before, and it looks cool.

    The person below me is tired of seeing all of the Pokemon social media accounts being bombarded with #bringbackthenationaldex.
  7. Hell yeah I am.

    The person below me can finish these lyrics:
    Let's spread our wings, now,
    Into the sky now.
    Let's reach up to the sun.
  8. nope, never heard of it

    person below me adds bacon to cheeseburgers
  9. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Mother of Meltans

    I don't eat bacon; although I do enjoy it!
    The person below me enjoy bacon with their pancakes.
  10. yes I do
    I love bacon

    person below me loves to eat corn on the cob
  11. I'm not a big fan of it but I'll go ahead and say true

    The person below me likes cereal and milk
  12. yep, love it, especially if the milk is warm

    person below me owns lots of charging USB cables
  13. no

    the person bellow me has sung the original pokemon theme song at least 1000 times
  14. when I was younger and the 1st season was new, yes I did, in English and in Spanish (I did saw a few episodes when I was in Mexico)

    person below me has couple of movie or music posters on their wall
  15. yes actually. i got 2 posters in my parents house if that counts... both movies one is pokemon the movie 2000 and the other is iron man 2 poster.

    the person below me enjoys reading comic books
  16. I don't have any actual "psychical" copies of comics, do love reading them when posted on Deviant Art or other art sites

    person below me keeps at least a plush of their favorite Pokemon or character next to their laptop/desktop
  17. Not next to my desktop, but I do have an Oshawott plush somewhere in my room.

    The Person Below Me can't decide on who to get for a starter in Sword and Shield.
  18. mine is decided

    next person collects something others might find boring
    (I collect flags and world currency of lots of countries)
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  19. Yep! I collect a lot of stuff.

    I like collecting shiny things. Doesn't even have to be valuable. I just like shiny things. So much so that sableye should be my favorite pokemon.

    I got five dollars in Canada money and a Japanese penny (yes, they are shiny)

    The person below me likes to say "plus ultra!"
  20. Well... I definitely enjoy hearing it, and it’s fun to say, but I don’t say it often. Usually when explaining things to MHA noob friends of mine...

    The person below me has a Pokémon Card Collection devoted to a specific generation, type, theme, ect.
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  21. I do have a lot of pokemon cards from when I was young.i stopped buying them around 4th generation. Never bothered to organize them now these day they just sit in a box at my parents house.

    The person below me enjoys telling knock knock jokes

    I know I do
    Knock knock!
    Who's there?
    Alm who?
  22. I do not, I find them to be the laziest jokes on the planet.

    The Person Below Me can solve this riddle:

    What is neither fish nor flesh,
    feathers nor bone.
    But still has fingers,
    and thumbs of its own?
  23. A glove or a gantlet.

    Time to get some loot

    The person below me can answer this riddle:
    Speak not of love or hate, but tell me this; what gift can you give to me, that I can never buy for myself?
  24. Emotional support.

    The Person Below Me is gonna sleep for more than 8 hours tonight.
  25. Nope, usually I go to bed at 10pm and wake up 5am. Sometimes I go to bed at 9 making it 8 hours but rarely do I ever sleep 8+ hours this also includes weekends. I'm a weird morning person.

    The person below me likes to yell hadouken
  26. nope, never heard of it before, so no idea what it even means, sounds Japanese

    person below me doesn't like to sleep early even if they know to wake up early next day
  27. It's from street fighter

    Also yes I don't enjoy sleeping early but I always wake up early. Weird I know.

    The person below me likes smooth jazz
  28. I'm into metal
    No jazz for me

    Person below me lloves seafood
    #15948 Firox, Aug 8, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
  29. Well, I don't "live" seafood, but I do like it! Especially sushi, like that is just the best...

    The Person Below Me will understand this reference:
  30. Nope
    Don't know what it means

    Uses phrase "how's it going" when greeting friends or family

  31. @Firox: Yes actually, how did you know???

    The person below me hasn't been to the cloud district. Sorry. Just had to say it...
  32. I haven't, and I have no clue what that is.

    (Also BTW, @ThAtGuY101, that wasn't it. The way they said it is close, but not quite.)

    The Person Below Me has not considered joining Time Patrol, and shall therefore die.
  33. Are you kidding me? I gotta statue of me in toki toki city and conton city. Frieza don't got nothing on my frieza race character.

    The person below me has collected all seven of the dragon balls.
  34. nope
    don't even know what that is
    dragons don't catch my attention that much (I'm a cat and fox person)

    person below me eats vegetables often
  35. sometimes yes. usually no.

    the person bellow me knows this character
  36. I've heard of the game, can't name the character, but I'm gonna try: Sly Cooper?

    The Person Below Me is afraid of chickens.
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  37. nope
    I like chickens when eating
    never seen one alive

    person below me really hate ants
  38. i hate ants more than Homer Simpson hates Ned Flanders

    the person below me always wears matching socks
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  39. I only have white colored socks... so yes

    sleeps only in shorts during the hot summer months
  40. All year round actually but yes.

    The person below me dances like this

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